A/N: Warning! This fanfic will no doubt cast a negative light on some fan favorites (evil glares at Shiranui) of the King of Fighters series… but it will also cast others in a good light and ask the question of what would happen if Tung Fu Rue had put some faith in Geese Howard. I don't own King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, or Art of Fighting.

"Pathetic," Geese Howard muttered as he sidestepped one of Ryo Sakazaki's "Tiger Flame Punches" without a second thought, spun around to evade Ryo's best friend, Robert Garcia, as he flew through the air, kicks barely missing Geese's neck. "I was actually worried that Kyokugenryo Karate would be a threat to me!" Geese simply tossed two low-powered Reppukens into his two enemies, smashing them into a wall.

Can't lose, Ryo thought as he fell to the ground and then struggled to his feet, but Geese took no chances. He was already on the crippled fighter and kicked him in the chin, smashing him into the no better off Robert. No! Ryo thought as he tried to just move, I'm sorry Yuri… King… Dad… everybody! But a voice knocked Geese out of his slaughter.

"Leave the young ones out of this," said a man in a white gi with jet-black hair. "Besides, I've always wanted to get you back for what you did to me Geese." The man dropped into a stance while Geese just let out a laugh.

"You? Takuma Sakazaki, the man I thought could defeat Jeff Bogard but was bested by his son?" Geese grinned as he charged and launched a brutal punch…

Just to have Takuma duck and launch possibly the most painful kick Geese had ever felt right into his neck. "Even then I held back," Takuma said confidently, "Do you think I would use this move on my own son?"

Geese was in too much of a daze to get out of the way as Takuma elbowed him in the gut while energy was building up in his hands. The businessman blocked the next kick, but Takuma bent his leg around Geese's arm and rolled, and a sickening snap was heard as Geese was slammed into a window. The safety glass held, however, but there were innumerable cracks in it.

"Shi-Koh Ken!" Takuma shouted as the most destructive attack in his arsenal slammed into Geese's entire body, breaking the glass and sending him not only flying out the window, but also onto another building.

The fight kept playing through Geese's head again and again as he sat in his airplane as it made its way into Japanese airspace. It had been luck alone that he had escaped that confrontation with Takuma Sakazaki, and Geese knew it, and his broken arm was a painful reminder.

"Sir?" asked one of his butlers as Geese was knocked out of his train of thought.

"Yes? What is it?"

"Sir," the servant started, "We've received word of a man name Jeff Bogard snooping around our operations. Should we… take care of him?"

Geese thought for a moment as the name sank into his head… The American opened his mouth to answer, closed it again, and shook his head. "No. For the moment, close down all illegal actions. If Bogard wants to look around, let him. He won't find any dirt."

"Sir, are you sure that is such a good idea? After all-"

"I know what I'm doing!" Geese shouted, causing the butler to flinch. The shaken man went back to the back of the cabin to prepare dinner, leaving Geese with his broken arm and reflections…

Jeff Bogard… I'll settle this one personally! Geese thought as closed his eyes and let sleep slowly take him…

Geese remembered the day so very well… it was 1975, he had just turned twenty, and he was currently sparring with Jeff Bogard, to see who would be the heir to the Hakkyokuseiken style of martial arts. Master Tung Fu Rue, small and aged, sat back, watching the two young men match wits and moves against each other.

Oh, how long had that battle raged, quite possibly hours. Jeff's cool composure was put against Geese's emotional and wild antics, and yet the fight was still even.

Wham! Two Reppukens ground waves slammed into each other, canceling the other one out and both Jeff and Geese leapt into the air, launching kicks at each other.

Jeff hit first, and Geese fell down hard. The Bogard pressed the offensive by landing a spin-kick to Geese's back and then tripped up the still dazed man.

And then it was over. Geese was on the ground, practically unconscious from Jeff's crushing blows, out of breath, and gritting his teeth.

"Good," cried out Tung as he stood up and helped Geese get to his feet. "I have seen you both come a long way since I first met you. Well done."

"Thank you master," said Geese and Jeff in almost complete unison. The loser of the battle kept his aggression to himself, knowing it would be better to stay quiet.

"I have not yet made my decision concerning who will learn the more advanced techniques of Hakkyokuseiken, but I will in a few hours. I suggest you both return to your rooms and meditate on this battle's result."

The rest of the day for the young Geese was spent in the room like Tung had suggested, the battle playing in his head over and over again. It wasn't right! Jeff didn't put his heart in the fight, he didn't do everything in his power to win! In a real street-fight, you fought to win, and if that meant fighting dirty, then so be it!

Geese already knew Tung would pick "Mr. Calm" for being his highest ranked student, and Howard wanted to at least vent off his frustrations by beating up on some punks down at a local bar, so against his better judgement, he stood up and walked out of his sparsely decorated room. The lights were off, good. Geese knew the halls like the back of his hand, and he'd hear if Tung was walking down them.

Geese slowly made his way out when he noticed the lights in Jeff's room were on. There were two voices talking in there, probably Jeff and Tung about him. Geese slowly walked up and put his head to the wall and listened.

"You can't mean it!" Jeff shouted. "You're picking Geese over me?"

"I was afraid of this," Tung said quietly.

"Master, what have I ever done wrong? I've never let my emotions get the better of me, I've always fought with honor, and I even have taken in two young boys off the street! What has Geese done that has compared to this?"

Geese was now very interested. Tung had actually picked him over Bogard, even with his embarrassing loss earlier today? What was that about?

"Jeff," Tung said sternly, "I see something in Geese that I never once saw you show."

"What would that be?"

"Selfishness. Geese may fight for things he wants, but when he does, he puts all his heart into it and won't let anybody stop him. To you, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it just matters you take your own pleasure in the fight."

"But this is saying the end justify the means!" Jeff said, now with a more reserved aggression. "I won't stand for this at all."

"If it means that much to you then, Jeff," Tung said as he walked to the door, "Stay here as long as you like, doing what you wish to keep an eye on Geese." Tung walked out of the room before Geese could react, and he saw his master staring at him.

"So you heard," Tung stated.

"Yes, master," Geese nodded. "I know what this means then."

"Geese, I want you to do something," Tung asked as he and Geese walked outside. "I want you to leave this place."

"Leave Southtown?"

"No, just this academy. I fear that if you spend another day here, Jeff may take your life. I want to live your life the way you want to, and have confidence that you will find the right path. That is my first and only lesson for the heir of Hakkyokuseiken. Do what you will, I will not stop you."

That had been four years ago, and the rest of Geese's life went by with a flash up to this point, becoming a police commissioner but still the head of Southtown crime, trying to have Takuma Sakazaki kill Jeff by holding his daughter hostage… but it was all due to one feeling: fear. Geese was afraid of Bogard, plain and simple. The man had those emotionless eyes when he fought, and who knew how twisted his sons were?

But it didn't matter right now. Geese would find some peace in Japan for a few years and then head back to Southtown and finish things off.

The rest of the flight went without difficulty, and Geese didn't let a broken arm prevent him from training as much as he could. He slowly focused and moved each muscle in his body, letting all the aches and pains from his fight against the Sakazakis melt away.

The two years flew by, it was 1980, and Geese continued his own training, waiting until the day that he would return to Southtown. He kept tabs on the goings on, smiling every time the news of Jeff Bogard's valiant efforts to find just one piece of criminal elements in Geese's organization failed. All Jeff ever found were charitable donations to orphanages, perfectly legal shipping of medical supplies to third-world countries, and other rather benevolent actions.

Of course, some people, like that bald-headed "Mr. Big" wondered if Geese was making this happen out of the goodness of his heart and not out of spite for Jeff, but no one dared question him face to face.

And then, it happened.

"Mr. Howard, are you sure this is such a good idea?" asked one of his men as Geese put on a decent fighting suit and started walking outside.

"What's the matter? It's just a martial arts tournament."

"That's not the point sir. The point is-" the man stopped short as Geese turned and scowled at him.

"I'll be fine," Geese stated.

The tournament itself was too easy. Fight after fight ended in only a handful of moves until Geese looked down at the final match up, and swore like a sailor.

"Geese Howard vs. Jeff Bogard"

Geese walked out with a calm exterior as he stepped onto the sparsely decorated arena mat, in his traditional white gi and orange hakama pants as Jeff walked out from the other side in his own blue outfit.

"I see you shaved," Geese pointed out as he dropped into his own stance, slightly modified from the original Hakkyokuseiken version.

The brown haired man just smiled as he dropped into his own (vastly altered, Geese noticed) version of the stance. "I notice you cut your ponytail."

"What's this about Jeff?" Geese asked as the referee stated this fight would end one of two ways: either by ring-out or knockout.

"Just settling a score," the man said as he charged, almost so fast Geese barely saw the fist coming straight at his head.

The blonde-haired man ducked and sent his fastest thrust-kick into Jeff's side, which knocked Jeff away a few feet. Jeff looked up and smiled again. "See the old guy in the front row with the little girl? Old family friend of Tung's who I called in a favor for."

Geese took the chance for a quick glance, and sure enough saw the red-garbed man and girl. Unfortunately, Jeff still managed to press the advantage of speed to once again catch Geese off guard and this time land a full-power Reppuken…

At point-blank range.

By the time Geese regained consciousness, the referee was already on "Nine!", and without hesitation, Geese sprung up in time.

It was worse than before, and Howard was slowly cracking mentally. This should not be happening. He was the heir of Hakkyokuseiken! Master Tung Fu Rue had put faith in him! And Jeff was just standing there, enjoying every bit of this fight.

That was it!

Geese charged, only to take a throw into the mat, but he slammed his arm on the ground as used the opportunity to spin and trip up Jeff, and then followed the attack with one of his own Reppukens. As Jeff rolled away, Geese pressed the offensive, but leapt back in time to avoid a hard backhand. The audience was wild now. This was a fight!

"Grandpa? Does Mr. Bogard know Mr. Duck?"

"No, Mai," said the famous Hanzo Shiranui, "And its 'Geese', and that's his first name. His last name is Howard. And yes, Jeff does know Geese." And it's about time, Hanzo silently added, that the bastard dies!

The fight was still dead even, like it almost always was between the two experts. Attacks were almost going to fast to see, but it was obvious Geese's strength was quickly fading against the more powerful Bogard.

"Can't you just leave me alone?" Geese asked as he grappled with Jeff in an attempt to ring him out of the arena. "Two years, I have not condoned a single illegal act!" He brought his leg up to block one of Jeff's kicks, and then kicked Jeff away.

"Like that matters?" Jeff asked as he quickly caught his breath. "You're enough of a criminal that I could kill you right here, right now, and not a single person would consider me the villain of the story."

"You wouldn't," Geese said, a slight hint of nervousness in his voice, "You have two sons to care for."

"Please," Jeff laughed, "Terry has been the scourge of Southtown fighting rings since he was ten, and Andy's been spending Summers here learning Hanzo's fighting style."

It happened so fast… Jeff charged, hand open in an attempt to literally sever Geese's head, but the blonde managed to catch the wrist and Jeff's other hand and kick him right in the sternum hard enough for a snap to be heard.

Jeff Bogard was dead before he hit the ground, and before Geese knew it, he was tackled down and ushered out of the arena by what seemed like a million police officers.

"Get him into solitary!" shouted one of them.

"It was in self defense!" Geese yelled back as he was practically carried out of the building and down to a police station.

"Not for punishment…" one of them said quietly, "For protection! You killed a friend of Hanzo Shiranui! You're as good as a dead man now to his clan!"

The time in jail was… acceptable. Few visitors were even permitted to set one foot inside of Howard's cellblock, but none were allowed to carry a weapon. Months dragged on... and Geese continued conditioning. If killing Jeff like that was going to bring down the lethal hand of the Shiranui ninjas, then it was best he at least try to get better.

Then one day, the door opened, and standing there was a young woman with short brown hair and a red and black dress.

"Mr. Geese Howard?" she asked calmly.

"Yes?" Geese asked as he turned to look at her.

"My… employer has paid your bail and promised your protection. You are free to go."

"And who would your employer be?" Geese asked. He was well versed on the names and pseudonyms of the entire clan.

"Leopold Goenitz."

A/N: Geese's life takes a turn in an new direction when he meets the cursed man named Goenitz and learns of the Orochi, but things are not as they were. Goenitz has noble intentions, and it seems that only Geese can lend the crucial hand to let Leopold find peace.

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