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Chapter One

Back from the Dead….

In the dead of night at Ol' Hollow's Cemetery, everything was quiet. An owl at the treetops, hooted in the far distance at the entrance, no crickets or any other soul was seen or heard. The star covered sky was dark, as the red full moon loomed high in the sky.

Two freshly graves that was near to each other suddenly wobbled, as if something or somewhat moved within the deeps of the earth. They say the bodies of the dead moves in anger when one of the living specks ill of the dead, or doesn't?

Severus Snape slowly opened his eyes. All around himself was nothing but darkness. Where was he? Suddenly, a hot boiled pain short from his right leg, he yelped, as he tried to set up, but hit his head against something solid above him. Panicking, he reached out around himself, looking for a some way out, finding none. His heart had beaten faster within his chest, as he tried again, looking for escape route. Again he found nothing. Shit!

Then he suddenly knew where he was; his coffin. Not again! He thought. He knew he had to get out soon or he would suffocate to death. Ignoring the pain from his leg and his fear of being in close spaces, he thrashed, kicked, and pushed, anything to open the coffin. What felt like hours, he suddenly smelt fresh air, as his arms reached out from the dew covered ground. As he got out he crawled on all threes (dragging his right leg), coughing up blood and taking deep breaths as he went.

He then heard a sound beside him, looking up he come face to face to a paled Remus Lupin.

Remus Lupin slowly opened his eyes, slowly he got up, hitting himself on the head.

"OW!" he cried in pain, rubbing his hand of where he was hit. "Where am I?" he asked himself. He looked around and saw nothing, with he werewolf ability, he only smell nothing but death and dirt. With his sight he notice that his left eye wasn't working well. Then he noticed saw that he was in a dark long wooded box. Strange. He thought.

Taking deep breaths, he kicked and pushed with all his might, trying to out. Time went pass slowing, as he got out from his coffin, he coughed and panted for air. He smells fresh air, dirt and blood? He then heard a noise as if someone was having a coughing fit beside him. Looking up he came face to face with a dirty figure of Severus Snape.

"Severus don't scare me like that!" Lupin said jumping up surprised.

"Oh yeah, like I could help it, werewolf."

"Severus don't start with me." Lupin said angrily. Snape looked up surprised. He heard me?

"You can hear me?" he asked unsure if heard Lupin correctly.

"Of course I could can hear you, you're talking to me!"

"I just thought of that!" Snape yelled back at him. Lupin looked at him as if he was crazy.

"Can you hear me now, werewolf?" Lupin heard Severus' voice echoed though out his mind. He watched Severus as he said it. His lips weren't moving.

"Yeah…. This is so cool. We can hear each other thoughts!"

"You know, I can hear you, Lupin! And this is NOT cool. This is bad, this is very bad! Oh shit! I'm so in trouble!" Snape said hitting himself on the head with his hand.

"How can you been trouble?" Lupin demeaned. Its not everyday you see Severus Snape hitting himself on the head saying his in trouble as if he's child.

"Let just say family," Severus said staying up but failed miserably as he right leg gave on him as he fell on his knees in pain. Lupin then knew of where blood he smells came from. It came from Severus.

"Your hurt!" he said jumping up beside him looking suddenly concern.

"No shit Sherlock!" Severus said angrily though their minds, but yelped as Lupin slight touched his leg. Severus while yelping in pain landed on his back, gritting his teeth, refusing to show anymore weakness in front of Lupin.

Lupin looked it over. He tried not to gag or throwing up at the sight; Snape's leg was so badly cut, starched, mutilated, twisted and bloody that he feared that he's going to loose it. It didn't take fool or blind man to tell isn't repairable. Knowing Severus, he knew that Snape will try and a save it. Even if he knew he probable couldn't.

Severus then set up and looking at, at the first time, almost gagging at the looks of his own leg. He saw his own flesh rip apart and bone sticking out from it, rich red blood pouring from it. You would think that the Healers or a caring person would fix it in what? A week ago? But come to think of it, he was dead, so why should they fix a dead man's leg when they thought he's not going use it or care because he was dead?

"You'll have to chop it off—" Lupin began to say.

"No—" Snape said forcedly, not looking at him but his leg.


"I—DON'T—CARE! I'm not going to live as a one legged man. Hell to Hades! I rather limp for the rest of my life as a cripple then jumping on one leg."

Knowing that nothing could change Severus' mind, he nodded in agreement.

"We need to get to shelter." Lupin said, knowingly.

"We? You better not talk about that I would go with you." Severus thought. By the looks of it, Remus heard that. Damn it.

"You have hardly any choice on the madder, Severus. You need someone to help you with that leg."

"And you with the blind eye?"

Remus stopped at that remark. Come to think of it: his left eye was getting cloudily and not using well. "Come on." Lupin then helped Severus up; Severus didn't have the strength to push him off let alone, how is he going to travel without help? Slowly, but surly they both walked down the dark trail leaving their graves.

Gryffindor Common Room
Hogwarts, Great Britain

"Harry what wrong?" Ron asked his best friend. They were at the Gryffindor Common Room. Dinnertime was over, as most everyone was at the Great Hall or outside. It has been almost a week, since both Professor Snape and Lupin passed away. Harry hardly spoken at all that week come to think of it not even Malfoy. "Look, Harry, it isn't you fault, you know. Professor Lupin dead of a good cause—,"

"He died because of me." Harry said, stopping Ron from finishing.

"No it isn't! It because of You—Know—Who."

"It's because of me, Voldemort is after everyone."

"No. It is not that!"

"Snape also died, because of me! First my parents, then Remus and SNAPE! Who will be next Ron? You? Hermione? Malfoy? Your own GOD DAMN PARENTS?" Ron looked at Harry is shock. He hasn't thought of that. What would happen to him and his brothers and sister, if their mum and dad died?

"But still Harry, it is not your fault. They died of helping the Light Side. What is better death then that?"

"Dying of old age after watching your life go by and seeing your great-great grandchildren live in long happy lives." Harry answered.

"Okay, Harry, I think you had enough dying thoughts to last you of a lifetime." Harry snorted on that Ron's commit. He has thought a lot about dying lately. Where would you go after you die? Heaven or Hell like what the muggles' beliefs say? Or never exiting at all, as if death is the end of all things that once lived? Or perhaps you are born again to live yet another life on this cruel world? Harry didn't know.

"Come Harry!" Ron wined. "It's the weekend! Let's go play some Quidditch!" A typical Ron moment; if all hopes fell, go play Quidditch or if that can't help, food. Harry, smiled. It was first smile he ever smiled all that week. Ron is good friend.

"Fine Ron. Lets go." They had left the common room.

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