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Yeah. Take that.

"… So how is he?"

"Perfectly fine. Shaken up quite a bit, but otherwise he'll be back on his feet in a couple of hours."

Goenitz smiled as he thanked the doctor. Andy was unconscious after intervening the Jin children's attacks, but by the sounds of it, he'd be fine soon. Geese had even given him a call and let him know that the twins had been defeated again.

Hopefully, they'd stay down this time.

"Uh, sir?" the doctor said again, knocking Leopold out of his train of thought, "About taking care of the medical bills?"

"I'm sure Mr. Bogard's older brother can take care of it, don't you agree?"

"Of course, sir." The doctor turned and walked away, Goenitz glad to know things were looking up again as he turned and walked away-

Only to pause when he realized that, literally right in front of him, was a cosplayer from Clockwork Orange.

"Hello there, Mr. Leopold Goenitz," he said with a bow. "I've been looking for you. You see…"

"I remember you," Goenitz responded, noting in amusement White looking up at him baffled. "The brackets listed you fighting Takuma Sakazaki."

After a moment, White answered. "… Yes…" His voice was rather aggravated at the mention of the Kyokugenryu fighter who had not only humiliated him in battle, but was tragically still alive. "I won the match, so I was looking around to find you so we could commence our own match."

"Oh, we're slated to fight?" Goenitz answered. "Wonderful. I'll see you on the roof."

"Terrific," White answered. "May the best man win." He held out his hand for Goenitz to shake it. Victory was already assured, that much was guaranteed. He had acted civil for the entirety of his time around Goenitz, and the poor bastard seemed affable enough to not suspect anything.

Goenitz looked at him and nodded in appreciation, but then shook his head remorsefully.

"I'm… sorry. Germs…"


"Germs… I'm guess you could say I'm a bacteriaphobe." It was a blatant lie, but as Goenitz walked away he was glad Geese and that boy had called him on the phone. White, they had said, wasn't a man to come into physical contact with, and Goenitz planned on playing it safe. "I'll see you up on the roof, sir."

"So… why are we doing this?" Kasumi asked as she sat with Yuri in the Pao Pao Café, waiting for the match between two of the Maximum Mayhem's entrants to begin. They were on the second floor, looking down at a square arena where the to fighters would engage in combat until one of them was unable to continue.

"Because King asked us to, that's why," Yuri answered as she heard a round of applause and cheering. She knew that Miss Fanservice had stepped into the arena… although Mai Shiranui's entrance was flashier than any she'd ever seen, with a burst of smoke near the ceiling as the red-clad Kunoichi fell to the ground and landed perfectly.

At least she was wearing a slightly less revealing outfit. Unfortunately, that also triggered a number of boos from the crowd. Mai shut up the loudest of them with a fan to the head before turning to see her opponent approach.

Mai remembered her a couple of years ago, heartbroken at being denied the opportunity to be on the Girlfriend Team. She wasn't much older, but Li Xiangfei certainly seemed to carry herself better. Mai considered this quite the honor, really… to leave the team on decent terms with King, and also test the girl's skill in battle.

The young Chinese girl was in her usual red outfit, which contrasted with Mai's.

"So… if I beat you-" Xiangfei started to say over the cheers of the audience, but Mai shook her head.

"No, your admission isn't determined by that. I'm testing to see what you're capable of, that's all. We've also got to spectators," Mai said as she pointed up in Kasumi and Yuri's general direction, "Who'll also be sizing you up. Okay?"

"Wow, I'll be sure to show you everything I've got!" Xiangfei said as she blushed a little bit-

Right before Mai rocketed forward and slammed her elbow into Xiangfei's face. The Chinese girl almost blacked out on the spot, falling backwards and only managing to catch her self at the absolutely last second. Her school of hard knocks had begun teaching lessons.

Flipping backwards, Xiangfei tried to focus, but the force of Mai's opening attack was still leaving her dizzy as she saw Mai charging at her. The beautiful woman's acrobatics caught Xiangfei off-guard as Mai spun around, the weighted orb on the back of her outfit swinging towards her opponent. The younger woman tried to block, but Mai was already striking again with a closed fan.

The swat to the head distracted Xiangfei enough for the sphere to knock her off her balance again, Mai turning to deliver a kick. The black-haired girl raised her guard, but her slight frame and low weight caused her to skid off the left from the force of the impact. Mai promptly continued her offensive, throwing a series of fans at the girl, yet Xiangfei had enough time to flip backwards, letting each of the projectiles sail over her before she lunged forward. The waitress rammed her shoulder into Mai's body, stunning her before delivering a pair of open-palm strikes to Mai's body, knocking her backwards.

"Take that!" Xiangfei snapped as she spun before thrusting her hands out, a very small sphere of energy erupting from her hands and managing to just connect with a returning Mai Shiranui, all while some female Hong Kong detective was screaming "copyright infringement".

Chun Li was quickly silenced, however, by her father's killer and they shared a brief, tearful moment together cursing SNK in all its glory.

Xiangfei, on the other hand, had jumped into the air, preparing to finish off the still-reeling Shiranui ninja, but was caught off-guard when Mai suddenly sprang up high into the air and then rocketing downwards straight at her. It looked for a second if the surprised girl and Mai would slam their heads into each other, but at the last second Mai spun, bringing her legs down and kicking Xiangfei in the face.

The force behind the attack, boosted thanks to gravity, was enough to knock Xiangfei out cold.

The spectators praised Mai as she bowed to them all before looking up to see Todoh and Sakazaki. Well, Mai thought, I've done my part. See you around… Girlfriends Team…


"… Yeah…"

Two detectives stood face-to-face back at the center where Geese, Goenitz, and Alfred had been at several hours ago. Hon Fu and Blue Mary, two partners in breaking through the enigma that was Terry Bogard's newest scheme, were now forced to face each other in the opening round of the King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem.

The circular arena was bare, they were the only ones standing there. And to advance to fight whoever would win against Shiranui and Xiangfei, they'd have to beat the crap out of each other.

Then again, this was a fighting tournament and everyone else was doing it. The two eventually decided, nonverbally, to just duke it out and see who was standing in the end.

Blue Mary charged at Hon Fu before unleashing a mid-level flying kick. Hon Fu rolled underneath the attack before kicking backwards, striking Blue Mary from behind and knocking her forward uncontrollably. The blonde would've hit the ground face-first but managed to have her hands take the impact instead. She flipped around just in time to block a painful strike from Hon Fu's trusty nunchucks, but the force behind the attack wasn't softened that much.

Mary was on the defensive as Hon Fu prepared for another attack with his weapon, trying to keep her distance. Unfortunately, focusing on the nunchucks simply meant Blue Mary wasn't looking when Hon Fu unleashed a roundhouse to her side.

"You're… good…" Mary grunted as she stumbled away. Hon Fu simply bowed in appreciation.

"Thanks… I've been training for this."

"As have I," Mary answered as she charged again. Hon Fu predictably was using his nunchucks again, as Blue Mary had expected. With one graceful and surgically-precise kick, Mary's foot smashed through the weapon's chain before continuing on to slam into Hon Fu's upper arm. The Chinese man's surprised at the stunning feat, was then clutching his arm in pain and wondering how the detective had learned to kick like that. As he stumbled away. Lunging quickly at him again, Mary swung her right leg up in a roundhouse kick aimed towards his head. Hon Fu bent backwards, but Mary countered by swinging her leg back, catching his neck in the back of her knee as her other leg hooked his right leg.

"Rose… Spark Bridge!"

Mary tightened her grip as Hon Fu was bent nearly all the way over, with his legs and head touching the ground while he arched his body up, Mary keeping up the pressure and using her hands to keep her up. The hold certainly was doing it's job, Hon Fu struggling for a moment before tapping the ground.

He'd conceded. Good.

Mary let go, Hon Fu collapsing onto the ground and trying to catch his breath as she plopped onto the floor beside him.

"… You okay?"

Coughing a little bit, Hon Fu nodded. "…Yeah. Didn't really expect that… though…"

Blue Mary Ryan smiled. "Don't worry about it. I stole it from a Shonen manga… sorta."

Geese breathed a sigh of relief as he threw the blue-clothed brat off over to the side. With the threat of the Jin Twins nipped at the bud, he could worry about Terry now. Well, before that he had that Alfred kid to worry about… who was staring him down and ready for battle.

Geese still found reason to smirk coyly. "You know… you probably saved my best friend's life with that little bit of info about 'no touching.' I really appreciate that."

Alfred smiled honestly. "That man has taken so much from this world. I'll do whatever I can to deny him the right to even laugh. If your friend can beat him into the dirt, well, that saves me the time and the energy."

Geese's grin widened. "Quetz will break him in two."

The two men shared a hearty and good-natured laugh before stopping in mid-guffaw and lunging at each other.

"You better not make any remarks about being in your element," White sneered as he and Goenitz stood atop the hospital building. He pointed his replacement cane straight at Goenitz, planning on settling this quickly.

Goenitz shook his head. "Of course not. That being said though…"

"No… don't you dare say it!"

"… A fair wind is blowing."

White charged at Goenitz. "YOU JUST WENT TOO FAR!" The man's right hand clenched his weapon of choice, white knuckles contrasting with the black rod as his left hand shot forwards to grab hold of Goenitz. He was no fool, he knew Goenitz was going to simply gather up one of those tornadoes, and he was prepared.

Sure enough a burst of wind came into existence underneath him, White flipping backwards, grinning through the dusty twister to his opponent as he spun his cane around and slammed it into the ground. Chunks of gravel suddenly were knocked up into the cyclone before White thrust his weapon into it, striking the pieces of ceiling.

The impromptu projectiles rocketed into Goenitz, striking him in the gut and causing him to double over in pain as White charged again, smashing Leopold over the head with his cane and knocking him to the ground. Snarling, White grabbed towards Goenitz's head and desired to end this in one final, very bloody shower.

… Except a chance piece of clothing from Goenitz's robes glided up due to a faint breeze, miraculously wrapping around White's face. The momentary distraction was all the time Goenitz needed to summon up another tornado with White right in the center. The force sent White, helpless, into the air as Goenitz rose back up and sighed.

"You see? It truly was a fortunate wind."

One forceful kick to White's face sent him flying away, slamming into the edge of the roof. Looking at the pathetic man before him try to get up, Goenitz looked up and recovered one of the pieces of his overly ornate outfit. He couldn't help but laugh… in the end, his own precautions paled in comparison to the power of sheer dumb luck.

Meanwhile, White could not believe it… two sequentially humiliating performances in battle, and he couldn't handle any more.

"You…" White could barely keep his composure as he rose up and pointed his cane at Goenitz.


He fired the bullet, preparing to end Goenitz's life. Terry wasn't around and nobody would stop him this time. Nobody at all. And certainly not Jivatama or their joint boss.

Goenitz, however, simply looked back down at White as a tornado intercepted the projectile, stopping it as Goenitz turned and began walking away.

"This fight…" Goenitz sighed as he raised up his hand. "Is over."

He snapped his fingers, a blast of wind shooting backwards and cutting across the ground before striking White painfully. First there was nothing more than a cry of pain, and then a scream of a different kind.

Goenitz turned around just in time to see White's bowler hat slowly drift out of sight. The former priest panicked, sprinting back and looking down.


There was White, blood running down the right side of his face from a nasty gash, tightly holding onto a windowsill as he held his cane straight up, less than a centimeter away from Goenitz's head. He thumbed the button, ready to deliver the second, fatal shot.

A moment passed, each man still caught up in the tension of the battle, before Goenitz unceremoniously removed a piece of cloth from his outfit and wrapped his hand around it before pounding it into White's face. The murderous psycho plummeted to the ground below, Goenitz turning and walking away. Shaking his head, Leopold began walking away.

Looking down at the Ouroboros symbol on his left hand, Goenitz was almost disturbed by the irony. White's gun must've misfired. It wasn't impossible, and a custom weapon like that probably ran the risk of jamming at least once in a while. And that meant that he, a Serpent God, had been saved by nothing more than the devil's luck twice in less than ten minutes.

"Well then Geese…" he sighed, "You better win your next match. I'll looking forward to our match."

Screaming out, Alfred struck ruthlessly at Geese again as the older man weaved around the attacks. Things so far were too terribly difficult as Howard simply let the boy wear himself out. Besides, Geese hadn't really got a feel for his fighting style yet, it made sense to figure it out before going on the offensive.

Growing frustrated, however, Airhawk suddenly rocketed forward as he slashed with both of his hands.

Almost casually, Geese threw up the Atami Nage.


Geese's infamous verbal barb, however, was cut short as blood came into sight. He had lost track of how many different techniques the stance had been able with withstand and counter… and for a moment he almost thought that karma was finally catching up to him.

A blunt technique, sure. The Atami Nage could handle that no problem.

But judging by the bloody look of his left arm, he guessed an attack that had cutting in mind was something very, very different.

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