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Judge Hardcastle may be gone from Hazzard but he's not forgotten. He returned to his deceased wife's estate in California. He later became a Superior Court Justice.

Luke Duke kept his word not to try to contact Dixie until she was eighteen, even to tell her he was free. But, the way news travels, he was sure she knew well before her birthday, but she didn't contact him either. The last passed on word he had was that she was trying to do as he'd asked her to – to forget him. Maybe she had. Life in Hazzard wasn't quiet the same for Luke, so when his country needed him he joined the Marine Corp to do his part.

Mark McCormick figured things in Hazzard were a bit to hot for him so he went chasing races in Florida. He even dreamed of making racing in a big way, maybe he'd even get a 'ride' that would take him to California.

Life in Hazzard was back to 'normal' and soon the Dukes and Cooter worked out their differences and were closer than friends could possibly be. In Hazzard County, like everywhere else, if it don't kill you, it only makes you stronger.

As for Dixie, word may have been out about Luke, but it didn't reach her. Each thought the other had told her. She still wore his ring and went through the motions of 'moving on' but there was a still a place for a blue eyed farm boy from Hazzard County and none of the guys who asked her out could measure up to Luke Duke.


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