It was morning on Isle Delfino, and the Koopalings were up to trouble as usual. Iggy and Lemmy were running through the Plaza with their arms full of fruit, being chased by a Pianta shopkeeper. "Get back here, you runts!"

"In all honesty..." called Lemmy.

"...we're not THAT evil..." continued Iggy.

"...we just do this..."

"...for kicks!"

They hadn't gotten far when they were stopped by Yoshi. "Hold it!" squawked the dinosaur in his helium-sounding voice.

"Get my fruits!" cried the shopkeeper.

Yoshi nodded and extended his tongue, grabbing the fruit from the Koopas' hands and eating it.

"Hey," complained the shopkeeper, "I meant for you to give them to me! Are you stupid?!"

Yoshi narrowed his eyes and turned to the Pianta. "We Yoshis are not a stupid species. But we do like to interpret things to our favor."

Iggy and Lemmy used this opportunity to escape.

"Well, at least stop them!" cried the flustered shopkeeper.

"Can do!" nodded Yoshi. The dinosaur chased them through the village. The pursuit eventually ended with the two Koopalings scampering a few feet into the ocean. Yoshi screeched to a halt. It was a well-known fact that Isle Delfino Yoshis dissolved and were sealed in an egg when they touched water.

"What's wrong, Yoshi?" taunted Lemmy. "Don't like water?"

"Just try and get us!" snickered Iggy.

Yoshi sprayed some fruit juice at them, but the Koopalings were just out of reach. They laughed at Yoshi's attempts to stop them.

"Is that all you've got?" cackled Lemmy.

Yoshi growled and extended his tongue towards them, attempting to swallow the Koopas. Anticipating this, they snatched his tongue and started to tug him towards the ocean.

"Aww," Iggy smiled gleefully, "I think he's shy!"

Lemmy tugged harder. "Come on in, Yoshi! The water's great!"

Yoshi frantically tried to resist. Even if his feet touched the water, it was egg time! By then, the Koopas would have gotten away!

Suddenly, the Koopas were sprayed from behind. Letting go of Yoshi's tongue (causing it to shoot back into his mouth and knock him onto his back), they turned around to see an angry Mario and FLUDD swimming next to them.

"I'm gonna show you two a little move I used on your dad once," said Mario. He grabbed the Koopalings' tails and spun them around. He threw them to the shore, where they crashed against the side of a building. They looked up to see Yoshi, who ate them and spat them out towards the volcano.

"Yoshi!" he cried triumphantly.

"Sorry about those darn Koopas, Yoshi," said Mario. "We showed them who's boss!"

"Mario, may I ask you something?" said FLUDD. "When exactly are we going to leave this island. This 'vacation' has lasted a long time."

"FLUDD, the islanders need us," explained Mario. "We're not leaving until the Koopas do!"

"Oh dear..." sighed FLUDD.

Mario did have a point. Since there were nine big Koopas living in Corona Mountain, the island's volcano, it was hard to keep them all down at once. Bowser and Roy were just sitting around thinking typical nasty Koopa thoughts when Iggy and Lemmy flew inside, right after being spat out by Yoshi.

"Our raid on the village..." croaked Iggy.

"...was a bust," finished Lemmy.

Roy adjusted his sunglasses. "I wouldn't call stealing fruit a raid. Now, the time I set out to punch every villager in the gut, THAT was a raid! Of course, Mario stopped me after five."

Lemmy crawled to his feet. "He stopped us, too."

"Yeah," whined Iggy, "we were just about to pull that stupid Yoshi into the water..."

"...and then he'd get sealed in an egg..." continued Lemmy.

Iggy sighed. "...but then Mario would just free him."

"I wish Mario was a Yoshi," nodded Lemmy. "It would be so easier, then."

Bowser, who had been lying on his back, had only been half-listening to conversation. However, this caught his attention. He sat up with a jolt. "THAT'S IT! We need Kamek! NOW!"

Iggy and Lemmy pulled Morton into the room. Morton, you see, had an unusual talent...

"Morton!" ordered Bowser. "Do your stuff!"

"Right, King Dad! What I am about to do will leave you stunned, stupefied! You will scratch your scaly head in wonder as to how I did it, but you will not dare to ask, because you will be speechless! You will be without speech! You will..."

Bowser growled.

"Right." Morton ran to the opening of Corona Mountain, took a deep breath, and shouted as loudly as he could. "KAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEK!"

Kamek the Magikoopa flew over a few minutes later. "I heard you calling and came right over! Tell me, how did you get a megaphone powerful enough for me to hear miles away?"

"BEEEEEAAAAATS MEEEEEEEEE!" shouted Morton, the sound waves from his voice leaving Kamek flattened into the ground.

"My pride and joy," Bowser said sarcastically.

Wendy pulled out a spatula and scraped Kamek off the floor. Bowser leaned over to him. "Okay, listen. I've got this plan..."

Later, Mario was strolling through the plaza with Toad and FLUDD. Kamek and Larry hid nearby in an alley holding a plateful of pasta.

"Now," whispered Kamek, "for this to work, we'll need to somehow trick Mario into eating the pasta..."

"Relax," said Larry. "I know this guy well enough." He calmly walked over to Mario and held out the pasta.

"Look out!" screeched Toad. "It's Larry!"

"Hey, Mario," smiled Larry, "want some pasta?"

Mario's eyes lit up. "Pasta, pasta, pasta!"

"Mario, don't eat that!" cried Toad.

"Can't resist. PASTA!" He scarfed it down in an instant. "Thanks. Got any more?"

"Why did you do that?!" moaned an astonished FLUDD. "Who knows what the Koopas put in it?!"

"Maybe they just believe in the sharing of fine Italian cuisine," shrugged Mario. He suddenly began to twitch. In a second, he had instantly morphed into...

A red Yoshi! "Owowowowowow!"

Larry doubled over with laughter. "Ha ha ha! This is priceless!"

Mario's clothes and FLUDD could not fit on him anymore. Everything fell off, except for his hat.

"Hey, Kamek," called Larry, "get a load of this!"

Mario tried to run at the Koopas, but fell over. "How do Yoshis walk with these feet?!" He looked up to see Kamek. "Kamek! What are you doing here?"

"Getting my kicks, Mario, getting my kicks."

Mario glared at the villains. "Toad, get me some fruit."

"Aww, it's hungry!" taunted Larry. "Maybe King Dad will let us keep him in a cage!"

Toad quickly brought Mario some bananas. Mario ate them and sprayed Kamek and Larry with fruit juice. For, although the Yoshis of Isle Delfino had a weakness of water, Koopas were known to have a weakness to Yoshi spit. It didn't trap them in turned them into blocks.

"Good thing I know what Yoshi spit does to Koopas!" called Mario.

"Oh yeah?" shot back Larry, who had turned into a pink block. "Well, we know what water does to an Isle Delfino Yoshi! You'd better watch out, Mario!"

"Hmmph," said FLUDD. "If those Koopas dare return, I'll keep them at bay!" To demonstrate, FLUDD sprayed some water. Mario tried to scramble away.

"Watch it!" gasped Mario. "They were right about what water does to us Yoshis! I'll be trapped in an egg! What am I gonna do?"

"We'd better get Yoshi to help you!" advised Toad.

Soon, Yoshi, Toad, Toadsworth, and Peach were gathered around the fallen Mario-Yoshi. Or, rather, the Yoshi-Mario. For the sake of the story, he will still be called Mario.

"Um, if it helps, you're a CUTE Yoshi..." Peach smiled weakly.

Yoshi, the real Yoshi, will still be called Yoshi, walked around Mario, checking him out. "This is very interesting. I've never seen a red Yoshi. At least, not on this island."

"I don't care if I'm unique!" complained Mario, who was still lying on the ground. "How can I defend myself if I can't even walk AND I'm surrounded by water?"

Toadsworth looked at the ground. "I'm afraid only Yoshi can help you now."

Yoshi helped Mario to his feet. "You'll learn, Mario. All you need to do is know the basics. After all, I'm surrounded with water, and I get by just fine. Besides, you've been given one of the greatest things in life: A tongue!"

"Seriously?" said Mario.

"Uh-huh," smiled Yoshi. "Leave him to me, guys. He's got a lot to learn."

Yoshi began teaching Mario the basics.

(To the tune of "The Bare Necessities" from The Jungle Book )

Well really, all you need's a tongue

The greatest thing indeed's a tongue

Because you know a tongue can get you through

I'm saying, all you need's a tongue

And it is known to rank among

The greatest gifts that nature gives to you

Wherever you're hungry, when your stomach growls

You won't settle for dung, see? That when Yoshi prowls

Because up in the tree so sweet

You'll always find something to eat

You can eat anything, but it's a waste

If what you eat has a nasty taste

But remember it's true

Mario: We're really stalling with this number, aren't we?

Yohsi: When you don't have too much material, it's what you have to do sometimes.

That you will always have a tongue to get you through

To get you through

Well really, all you need's a tongue

The greatest thing indeed's a tongue

Because you know a tongue can get you through

I'm saying, all you need's a tongue

And it is known to rank among

The greatest gifts that nature gives to you

Do you want something spicy

Or something more plain

Something cold and more icy

That's why you must train

Yes, train your tongue on what it likes

For instance, jellyfish or pikes

There are many fish out in the sea

The Oceanside's a good place to be

For seafood, shellfish, too

Yes, you will always have a tongue to get you through

To get you through

"Hey, this isn't too bad," said Mario. "So, can I french with this?"

Yoshi was confused. "Can you what?"

"You know...french."

"I don't understand."

"Well...uh...never mind. I'd probably kill the girl, anyway."

The training continued. That evening, the two Yoshis sat on the rooftops, watching the sunset. Yoshi continued his song, however, he spoke the first few lines, rather than singing them.

Yoshi: Here's the end of the day, it's over

Think of everywhere you've been

'Cause let me tell you something, Mario

You'd better sleep, 'cause in the morning

A new day begins

And the best part of the day yet

Is sitting watching the sunset

If we knew for sure the sun was sweet, then

Years ago it would have been eaten

I'll tell you something true

You will always have a tongue to get you through

Wanna sing? Here's your chance!

Mario and Yoshi: Well really, all you need's a tongue

The greatest thing indeed's a tongue

Because you know a tongue can get you through

I'm saying, all you need's a tongue

And it is known to rank among

The greatest gifts that nature gives to you

"Wow, Yoshi, you're right!" grinned Mario. "Maybe it won't be so bad being a dinosaur. But I still miss my old body. I mean, I can walk now, but it's gonna be pretty awkward with Peach..."

"I never said that you had to stay a Yoshi. Don't worry, Mario, this is just to temporarily help you. We'll get your old form back."

FLUDD flew over, using his hovering mode. "Mario, how are you enjoying life as a Yoshi?"

"Could be worse," shrugged Mario. "Let me tell ya, the fruit's great!"

Suddenly, Roy jumped out from behind a rooftop and grabbed FLUDD. "Surprise! You're lookin' kind a hot, there! Lemme cool ya off!" He sprayed them both with FLUDD. Mario and Yoshi dissolved instantly!

"You monster!" cried FLUDD. The robot moved his head so he could spray Roy in the face.

The Koopa was undaunted. "Nice try, FLUDD! But a little water never hurt anyone...except Yoshis! Ha ha ha ha!" He gave FLUDD a hard toss into the distance.

Through the air and across the sea flew the little robot. He landed safely on the island of Castaway, a Pianta who always found himself stranded in the same place.

"I'm sorry I can't stay, Castaway," FLUDD said quickly, "but Mario and Yoshi are in trouble! Care for a lift back to the island?"

"Hey, why not?" Castaway strapped FLUDD on his back. FLUDD went into turbo mode and zooms back to the island. Although Castaway couldn't swim, the turbo blast kept him above water.

The two bumped right into Toad and Toadsworth when they got back to the island.

"Be careful, you two!" warned FLUDD. "The Koopas may be in the vicinity!"

"We know, FLUDD!" moaned Toadsworth. "They just captured the princess!"

"Where are Mario and Yoshi?" cried Toad. "We need them!"

"They got wet!" explained FLUDD. "Somewhere on this island, there are two Yoshi eggs with them inside! We must search now!"

Everyone ran in a different direction, except Castaway. "TWO Yoshi eggs? I think I missed something."

Eventually, both eggs were found. Yoshi was on Gelato beach and was easy to revive, as all he wanted was a banana (as expressed in a dream bubble floating above the egg). Mario, on the other hand, was in Hotel Delfino...and he wanted a pizza.

"Just great," grumbled Toad. "Do you know how hard it is to find pizza on this island?"

This episode's original title was "Mario Touch & Go." I'm glad I changed it.