Harry Potter the Son of the Half Vampire

Summary: What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Harry's father fic!

Chapter 10

Harry Potter and Dudley Dursley followed Mikhael down the marble hallway. They walk in silence; both he and Dudley didn't know where they were heading. Harry looked at the small creature before him, noticing how different Mikhael was from Lloyanda and Soul-Taker. Mikhael wasn't as tall as them, but shorter, about five feet in height. He had long dark hair that was in a mullet hair-cut style, dark predator like eyes and very paled skin. He, like Soul-Taker, wore a steel armour, but in a different style. The armour was dark in colour, razor sharp points on the arms and legs, and skulls covered every inch of the armour.

As they went further down the hallway, almost at the heart of the castle itself, they saw other necromancers who eyed them in a wonder. It wasn't everyday that they see a wizard and a Sorcerer. Harry looked closely at each necromancer. The necromancers were in different from one and other, in different hair colours and skin tones. As the turn a corner, Harry swore he saw a very dark skinned necromancer who had the same coloured eyes as Voldemort's…. And what that a girl's giggle?

Harry turned his head. There was young teenaged woman, smiling at him. She was tall, thin, with long dark red hair with boned beads running down her back. She wasn't wearing any armour, Harry could see, but a thin, flowing almost see-through gown, making it impossible not to stare at her perfectly shaped body. She had a thin shaped scar running down her left eye, but it was black in colour. She waved at him, turned and walked away.

'Who was that girl?' Harry asked himself.

"This is your room." Mikhael told them, braking Harry from his thoughts, as he opened the heavy woodened doors, revealing a large decorated room with a very large bed, a fireplace in the opposite from the bed and a large window at the opposite side from the door. The room itself reminded Harry like a four-star Muggle hotel, so elegant and everything in the room was so well-designed in both texture and in colour.

Looking around, Harry and Dudley both saw one problem in the room…..

"Where is the other bed?" Harry asked Mikhael nicely.

Mikhael looked at the wizard in a puzzled look. "There is a bed, see." He told them, not knowing what Harry was talking about. 'Do wizards sleep on the ground?' he wondered.

"No," Harry said. "Where is the other bed?"

"No, there is no other bed. There is only one bed." Answered Mikhael. "You do not like this bed? Do you want me to look for another bed for your liking?"

"No, no, no! That's alright. Thank you." Harry said, mentally kicked himself. He doesn't want another Dobby mothering him.

"Well, young sires, I will bed you good night. I will come and wake you up at seven for breakfast at the grand hall." Mikhael said.

"Er, where will the were—Remus be staying at?" Dudley asked the necromancer.

Mikhael looked at Dudley, frowning. "The place where he always stays at when he visits here."

"No, no, no. I mean, where is the place where he is staying at?"

"Oh! At the Eastern side of the castle." Mikhael said, grinning.

"And where is that?" Harry asked him.

Mikhael looked at both of the teenagers in shock. 'Do these Deathlings know anything?' "At the eastern side of the castle." He repeated. He cocked his head on one side. "The opposite of West."

Harry smack himself on the head. "Thank you, Mikhael for your help. Good night." Mikhael bowed and left.

As the door closed, Dudley turned to Harry, his face as red as a cherry. "What is the wrong with him?! Didn't he know anything?" he bellowed.

"Dudley, keep your voice down. Before they hear you."

Dudley glared at his cousin; he walked to the bed and sat down. "Harry—do you think. That mother is alright?" If it wasn't for Harry's new improved hearing, Harry wouldn't hear Dudley whisper.

Harry approached his cousin. 'So that is was bothering him.' "To tell you the truth, I do not know, Dudley." Harry told him.

Dudley sighed. "Where do you think my dad is?"

"Well, Remus did say he is with, and I quote 'is in the care of the Order of the Blood Dragon for his injuries' end quote. I am betting that Vernon is safe and being treated."

Dudley smirked. "I hope those necromancers aren't doing anything 'magical' to freak him out. Too bad I am not there to see that."

Harry grinned, thinking how Uncle Vernon's face always turned purple and red each time he heard the word 'magic' or any other word that closely relates the magic world.

Harry yawned. "You take the bed; I will sleep on the gro—"

"Harry, the bed is big enough to fit seven people. You will not sleep on the stone floor. That Mikhael guy already thinks we are nuts. Him finding you sleeping on the floor, he will think that is 'normal' for wizards to sleep on the ground. We had been here less than a few hours; we don't need Mikhael to start making false rumors about us."

Harry grinned. "Dudley, I never thought you cared."

Dudley rolled his eyes. "I am human you know." He took off his shirt. "I will sleep on the right, you sleep on the left. 'Night." Dudley yawned, getting under the covers on the right side of the bed.

Harry smiled. "Good night Dudley." Harry too, took off his shirt, and climbing on the left side.

Both Harry and Dudley went to the dreamless sleep.


Remus Lupin walked down the castle hallways. He couldn't stop thinking of what he and Lady Lloyanda had discussed to each other.

Flash Back

"My lady, what are we doing to do?" Remus asked Lloyanda, just as Mikhael closed the door.

Lloyanda stood up from her throne. She ignored the werewolf, walking up to the nearby window, looking at the rising moon. She sigh. "Tell me everything." she demanded.

Remus took a deep breath, before he told her everything: of how they appeared to transport Harry to Severus' house for safety, how they just barely got there when death eaters attack, and how one muggle was killed, and the other was injured, and how Petunia let her self to get kidnapped to save them. He didn't tell her about how Harry was related to Severus, and how he wasn't James Potter's son or the fact that

When Remus was finished, Lloyanda was wrapped in her cloak. "Dreadful times, indeed, very dreadful..." she said. "Where is this... Voldemort's headquarters?" she asked.

"Somewhere in north of Ireland." Remus said.

Lloyanda nodded sadly. "I am sorry, Remus, but I can not help you."

Remus took a double take. "What?"

"I can not help you, Remus. I can not let my men find just one woman..."

"This woman is Petunia! Your best friend! How can you just leave her there to die?!" Remus yelled.

Tear started to flow from her eyes. "I mourn her lost, I really do, Remus."

"Is it because your can not help us because there is so few of your men to spare or is it because you are still angry at her from leaving you for the father of her son?"

Lloyanda didn't reply.

"Petunia left us all to protect her unborn child, we were all in war, Lloyanda. Voldemort was killing muggleborns, muggles, werewolves, vampires... You can not blame her for leaving of all these years." Remus told her.

"She promised..." Lloyanda whispered, her soul and heart braking from the memories. "For so long I held this anger... I hate her for it..."

"Please, Lloyanda, help her."

There was long silence.

"No... I am sorry Remus. Please leave me..." Lloyanda said firmly, turning her back from him. Remus stood there, shock of what happened. He bowed.

"I hope you see the truth in time, Lloyanda, before it's to late." Remus whispered. He had left.

End of Flash Back

Remus came back to reality. He noticed he came to his rooms, the same ones he always had when he visits here. As he entered, he noticed that a dark figure was waiting for him. Severus Snape was sitting in a nearby chair next to the fire place, his arms folded across his chest, his dark eyes narrowed and darker then usual. His sharp teeth shown in loathing glare at the flames.

"Where is Potter?" Severus Snape asked him, not looking at him.

"To be precise, Severus, Harry is not a Potter, but a Snape." Remus told him, shutting the door behind him.

Snape turned at glared at him. "Where are they?" he demanded, as he stood up. Remus glanced at the drink that Snape was carrying on his left hand; a glass containing a thick red liquid. Remus, bite his lip, his inter wolf turning in his mind excitedly. The smell of human blood, made Remus' eyes suddenly turn unnatural yellowish colour.

"They are asleep on the opposite of the castle." Remus said slowly, steadily approaching Snape, who knew what was going on through the werewolf's head. Snape shook his head, if only Remus would have a little bit of blood in his diet, the inter-wolf wouldn't be more supportive to him.

Snape nodded. "How is… Pot—Harry?"

Remus sighed, mentality licking his lips. "He is little shaken. He knows that you are his uncle. When he wakes, he will demand of what is going on. You must tell him."

"And tell him what? That his father is a Deatheater, a killer? His mother, despite of her loving nature married him, knowing about our family ways, but then broke off their marriage and left him for Potter no less?! What about my family, Lupin? What if he looks at himself as a monster, like everyone in this world does? He hates us, Lupin; me, Lucius and Narcisa. My father won't be pleasant to find out about having another grandchild that he never knew about."

"Harry doesn't hate—" Remus started to say, but Snape cut him off.

"Did you see the way he glared at me when we saved them from the Deatheaters?"

"You're too hard on him and his friends."

Snape muttered under his breath that sounds like "disgraceful, self-centered brats"

Remus ignored him. Remus eyed the glass, not noticing the way Snape was looking at him.

"Lupin, if you want some blood, why don't you just ask? Here have some, before you kill me of staring at me too much." Snape said, handing Remus his cup.

Remus really wanted some, but what if the taste the human blood… would he seek the need for it, like Greyback and start killing muggles and wizards? "No thank you. I don't want some." Remus muttered, giving back the cup back to his childhood friend.

Snape rolled his eyes. "Lupin, you're a werewolf; like us, you need the taste of blood. Not as often as vampires, but often enough that when your inter-wolf wants blood, the transformations would be very painful."

Remus sighed. "I know, I know. But," Remus gulped. "What if, when I taste the blood, would I turn like Greyback? Would I start killing innocent people?"

Snape rolled his eyes, finishing his cup. "You are so naïve at times, Lupin. You are NOTHING like Greyback. Nothing. Got that?"

Remus can only nod mutely.

There was silence.

"Severus. We only have year before Harry is fully mature to change into his vampire inherence in his 16 birthday. We need to tell him about that before that time comes." Remus said.

Snape sighed. He remembers his own 16th birthday, as if it was yesterday, when he came back to school, everyone was shock of how he changed so much. "I won't tell him tomorrow, but I will tell him before his 16th birthday. He already changed into his real appearance, if I tell him, that he would have to go yet another painful transformation, I fear he will go insane. He is still a suckling—child." Snape said, correting himself.

Remus can only agree.

"So, where did you put Dudley's father to?"

"Who?" Snape asked him.

"The injured fat Muggle." Remus said, rolling his eyes.

"Oh. I gave him absent obese potion and few others of my potions before he took him to the nearby hospital in Romania. Don't worry, over it too much, Lupin, he is alive."

"What about the other fat one?"

"You mean the female pig of a Muggle? I left her body for the muggles to find."

"You shouldn't be so mean."

"What can I say, Lupin? I never knew the fat woman, God rest her soul." Snape added, smirking. Snape started to walk towards the door.

"I will be back tomorrow afternoon, Lupin. See you tomorrow." He said.

Remus smiled. "Good night, Severus."

Snape had left.

(End of Chapter)

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