Hello again! I have to say, I'm having an absolute ball writing this story for you all. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. Anyways, here's chapter six:

I walked along the castle with Navi hovering at my side. When I reached the spot where you were supposed to enter the castle in the older version of the game, I sighed. There was a fat guy snoozing in the spot where I would need to push some crates in a few minutes.

"Time for you to wake up, fatty," I said, nudging him with my foot.

"That's not very nice," Navi scolded, but I didn't care. "You have to wake him up."

"What do you think I'm trying to do?" I snapped at her. "Do you think I'm poking him for my own amusement? . . . Don't answer that." I walked away from him and over to one of the crates of milk. I gave it an experimental shove. I didn't move. I put a lot more force behind it and I finally got it to move about an inch. "He can't be much heavier than these crates," I said, thinking out loud. "I wonder…" I pushed the crates so that they would make a nice brace and I turned to the sleeping fatty. Time to give Talon a nice little wake-up call, I thought with a smirk.

I sat down with my back against the crate and positioned my legs so they could push against Talon. Taking a deep breath, I pushed as hard as I could with my legs. Talon rolled in the direction and I wanted him to and fell into the moat. The moment he hit the water, he woke up.

"What the-? Where am I? Wha-?" He treaded water as he looked up at the sun. "Malon! I've left her alone all this time? She's gonna kill me! I gotta get home!" He swam as quickly as he could to the edge of the moat and ran down the road back toward the village.

"Heh. That was amusing," I said, getting up.

"Very unconventional," Navi commented. I nodded and proceeded to push the crates so that they would make a bridge across the moat. Navi just hovered and watched as I made it to the other side and stood by a small opening into the castle where the water for the moat was flowing out of.

"I'm going in," I told her before I crawled through the hole and into the castle. I found myself in the same garden from the game. The only difference was that I could actually see what was going on. Stupid camera angles in the old version…

"There are guards in here," Navi said once she had flown through the opening and joined me. Thank you, Captain Obvious. I walked along a hedge until I saw a guard, hid, and waited until the coast was clear again. I continued to do this until I had passed all of them.

"That was easy," I said, grinning confidently. We went under an archway into the main garden area where I saw a young girl wearing a cute pink dress standing there. "Uh, hi," I said as I approached her. "Are you Princess Zelda? I'm Link." She turned around, startled, but she relaxed when she saw me.

"Green clothes and a fairy?" she said, looking quizzically at me. "Are you from the forest?"

"Yeah," I replied. "And I have this." I pulled out the Kokiri Emerald, thinking it might be a good idea to speed things along. Otherwise, she would have asked to see it, and a few moments of my life would have been wasted. Not like they weren't already being wasted by playing this game.

"The Spiritual Stone of the Forest!" she exclaimed happily. "You are the boy from my dreams!" If I hadn't already known that was coming, I would have been seriously creeped out.

"Your dreams?" I asked, deciding to play the game as it was meant to be played. I had played dumb several times already, so one more time couldn't hurt.

"Yes," she responded. "In my dream, a boy with a fairy and a green stone came out of the forest and made the dark clouds over Hyrule go away. I think that boy was you."

"That's…cool," I replied, unable to think of anything else to say. Zelda smiled.

"Look into this window," she said, motioning toward a small window that was behind her. "There's a man talking with my father that I think is the dark clouds from my dream. The man is Ganondorf. He's the king of the Gerudos who live in the desert." I walked up to the window and looked in. Sure enough, there was Ganondorf. He kneeled before the king and shot a glance over at me. Sheesh! His eyes are so creepy! I thought.

"He saw me," I stated, taking a few steps back from the window.

"That's alright. He has no idea what we're planning." I was tempted to say "'we?' What 'we?'" but I knew that wouldn't get me anywhere.

"So, what's the plan?" I asked, hoping that she would cut right to the chase.

"We need to find the other two Spiritual Stones," she explained. "If we get them before he does, then we can keep the door to the Sacred Realm from opening. You find the stones, and I'll keep the final key," she pulled out a powder blue ocarina, "out of Ganondorf's hands. The Ocarina of Time."

"Where are the other two stones?" I asked. I knew that the stones were with the Gorons and the Zoras, but I didn't know where they were in this game.

"One of them is with the Gorons on Death Mountain," a voice said from behind me. I spun around to see a woman dressed in armor standing behind me.

"Hi, Impa!" Zelda said. "This is Link! He's the boy that I saw in my dream! He's going to help me find the Spiritual Stones!"

"You said that one was with the Gorons," I said to Impa. She nodded.

"As for the other Spiritual Stone, I am not sure." Fat lot of help you are, I thought.

"Can you direct me toward Death Mountain?" I asked.

"Certainly." She looked over at Zelda. "Are you finished talking with him?" Zelda nodded. "Alright. Follow me." She walked out of the courtyard and I followed her.

"Good luck, Link!" Zelda shouted after us.

"Thanks!" I called back. I knew that I was going to need it.

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