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Summary: Kagome has been keeping a secret from all her friends' one that could even cost her her friends. You see Kagome is really an orphaned child from the village hidden within the leaves and she also has a fox's physical body sealed within her. She has a littler mate who she's never met but she knows who and what he is…when a demon attacks her and her friends they are forced to use the Bone Eater Well as their only means of escape…the only problem is that it sent them to Kagome's real home instead of to the future where she grew up…..


Five lone figures traveled through the night quietly as they slowly made to an old well that sat in the center of the woods. The figures were all dressed in blue pants, a blue shirt, greenish gray vest, and a strange bandana, that had a metal plate with a leaf symbol in the center of it, decorating some part of their body. The group of five consisted of what appeared to be four males and one female which could only be noticed by the way their bodies were filled out. The four males were all arranged box style around the female who walked in the center of the group holding a small bundle in her arms.

Just as the group of five reached the well the small bundle in the woman's arms left out an animal like whimper catching the attention of the woman carrying it causing her face to twist into a hideous scowl "Shut your insolent crying you little monster!" the woman demanded angrily as she paused walking long enough to pull the blanket aside to reveal the small form of a female child. However the child wasn't normal the black red tipped fox ears on top of her head, the tiny fangs adoring her mouth, the tiny white claws, the light blue eyes and catlike pupils, and the red black tipped fluffy fox tail proved this.

Hearing the woman's angry words the small female child began to all out cry this time causing the rest of the group to turn and glare at the child. "Shut that little thing up this is supposed to be a quite mission. We don't need it to bring attention to us." The male in front of the woman demanded his hand inching closer and closer to the small pouch at his side where his kunai lay in its sheath.

The woman glared at the man in front of her while she rocked the fox-child in her arms trying to stop it's cries "If I could don't you think I would? I don't like it any better than you do. I can't believe that the Hokage is forcing me to carry thing little monster." She growled out as she bounced the child in her arms managing to quite the child and bring a small giggle from it at the same time. Again her face twisted in a scowl as she heard the happy sound come from the small child. "Disgusting." She muttered then began walking again further into the clearing.

As they reached the clearing the men that surrounded the woman hung back as she approached the well. "Couldn't we just kill the thing? That would be much more merciful than leaving it to starve to death or worse somehow survive." One of the men asked his voice filled with loath as he looked at the bundle in the woman's arms his hand on his pouch ready to draw his weapon. He turned when he felt a hand on his arm stilling his actions. Turning to the man he sent the man a death glare "What? Surly you wish this abomination dead also. It holds the physical form of the animal that killed many in our village..." he paused as he noticed something in the other man's eye and his glare intensified "Oh I see what it is now…." He stated causing the other man to go stiff and catch the attention of the others in their small group "This thing was once your child…..I though it's blue eyes looked familiar…" the man instantly found himself hanging in the air the other man's hand around his throat "Speak not of things you know nothing of…my child gave her life to save your ass…and she did so unknowingly….now she's being left out in the wilderness alone and she's not two days old….you don't have a right to call my child a 'monster, thing or, an it' as you've grown so fondly of doing…" he growled his normally lazy blue eye narrowed glaring at the guy he was holding in the air by his throat.

Without another word he dropped the guy to the ground then turned to the woman who was now glaring at him "So what are you going to do now Kakashi? Take the child and run?" she demanded knowing all to well that the one she was speaking to could easily kill her without a thought. The one now known as Kakashi glared at her then calmly walked up to her taking the child from her arms and holding it in his own "No I will do as the Hokage has ordered me to and drop the child off in the well…despite my connection to this child I was ordered to do this and I will…." He stated as he walked over to the well and stepped up on the edge.

Kakashi paused for a second and glanced down at the small child in his arms noticing that she had quieted down and was currently nuzzling into his vest before yawning cutely then closing her eyes and falling to sleep. Sighing Kakashi stepped off the edge of the well and dropped down into the bottom the small child held safely in his arms. He landed safely at the bottom in a crouch glancing around he waited for his one uncovered eye to adjust to the darkness. Finally after twenty or thirty seconds he was able to see slightly he glanced up and noticed that anyone who looked down the well wouldn't be able to see him. Nodding his head he gently set the child down onto the ground and then reached into the pouch at his side. "Forgive me Little One for leaving you like this….I wish things had not ended up as they have…I had really looked forward to raising you….I know you won't remember me if you survive but I wish to leave something of me behind for you…" he whispered to the sleeping child as he pulled his hand out of the pouch at his side to reveal a small golden necklace with a small angel pendent hanging from it. Gently he unsnapped the clasp on the necklace and the child's neck allowing his and to linger on the angel pendent for a moment before he pulled away and stood. "Forgive me Little One." He repeated softly then bent his knees and jumped out of the well landing a few feet away from it. "It's done." He stated and began to walk back toward his village pausing only long enough for his teammates to catch up before continuing on.

If they had stayed in the cleaning only ten more seconds they would have seen the bright blue light that flashed from the well and then die down. They also would have noticed if they had looked that the child at the bottom of the well was gone…she had disappeared without a trace…it would be seventeen years before anyone would ever see the small child again.