A Second Chance?

I was awakened abruptly by a kick to the chest. I coughed and spattered blood on the floor. I looked up and saw the face of the don, fat and snow-white, staring right over me, cane in one hand, gun in the other. He smiled at me.

"Rise and shine," he said through gritted and golden teeth. He picked me up and threw me to other side of the room, where I fell into an empty bathtub. I ended up hitting my head on the sink, so I felt cold blood down my back. I coughed and felt the blood trickle down my chin.

"I see," he smiled, "You can kill one of my men, my best friend, and quite a few others, and you can smoke all you want. But a little bit of blood down your chin and you finally feel dirty enough to take a bath!?" He laughed and picked me back up. He hit me hard. The impact forced my tooth to fall back into my throat, choking me in the process. I coughed and my tooth hit him in the eye.

"Ouch!" he screamed and bent over to pick the tooth from his eye. It was my chance! I lifted my leg to hit him in the stomach, and he caught it in mid-air.

"Ah-ah-ah" he sung playfully, and wagged his finger. He turned to me, and I saw my tooth protruding from his eye. Stuck like a knife. He smiled, and then his face formed strain. He squeezed on my leg and then broke it.

"ARGH!" I yelped in pain as he threw me to the ground. My head hit the edge of the tub in the same place it so-recently hit the sink.

I nearly drowned in the blood I was coughing. He got up and pulled my tooth from his eye and winced. He looked at me…and I saw his eye turning red. It was peculiar…very odd. It was as if his bloodshot bits were forming together and slowly spreading outward. He sensed my disgust, smiled playfully and said, "Don't be afraid. I wouldn't hurt a fly!" But then his smile faded. "But you're less than the shit it eats!" he exclaimed and picked me up.

He hit me 4 times in my temple and pulled on my fingers, outward and upwards, breaking all of them except one…

My trigger finger.

He picked up my silenced pistol from across the room as I lay dazed near the tub. He handed me the gun and said "Let's make a deal. I'll take this Single Action Army and you'll take that piece of shit, and you and I will have a quick draw match. You win and kill me, I'll let you go. But make sure I'm all the way dead or I'll find you again. But…if I win, you'll lose more than your life, kid."

I agreed. I tried to get up, and remembered my leg was broken.

I almost teared up; he handed me his own cane. The glint in his eye made me realize…he wanted me to win.

But … "why?" I asked him. He smiled. "Being in this business…" he took a long pause, "It's no walk in the park, my friend. I don't need this anymore. I'm old. I'm too old. You, however…you're ready to tear down this whole operation. But first, in order to live and kill the rest of my most trusted men…you have to kill me."

He put the gun in my hand so I would be able to keep it locked and my trigger finger was the only finger supporting the gun. I got up on his cane and stumbled a bit before I got used to it. I then put the gun in my pocket and looked up. He smiled warmly…yet lusting for blood.

"Ready? Okay…on you go. 2"

"Three…" I gripped the gun hard.

"Two…" I wrapped my finger around the trigger…

"One…" I readied myself…

The door burst open and in poured three guards. I looked over and felt something hit my head. I looked to my right and found the Single Action Army lying next to me, white with the knuckles of the Don and red with the blood from my temple. I slowly closed my eyes…

I awoke again to the feeling of water gushing down my face. I looked up and saw the don at the other end of the room with a bucket.

"I apologize," he paused, "for leaving you so abruptly. But…duty calls." He smiled. I looked to my left; my gun. To my right; the cane.

"You know," he continued, "I felt like killing you four times while you were out, and once, I almost did. But I wanted this final moment to truly last. So are you ready to pick up where we left off?"

Without hesitation I hassled with the cane in the palm of my right hand and grabbed the gun with my left. I nodded.

"Good…be ready…"

I put the gun back in my pocket.


I whipped out my gun and so did he. The feeling was so slow in my hand that my arm felt painful lifting the gun. He was fast for his age. He nailed me right in the arm. Subsequently…I dropped the cane.

I fell to the ground and dropped the gun. He shot me in the foot. The sound rang out and so did my scream. I flipped myself over and reached for my gun and managed to grab it. I gripped it hard and felt a bullet nearly miss the back of my neck. Wood from the floor stung at my neck from the debris of the bullet.

I remembered Toni. I needed to remember that strength I felt…what was it…? Not only being high but…

Depression. Depression and anger were the fuel to the fire. I needed to somehow be angry about him… but how? Thinking quickly, I rolled to the cane and across the floor, narrowly missing 2 bullets. He only had one left in his gun. The SAA carries 6 bullets where-as a standard revolver carries seven. So I ducked behind the tub and heard him sigh. I heard his footsteps slowly approach. He thought he had me.

I was thinking hard. Aside from kicking the crap out of me, there's nothing he did. Wait…whatever happened with Toni in my house must have been his doing. He sent his friend to kill me. Why? I used this as the fuel. Me, a simple man, almost shot by the biggest guy in Liberty City, for no reason. I'll show him how I feel for it…

I got up and stumbled with the cane.

"Oh, there you are. You know, I've only got one shot left."

I was tired of his monologue. I pulled up my pistol at the point were his gun was at his side and I shot him square in the chest. I heard his rib-cage shatter.

"FUCK!" he screamed. He held his chest and fell to the ground, dropping his gun. I walked on over to him and picked up the gun.

"Good job, kid," he said, "But remember…I am not dead yet."

"I know, sir," I said. "Maybe my gun-shots were quiet…but yours isn't; which means the men out there, who I am sure are ready to kick my ass if I step out that door, can hear this SAA. That means, one more shot rings out…and you kill me." I smiled and so did he. "So you see, sir. You're not dead." I lifted the gun and cocked it.

"I am."


I tore open his face. I gripped the cane harder.

"Okay…" I thought aloud, "Now to escape."

Devil's Rejects reference. Love that move.

2 Manhunt reference. Sick game.