It had been 3 weeks since Hogwarts had started a new year and already secrets and rumours were running through the school like no-one had been away. One particular rumour was that about Charlie Weasley and Michael Potter, the rumour started when Michael pissed off a 5th year Slytherin. Julian McAvoy was not exactly the best person to piss off in the 5th year, he ended to use his fists a lot and let his mouth run wild. This time was no different, one small comment about Michael's sexuality was enough to send the boy wild and threw a jinx at Julian. Another comment about him having a crush on his best friend was enough to land Julian with a broken nose and a trip to the Infirmary but by then, the rumour had began to form inside Julian's head as a form of revenge and a week later, the whole school was whispering about this wicked rumour. Girl's refused to believe that their gorgeous Gryffindor Seeker was the object of a gay crush or even believe that he may even be gay himself.

"I am sick of these damn rumours already. I swear, one more person asks me if I'm gay or in a relationship with you I may just curse their balls off." Charlie fumed, "I hate keeping this from everyone but equally hate having to lie saying I'm not with you."

Michael put a finger to his lips and wrapped his arms around the boys slender body. His lips gently brushing the other boys and planting a small and delicate kiss on them.

"Char, I don't care what you tell them 'cause I know the truth. I know that you're mine and no one can take that away from us."

"I'm scared Mike. I'm keeping the biggest part of my life a secret from just about everyone I know and I'm scared of what will happen if it gets out."

He sobbed on the other boy's shoulder, he had known what it was like to be popular and the object of affection but to be confronted with the whole school finding out that he was in love with his best friend - he couldn't bear to think what could happen. Michael held him closer and pulled him onto the bed, he pulled the covers over the pair of them and held his boyfriend in a close embrace to help calm him down.

"No matter what, I love you. Even if this gets out, I won't stop. I promise." His sentences short, pausing in between each

"I love you too." he whispered

Alafair lounged across a couch in the Common Room waiting for Bill to return from a Prefect meeting. She picked up a book about Egyptian culture and flicked through. She hadn't realized it was so interesting there, the tombs and pyramids left the imagination to run wild and the beaches were exquisite. They had golden, sandy beaches and the water was clear and blue, much unlike that of England with its dismal and stormy weathers and pebble beaches, Egypt seemed like a totally new world and experience for them.

"Hey beautiful." Bill whispered in her ear, making her jump slightly

Alafair sat up and smiled and sleepily replied

"Hey, how was your meeting?"

"Boring, pointless, waste of time." Bill sighed, he pulled himself down onto the couch and wrapped his arms around Alafair's waist, holding her towards him.

"You know, it's what you get for becoming Head Boy." Alafair laughed, "You shouldn't have become Head Boy and then you wouldn't have all of these responsibilities."

Bill smiled, he knew out of all the boredom and annoyance of any situation, he could always count on Alafair to make everything better with a joke. He saw the magazines and brochures lying on the floor next to her and saw the page open was about the beaches.

"Do you think we'll ever make it to Egypt?" He asked

"I don't know." She answered truthfully, "It's going to be difficult if we do, we'd have hardly any money, no house, no job, we would literally be starting from scratch."

"You're having second thoughts aren't you?"

"I don't know anymore." She bit her lip slightly, "I think we need to get through this year first without making life changing decisions. I don't know if I can leave my Dad, I'm the only family he's got."

Alafair turned to face him and he could see all of the emotion in her face mixed together. She reminded him of the little girl she once was standing on platform 9 ¾ when she had been eleven years old. He placed a soft kiss on her lips and held her tightly against his chest, both enjoying the warmth of each other and soon fell asleep by the fire wondering what future lay ahead for them.