Chapter One


July 30, 1981

Godric's Hollow

11:00 p.m.

Lily Potter walked into the shadows of Godric's Hollow. She was shaking in fear and hurt. Her very pregnant belly sting with pain, as each step she took was more painful then the last. Four hours ago her water broke, and she been traveling so far to get here. This was her husband's house that belonged to his pureblooded family, since the time of the Founders of Hogwarts. According to James Potter, Godric's Hollow was the place that Godric Gryffindor, one of the Founders of Hogwarts and Founder of Gryffindor House, was born and lived. Lily never knew if it was true or not, but she felt very safe her all the same.

She walked to the mansion of Godric's Hollow and stabled onto the fount door. Before she opened it, she felt an odd prickly feeling as if she was being watched... She opened the black, golden red marking door and closed it as she fell onto her back. She must get help. But whom? James Potter is her husband for seven months now and her unborn child isn't his! What would he do if he ever found out or worse; the child's real father? Panicking, she crawled to her bedroom, onto her large bed, clutching her hands to her swelled stomach. Tears flowing from her eyes in both sorrow and pain.

She didn't cheat on James with an other man, oh no; James is her SECOND husband. Her first was a good man that she fell in love with and befriended with during their school days. Right before greution, she married him in secret because of the First War and they believed that they were going to be happy for the rest of their lives together... One day, months later after their wedding, she found out that he was a Deatheater, Voldemort's right-hand man, one of the Dark Lord's most faithful, loyal precious servant. Later she divorced him, later going out with James, who never knew about her first husband, and then marring him. In the very end of her confused part of her life, she found out that she was pregnant.

Everyone believes it's James's little baby, but no, it's Voldemort's right-hand man's baby. And to top with that, her baby's real father is James's own cousin! Lily never knew until last week. She told no one the whole truth about almost everything. The only person who knew almost the whole truth was either Dumbledor or Remus Lupin.


Remus Lupin.

Lily gritted her teeth with pain. Then a thought came to mind. "You and your sister were always gifted with the ancient magic." Dumbledor and Remus had always told her. Painfully, she got out of bed, crabbing an old black leather book, that was hidden away from any one, from her sorceress sister: Ancient Spells and Cruses of Those Who are Gifted.

She just read it, months ago, where did she see it? She flipped through the pages with one hand as the other was gently patting her belly. Then she found it "The Cruse of Hidden Identity" For used mostly from female witches, sorceresses, and muggles 100s of years ago to hid their true identity from foes (enemies), assassins, or to anyone else. It was once widely used from most females to hide their unborn children's identity by their unknown fathers to save their lives and themselves. It was once called Acatuz Du , but mostly known as "The Hidden Identity Cruse".

Lily scolded down to the bottom of the page. By reading it, she found out that she must repeatedly whisper the phrase, when giving birth in the same time. To make it permanent, it is up to the child in the future. When he or she was told of the spell, the spell will be broken or in rare cases a very powerful being would undo it.

Without thinking, Lily wrote the phrase down on a piece of parchment from her bedside table. She read it out loud to herself, until she knew it by heart. She led herself on the bed, by using her wand, she called for help, and very shortly Madam Pomfrey, Molly Wesley, and Minvera McGonagall came to her aid.

Outside from her bedroom, was James Potter, who was pacing the living room floor, Sirius Black, who watched James. Remus Lupin and his raven-hair girlfriend, sitting on the sofa holding each other in their arms and Albus Dumbledor who seemed to be very calm as if he already witnessed this day.

Back inside the bedroom, Lily was giving birth. Holding Molly's and Minvea's hand, and through pain and sobs, she whispered the unknown phrase. Not knowing what price it was take if her unborn child would do if it ever founds out. She didn't even know if all her efforts would be paid off. All she knew and focus on was she must protect her unborn child from Voldemort and mostly from it's real father. Hoping the real father would go to hell or just die in Azkaban, because he is wanted among the Ministry of Magic. But deep down in her heart, she knew that the father would find out, and she knew she still loved him by remembering the good times...

Outside from her window, was a black cloaked man crouch on a branch from a tree in the darkness, watching the four women in the bedroom from the window. The man had filthy, had raven hair, pale skin as if he was half-dead, dark, almost black eyes and face that usually shown no emotions, but now showing sorrow, sadness and regret.

He watched as a pretty red headed woman cry in pain as she whisper between the cries and sobs, a phrase that he thought he and all the others had forgotten... He knew the language was long forgotten by wizard and muggle standers, but his evil father who's hundreds of years old it seems, that taught him, his brothers, sisters and cousins.

He saw everything watching the red headed woman. She was stumbling to the fount door, as she trailed water. Her crawling to her bedroom, pulling out an unknown black book from a hidden place from spies and others. He sat there watching helplessly, as his unborn child to be born.

She told him, maybe couple months ago; this wasn't his child, but Potter's. St. Potter, Prince of the Great Gryffindor House! The man gagged in dislike. He couldn't use his mind magic because she too was skilled at it, just like her younger sister. Petunia wasn't it? He asked himself many times. Or wasn't Patty or something? He didn't know. He only met her once, that was when he was still in school. Lily's sister didn't go to Hogwarts because she was a muggle in her younger years, until the age of 16 when they found out that she was sorceress (sorcerers usually get their powers late in life, but shown signs in younger years, before they get their powers).

He hated himself of letting Lily finding out his stupidity of joining the Dark Lord, mostly because (not emitting to anyone) he was his own godfather and also because of his own father. Of course he switched sides half a month later after seeing the real side of the Dark Lord and how evil He and his evil-so-called father really was and the he would never pleased his father.

Of what he did in these past months, he ended up killing his father from saving his mother, his bothers and younger sister and their cousin, and now on the run from the Ministry of Magic itself. Soon they would catch him and put him to Azkaban, and in the end he still lost his only true love and (what he wished) his unborn child. Half of himself still believes that this is his child, his only child, and according to the stars and planets. Even a seer that just became a teacher at Hogwarts, told him his child would be born this night, and also something about loosing them both at the strike of Old Hollow's Night. Hope remains in 17 years after and also something about another child would be born the next month and also lose it when the Dark Man is defeated... He never liked seers, but still he would do anything to protect this child or what he wished, his children, even if St. Potter were one of the fathers.

But his other half, some what knew she would never have him back, even if he was on the good side. Being as spy for Dumbledor, plus of hundredth time since childhood, James Potter had took something from him!

Then he heard a child's cry. He snapped back into reality, he saw a dark headed child wrapped in cloth in the hands of the nurse. Shortly James, Sirius, Remus, the raven-headed woman, and Dumbledor came into the room. Remus and the woman held back on one side of the room, near the window, in each other's arms. The woman smiled and looked at Remus who whispered something to him, that made his blushed.

"My son!" the cloaked man heard James yelled in happiness, holding the infant in his arms. Sirius, who knew that he was the Godfather to the child, stood there in pride. Remus, who was half jealous, looked away and faced the window. Remus' eyes went round, as the cloaked man looked straight into his eyes. He had seen him.

"Damn it!" the cloaked man muttered as he glided off the tree and landed far away from it. He shook in rage and sadness as he walked away in to the night, looking back now, watching the huge house becoming smaller. The man knew it was a matter of time before the people in the house would call the Ministry of Magic telling them that he was seen. He also knew it would be suicide if he apperated and knowing it would cost him his life or him living in Azkaban for the rest of his life if he ever changed into his bat like self or his black fox Animagus from. He stood there, promising himself that he would protect each child that reminds him of family and his love in the future. He took his chance, still refusing to change into his bat like self or ever feeding on others people's blood; he changed into a black fox and trotted into the night, never looking back...

Shortly at the end of the week, the cloaked man had killed his father, and for seance for 20 years in prison. But after The Fall of Dark Lord, he was released from all changes. But he Ministry still kept an eye on him ever since. No one ever talked to him. The cloaked man, was sad to hear of Lily's death (but with great joy by James's death), Sirius going to jail, and also finding out, while in prison, his mother, his brothers, sister and cousin disappeared and never be seen again and never found their bodies...

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