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..Inside the Konoha Public Library.

"What the fuck am I doing here!"

Naruto Uzumaki cursed out loud for the umpteenth time.

"Of all the missions given out for the day! I get the most pointless, most godforsaken - !"

"Naruto Uzumaki!" screeched a bespectacled formidable-looking librarian. With the crisp two-piece suit, thick, black eyeglasses, gray hair held up tightly in a bun, and a stern, thou-shalt-not-make-noise-or-else expression on her face... she was formidable-looking indeed.

"You have just been in this library for ten minutes!", she glared contemptuously at the spiky, blonde genin currently sitting on the floor, cradling several scrolls.

"This is the twenty-fifth time I have asked you to please. Please. Keep. Quiet!" she shouted at the rude boy who was frowning up at her.

"Well, that's the longest time I've ever been inside here! Not to mention the first time I've ever set foot in this boring hellhole!" Naruto shouted with equal force, not bothering to keep his voice down despite the numerous warnings he had already received.

'It's not like the old hag could do anything to me, anyway!'

The old hag gasped at the genin's words.

"I shall not allow the use of inappropriate language in this sacred,"

- Naruto rolled his eyes -

"SACRED ground!" Her nostrils flared as she watched the young nin mimic her shamelessly.

"I'll have you know that I could very well tell your jounin sensei how awful you've performed in your genin mission!"

At these words, Naruto snapped back to face her. A look of disbelief etched on his face.
The librarian smirked victoriously. She had obviously struck a nerve.

"Now that I have your undivided attention, I would greatly appreciate it if you continued placing those scrolls," she pointed at the bundle in his arms, "..on the proper shelves."

Naruto mumbled and cursed under his breath.

"..And after you're done with that... you can start cleaning those documents over there."
Her bony finger pointed to a pile. No wait. A glorious mountain of yellowing, fungus-infested, Konoha Library scrolls to her right.

Naruto gaped at the sight, and stood up to protest. He opened his mouth, a string of curses forming at the tip of his tongue -

"And make sure you do it quietly!" she silenced him, a sneer on her wrinkled face.
"You're supposed to be a Leaf Nin! Practice some discipline, for your sake, lest you want me to write a horrible," she emphasized, "horrible report to your sensei that will ensure you a slot at the academy for the years to come!"

She glared one last time at the loud-mouthed nin before pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, and stalking away, occasionally snapping at some people who were reading or memorizing jutsus aloud.

Naruto continued to glare at the spot where the hateful woman once was, before turning around and sighing heavily.

'Better get this done, and over with...Why oh, why do I have to get stuck with this task?'

He grumbled inwardly.

'Kakashi-sensei just had to give me this assignment!'

He snorted at the memory of the white-haired jounin. The older nin unbelievably convinced Naruto that it was a heroic mission... If it weren't for the idea, implanted in his head by the sly instructor, of a cursed volume of encyclopedia terrorizing the people within the Konoha Public Library, he wouldn't even be caught dead near the building.

He sighed audibly. 'A mission is still a mission..'

With the thought of torching the whole place once he became Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki set out to work.


"Goddamn the library!"

She shouted. Several people turned to look at the petite, pale-blonde haired girl walking down the path. Ino Yamanaka cursed some more, not caring if she offended the people she passed by.

"I'll have Asuma-sensei's head for this..." She growled.

It's not that she disliked the library. Oh, yes, she acknowledged it as a place of wisdom... of learning...of great… of great...


If only the place had more life in it... more fun. Then, she'd actually be interested to enter the ancient structure.

That must have been it.

'Everything is just so ancient. So old.' She wrinkled her nose in distaste. She was never one to religiously follow tradition, old ways and customs...

Anything that meant 'in the past' coincided with 'so restricting' to her.

She lived in the present time.

With her unconventional ninja suit - her dark purple outfit, with a top that showed much of her pale skin, and skirt that would've revealed too much if it weren't for the request of her scandalized, overprotective father to wear bandages to cover her up. Ino didn't mind the request.

It was still stylishly modern.

Oh yes. Ino Yamanaka was the embodiment of your modern day kunoichi.

Her mother once commented on her daughter's fashion sense.. Perhaps she should have been a designer? The profession would have suited a girl like Ino more… A civilian living a peaceful life, maybe even become a devout housewife just like her mom…

Leave the risks, danger, and dirty work to the nins of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Too bad she was papa's little girl.

Inoshi Yamanaka, the head of one of the most respected clans in the village, was also one of the most revered jounins of Konoha. The jutsus of their clan focused on the mind. One of their well known moves, the Shintenshin, was a signature technique of the Yamanaka bloodline that had served the Hidden Leaf Village countless times, in countless battles...

Ino inhaled deeply. She swelled with pride.

Screw fashion designing.

She will definitely be a respected jounin like her father someday.

She exhaled loudly, sighing.

'Yeah... someday.'

She knew what she had to do. Work hard. Do her best. And work hard...

She just had to make sure she accomplished all the tasks given to her like the good little genin she's expected to be.

Then why was it so… so…

How did her teammate, and childhood friend put it?


She sighed. She wished that there was some sort of short-cut... not that she was lazy…it's just that these missions were so much of a hassle. Genin tasks, a.k.a. D-missions, a.k.a. exhaustingly boring, ordinary work was a hassle.

She wanted action.

She wanted adventure.

… Not a stinking fieldtrip to the library!

Ino Yamanaka grumbled. Whined. Complained.

But she knew better... nothing was going to change.

'Condemned to slavery inside a decomposing library...' she thought with disdain.

She just wanted to get things over and done with so she could go back to training.

With a fervent prayer that things go her way today, she set off to complete her mission.

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