Chapter 7: Awkward

Viktor dreaded going to his classes the next day. But when Alai questioned why he refused to get out of bed, Viktor couldn't tell him the truth, so he got up.

"What's been up with you lately man?" Alai asked.

Viktor shook his head, "Nothing Alai, I'm fine."

Alai was about to say something else when Justin came and walked beside them. Alai cleared his throat uncomfortably and Viktor sighed. This was going to be a long day…

"Listen…Justin," Viktor started.

"Don't worry about it Krum," Justin cut him off, "Professor Karkaroff explained what happened. We're cool. But as for Cass…I can't be held accountable for my actions."

He had that right…

As they entered the great hall Viktor could feel his blood boil when he looked across the room to a certain individual.

She wasn't looking at him. Even when the whole hall went silent and everyone looked toward the three, she kept her eyes out the window.

Two emotions brewed in Viktor at that moment. Annoyance…and satisfaction.

He had affected her yesterday, and he could use that against her…

As they took their seats, Karkaroff was clearing his voice.

"Well, its the end of the week," he sighed, "and you all know what that means…"

Actually… Viktor didn't.

"It's time to cast your vote as to who will be the new Head Boy and Head Girl."

Viktor groaned, damn…

Pieces of parchment appeared in front of everyone as well as a quill. The sound of excited whispers and quill on paper filled the room as the food was momentarily forgotten.

Tapping his chin, Viktor quickly wrote down Dean's name. He was going to vote for Alai…but Alai wasn't the government type. As for the girl…he wrote down Dimir's name.

After everyone was finished the parchment flew to the front to the room. They piled neatly into Karkaroff's outstretched hand. The papers seemed to melt together as the results were processed. When it finally stopped, two pieces of paper were left.

Karkaroff opened the first parchment and smiled.


"Our Head Boy is," he paused for effect, "Viktor Krum!"

The whole hall erupted in cheers as various guys came to shake his hand.

Damn…third year in a row…

Karkaroff opened the second piece of paper and his face turned red as he scowled.

Oh shit…please no…if there is a God…please not her.

"Head Girl is," he sighed deeply, "Cassandra Cooper."

All the girls started to laugh and cheer as the guys sat in shocked silence.

Viktor looked over at Cassandra. Her face was a few shades paler then usual as she glared daggers at all the girls at the table. He could read her lips as she questioned why the hell people would vote for her, and that she was going to request double the homework until Christmas.


"Cassandra Cooper."

She could feel her blood turn to ice in her veins.

"No shit," she whispered.

She would kill them…every single person who wrote her name in that damned ink…she would kill them!

"I don't want to be Head Girl!" she started to yell toward the head table when the girls erupted in screams.

Amy practically jumped on her, "Yes! Cassandra I knew you would get it!"

She moaned as random people came to shake her hand.

She glanced across the hall and almost laughed. Not a single guy was smiling. They all just sat there with shocked, stupid expressions on their faces. But no expression was a good as Krum's. She had never seen anyone's eyes go so big.

Maybe this would be fun after all…

After everyone quieted down, Cassandra turned to Amy.

"Hey Amy?" she asked, "Why would anyone vote for me anyway?"

Amy almost laughed, "Are you kidding me Cass? You are practically the idol of every girl in this school!"

Cassandra choked on her muffin, "What?"

"You didn't know?" Amy look scandalized, "You were the first to stick up for the girls, you never back down, and everyone thinks you look adorable with Viktor."

This time she spit out her muffin, hitting another girl in the face.

"Sorry," Cassandra said quickly before turning sharply to Amy, "What did you say?"

"You heard me."

"You have got to be joking! I hate Krum! He is such a -"

"Oh come off it Cass!" Amy laughed, "You guys are so perfect for each other. Its like those romance novels that we aren't suppose to read. The two enemies only hate each other because they are too scared to admit that they love each other. Eventually it blows up into a big passion fest and then-"

"Shut up!" Cassandra covered her ears, "It's not like that! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!"

Amy just continued, "Then after the first time they kiss they figure out that they don't hate each other, but they act like they do so they don't give in first. Eventually they start sneaking off together and-"

Cassandra was up from the table and out the door before Amy said anything else.

"The moment I get out of class, I am burning every single one of her god damn books," she mumbled to herself as she rushed off to class early.


He watched her leave the great hall with her hands covering her ears. Glancing back at Amy he noticed that she was laughing about something. Her and Viktor looked at each other and the girl blushed furiously, looking down at her food.

He wondered what Amy had said to make Cassandra leave…

Everyone started getting up and Viktor went to his class. When he got there he was surprised to find professor Lukash waiting for him, Cassandra at her side.

"What did I do?" he asked

Professor Lukash laughed, "Nothing Viktor. Why? Should I be punishing you for something?"

"Yeah, its called his face," he heard Cassandra whisper.

He wished that Professor Lukash wasn't there at that moment…because he wanted nothing more then to hex her into next week.

"No Professor," he mumbled.

She nodded, "I have excused you two from your first period class. There are some things that need to be explained about Head boy and girl."

Viktor thought of telling her that he had done it enough to know what he was doing….but it got him out of class, so he kept his mouth shut.

"No objections? Alright then, follow me," she smiled.

Cassandra walked beside Viktor, keeping her distance, but close enough so that the teacher didn't suspect a problem between the two.

They arrived to a door that Viktor immediately recognized.

"This is the Head study and library. You two can plan school events and discuss problems you may see within the school," she said quickly.

They went into the room and Viktor heard Cass gasp.

Its like she's never seen a five story library before…


OMFG this place is amazing!

The library was in one of the towers and five stories of shelves filled with various books spiraled up to the ceiling which was enchanted to look like a night sky. Everything was lit by candles as there was no windows. In one corner was an area with two large couches and a table in between them. Each couch was covered with thick furs and blankets. Its looked amazing. At the far wall was a huge black stone fireplace.

"It's beautiful," she whispered.

Professor Lukash smiled softly and signaled for her and Krum to follow her out.

"Oh, I almost forgot," she paused at the door, "The password is King Cobra. It will change weekly. You will receive notice of the password changes."

Both nodded and they continued their tour.

"You will patrol the halls every Friday night from nine until one o'clock am," she explained, "Also, you both have the privilege to give detention to any student who is misbehaving."

Cass smirked…this wouldn't be that bad at all…

Professor Lukash caught her smirk.

"Cassandra…I know what you are thinking, and I suggest to put the thought out of your mind," she said, "I said it was a 'privilege', not a right. An abuse of power and you will serve detention with me and loose your position as Head boy or girl. Understood?"

Cass sighed and nodded, Krum doing the same.


"Tonight will be your first patrol, so I expect you both in the great hall by nine," she said.

Damnit. Four hours every Friday night with Cassandra…could things get any worse?

Probably not.

"Um…Professor?" Cass paused in her steps.

Professor Lukash stopped in her tracks and turned to her, "Yes Cassandra? Is there a problem?"

For the first time, Cassandra looked nervous. And by the way she kept shooting looks at Viktor… she was nervous because of him…ha.

Cassandra seemed to have trouble finding the right words…it was the most amazing thing Viktor had ever seen. He liked it when she didn't talk…..

"Are you going to explain?" Professor Lukash asked impatiently.

Cassandra nodded and dropped her voice as if she was trying to make sure that Viktor didn't hear.

Good try…not

"You remember that thing I was talking to you about?" she whispered.

Professor Lukash's eyes lit up with realization, "Oh! Of course! I'm sorry I had forgotten…yes, that will be fine. Will you be able to do it earlier?"

If Viktor wasn't confused before, he sure as hell was now…and the worst part about it was…Professor Lukash was talking as if he wasn't even there! He felt like a child…..

Viktor cleared his throat and Cass noticed and flushed.

"I don't think that I can…but can we talk about it later?" she asked.

Professor Lukash nodded, "After dinner, in my office."

Cassandra nodded and then turned to walk back to class.

"You can go now Viktor, I will see you at nine," the Professor said as she waved him away.

He nodded and then ran after Cassandra who was hurrying away mumbling to herself.

"Hey Cass," he said as he walked beside her.

"Go away…."

He smiled, "I'm going to the same class, why can't I walk with my good friend Cass?"

"Because you're an ass," she mumbled.

He ignored her as he put his hands in his pocket, keeping a finger on his wand…just in case.

"So," he sighed, "What was that back there with Professor Lukash?"

She clenched her fists and he could tell that she was getting annoyed.

"I believe she was giving us instructions for our duties as Head Boy and Girl," she had a huge fake smile on her face as she glanced at him.


Ha! Take that!…smart ass.

"You know what I mean," he was looking at her now.

Of course she knew what he was talking about…and damn was he making her uncomfortable…. She couldn't forget about detention with him…it was still to real. And then Amy had to go and say all that crap about those damn books during breakfast… as if she didn't have enough on her mind.

"So are you going to say anything?" he asked.

"Anything," she said simply.

It was childish…she knew that, but she didn't give a shit at the moment.

She looked around her and realized that they weren't even close to their class yet. How long was this hallway?


"Just drop it Krum," she shot at him, "It's none of your business."


None of his business?

Well what if he wanted to make it his business?

Grabbing her wrist, he forced her to turn to him, pulling her closer to him. He knew he had hit a nerve when he heard a sharp intake of breath.

So he did affect her…perfect.

They locked eyes for a minute. They were pulling him in…he was drowning in green. A sudden flashback from the detention room came to him and he remember how she had felt against his body. He shivered.

He tried to look away from those eyes… they were doing something to him…her face was getting closer…

His eyes trailed down her face to her lips that were slightly parted. He wanted to kiss those lips again.

Confusion overcame him when her lips turned up into a smirk.

And he couldn't move.

He was paralyzed…again…



Prying her wrist from his frozen grasp, she stepped back from him, her wand still in her hand.

"You seemed a little bit distracted there Krum," she laughed, "and imagine…you weren't even under the lust potion this time…care to explain?"

She could see his eyes flare up with rage as he fought to break free of the hex.

"What's that?" she leaned in closer to him, "Oh…you can't talk…right. Well, that's too bad I guess."

She was having a grand old time, she really was… this was all just too perfect.

"Next time you try to…intimidate someone, I'd watch their wand first of all," she went and stood right in front of him so that they were almost nose to nose.

Glancing at her watch she smiled, "Oh damn, would you look at the time! Class is almost over, and the spell won't wear off for a few more hours…hmm…what to do with you…."


Do with him?

What the hell was she talking about.

An unpleasant shiver went through him when he saw the fire in her eyes again. If he didn't before, he sure fought hard to escape now…but it was no use. Her spells were powerful…

Cassandra smiled and flicked her wand.

"Come on Krum…let's find somewhere appropriate to display you," she laughed.

Oh shit…