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She drummed her fingers, then glanced at the grandfather clock to her left.

She frowned.

In less than 5 seconds, she was at it again, drumming her fingers over and over, producing hollow sounds as her polished nails hit the polished surface of her mahogany desk in irritation.

'What is with these genins these days?' she wondered. 'Why are they all so incompetent?'

The old librarian mused in her post as she waited for the arrival of another leaf genin that was left under her care. She knew she was being unfair… judging this generation of leaf genins, fresh from the academy, so early and without any proof… But her recent encounter with a certain rude, spiky, blonde-haired Hokage-wannabe infuriated her so.

To her, Naruto Uzumaki was proof enough.

Her lips formed into a thin line and her eyes narrowed at the memory of what happened...

The boy, yet again, cursed the library, and the predicament he was in, mere seconds after she gave her last warning. She rushed back to him immediately. Furious, as her patience finally snapped, she gave him quite a scolding. However, Naruto was so used to being told off that he didn't shrink back in fear and respect… in fact, he simply shouted back. He made such a ruckus, and drew attention to himself as he claimed of how he was going to be the next, and best Hokage the village had ever seen. He would do the people a favor by establishing his first decree – tearing down the Konoha Public Library, and in its ruins, the best ramen restaurant shall rise, as well as more advanced nin facilities. And of course, the decommissioning of old, batty, librarians who really need to get out more.

She lost her cool, and made an attempt to grab the boy and strangle him.

But alas, old age kicked in and she stumbled as the blonde little imp jumped nimbly out of her reach.

Resulting to her getting well acquainted with the floor as she fell, face first.

Her fury doubled as the spectators laughed at her.

In an attempt to save whatever dignity she had left, she calmly stood up, glared ice and daggers at everyone (which promptly shut them up), and calmly walked towards Naruto who was still laughing hysterically.

She whispered… with a dark look, and a few, well chosen words. The boy suddenly became quiet.

She walked away, her words echoing in both of their minds.

"No wonder everyone hates you, demon-vessel."

Harana-san sighed. She lifted a wrinkled hand to her head and massaged her temples…

She was still lost in thought, when a slightly flushed Ino entered the room.

Just a few minutes ago…

She was late.

She was sooo late…

Ino Yamanaka berated herself as she sped through alleys and narrow pathways, trying to make short-cuts to reach her destination. She glanced at her watch, and cursed.

It was an hour past noon.

She was supposed to meet her client an hour and a half ago.

"Stupid Sakura and her humongous forehead!" she mumbled to herself.

The pale-haired kunoichi continued to curse Sakura Haruno in her mind…

Ino wanted to be punctual. She wanted to make herself look good in front of her client. She wanted to be praised; her record be so perfect that she'd sort of be the female star genin of her batch… being late would be horrible!

You see, she was well on her way towards the library when she spotted something interesting…

Ino was walking casually… Glancing idly at her surroundings… and then –

A plump cashew nut.

With bubblegum-pink hair on top.

Ino, then, had to stop and blink…

And blink.

And blink some more…

Before she started laughing her ass off.

The said cashew nut, who was handing out leaflets and smiling brightly at everyone, immediately froze as she recognized the laughter. Slowly, she turned around and came face to face with her rival.

'Oh, what a horror it must have been.' The blonde girl cackled as she remembered.

After Sakura displayed the wonderful hues of pink, red, magenta, and maroon, she demanded to know what Ino was doing there. The latter explained that she was on a mission… then returned the question gleefully at her rival.

Sakura blushed, yet again, before grudgingly explaining that she was on a mission as well. There had been so many assignments for the genin-class that Kakashi and the rest of the jounin group leaders had to divide the missions among their ward. Unluckily for Sakura, she had been given this…this humiliating job.

Then, the pink-haired kunoichi bowed down… and sniffed?

Ino stopped her tormenting laughter in an instant. It must be truly crushing to be stuck, wearing an oversized imitation of a cashew as a costume for the whole day, while people who know you teased you as they pass you by…

She suddenly felt pity for her once-upon-a-time best friend…

Then she rolled her eyes. "You were always the drama queen, Sakura."

Sakura looked up.

"Did it work?"

Ino smirked. "Show me a new trick."

Sakura glared. "Whatever, Ino-pig."

"I said new, Big-forehead." She retorted.

…And so the usual banter commenced. The opportunity to make Sakura's day a living hell was too much to pass. Ino sauntered into the shop-slash-restaurant that Sakura had been advertising… the aptly named "House of Nuts".

There, she sat comfortably, ordered food, annoyed Sakura, and likewise, got annoyed by her. It was so sweet having the upperhand at her rival, that she carelessly lost track of time. Taking her food, she dashed out of the House, and headed straight to the village library, not without shooting back at her rival, calling her full name out loud for everybody to hear, and dubbing her as "Konoha's Village Nut".

Laughing, she took off with the happy thought of leaving a crimson-faced Sakura, and a bag of assorted goodies bouncing beside her.

And that was that, which now leads us to a flushed Ino Yamanaka.

Before she knew it, she was standing in front of the twin, colossal columns of Konoha Public Library.

Ino entered the building, and scanned the architecture of the place, guessing that it was probably centuries old. Amazingly, the building wasn't crumbling into pieces… Perhaps it was a spell or something?

She shrugged nonchalantly. Ino didn't know, and frankly, she didn't care very much.

She kept on walking forward, through the hall, passing huge glass cases that held armors from whatever armies, and ancient writings from whenever eras... Eventually reaching a double door that was slightly ajar.

She paused to knock, but opted to enter instead. 'The door was open, anyway…'

Stealthily, she slipped inside the room.

Behind a dark wooden table that had been polished to perfection, she watched a frail-looking woman tiredly rub the sides of her forehead. Apparently, the grandma didn't notice her presence.

"Stressed out…?" she decided to make herself known.

Immediately, the woman looked up and stared at the newcomer.

"Yes, actually. It was exhausting to wait patiently for you." The formal looking woman squinted and adjusted her glasses as she eyed the young girl. "Ino Yamanaka, I presume?"

"Yep, that's me all right!" The girl smiled brightly. 'Impress, Ino… Impress.'

"Well, Ino-san, you're late." She snapped.

The genin's smile faltered. A twitch forming just below her right eye...

She was beginning to dislike the old woman already.

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