Giving Birth to a Child from the Enemy

Summary: Mpreg. Slash! SSSB Having being raped by his most highest enemy, Sirius Black, Severus finds himself two weeks pregnant! With the help of his sister and cousin, Severus teals of being a single parent refusing to tell the truth to other father...

Chapter One

June 02, 1976
Abounded unknown room
Hogwarts, somewhere in Britain

Severus Snape, lied there naked, tied on an old bed in dark abounded room. How can he be so stupid! He supposes to be a SLYTHERIN for crying out loud! Slytherins don't get caught and they don't fall into traps like this. But stupidity blinded him of thinking Gryffindors are dumb. BAH! Where's a silver stake or a gun when you need it? Severus thought angry with himself. He moved and tugged on the magic ropes that bind him of this deathbed. Nothing worked. 'Shit!' He thought.

He knew what will happen if he doesn't escape soon. And what's worse he doesn't know who's his attacker is! Can you believe that? How stupid is that? Someone gets the camera, Severus Snape doesn't know who attack him! Ha! How very Huffelpuff-ish! Who ever it is, better be repaired, for he's not going let them take him without a fight. God help him, or more like God rest his soul in peace. Or better yet! Someone get a Dementor!

He sighed for the hundredth time since this happened. Who in the hell would dare to do this to him? No one he thought would. Maybe one of the "golden Trio", though they had to be drunk or been dared to or if it is them. Who knew?

Severus tugged the magical ropes again, ignoring the pain as the cursed ropes bite into his wrists and feet. Each time he did this, the ropes went tighter and tighter. If he tug anymore he would bleed. If that happens he hoped the attacker would take long, so he could bleed to death. Right now, he doesn't care. Give him a knife and he would chop off both his legs and left arm off and then would gnaw on his last arm to escape this hell. 'Fuck this,' he thought, as he started to gnaw on the ropes. As he did this blood dripped from his cut lips. Who ever this person is knows few of the muggle tricks. When he gets his hands on the person who's doing this, he would kill them, slowly first and then kill.

Then there was sound of a heavy wooded door opening, stopping his thoughts. He looked up and saw the door opened and then closing. Someone was here. He looked up trying to see who it was. All he could see was a shadow of a person, charming the door and other likely places that was most likely to people were hiding or could interrupt or escape from. Severus felt for the first time in a long time; fear. He tugged on the ropes again not knowing what would happen next. He refuse to scream like fearful Hufflepuff female and trying not to make a sound, hoping that his attacker would believe he'd escaped or better yet, forgot about him. Hopefully.

"Now, now, Snivellus, don't do that, you'll hurt your sexy body even more if you do," Said his attacker. Snape's blood turned to ice. He knew that voice. Sirius Black stepped forward into the dim light looking at Severus's naked body with eager eyes, passion and lust. Black formed a wicked smile, edging as he step forward, taking his time, treasuring his prize.

Severus was freaked out now. Of all the people, he should've known. He should've put two and two together. Of all this week, he saw Black watching him closely as if cat eyeing on a mouse. How could to be so stupid?

(Rated R to people under 13years old, skip if squeamish and under aged)

Severus watched helplessly as he watched Black sat down next to him, touching him. Black's hand went up his chest, playing with both his nipples, down to his hips, and then, between his legs. Snape filched as a cold shivered went through his spine at the touch

"Don't you dare," Severus warned, trying to escape. He tried to make his voice deadly covered with vermin, but when he said it, he could hear slight fear in his voice. Black smiled evilly. Bending over an inch away from his now scared face.

"Tonight, Snivellus, your mine," as that second, Black's lips with force covered his. Severus, who hated being this helpless, forced himself not to open his mouth. He tried to fought from showing any fear or panic. He felt Black's tongue brushed across his tightly shut lips. He could tell Black was furious with him, judging of how his hands tighten around his arms. He suddenly grabbed Snape by his jaw with firm grip. "Open your mouth," he demand. Snape tighten his mouth even more. Black smiled. "I envy you, Snape. Not many would do that..." he forced his jaw open, as that second, Black's tongue had entered.

Snape thrashed wildly around kicking and so madly wanted to scream now. Fuck this, he would do anything to get away. He kicked Black between his legs. There was cry of pain. Jackpot! Snape managed to smirk as he watched Black fall off the bed but froze when he saw Black's wand was pointed to his face when he got up angrily. Black smiled like a madman, as if loving the way Severus looked up to him in fear. "Eb tnelis dna lits. (1)" Black said. Snape opened his mouth to scream, hoping to get someone, anyone to hear him, but no sound came out from his mouth and he couldn't move a muscle as if waiting for command that is not his own.

In horror, Black grabbed the ropes untying them. Severus arm suddenly raised by its own. Severus tried to stop it but couldn't. Judging by Black's smile, the curse had worked. Severus tried to move it, but couldn't. 'Oh no! God no!' Thought Severus. His arm suddenly went down beside his frozen body, as his arm done so Black laughed in delight as he stared to stripped from his clothes. Both naked, Black sat on top of him force a kiss on to his lips. As if in an Impise curse, Severus felt himself commanding Black's wishes of each demand. He felt Black's hand lowing down. Their groins touched and hardened, as he did so.

Black lowered his lips onto his neck to his nipples. Licking them slightly giving Severus shivers down his spine. He hated this and Black knew it. Severus felt Black licking lower and to his horror near his groin. Then something slippery went into him. At first he didn't know what it was, it felt so...weird. He dared to look; Black's tongue was inside him. Severus tried to move, kick him, anything, but his own body ignored him.

"You like that?" Black asked evilly, silently chuckled, looking up. Severus didn't say anything; if he did Black couldn't hear anyway because of the curse. Then Severus felt Black fingers, one— two— three...pain was unbearable. Four—

Then in horror, he felt Black's manhood entered him. Pain, unbelievable passion and hate swept through him, as Black rhyming become faster and harder. Each thrush Black given the more hated passion Severus felt of the young teen.

What felt like hours, Severus felt Black swept away from him. He shriveled in both pain and shock. He couldn't do anything! That spell Black cast was never was taught in school. The spell was fumbler to him, but his mind was too clouded to think. He was so sore, shocked!

Black was also shaking but more in insane delight then shock. He did James's dare; he had raped Severus Snape. Thinking back, James probably joked about it, but thinking how good it was, he should've did it years ago.

"I thank you for you time, Snape. If you ever tell ANYONE about this night I will kill you," Sirius said. Chuckling he added, "I had fun, didn't you?" Severus stared at him, in both horror and loathe. Sirius smiled at that. He did well. "Next time, don't be so unwilling." Sirius then dressed himself, walked up and kissed him of his goodbye. Black left Snape still on the bed not moving, his curse still on him and naked. Black left not knowing what this night that will cost him in near future and not knowing if it would either destroy him or pained him in both sorrow and regret.

Few hours later, the ropes fall off, and Severus was able to move. His lower waist was in pain, and he was sick to his stomach. Hastily he crabbed his clothes, dressed himself and ran out the door not looking back.

Words: 1,438

"Be silent and still".

Author's Notes: I redid the chapter. For the request to GreenJellyBeans who kindly e-mailed me and asked if I could somewhat redo the story. I WILL NOT DELATE ANY CHAPTERS! Just redoing them.