Bound By Death With A Werewolf

Summary: SSRL After Harry's third year of Hogwarts, Severus and Remus turned missing...three days later found half DEAD! What happend to them? How does Harry do by losing a love one and a teacher? At the mean time, where is Severus and Remus really at?

Chapter 4

Harry sat at the Gryffindor table, staring blindly at his untouched plate before him. It had been several weeks since the death of Remus and Snape, who were only two of the thousands or people who had or will suffer at the hands of the Dark Lord. Who would be next to fall? He never thought that Snape would fall victim quite so…easily. He had been a dark wizard, trained in the dark arts to a startling degree, and had once himself been a death eater. Surly he would have been one of the hardest to take down…unless of course, the dark lord himself had something to do with is demise.

But why kill Remus? He was a werewolf. And most werewolves were already turning to the dark side, so where was the benefit of killing him? To top it off, Remus was one of the most innocent of people Harry knew; nothing short of an act of pure evil could count towards his slaughtering.

Harry rubbed his scar distractively, he was so confused. Was he destined to turn into a cold being like Voldemort? Were they connected by some unforeseen force, like the shared parseltounge ability? And why had the sorting hat wished to place him in Slytherin when both of his parents were in Gryffindor?

"Hey, Harry. Are you going to eat that?" a voice asked him, snapping him out of his musings. He glanced up to find Ron's hopeful eyes boring into his own.

"No, go ahead mate" Ron smiled, and wasted no time in snatching up the still warm chicken leg. Hermione, who sat opposite, wrinkled her nose in distaste over her companions eating habits, but her concern for Harry kept her from commenting.

"What's wrong?" She prodded gently, hoping to get something out of her reluctant friend.

He shrugged "Nothing"

"You can tell us Harry. We'll always be here for you" She reached across the table and took his hand in hers, in a show of friendship "You know that right?"

"I'm fine" he lied, a slight smile on his face in an attempt to way lay her concerns. They wouldn't understand. They would try to, but would fail. No one would ever know the loneliness he felt, even being here with his two best friends seemed to fail to fill the void.

He almost snorted at the though of what Ron would say if he were to find out that Snape's death had caused him even one moment of sadness. Of course Ron felt bad about Remus, but he was never very close to the man to miss him too much. Almost being eaten by someone tends to have that effect, even if that particular someone was a werewolf and it had been a full moon. Ron made no excuses for not being saddened about the loss of Snape; he hadn't liked or respected the man, and as such felt no loss in his parting. But the loss made Harry feel sick. No one deserved to die the way they did. His friends weren't there in the hospital wing watching the two tormented forms shaking in pain and bleeding to death…it was horrible. Even Mad Eye, being such a seasoned individual, had a hard time watching as they slipped away, despite Poppy's attempts to save them.

Trying to take his mind of his musings, Harry glanced around the cavernous great hall until his eyes landed upon the blonde mop of Malfoy, who sat hunched at the end of the Slytherin table, alone and pale faced. Anyone who had tried to engage the youth in conversation simply received a glare for their effort. The teenager's eyes were bloodshot, as if he had not managed to find a full nights rest in some time.

'What's wrong with him' he mused, until he realized that Malfoy had been by his side in the hospital wing that night, but where as Harry had been with Remus, Draco had been with Snape. It hadn't been till the memorial service that he had discovered that Snape had been Malfoy's godfather. Harry felt a chill at the though of loosing Sirius that way, and suddenly he found himself feeling sorry for Draco's loss, something Harry had not considered himself capable of.

Ron snorted in mirth "Hey Harry, look at Malfoy. I wonder what his problem is."

Harry frowned at his mate's uncaring tone. "He's sad we've lost Professor Snape" he supplied; surprised the red head hadn't worked it out for himself.

Ron shook his head in confusion "Why? I mean, Snape was never anything more than a greasy Slytherin Bast…."

"Don't say it" Harry yelled, stopping Ron from finishing his sentence and startling some of the others seated close by. "Don't you dare"

"What's wrong Harry?"

"Professor Snape was Malfoy's godfather! I believe that gives him just cause to morn his loss. And I dare anyone to say otherwise." Harry ground out angrily.

"Really?" Hermione seemed somewhat surprised by the news.

"Oh so that's why Snape was always 'nice' to the slimy snake." Ron muttered "Favoritism."

"Ron, I'm starting to believe you lack the ability to think. Who else is going to favour the Slytherins other than their head of house? None of the other Professors' care about them considering the history their house carries." Hermione suddenly said. "They all think there dark wizards and witches, so I'm not surprised really."

"We'll, McGonagall doesn't favour us." he replied in protest "what did we ever do?"

"That's Professor McGonagall" She hissed "And for your information, every Slytherin is morning the loss of their head of house, not just Malfoy. Can you imagine loosing Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, or Professor Dumbledore?"

Harry glanced back to the Slytherin table, mindful of what Hermione had just said. Were they all morning the loss? Looking closely, he noted that some of them looked to be on the verge of tears, mostly the females who were 3rd year or below. The others, they looked…almost frozen in shock at what had happened.

"Well I can't believe that Professors Lupin and Snape are gone." Dean piped in from a little way up the table.

"Me either" Neville commented "Professor Lupin was always nice to me and help whenever he could, unlike…" the boy trailed off, mindful that his Gran had always said never to speak ill of the dead, regardless how they had treated you in life.

"Well Snape was a looser anyway," Dean continued "But I don't understand why they were killed, I mean what made them a target in the war?"

"Professor Snape had been spying on the dark lord since the end of his fifth year," Luna said in a misty voice. Everyone turned to look at her doubtfully, once again believing she was spinning one of her fantastic stories. "Professor Lupin was a warrior of the light, but was in the path to Snape, and you-know-who wanted some fun."

Everyone rolled their eyes at the dopey girl. Harry shook his head, some people can think of the weirdest things. Suddenly there was a commotion on the other side of the hall. All eyes turned to Draco, standing straight, his wand pointed threateningly towards the other Slytherins, his face red with anger. His whole body seemed to shake with the effort it took not to hex the others before him. Muttering under his breath, so quietly no one could make out what he was saying, he quickly lowered his wand and sneered at those before him, before turning quickly and running from the room. As the great oak doors slammed shut behind the distressed youth, mutterings and jibes could be heard around the room as the other students talked about what had just happened.

Sighisora Castle (1)

Transylvania, Romania

Lord Julian Snape, the heir of the Snape family sat at the head of the table, glaring at the others assembled there, waiting patiently for him to talk. All of the others present had been gathered in a hurry by his younger sister Ashia throughout the long, bleak night. The tables seating arrangements went not by age, as many vampire families tended to, but by rank, in either their position in the family itself or their job with the high council of Sighisora.

To his right sat his other sister, also younger than he. Artimis was her name, and she was the female heir to the family name and the second eldest of all the Snape children, though she was still much younger than he. To his right sat the Snapes' second hand man. Many people believed that this particular vampire was the start of the curse, and was known by many, muggle and wizard alike. But Dracula happily served the great house of Snape, being that it was a Snape that turned him to start with. But even though he served the family, Dracula was still a powerful vampire in his own right, one of the first to be turned and therefore on of the eldest in the world.

Further down the table, Ashia sat nervously waiting for the meeting to begin. Her brother, Lucas, sat to one side of her. He was a captain of the Royal Army. To her other side, her sister, Angel, who bore the honored title as one of the army's few Dragon Riders. The others scattered around the table were those loyal to the house of Snape. But all who sat at the table were more alike in ways than not. Each sported a glistening pair of dark, unnatural eyes, dark hair worn in long locks, and each sported some form of jewelry or symbol, advertising which house they belonged to and which house they served.

Only one who lingered in the room stood out as one who did not belong there.

The man was clearly a Wizard, the robe he wore giving that away instantly. And his accent was British. The redness of his hair a stark contrast to the dark locks the others sported, as well as his blue eyes, which clearly indicated he was no vampire. This stranger lingered in the doorway, clearly at a loss of what to do, his indecision made Julian grin. Calling the room to order so as to begin the meeting, he indicated that the man should take the seat at the end of the table, the only one left vacant. Percy Weasley tentatively made his way to the seat; it wasn't everyday he had to sit in a room full of vampires.

His nervousness was understood by the others present. It wasn't usual for an individual to willingly be surrounded by muggles and wizards who had the dominant vampirism trait running through their blood streams. The vampires, Percy noted, came in all shapes and sizes. Some muggle, wizard, elf, mage, and seer…just to name the few he could distinguish. The room fell to silence as Julian rose to begin the meeting.

"We are all gathered here today because we discovered something last night we had all hoped for, but had believed impossible." Julian stopped to take in the expectant faces looking up at him. "I and my sister Ashia believe that our brother, the young lord S'everus Slyther Snape is still alive." All was silent.

"How…how can you be sure that Master S'everus is alive, my lord?" asked one hesitant voice.

"Because Ashia can feel it." He replied honestly, knowing full well what the response to his statement would be. And as predicted, uproar followed.

"How can you be sure?"

"She has been wrong before!"

"That's impossible!"

Percy regarded the growing rabble with annoyance. He wanted to believe that his two professors were still alive, but deep down inside he knew the likelihood was slim. In a few months time he would be graduating from Hogwarts and rise to become one of the protectors of the high family of Romania. The dark Lord had once again risen, bringing death and destruction in his wake, just as had been predicted in every witch and wizards nightmares. In a very short time he would find himself involved personally in this war. He didn't fear his death. But feared the time when he would be forced to kill someone in the name of the light, if such a thing existed. Personally, Percy was beginning to think the side he fought for was more grey than light, as they too had killed their fair share in the battles. Though he had never been forced to kill during his life, he had seen death, during Voldermort's first war raged on the wizarding world. He had only been six at the time, trying to help his pregnant mother and twin brothers out of the burrow when the attack came. Even then he had felt responsible for their lives. The twins remembered that day in a fuzzy series of events, and his mother refused to speak of it, but it still remained one of the things his family were most proud of him for, and still, he fought to keep his family safe.

Percy took a deep breath, the still screeching voices grating on his nerves. Idly he waved his hand, and the uproar suddenly faded to silence. All of those who were previously making the noise were suddenly found to be groping like fish, mouths opening and closing with no sound coming fourth. It took a few minutes to realize they could no longer speak, and then they turned to glare at Percy and his smug look. Julian almost smiled at the look of triumph on the youngsters face. He would make a grand protector once his education had been completed, he knew that much.

Julian was somewhat surprised that Percy was still on good terms with S'everus. He had been one of the few students who S'everus had managed to gain something akin to friendship with. When they had first meet years ago, the boy had only just turned 11 years of age, a fresh young face in the school year. Being one of seven children, Percy had craved some attention and comfort, perhaps a little friendship. At first, to Percy S'everus had been a loyal mentor, giving him praise when it was due. However, over time, they had come to view each other more as brothers that the familiar student/teacher relationship intended. The loss of S'everus had caused the boy much heart ache, Julian knew.

"Thank you Rufus (2)" Julian said to him. Percy had been pleased when the high lord had given him a name to use in their circle.

"Your welcome my lord" Percy replied graciously

"Now that I have everyone's attention, we will continue" Julian glared at each member, daring them to interrupt him once again. A few of them sported guilty expressions at their earlier outburst. "We believe that S'everus has somehow managed to do the 'impossible' as some of you have put it." a few gasps echoed around the room "If he is somehow still alive, we need all of you to help our search for him. Voldemort" Percy grimaced as the name was said "though still in his pursuit to kill Potter, will be more than a little interested if he were to discover that S'everus had managed to survive death. I fear that my brother is in mortal danger, even as we speak." He then shifted his eyes to Percy "Rufus, I called you hear today, because I need you to spy on Hogwarts for the time being. Watch over the Potter boy and his friends. We don't need any of them kidnapped and the boy rushing off to save them. Unfortunately, at this time, S'everus cannot fulfil this task, so it falls to you."

Percy bowed his head in a show of respect "Consider it done my lord." His first mission! And he was only just 18! Finally, he could start to do his part in this war.

"The rest of you. Research into that blasted island they call England. Dragon riders, search the skies, but be sure to make certain that Voldemort has no idea what we are doing. That is all for now. You are dismissed." Everyone stood to leave when Julian suddenly called out. "Rufus, stay a while." The others left quickly to give the two some privacy. "If anything goes wrong I want you to notify me straight away, take this," he held out a strange black device "This is an ancient speaker, and will allow your use when you will it. Use it well."

"Yes my lord and thank you" Percy pocketed the small device quickly "I will do all that it is in my power to do."

"I know you will child." The high lord quietly disappeared into thin air, leaving a slightly shocked Percy in his wake. 'I really need to learn how to do that' the boy mused, before quickly leaving himself. It would not do be found absent back at Hogwarts.

(End of Chapter)

(1) Sighisora – Medieval city in Transylvania

(2) Rufus – Roman name meaning red-haired.

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