Luke's First Love!

Disclaimer: Likeness to anyone living or dead are totally coincidental. The McCormick family characters are my fictional characters. If you wish to use them please e-mail me. Thanks! Dixie


Duke Family:

Jesse Duke
Luke Duke (15 - soon to be 16)
Bo Duke (14 - going on 15)
Daisy Duke (Just turned 14)
Coy Duke (14)
Vance Duke (13)
Jeb Duke (12)

McCormick Family

Bill McCormick (Robin's Father)
Brenda McCormick (Robin's Mother)
Robin McCormick (15 - soon to be 16)
Mark McCormick (16) - (IF you remember Hardcastle & McCormick this is Mark before he meets Judge Hardcastle)
David McCormick (11)

Davenport Family

Cooter Davenport (16)

Luke's First Day of High School

Walking down the lane, is Luke, to catch the bus for the first time without Bo. Today is Luke's first day a Hazzard High School. He stands in the early morning dawn waiting for the bus. He is still a little upset because Jesse didn't let him drive to school. Sure he doesn't have his license yet, but he can drive a ridge runner almost as good as any other driver in the county. This is due to Jesse letting him ride with him for several years now and the last couple of years he has even let Luke deliver a few loads on his own. Luke hears the familiar sound of the bus approaching. He steps onto the bus. There are a few people already on the bus. He spots his buddy, Cooter Davenport in the back seat. He takes the seat beside Cooter. "Hey Cooter", says Luke.

"Hey there Buddy-row". Replies Cooter.

"I hoped I'd not be riding the bus this morning." Luke states.

"Hey, I told you Jesse wasn't going to let you drive to school." laughs Cooter.

"Well, I really don't see why, after all he did have me take that "trip" the other night." Insists Luke.

Cooter knows Luke is referring to hauling a load of shine. "Yeah, Luke, but that was in the middle of the night not in daylight, right in town."

"Yeah, I know." sighs Luke.

The bus makes another stop to pick up. Getting on the bus is Luke and Cooter's good friend, Mark McCormick. Followed by his younger sister, Robin. Mark heads for the guys in the back of the bus. He sets down with Luke. "Are you all ready for today? I'll be glad when I don't have to go to school." Grumbles Mark.
Barely hearing Mark, Luke is watching Robin who is wearing boots, a short leather looking shirt with a low cut blouse, her long light brown hair is falling over her shoulders. She had stopped towards the front of bus taking a seat with her friends. "Yeah, me too Mark. I didn't know Robin was in High School."

Mark fusses, "Yeah, ain't it a bummer! I won't be able to do anything now. Miss Goody Two Shoes surely tell on me at every turn!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Agrees Luke.

After several more stops they finally arrive at the High School. Everyone gets off the bus and goes in search of their class schedules and their first classes. Luke is happy to see his first class is something he likes – Gym. He heads for the gym having been to many games there he knows where it is.

Robin and her best friend Jill are not happy seeing that their first class is gym. "Why would they schedule gym as a first class." , says Robin.
"Yeah, we'll have to fix our hair twice!" grumbles Jill
"And make up." Adds Robin. Walking into the Gym she checks out the guys standing on the other side of the room. She spots Luke Duke, her brothers' good friend. He is wearing tight jeans and a blue shirt that fits snuggly to his muscular chest and arms. "Jill this may not be so bad!"
"Have you lost your mind?" questions Jill.
"No." she says flatly. "I have not lost my mind at all." She says as she elbows Jill and nodding towards Luke.

The bell rings sounding the end of the first day of school. The day was over for most, but for a selected few it was time to head off behind the parking lot to the practice field for football, cheerleader, or band practice. Luke soon met up with Mark and Cooter on his way. Though Luke was a 10 th grader his ability in Jr. High and previous practices had earned him a starting position on the Hazzard Team. Also, due to many cheerleaders graduating last year Robin and Jill also had a good chance at making the first string as cheerleaders. Walking over to the field Luke asks, "So Mark how are you getting home?"

Mark replies, "About like you I guess, being picked up by Dad."

"What do you say Jesse drops you off today and tomorrow I can hitch a ride with you." Suggests Luke.

"Hey, that's good with me, but Robin is also going to need a ride." Mark sighs.

Luke replies, "That shouldn't be a problem. Go call your Dad and tell him you all have a ride."

"OK, Cool. Tell Coach I'll be right back." says Mark as he heads for the main office and the phone.

Cheerleaders practice ended with the announcement that the final tryouts would be held tomorrow. Jill and Robin are walking toward the parking lot where Robin's Dad should be waiting but his truck is not there. At this point the football team races by them with Luke, Cooter and Mark in the lead. They surround Jesse's pick up using it for a base. Luke approaches Jesse's window. "Uncle Jesse, you wouldn't mind dropping off Mark and his sister today and his Dad bring me home tomorrow? And I asked Cooter to stay over tonight?"

Jesse laughs, "Why that there sounds like a plan. No need us both quitting choirs early every day. I'm sure Cooter will help you get caught up too." Jesse supported all 'his' kids in athletics but the farm work came first.

Robin walks up to the pickup where Mark has already climbed into the back. "Mark? What are you doing and where's Dad?"

Jill has waited by Robin to make sure she had a ride before going to the old van the orphanage used to transport the kids.

Mark sighs a "Kids!" sigh then replies, "Mr. Duke is taking us home today and Dad will drop Luke off tomorrow."

Robin and Jill look at each other with a surprised look. Jill manages to say, "Call me later!" as she head for the old van thinking that Robin was very lucky. The girls had grown up around these guys yet even in junior high these guys seemed more interested in fast cars and sports than they were girls.

Jesse noticed Robin was in a skirt and said, "Robin, you can ride up here with me. This old work truck is pretty dirty back there."

Robin smiled a weak smile of thanks. She would have loved to have ridden in back to get to know Luke better, but the thought of climbing over the tailgate in a dress in front of these guys didn't seem like a good idea. She thanked Jesse as she climbed in up front. "Thank you, Mr. Duke for the ride home."

"Well, now little lady, it ain't no problem. How was your first day in High School?" Jesse asked with a kind face.

Robin replied, "I can see how different it is going to be from Jr. High that's for sure."

In the back of the truck:

After the old truck starts out towards home, Mark asks, "Luke, the first game is Friday. I know a few guys who'd like to start the season out right IF you get my drift."

Luke smiles, "Yeah, I get your drift. After the regular choirs I've got to help Jesse some and that old still has been known to leak a little from time to time."

"Cooter how full is your Dad's garage this week? I'm trying to talk Jesse into letting us put a dummy tank on that runner."

Cooter smiles a devilish grin, "You just talk him into it we'll get Tilly in there. As a matter of fact, Dad has those parts that Mr. Jesse wanted put on her."

"That is great. Maybe we can get her in late one night and fix her up." Luke replies.

Cooter reminds him, "When? With school all week and the game Friday?"

"Well, OK, then how about Saturday? Mark what are you doing Saturday?" questions Luke.

They both say together, "Saturday. That's good for me."

"Great it's set. Jesse can drop Tilly off Friday night sometime and we can camp out at the garage Friday night after the game and get an early start Saturday morning." suggests Luke.

Cooter says, "Yeah, there is plenty of room over the garage for us."

"Party time after the game!" says Mark.

Cooter and Luke just grin.

The rest of the week followed the busy scheduled of morning choirs, school, practice, evening choirs. For Luke this was followed by added choirs at one of several of Jesse's stills. Jesse Duke was known by many as the best moonshiner in several states and Luke had the ambition to learn the trade. The most important ingredient to Jesse's whole operation was secrecy. Though many knew he made and ran shine, only family knew where the stills were located and where and when the shine would be delivered. There were a few close friends such as the Davenports who helped keep the runners one step in front of the law. Then there were the McCormick's - Bill nor his elders had every made or ran shine. Though on occasion they had been known to "break down" or be at a convenient location to slow down the revenuers or local law. Bill hoped he had been able to convince Mark not to participate in the shine business but he had to wonder how much this lesson had sunk in to his oldest son.

Thursday night Duke farm:

The telephone rings shortly before 9pm. Uncle Jesse answers it, "Duke Farm." followed by, "Luke, phones for you."

Luke comes in from the front porch, "Hello."

A male voice Luke knows to be Mark McCormick says, "Luke, you don't have to ride the bus in the morning. I just got finished doing double choirs to get to take Dad's truck to school tomorrow!"

"No way! How do you plan to do that without a license?" replies Luke disbelieving that Bill would give his truck, his pride and joy, to Mark without a license.

"Easy came the reply. I made my license today!" came the reply.

Luke tries not to sound real eager hoping that Jesse will think they are responsible enough so that he can ride with Mark in the morning. So he says lowly, "Oh, that is great! Hang on a second and I'll ask." He turns toward where Jesse is pouring himself a cup of coffee. "Uncle Jesse can I ride to school in the morning with Mark?"
Jesse looks up, "You, ah, do mean Bill is taking Mark to school?"

"No, Mark is driving Bill's truck to school." replies Luke hopefully.

Jesse is now facing one of his worst fears. He knows these boys and their love for cars. He has seen each of them go from steering, not only on their Dad's laps, but also his lap, to driving tractors on the farms, to driving clunkers around the fields. They were all good and had the potential to be good drivers. They had more experience than most kids there age behind the wheel of a moving vehicle but they had always been supervised.

Luke sees the concern in Jesse's eyes, "Come on Uncle Jesse, you've seen Mark drive and would Bill let him drive his truck if he weren't a good driver? Besides I have to take all my stuff for the game to school in the morning." He reminded hopefully.

Jesse realizes that the kids are growing up and he has to start letting them spread their wings a bit. "Well, OK, but it's not going to be an everyday thing."

"Yee Ha! I mean, OK, you're right it won't be. Thanks Uncle Jesse!" exclaims Luke. To the phone, "OK, Mark I can ride in the morning but not everyday."

"OK! There's only one draw back." Mark pauses not wanting to tell Luke the rest.

Luke says, "What's the problem?"

Mark half embarrassed, "Well, Robin. I have to take her too. Seems she has almost as much stuff as we do to get to school in the morning."

Luke laughs, "Well, that's the hazard of being an older brother. Believe me the others can't wait until January when I get my license. They have things all planned. Just ask any of them! Besides shouldn't Robin get her license herself soon?"

Mark growls as Robin walked by, "Not soon enough! If they get the insurance on my Firebird I maybe able to switch it out and take it to the garage so we can work on it some Sat."

Luke replies, "Yeah, that would be 'nice'."

Mark not catching on, says, " 'Nice?' "

"Yeah, its nice that your Mom is bringing snacks to the locker room after the game. We'll have to talk about that in the morning." replies Luke.

Trying to hide his amusement at his friend, Mark replies, "So I take it you can't talk. Guess we will have a lot to talk about in the morning! Sh-! We can't talk in the morning, Robin will be there!"

Luke replied, "Your right about that. Look I got to go help Jesse." Catching himself and knowing Hazzard's phone system. "Help Jesse, ah, string beans."

Mark replied as coolly to Luke, "Just remember I 'like' green beans too! See you about 6:30 in the morning."

Laughing at his friends innocent reply, "OK, you got it. See ya then!" Luke hangs up the phone as Jesse rises his coffee cup.

Jesse checks on Bo, Daisy, Jeb, Coy and Vance who are in various places finishing their homework. To Bo he says, "Bo, me and Luke are going to easy out of here for a spell. If you need anything I'm on channel 17 and we'll be at site 4. I want you all in bed when I get back."

Bo replies, "Yes, sir, but why can't I go too. I went all summer."

Jesse says, "Because you are the oldest here. I need you to make sure that the others are done with homework and in bed when I get back. If you remember that was Luke's duty last year. And I will be needing you more and more with me especially when Luke here gets his license and starts driving more."

McCormick's house just before 9pm:

"Mark please stay off the phone a few minutes. I'm expecting a call and you know we can't use the phone after 9pm and you can." Begs Robin.

"Oh, OK, I think I'll go wash the truck." says Mark.

Robin looks at him like he's lost his mind, "Washing the truck at 9pm. It will be dark soon."

Mark replies over his shoulder, "Never heard of drop lights? Besides, I'm not taking a dirty truck to school!"

The phone rings. Robin answers it on the second ring. "Hello."

"Man, I thought I'd NEVER get through before 9pm!" exclaims Jill.

Robin replies, "Yeah, I know, Mark has been on the phone since he got in. He got his license today and had to brag to all of Hazzard!"

Jill exclaims, "Wow! This can be good. At least one of the bunch has a license now! But what I want to know is how has it been riding home EVERY day with Luke?" Jill asks enviously.

"Well, if you've noticed after that first day I've not worn a dress so I can ride the back of the trucks with the guys. Yet, with Mark there, and him treating me like I'm a baby, mostly they talk among themselves about cars and I just listen." says Robin.

Jill suggests, "Well, what if you dressed up 'for the game' tomorrow?"

Thinking Robin replied, "You may have something there. Tomorrow Mark is driving Dads truck to school then we'll all go to the field directly after school so I could do something. Will you wear a dress too? Please?"

Jill agreed, "Well, OK, I guess I can throw something together on short notice."

"Great!" Robin's Dad comes through the living room pointing at his watch. She gives him a thumbs up. "Look, I got to get off here now, see you in the morning."

Jill replies, "OK, night."

Still sight #4.

Luke is bottling the shine in nothing but one gallon glass jugs as Jesse is getting another batch of mash ready to cook. Luke says, "Uncle Jesse thanks for letting me ride with Mark in the morning."

"Well, Luke, I like Mark and his family but I have this feeling that Mark is a bit wild and I can't help but worry about you with him." states Jesse honestly.

"I guess I can see where you're coming from with him but he's OK. I'd say it won't be too long before he gets his ride on the road, then I half expect him to come see you about driving for you some at least until I get my license." replies Luke.

Looking Luke in the eye, "What do you think Bill and Brenda would say about that?"

Luke reflects on this question. He has spent time with Mark at his house over the years and knows both Mark's Dad and Mother well. He meets Jesse's eyes with his, "I think Mark would hope they knew nothing about it."

"I see." replies Jesse. "He would want me to hire him at a ripe old age of 16, against his parents wishes to do a job that could get him put in jail or dead and not tell his parents about it. Getting his license does not make him grown. He still drives their vehicles and lives under their roof and I would still have to look them in the eye. This is a family tradition and yes, it does help support us when the crops don't do well or when prices are low but I'm not out to be like J.D. Hogg. This is not my main income nor will it every be. I'm interested in making some quality corn whiskey for some friends and their friends to share an art that has been passed down in this family from generation to generation, long before their were laws to say we couldn't make it. You can also keep in mind I do still pay taxes on everything from the corn and sugar to that there jug in your hand! Further more, I don't ask you or Bo or any of you kids to get involved in this. You all have begged from the time you could talk to ride in the runners and sometimes I think you all forget there are real dangers in this. Do you all think I carry that there shot gun up here for looks? I'm all that stands between you all and leaving this county if I were to get caught at this." Jesse goes silent. Realizing that he has went on and on and Luke had merely stated he 'thought' Mark may ask for a job.

Luke looks down, "Uncle Jesse I didn't mean to get you upset. I just wanted you not to be surprised if Mark asked to talk to you. I do realize the dangers, but you'd not really kill someone with that shot gun would you?" Before Jesse can answer Luke finishes his statement to let Jesse know he has been paying attention all these years. "Especially, with it loaded with only rock salt."

The surprise showed in Jesse's eyes. "Well, you got me there. But it could really sting someone for a spell if they got too close. Nope it is not loaded to kill, it is only to buy me sometime to get out of here."

Luke smiles, knowing that under Jesse's gruff exterior he has a heart of gold. He caps the last full jug of shine. "Uncle Jesse tomorrow after the game and you get this load delivered why don't you bring Tilly to the garage and Cooter, Mark and I will stay there and Saturday will put all those parts Luther (Cooter's Dad) ordered for you on old Tilly. "Well, that sounds like a winner to me. So you all are staying at the garage Friday night?" Since school had been out all summer this had been something that the boys had started doing every so often.

Luke looked at Jesse hopefully, "Well, yes, with no school Saturday I hoped you wouldn't mind. I have talked with Jeb and he will do mine and Bo's Sat. morning choirs so that Bo can go too and I'll get his choirs Sat. night and Sunday."

Jesse shakes his head, "OK, I don't mind. I'm glad to see you thought of the farm first. So what do you all have planned?"

"Well, we figured on hanging out after the game until you get there with Tilly and then work on her a bit. We should be home by afternoon.", replies Luke.

Jesse nods, "Well, I think we can call her a night. Looks like we have everything ready except for loading up tomorrow night. No one should expect me out after the game tomorrow night." Laughs Jesse.

Luke asks, "Are you sure you won't need any help loading?"

"What do I look like some kind of old geezer to you? I've been totting this here stuff since before you where a thought!" exclaims Jesse. "Besides Old Tilly can slide right in here to be loaded. That's why I chose this sight for this run. You'll see you got to consider a lot when you plan these things out."

Luke smiles, "No, Sir, you'll never be an old geezer to me! Just let me box the rest of this before we go. Are you sure you don't want me to go with you or anything tomorrow night; not that you need me or anything."

Jesse replies, "No, you all go have a good time after the game. This is your first year in High School. These next three years will fly by, but they can be the best years of your life if you let them. I want you to learn responsibility but I also want you to enjoy this time in your life." states Jesse.

"Yes, Sir, I will." says Luke as he watches Jesse finish cleaning up as he is boxing the gallons of shine. He carefully reaches for his blue jean jacket laying on a stump and slips two quart Mason jars filled with Jesse's finest in the pockets of the jacket. He had fully intended to ask Jesse for them but since Jesse got so upset when he told him Mark "may" want to drive for him he had reconsidered the asking part. Of course for Luke and the others, shine had always been around and it was nothing for them to take sips from Jesse's own glass at the house. They had even done it as small children when their own Dad's had been sipping on a taste of shine to show off in front of company and on special occasions. The Duke family had always felt that by not hiding the shine and the fact that it was a family business that it would be no big deal to the young ones. Thus, when they became young adults it would be no big deal to be able to drink some of the "fruits" of their labor and would be less likely to over indulge.

Friday morning Duke Farm:

Mark and Robin pull up to the kitchen door of the Duke farm house. Mark is careful not to do anything to seem reckless. Luke hears the truck and grabs all his football gear from the back porch and heads for the truck. He tosses the gear into the back of the truck and opens the door. Robin slides over closer to Mark to let Luke in. She has on a white off the shoulders type blouse on with a denim floor length skirt and high heeled sandals. Mark complains, "Robin why don't ya just get in the king cab?"

"No way Mark, not in a dress and heels, am I climbing into the back seat!" Exclaims Robin.

Luke checks her out from head to toe as he agrees with her, "Mark, it's no big deal. There is plenty of room for us three up here." He says as he climb in beside Robin.

With sweaty hands and a lump in her throat she manages to say, "Thanks Luke."

"It's nothing. I'm just glad to not have to ride the bus with all that stuff. Mark you couldn't have planned this better."

Mark replies, "Yes, I could have! They are getting the Firebird legal today! Dad will drive it to the game and we'll switch then. Is everything set for tonight with Cooter?"

"Well, if you stop and pick him up we'll ask him." Luke says as they approach the Davenport farm where Cooter is waiting on the bus.

Mark pulls to the side of the road where Cooter is standing. "Toss your stuff in back." Mark says as he exits the truck to let Cooter into the king cab behind him."Sorry about you having to ride back there."

Cooter replies, "Well anything beats riding that slow bus! Hi all!"

Friday evening Hazzard County High School locker room - Home of the Cougars:

The football players are arriving from their long walk or short drive from the school. Luke looks at Mark. "I hope your Dad gets here soon with the Firebird I have something I NEED to put in it before the game starts."

"Oh?" asks Mark.

"Yes, its something for later." replies Luke.

Mark just smiles.

Luke grins in return. "I'm going to get a head start and fill our water bottles so they can get cold in the frig."

"OK.", says Mark. "Sounds like a good idea."

Luke finds the water bottles and labels the twelve starters bottles with a permanent marker. He then takes them to the counter where the jug of water is setting. As everyone is busy no one really pays him any attention. He pours the contents of one mason jar into the water bottles of fellow player he knows he can trust then tops them off with clear pop. He then fills the other players bottles with water and places all them in the refrigerator to chill. As the coach walks in Luke has just finished getting suited up for his first High School game.

Game Announcer 1:" That's the end of the first quarter. Leading with a score of 18 to 12 Hazzard Cougars take an early lead over the Placid Beavers. The surprise of the evening has been Luke Duke, the quarterback for the Hazzard Cougars. Luke has scored two of the three touchdowns thus far and get this, is a Sophomore! This is his first High School game. The other touchdown for the Cougars was made by Wide Receiver Mark McCormick a Junior this year. Both touchdowns for the Beavers were made by Mike Miller a Senior."

As the teams switch ends of the field the players take advantage of the chance to grab a sip on their "Water" bottles. They line back up. Its the Cougars ball. The Beavers Defensive End, Ralph Green, is trying his best to intimidate Luke who is not being intimidated in the least. The ball snaps, Luke, the ball carrier fakes out the Beavers, then manages to get out in front for another Hazzard touchdown! As the game continues, the Hazzard Cougars are becoming more and more confident due to the increasing score and also to Jesse's finest. The Beavers on the other hand are becoming more and more agitated. They had been the favorite to win. They had seasoned players and Hazzard had beginners. The Beavers were becoming careless and begin racking up penalties. A large part of the penalties were being earned by Ralph Green, who was hearing about it, after every play from the coach.

At halftime all eyes were on the Hazzard Band and Cheerleaders as they put on a well rehearsed show. In the the Cougar locker room the Hazzard Coach was extremely proud of his team. He was so excited that he didn't notice that several of his players had a bit of a glow to them that was not game induced. The guys were careful to refill their own water bottles with water so that no one caught on. Luke had managed to get to a position where he could catch some of the halftime show, namely Robin's part. Mark walked up behind Luke, "So which one of the cheerleaders are you sizing up?"
"Me? No one in particular. Just kinda studying the whole field." Luke lied since it was Mark's sister he was checking out.
"Well, you better get over there and listen to Coach and get your mind back on the game. I think that Defensive End has it out for you." suggests Mark.
Luke laughs, "You know I think your right on both counts

Game Announcer 1: "Wow! Can you believe this? We are about to start the 4th quarter here at the home field of the Hazzard Cougars and what a game this has been. The Cougars are leading the Beavers with a score of 42 - 18. As you know the Placid Beavers were favored to win tonight largely due to the fact that the Cougars only have three Seniors on their whole team."

Game Announcer 2: "Well, from my seat here I'd never known that! This Hazzard team is just that a "team"! On the other hand the Beavers who should be a seasoned team seem to be coming unglued! They are racking up unheard of penalties! Ralph Green, Defensive End, for the Beavers has received four of the penalties for Ruffing the Passer and several more.

Game Announcer 1: "Yes, it is beginning to look like Ralph Green and Luke Duke for the Cougars are taking this game personally."

Game Announcer 2: "Well, it appears the Green is trying to intimidate Duke from Hazzard. But folks we are seeing no signs of 'backing up' from the Cougars' Sophomore Quarterback. It looks like we are ready to begin the final quarter of this surprising start to the High School football season."

Its Hazzard's ball as the 4th quarter begins. The Offensive team lines up with Cooter Davenport a Junior as Center. Cooter snaps the ball to Luke, who calmly passes the ball to Wide Receiver, Mark McCormick just as the Beaver's Defensive line swamps Luke again. The whistle blows as flags fly on the play. The penalty is once again called on the Beaver Defensive End, Ralph Green. A time out is called by the Beaver Coach who motions for Green to come off the field. Ralph expecting to get taken out of the game begins shouting threats and obscenities to Luke. Luke walks toward the much bigger Receiver and stands his ground, followed by the entire Cougar line. Referees and Coaches scurry to get in between the two whole teams. It takes several minutes to get the two teams back to their respective positions. The Beaver Coach benches Ralph Green for the rest of the game, while Hazzard's Coach replaces Luke for a few plays to let him calm down some.

From Robin McCormick's place with the cheerleaders, she had a close up view of the events between Luke and Ralph. She was definitely impressed by Luke who had stood up to the larger player but then again Robin was impressed by Luke period. "Robin?" Jill questioned, "Earth to Robin. Hey, we need to get back at it. Which cheer is next?"
Robin smiles, "Huh?"
Jill is getting hipper, "Huh? What do you mean Huh? You didn't hear a word I said did you?"
Admittedly, Robin blushes, "No, guess I didn't."
"Cheer? Which one? Remember that's why we are so 'lucky' to have this kinda view. Think we'd better earn our keep after that out there."
Robin who was acting as the head cheerleader until one could be voted on the next week, knew it was important to get the crowds attention off the mess on the field and side lines before they became upset and fights started in the crowds. However, she was so interested in what was going on with Luke she was having a hard time concentrating. "Your right. OK, let's do number 5." They lined to begin the cheer.

Game Announcer 1: "Touchdown Beavers! The Beavers are still trailing the Cougars with a score of 42-24 with 8 minutes on the clock in the 4th quarter."

Game Announcer 2: "It seems the Cougars were not able to gain as much ground on that last series of plays which made it easier for the Beavers to score."

Game Announcer 1: "I think you're right there. Since the Hazzard Coach took Luke Duke out the team has struggled to advance up the field. I for see that young man being a valuable player for the Cougars."

On the Hazzard side line the Coach searches his players. "Duke. Get back in there!"

Luke runs past putting his helmet back on, "Yes, sir!"

Game Announcer 2 "It seems the Hazzard Coach agrees with you. Look there goes #68. Yes, folks, Luke Duke is going back into the game!"

Cooter and Mark see Luke approach. "Alright! Luke's coming back in!" shouts Cooter. "Let's move this ball. We got Luke back and that gorilla is still out!"

Luke hears Cooter. "You got that right. They expect me to run it, I'm handing off to Mark."

The ball snaps, Luke hands off to Mark and breaks to the left side of the field as Mark heads back and down the right side of the field. The Beavers are certain Luke has the ball. Luke lets them follow him all the way to the in field as Mark scored another touchdown for the Cougars unopposed!

Game Announcer 1: "Touchdown Cougars! 48 - 24 is now the score!" shouts the announcer who is obviously enjoying the game.

When the Cougars offense lines back up Luke says, "Same play. This time I'm carrying the ball but Mark make it look like you have the ball."

Cooter snaps the ball and charges the oncoming players to buy Luke and Mark some time. Luke acts like he has handed the ball to Mark and they separate. The Beavers all head towards Mark who is tackled at the 10 yard line as Luke crosses into the infield!

Game Announcer 1: "Touchdown Cougars! With only 3 minutes left on the clock the score is now 54 - 24!"

Game Announcer 2: "Man, the Cougars have scored twice in 5 minutes!"

The Beavers are only able to gain 5 yards on there next four carries. The Cougar offensive team quickly lines up.

Game Announcer 1: "As the Cougars line up at their 45 yard line the score remains 54 - 24 with the Beavers trailing. The time is 58 seconds on a running clock. Do you think the Cougars will just let the time run out?"

Game Announcer 2: "Not from what I've seen tonight. I think they will try another touchdown. Let's see!"

The ball snaps, Luke runs toward the left side of the field and is tackled on the Beaver's 45. They line back up. The ball snaps, Luke hands the ball to Mark and they both head down the right side of the field. The timer sounds just before Mark crosses into the infield.

Game Announcer 1: "Mark McCormick, the ball carrier, was able to complete the play after the buzzed sounded! Final score Hazzard Cougars 60, Placid Beavers 24!"

Game Announcer 2: "This is going to be an interesting season as these same two teams play each other again on Nov. 1st in Placid County."

After changing Luke, Mark and Cooter exit the Hazzard locker room. Luke asks, "Mark you are OK now to drive?"
Mark replies, "Yeah, sure that was several hours ago." As the trio heads for Marks' FireBird they hear someone call to them.
"Hey, guys!", called Robin. "Wait up a sec."
Mark sighs, "What now?"
Robin starts breathlessly, "Can Jill and I ride into town with you? Mom and Dad said they'd kill some time and let us go eat before going home."
"Oh, alright, but we have some important stuff to do at the garage. So don't come over bothering us.", Mark fusses.
Knowing the Firebird will be crowded Cooter calls, "Shotgun!"
Luke just smiled. "Mark you know that it is nothing that can't wait at the garage. In fact I was going to suggest we stop off at the diner for a pizza before getting to work. My treat."
Cooter says, "Well, you sure talked me into it! What do you say Mark?"
"Alright. Alright. I know when I'm beat." Sighs Mark as they finish putting all their gear into the trunk.
Getting her courage up Robin suggests, "Luke, I have coupons for 'Buy 1 get 1 Free'. Jill and I could go in half with you and use a coupon and we'd both come out better."
"Tell you what just let me use the coupon and I'll still treat." insists Luke. Since Cooter has called 'shotgun' and Mark is driving, Luke heads towards Mark's side of the car to get into the back seat.
On Cooter's side, Jill stands back to let Robin in first, who has to scoot over really close to Luke so that Jill can get in.

Narrator: "Kinda makes you wonder who's setting who up there don't it?"

Outside the Hazzard Diner, Mark parks the Firebird. He and Cooter jump out and are heading for the dinner. Luke releases the drivers seat so he can get out and hold the door and seat for Robin to get out as Jill is fighting with the seat on her side. Going into the dinner Luke holds the door for the girls. They head for a large table where Luke holds Robin's chair for her. There is much commotion as the diner is rapidly filling up with high school students so Luke's suddle flirting goes unnoticed by everyone but Robin. Several more friends of theirs show up and they end up rearranging the whole dining room of the diner by scooting another larger table together with theirs. After stuffing on pizza and pop the crew was still talking about the game when an air horn could be heard outside the dinner.
"Jill that's our ride." says Robin as she gets up. "Here is that coupon, Luke."
"Thanks," replies Luke as he also gets up. "I'll go take care of the ticket now." He says to the others. As they round the corner, Luke asks, "Care to wait a second and I'll walk you all out to the truck."
"Sure. " says Robin.
Luke hands the cashier the ticket, coupon, and money. "I'll be back in a minute." Not wanting to keep Robin's father waiting. He reaches for Robin's hand before exiting the diner and says for only her to hear, "Can I call you tomorrow?"
Robin tries to keep her composure but is obviously happy, "I'd like that." she smiles and blushes.
Reaching the truck, Luke says, "Hey, Bill. Brenda."
Robin's father responds, "That was some game tonight. Luke you did really well."
"Thanks. Figured I'd walk these two out and keep them out of trouble." Laughs Luke.
"Well, I appreciate you keeping an eye on them. I think." laughs Bill as the girls get into the truck.

A little later at the Hazzard Garage
Cooter unlocks the door, then he and Luke swing open the large doors so that Mark can put the Firebird inside. Once in they shut the doors back. No need in all of Hazzard knowing where they were. "So what time do you expect Jesse?" asks Cooter.
"Oh, I didn't tell you. He's not bringing Tilly until in the morning." replies Luke.
Mark suggests as he pops his trunk open, "Let's get our stuff upstairs then we can give this thing a once over to see where we need to start."
After taking the sleeping bags upstairs they begin to look over Marks' car. Cooter gets his tools out and covers the front fenders so they won't be scratched. Luke has gotten several of his and Cooters' car magazine's out. After a couple hours of checking the Firebird, Luke suggests, "If you all are about done here, I have a surprise upstairs. What do ya think we leave this until daylight and take some magazines up and I'll show you what I brought?"
Having an idea what Luke may be talking about, both said, "Sounds good!" together.
Upstairs Luke pulls out the other quart of Moonshine from his things. "I was going to ask Jesse for this but it just didn't' seem like the right time, so don't mention it. OK?"
"You got it", responds Mark.
"No, Problem here." Replies Cooter. "Luke did you notice that that Defensive End was out to get you tonight?"
Luke laughs, "Well, Cooter it was kinda hard not to notice there Buddy!"

NARRATOR:The evening went by with the guys talking cars and sipping on Jesse's finest. In the wee hours of the morning the topic changed to more important things - WOMEN!

It was Mark who changed the subject, "So you have both had time to check out field. Have either of you found a target yet?"

Cooter was at the point of feeling no pain and his wits were dimmer than normal, "Field? What kind of target?"

Mark smiles, "Girls?"

Cooter laughs at himself, "Oh. OK! Well, there is that Kathy Roberts. Man, would I ever... " Cooter lets the thought go unsaid.

They all have a good laugh. Mark asks, "What about you there Luke?"

"Well, I think I'll just keep my options open for now." says Luke. Hoping that Mark hadn't seen or thought anything about the exchange with his sister.

The conversation and shine dwindled - soon it was past time for bed. Knowing that Jesse would be there just after chores with Tilly, the boys decided it was time to head off to bed. They each drifted off into slumber as dreams of the game, cars and girls crossed their minds.