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" spells."

Bound by Death with a Werewolf

Summary: SS/RL After Harry's third year of Hogwarts, Severus and Remus turned missing...three days later found half DEAD! What happend to them? How does Harry do by losing a love one and a teacher? At the mean time, where is Severus and Remus really at?

Chapter 1

Severus Snape and Remus Lupin silently stood in to the shadows of Little Hagleton. In the far distance late in the night, there stood an old manor, that once, almost 60 years ago lived the Riddles. Once a fine-looking manor that was the largest and grandest building of miles around that now stood on the hill looking over the village, with its windows boarded, tiles from the roof missing, ivy and weeds spread all over it face and yard.

Couple months ago, an old muggle name Frank Bryce was murdered with (according to muggles) unknown source, the same source that killed the Riddles over 50 years ago. It was told that Frank is or now was the Riddle's gardener and used to be a muggle soldier that was accused of murdering the Riddles (from muggle law). Morfin Grant (pure-blood wizard) was put to Azkaban by killing them by wizarding World because he was only wizard living on the same village and also that his wand had three killing cruse. Of course none of them killed the Riddles in cold blood, it was Voldemort when he was teenager.

Dumbeldor believes that Voldemort is somewhere around this place and that is why both he and Remus are there. Snape silently hated being here. Too much memories and to add it up, Remus Lupin, one of his ache enemies and a werewolf was with him. Luckily to him, it was pass the full moon. Snape and Lupin crept up the old mansion, not talking to each other.

Everything was still and quiet. Nothing was here. If Dumbeldor, yet again, made them come here with no reason there be hell to pay. Severus watched as Lupin scanned the darkness with his keen eyesight and hearing. He shook his head at him, telling him he couldn't hear or see any Deatheaters, even with his werewolf ability.

Snape growled at him, walking pass him, still pointed his wand in front of him. Lupin, shortly followed him. They walked around the corner of the big house. Nothing. They were about to head off, when…


Both Snape's and Lupin's wand shot from their hands, flying at the opposite direction from their wands. Snape smacked from the stoned wall mansion and Lupin a tree.

"Well, well, for if it isn't the traitor and his boyfriend," chuckled a cold voice.

Both Severus and Remus were then dragged from where they landed. Severus looked up. He and Lupin was knelling in a middle of circle of Deatheaters, and in front of him were no other then Voldermort himself. Voldermort was a thin tall man—or more like a monster— with cold glowing red eyes, wearing his long dementor-ish black robes. He was pointing his white, skeleton boned wand at them. On his left, Severus heard Remus whimpered silently. Damn weak Gryiffinors. thought Snape.

Without warning, Voldemort yelled, "Crucio!" Snape watched as Lupin fell on his side, twitching in pain. After what felt like hours, Voldemort release the spell. Lupin shook, whimpering. Voldemort chuckled. "Now, Severus, you will pay." Voldemort said pointing his wand at him. Snape closed his eyes. Voldemort muttered a cruse…

In that second, pain was unbearable. Within minutes or hours later, Snape's and Lupin's cries of pain echoed though out the darkness of the night. Not knowing what Lady Luck or Lady Fate has stored for them….


Severus P.O.V

Pain was unbearable. Hot liquid pain that felled every fiber of his body. His mind and eyesight was clouded. Everything around him was either too far way or so mixed up he didn't know what was real or not.

He heard voices in the air. He could hear them but couldn't make out where, what or who was specking. Looking around himself he appeared to be an unknown place felled nothing but pain and darkness. Where was he?

Then a fog swilled around him, with bursting light, emerges of his past events and people who he either met or cared, flashed before him. He refuses to look at them. Most of them were only pain and suffering. He lost most everyone he ever loved and holed so dearly….

Then a jet of pain flash within himself, he felled on his knees, glutting his stomach, closing his eyes…. He opened his eyes and saw that he was in the hospital wing. He was shaking, bleeding all over the place on the thin white-bedded sheets. Healers and people that he somewhat knew from the Order ran about in great heist. What's going on? Then it hit him. Memories flashed before him. He and Lupin looked around the Riddles house. They were attacked. Voldemort, Deatheaters…. He then knew he was dyeing, some how he didn't know. All he could feel was pain. Where was Lupin? Come to think of that, who cares?

"We're loosing him, WE'RE LOOSING HIM!" he heard some female shrieked to his right. Cold hands touched his bare skin.

"Someone get Potter away from the Lupin! Malfoy, step away from him!"

Severus tried to speck, but only his lips moved. "Come on, Severus don't fail us now!"

Severus tried to focus of what was going on. All he saw was faint blurs in front of him and bright light. Another pain shot through him, he cried out. Then….

He felt nothing. No pain, sadness, regret…anything. He felt…happy, joyful…everything felt good. He then saw an unusual bright light above him that he felt attached, somehow calling him. He felt unsure, but on the same time, knew it was all right. He tried to reach the light with his hand, but couldn't. His arms felt numb.

He chuckled and smiled. "You may have this battle, Voldemort, but your will never win this war…" Severus whispered faintly. Happiness and light covered around him. At last he found peace. If this is death, then dying wasn't so bad, but beautiful. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil;…. (1)" he whispered in happiness and then the light had took him….

End of P.O.V

Draco Malfoy watched as his Godfather bleeding to death. The healers and other people he didn't know run about trying to save him. He watched helplessly as he Godfather, cried out in pain. Then something that surprised him, and everyone else, that his Godfather had then…smiled? No scowl, no death glare, just a happy face as if a five-year-old during their birthday party. 'How can a person smile at the edge of their death?' Draco asked himself.

The healers, Draco and the others watched as they heard Snape spoke softly but so clearly, "You may have won this battle Voldemort, but you will never win this war…. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil;….(1)" Snape then closed his eyes, as the light bulb above his head, near the bedpost, had died out. He was dead.

"We—we lost him," Madam Pomfrey whispered faintly to the group who stood near stunned.

"Somebody, get over here! Quick!" yelled another healer at the other side of the wing. Remus Lupin also lied there in the same contusion of Snape, bleeding all over the place. Harry Potter stood there next to him. The healers came to his side. Minutes passed, nothing worked.

"We're loosing him!" Few short seconds later, the light over Lupin's head was too blown out…. He too was dead...

Remus P.O.V

Remus Lupin watched in amazement as he felt himself pulling away from his own body. He watched as people around him and Severus, running, trying to get them back. He knew he just died, but where to go now?

"Remus…." A voice echoed around him, he turned and saw Severus Snape, surround by light, standing near him, waiting for him to follow. Remus turned and walked to him willing, as if this they done this before. He somehow knew what to do. Together they walked though white light and they both disappeared….

Ended of P.O.V

Harry and Draco P.O.V

"Remus! Professor! You can't leave YOU CAN'T!" Harry cried, crabbing the werewolf's shabby bloody robes. Draco, stood there behind him, he too felt tears coming down from his cheeks. He knew what Potter was going though. Still holding Snape's bloody hand, he watched as his enemy felt the same torn feeling of their loves ones leaving them. Snape was the closest father he ever had. He somewhat knew that in Potter's case, he too thought the werewolf as a father figure or brother.

Harry was so confused. Why did Remus felt him? What would happen to him and Sirius now? Remus is dead. Dead. The word echoed though his mind. He looked up and saw Snape's lifeless body and with knowing eyes, as icy blue and emerald eyes met, he and Malfoy shared the same tears….

End of Harry and Draco P.O.V


That morning at Hogwarts.

"I grieve to tell you all, that both Professor Severus Snape and Remus Lupin had sadly passed away last night," the whole hall gasped in both surprise and horror. "Their passing will not go in vain, as both died by fighting against Voldemort," at this, only few filched by the name, mostly because everyone was still in shock or still in their own world by hearing the sad news. At the Slytherin table was most the quiet because they lost their Head of House, as the most other students grieved only for Lupin.

"Classes are canceled for the week. The Memorial Service will take place in two days and all of you are invented to attain. I would like you all to stand up and raise your glass," as he said the, the Slytherins jumped up quickly, as everyone else stood up normally, "and say Severus Snape and Remus Lupin." They did so as everyone sat down in sadness. "Thank you all."


The Memorial Service was shady and every quiet. Most everyone in the school and including the staff came, as also few of the its Order members as well. During the pass two days, Dumbledore had tried to connect any family members of both Snape and Lupin, but no one answered back. Sadly everyone believed that both Severus and Remus had no more living relieves left.

Harry and Draco were seen near together as both didn't felt like fighting. Sirius, in his dog form, was also seen following Harry wherever he went.

After they buried the dark wooded coffins, before leaving, as everyone else had, Harry then looked up and saw a small group of people standing near Snape's grave. There were three tall looking men and two younger looking women, and five small children. The Children were around the ages of five to ten years olf age; two boy and three girls. The smallest one, was a small girl with braided hair with blood red (if catched in the light, it would turn blank) ribbons, blue and purple binds in her hair. She sat next to Snape's grave stone, clearning it with dead weeds. If it wasn't a sad day, it would look kinda cute. Everyone in the group wore everything in black or dark enough colors that could be mistaken to be black. All of them had dark hair, eyes and paled skin. On the other side of the group were no other then Draco Malfoy himself.

Harry, curiosity got better then him, walked up to them. When he got close enough to seen their faces, he stopped in dead stillness. One of the two women was looking right at him, for how long he didn't know. Harry stood there in surprise, the woman, in his opinion, looked like the female figure of Snape, only with softer face, eyes, and cleaner wavy dark hair. The eyes were what he stared at the most. Her eyes were just like Snape's; dark, stoned look with dark tunnels, but they were felled with tears. For moment later the group started to walked away. Before they left, the small children set wild flowers and dark purple roses next to the Snape's grave stone. One of the eldest one from the group (the eldest man) picked up the youngest child from the grave stone and walked off.

The woman that was watching him, in Harry's surprised, walked up to him and hugged him motherly. The hug was so different from Mrs. Wesley's bear hugs or Hermione's sisterly hugs. This one was more understanding and somewhat safer. After when she broke off, she turned and did the same thing to Draco and then she too, and left, not saying a word.

"That there was Snape's twin sister," replied Malfoy after a pregnant silence.

"What?" Harry asked dumbfounded.

"The woman who hugged you, Ashia, is Snape's sister."

"How do you know?" Harry asked him coldly, wondering why in the hell Draco was telling him all this.

Draco looked at for split second. "I too, Potter, lost a Godfather. But at least you still got one left. Severus was the closest father I ever had." At that he left. Harry stood there for moment, looking at Sirius, who was still had dog form, that looked at him with confussing look. They both had left on the opposite direction...


The two freshly dig graves sat in shade of the Ol' Hollows Cemetery under two trees. All was queit, and still. The youngest graves that stood there said:

Severus Salazar Snape
Forever and will Come Back


Remus Jonathan Lupin
Forever under the Full Moon

Slowly, as if my magic, the words and numbers on the graves stone slowly changed, now it said:

S'everus Camron Aaron Conner Slither
Forever and will Come back


Remus Jonathan Lupin
Forever under the Full Moon and Sun

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Next chapter:

It had been over a week since the Memorial Services of the deaths of Severus Snape and Remus Lupin. At Hogwarts, all the pupils of all Houses are distances of loosing both of their teachers (even thought Snape was cruel to them, but at least they learn something from him).

At the Cemetery, what would happen in the dead of night? Find out!

(1) Psalm 23:4 "The Lord the Shepherd of His People", New King James Version, Bible.

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