Ok this is a sort of sequel to Imagine If. You don't need to read it because it only really uses a character from it but I do recommend you read it. May be slightly confusing otherwise.

Ok summary:

Alafair Sharpe is in her finally year of Hogwarts along with her best friend Bill Weasley, except Alafair Sharpe is different from other girls - for starters her dad is the Hogwarts Potion Master.

Summary's crap I know but I can't write summaries very well. Stories however I am better at :-)

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Lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling was Alafair Sharpe. She was waiting for a return owl from Bill Weasley, her best friend. She began to think over the events of the previous year but she had her thoughts interrupted by a voice calling her.

"Alafair!" Her father called, "Breakfast!"

She sighed, at this present moment in time anywhere was better than her bedroom, but she didn't want breakfast right about now, well at least not until she had a return owl. But against her better judgement made her way downstairs and made herself some toast.

"Hey." She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

She was extremely close to her dad, since he was all she had. Severus Snape had been 15 when she was born and was only 18 when her mother died. There was no-one at Hogwarts who knew he was her dad, apart from Bill and Charlie Weasley, Michael Potter and some of the teachers.

"What time are you leaving?" She asked

"4:00." He answered, "Why?"

"Just wondering." She smiled

"What are you expecting?" Snape asked, "You keep looking out the window."

"A letter." Alafair replied, "And it's late!"

She sat down and picked up the Daily Prophet, skimming through its pages and finding nothing of interest.

"Do I have to go back?" She asked innocently, looking over the paper, "Since I am of age now."

Snape laughed

"You know full well you're going back and anyway you can't exactly leave Bill to fend for himself now can you?"

She stuck her tongue out at him but giggled at the look on his face, her black hair falling into her face. People always said to her that she looked just like her mum but she didn't think so, she thought she was more like her dad, especially since she could sneer to a good standard.

"Oooo." She squealed, "Errol."

She let the owl in through the window and took the letter and Errol flew off again. Opening the letter carefully she read through it quickly and then smiled.

"So was it worth the wait?"

"Definitely." Alafair answered, "Always are."

"So what's it say then?"

"Usual. He misses me, he's being annoyed by his brothers and his sister and Molly wants me to stay there tonight." Alafair looked at her dad, "This is why I don't want any brothers or sisters, I've seen how they drive Bill crazy. Can I go tonight?"

Even though she was 17, she still felt in necessary to ask her dad's permission to go somewhere.

"Sure." He said, "At least then I know you won't be on your own tonight."

"Ok, I'm gonna go finish packing my stuff." She said

She went back upstairs and threw the remainder of her clothes into her trunk and piled her books on top. It wasn't exactly neat but she could fix that later. She walked over to the fireplace and picked up some floo and threw it into the empty space that was there and decided to have a conversation with Bill. Her head felt weird after it had stopped spinning and she saw one of Bill's brothers, either Fred or George.

"Fred or George." She shouted, laughing slightly because from a side view she couldn't tell which one was which since they were twins.

"I'm George." He smiled, "I'm guessing you want Bill, Flair."

"Yeah please." She laughed at her nickname, Bill had taken to calling her Flair in their 3rd year because he said it was easier to shout than Alafair and he liked the way it sounded.

She saw the tall figure of her best friend come into the kitchen and he knelt down by the fire.

"Hey Flair." He grinned, "Am guessing you got my letter then."

She nodded

"And I'll see you later?" he asked

"Yep." She answered, "You'll see the whole of me."

"I don't get how you can travel by floo powder, makes me ill." Bill said, "And my mum knows it yet she still makes me floo places."

"Yeah I know, you threw up last time." Alafair laughed, "All over my new white boots."

"Don't remind me."

"So how much are your family annoying you then?"

"A lot!" Bill moaned

"You see, you make me glad I don't have any." Alafair told him, "Although I got someone I should introduce Fred and George to."


"Izabelle Lupin." Alafair said, "The girl is a female version of them."

"How old is she?"

"Same age." She said "I pity Hogwarts when they go. Scary thought."

"I'm gonna have to go." Bill said "I'm gonna have to go sort out my room."

"See ya later."


Bringing herself back to her room, she picked up a book and flicked through the pages until she found what she was looking for. The pictures from her parents yearbook - the only Hogwarts yearbook made. She liked reading the comments from people about both her mum, her dad and their friends. She also liked looking at the pictures, before she'd first looked at he book, she never knew that her mum had been a goth or that she had been one of the most popular girls in the school. She also found that her dad was a "Hogwarts reject", by that it meant he was virtually an outcast. She thought the idea of two totally different people falling in love was weird but she could see how.

A few hours later

There was a knock at the door and Alafair answered, it was Sirius. Sirius Black had gone to school with both of her parents, he had been friends with her mum but hated her dad, something with she knew was mutual. She smiled at him because she knew exactly why he was there.

"How come you've got it?" Alafair asked

"Because Hannah's busy, so I had to drive all the way over to the house of a man absolutely despise." He laughed

Hannah was Sirius' sister and had been one of her mum's best friends at Hogwarts. She was borrowing her motorbike so that she could get to Bill's. Sirius was merely dropping it off and apparating out before her dad saw him.

"Put it in the garage will you, someone might steal it if you don't."


"And tell Hannah I'll give the keys to James when I see him at Kings Cross."


"See ya Sirius."

She shut the door and ran upstairs to get her trunk, running into her dad in the process.

"Sorry." She said

"You going?"

She nodded

"Is there anyway you could take my trunk for me?" She asked sweetly, "Because I'll never get it on that motorbike."

She flashed him a sweet and innocent pleading look.

"Okay." He agreed, "But what about your robes and things?"

She thought for a moment

"I'll put them in my rucksack and take that."

She hugged her dad

"I'll leave it by my door." She said, "And I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye hun."

She ran into her room and quickly put a change of clothes, a set of robes and her wand in a bag. She threw the rucksack out of the door and heard it roll down the stairs. She picked up her trunk and made sure she hadn't left anything behind, pulled it outside her room and closed the door. She went downstairs, picked up the rucksack, opened the front door and shouted into the kitchen,


Walked outside and closed the door behind her. Taking her wand out and making sure no-one saw her, she did a spell that would keep the bag attached to the bike no matter what. Using a disillusionment charm on both herself and the bike, she got on it and flew off. It took her a few hours to get to the Weasley's, but she did eventually, just as it was getting dark. Taking the spell off both herself and the bike, she picked up her bag and went to knock on the door. Molly Weasley answered.

"Alafair! I wasn't expecting you till later." She pulled her into a hug.

"In my defence I did send Bill an owl about three hours ago saying I'd be a bit early."

She went in the house and went straight to Bill's room to put her rucksack there. She knocked on the door and walked in, not waiting for him to answer.

"Hey." She said

Bill turned around and grinned


"Did you get my owl?" She asked

"Yeah, she's downstairs with Errol."

"I'm guessing you didn't tell your mum I was coming early then." She smiled

"Oops." He said, looking rather guilty, "Must have slipped my mind."

She rolled her eyes, turned around and closed the door. She slowly walked up to him and kissed him on the lips, putting her arms around his neck. She pulled away slightly and just looked into his eyes. Bill put his arms around her waist and ran his tongue over her lips. There was a knock at the door and they broke apart quickly.

"Yeah?" Bill said

"It's me." Bill's youngest brother Ron answered, "Mum says tea is ready."


They looked at each other for a moment and then Bill said

"Race you."


She ran to the door and then down the stairs and out into the garden, not knowing how far he was behind her. She stopped for a moment and looked behind her, only to find he was right here. He tickled her and she squealed. She tried to escape but knew it was useless because he was stronger than she was, she ended up pinned on the floor with him on top of her, grinning like a madman.

"Give in?"


He tickled her again and she shrieked with laughter.

"Okay, okay." She giggled "I give in."

He let her get up and she slapped his arm.

"You do realise I gave in because I was hungry."

Bill nodded

"Sure you did."

They made their way inside and sat down. Alafair always liked having dinner at The Burrow because she actually enjoyed eating something edible when it was the holidays. Her dad may have been able to master Potion making but never cooking. With or without magic!

"Bill, I wish you'd cut your hair." Molly Weasley was on her usualy debate with her son and his shoulder length hair

"Mum!" Bill looked slightly embarrased, "It's not that long!"

"I just wish you'd give it a trim, it's messy."

"I like it." Alafair said, "Simple fact that if he annoys me, I pull it. I like playing with it because it annoys him."

The rest of dinner was spent talking about random little things such as school and Quidditch except for when Mr Weasley asked where Alafair was going to sleep since Bill no longer had room for an extra bed.

"Dad, she's sharing with me." Bill explained, "Because there's nowhere else for her to sleep and I'm not making her sleep on that recliner thing!"

The look on Mr Weasley's face said it all. He didn't approve of that idea.

"Dad, you are so old fashioned." Bill said, "It's not as if we're going out or anything, she's my best friends for God sake's!"

Bill got up and walked out intothe garden before he said something he'd later regret. No-one knew what to say.

"I'll go talk to him. He needs it." Alafair said

She got up and followed Bill into the garden. She sat down next to him under a tree at the other end of the garden.

"Nice outburst." She stated, slightly sarcastic

He looked at her, and shook his head

"Don't you start."

"I wasn't!" She snapped, "But I will if you carry on."

"Sometimes I really hate my family!" He muttered, "Dad doesn't understand, Mum wants me to be this perfect son which she knows I'm not."

"You told them about Egypt yet?"

He shook his head

"Not been the right time." He answered, looking upat the stars "You told your Dad?"

"No, I haven't been able to phrase "I'm going to Egypt with Bill" gently." She sighed

"They know something don't they?"

"About us?" Alafair turned to face him



"I will be so glad to leave here, just so I can lead my own life!"

"At least you have family that love you. Be grateful for that."

Bill looked at her apologetically and put an arm around her.

"Why does life have to be so complicated all the time?" She asked

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