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Even as I made the move to jump in front of him and take the killing blow in his stead, I had to wonder why. Or, perhaps, how?

How did a worthless dead last like him, worm his way into my frozen heart? Why did I let him? How did that baka somehow put himself at the top of my priority list, above my goal of avenging the massacre of my family, above my will to live? Then there was the most important question of all…

Why didn't I care?

Falling…I had taken one to many needles, and I was falling…

But, he caught me…He was crying…He asked me why...

I told him that I didn't know why, that my body had moved on its own… and as my vision began to darken, I looked up into his tear filled eyes and realized something. I realized that my body hadn't been the only thing to move on its own, my heart had as well. My last though before I fell into the open embrace of unconsciousness was that even if I didn't know how, I knew why.


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