Giving Birth to a Child from the Enemy

Summary: Mpreg. Slash! SSSB Having being raped by his most highest enemy, Sirius Black, Severus finds himself two weeks pregnant! With the help of his sister and cousin, Severus teals of being a single parent refusing to tell the truth to other father...


Chapter 9

Remus Lupin looked around himself in the dark, damped corridors of the dungeons. Everything around him was so alien, as the cold wind blew around him, as if telling him, he does not belong here.

There was evil laugh that echoed behind him. Remus shifted around and but no one was there. Was he imagine things? Not even his werewolf abilities were helping him much. Of what he could see, hear and smell; he was alone, but something was here, he knew it...

'What was that?' Remus thought as, something flicker in the corner of his eye. But nothing was there.

There was it again, but just as it appeared it was gone. An evil, bone shilling laugh echoed in his ears, Remus' shivered as if someone was breathing down his neck, laughed at him, mocking him. The laugh suddenly became someone hissing angrily at him, making Remus step back in fear, slamming his back on the stoned wall.

Just as it started, the hissing stopped, the wind suddenly died down. 'What was going on?' Remus asked himself, looking around, expecting a Slytherin there hexing him.

"Remus?" asked a voice. Remus turned around. And came face to face with Alex Snape. He looked at her, with a smile, looking every inch of her body and her beautiful face, the hissing voice forgotten. She was wearing a short black skirt with a purple spaghetti strap shirt. Over the top of that was a thin black long sleeve jacket. With her purple bright eyes and her dark raven purple highlighted hair, she looked like his Guardian Angel.

Lily coughed at the two love birds, making them snap back into reality. "Alex, er, hi." Remus said uneasily. Alex smiled at him. 'He did come!' she thought happily. "Hello, Lily." he said to her, bowing his head slightly.

"Hi, Remus. Was it hard getting rid of your friends?" Lily asked him, raising her eyebrow, folding her arms, as if daring him to lie to her. Her eyes looked around waiting for his friends to jump out and hex them both. It wouldn't be the first time.

"No, of course not!" Remus said to her. Lily's narrowed in disbelieve. "They were too excited of the trip to Hogsmade. So they left me."

Alex smiled at him. 'He came! He came!' was the only thing she thought at the moment.

"Come on, guys, before we're late for carnages!" Lily said clearly unhappy that she was dateless and that none of Remus friends were here; she needed someone to practice on for DADA curses that they were spouse to know in their O. .

The three of them, walked up the stoned stairs. Remus looked back behind him, putting his hand on Alex's lower back. The cold wind suddenly became alive, making his skin crawl.

"We will meet again, werewolf... " the cold voice hissed. Of what Remus heard was nothing but hissing. "My granddaughter does not deserve you... You will die before the end. The boy who took my grandson will die first, that I promise..."

Up on the main floor, Remus breathing came back to normal. He was far from that creepy hissing voice. He suddenly felt something on his hand, looking at it; he was holding Alex's hand. 'When did I do that?' Remus didn't care. He was enjoying himself.

After the name calling and the pass to go, the three of them walked to the closest horseless carnages. As the sat on the seats the carnages moved.

"Are they beautiful Remus?" Alex asked him out of blue.

"What?" Remus asked his new girlfriend. What was she talking about? What was beautiful?

"The thestrals, aren't they beautiful?" Alex asked him, stilling staring at the creature in front of them in awe. Remus on the other hand looked at her and back in front of him, there was nothing there. Then it click; he had never put two and two together. 'So that's how these carnages move.' Remus thought. It was clear she sees them, who did she witnessed die? He had read about them; skeletal, fleshless horses that only could be seen by to those who have witnessed and accepted death. Remus had in fact seen death of his brother Romulus when they were only few years old when the werewolf attacked them that one night... Never had he accepted his brother's death, for their parents never were the same since.

"I don't really know, Alex, to tell you the truth. I don't see them." Remus told her.

Alex smiled sadly. "You will, very soon." she replied.

"What?" Remus asked her, but Alex didn't say anything else in that matter. Lily, sniggered covering her mouth, at the sight of Lupin's face. Remus looked confused, awe and surprised that Lily never seen him.

There was nothing but silence.

"Who do you see die?" Remus dared to ask. "If you don't mind me asking." he added. He really didn't want to comfort a crying female all the way to the wizarding village.

"No, Remus, I don't mind!" Alex said. It had to come sooner or later. It pains her still, but she never knew them... Remus smiled sadly at her. "It was around the time when I and Severus were very little, the time when our parents and the others was slaughtered that one night. I really don't remember that night really well. I never had the gift of remembering everything, unlike Severus who remembers that fateful horrible night as if it was yesterday." Alex took a deep breathe. "Even to this day, Severus has nightmares. Now more then ever, before."

Remus stared at her. What was she saying? She and Snape witnessed their parents' murder? They're orphans? Snape has nightmares?

"Well, after that, our great-grandfather, the only other blood relative, not including Lily and her sister, tried to adopt us after that one night, but you know the Ministry, they say he wasn't 'good enough to raise us, you see. I don't really understand why though. Father was well young man before he and mum- died. Grandfather would've raised us quiet well, I should know. Instead we went to foster homes and then adopted about seven years ago." Alex told him. Lily, on the other hand, looked out the window. She herself wasn't there, but those nights were so horrible! All who has the blood of the demon tribes will forever be haunted of the memories of the old. All the wars, the blood... The deaths... The screams of thousands of souls of men, women and children curse forever to haunt the darkness until the blood of their enemies is spilled until then they all be freed.

"I know you seen death, Remus. You have too accepted some day." Alex told him.

Remus' blood turned to ice. How did she know? Who told her?! Not even his friends knew about his brother! "It alright, Remus." Alex said. "No one told me anything. I can feel it. It wasn't your fault. You have to forgive yourself to accept it, Remus." As she said this, she wrapped her arms around him with comfort. Remus gladly accepts this alien warmth of comfort, for his parent never again after the death of his brother and him become a werewolf ever hugged in such a way. 'If only she knew I was a werewolf, she would hate me, like everyone else does.' Remus thought bitterly. Unknowingly to Remus, Alex felt his troubling thoughts, saddened that he would think of her that way.

No one talked after this. There was nothing else to talk about.


Severus Snape, folding his arms in angrier glaring at anyone who dared came near the carnage that was sitting in by himself. A couple of third years tried get in the carnage, telling him, if he doesn't share, they would get a teacher. Severus ignored them, threading them he would hex them to hell and back, if they didn't leave. After that they left not wanting to upset the older slytherin.

Severus watched the other students running and laughing into other carnages. It was sickening to see all these happy people, well he was sitting here by himself in his self pity.

How can Alex and Lily abandon him like this? ' Lupin is behind it!' Severus thought, gritting his teeth at the thought. Yes... that werewolf will pay if he ever hurt them. He will have fun torturing and killing that filthy werewolf. His blood will be sweet. Severus smirked. He can't wait to see the look of Potter's and Black's face when they found out that he, Severus Snape son of Tobias and Eileen of the Celtic Tribes, killed Lupin and fed him to the darkness. Yes, he will do that. They will pay of what they did to him. specially Black... He will pay of what he did to him that night...

It was settling then; He will spy on his sister and Lily. Hopefully he could find them and watch them not knowing that he was doing. They were good of not letting other people, including himself find them.

But where are they now? Where are they going?

Severus hugged himself, rocking himself back and forth. He felt so alone. He looked at the window in thoughtful look. Why does his life have to be this way? What kind a fate has done this to him?

Just then, looking up in the door, Sirius Black came to view. Severus held his breath. 'Please don't see me, please don't see me... get away, get away. Please God above, please don't let him get in here and see me like this!' Severus prayed to himself. Opening his eyes, Black wasn't there. He watched as the two other of Black's friends: Potter and Pettigrew, climing into a carnage just little away from where he sat. 'Where was the werewolf? Why isn't he with them?' Severus asked himself. It was very unusual for the four Gryffindors not to be together. Unless Lupin was in a the toilet room.

The carnage sudden started to move.

Severus, still rubbing his stomach as if a mother protecting their child.

'Perhaps this trip wouldn't be so bad...'

Little did he know, as his carnage went down the road towards the wizarding village, that he was wrong. Very wrong of what awaits him...

Sirius Black looked up, he felt something, something he couldn't place. It felt good, it felt... Something he needs to do. Something that involves Snape...

(End of Chapter)


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