Romeo and Juliet

Chapter 2: Letters anyone?

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"Rory!" Lorelai sat down on her daughter's bed. "It's two in the afternoon, lets go shopping!"

"It's only two? Need sleep...leave now." She groaned and pulled the covers over her head.

"Get your monkey covered fanny out of bed! Luke's coffee is waiting for us."

Rory groaned.

"Come drink me Rory…I'm so yummy…eat me!" She said in a high-pitched, singsong voice.

Rory threw a pillow at her mother and missed. It hit the doorframe and slid to the floor with a muffled thump.

"Next time you'll want to aim a little to your write and a tad lower." Lorelai said while poking her daughter in the side.

Rory threw her blankets to the end of the bad and sat up. "Fine, I'm up, now go away so that I can get ready."

"Ten minutes missy." She said and left the room.

'Five in the morning! You've got to be kidding me!' he thought to himself. 'It's a Saturday for heavens sakes.' The morning crew had woken them up at exactly five and now they were being forced to run the daily six-miles. At least he would get in to better shape.

After showering and trying to eat the sludge they called oatmeal he mailed his letter to Rory, all the while hoping that she would understand his actions.

"Oh Lukey!"

"Um…hello Lorelai." He quickly put something under the counter and immediately brought out two mugs and the coffee pot.

Lorelai sat on a stool and leaned into the counter. "What was that Luke?"

"Just somethin' I'm reading. Nothing really."

"What was it?"

"Um, just a book." He poured coffee into their cups.

"Fine, don't tell me." She said in a childish tone and then took a sip of the burning hot elixir.

"Maybe later." He said while eyeing Rory.

"So the fruit of loins cant be here eh? That's mean!"

Rory slammed her cup on the counter. "Mom! Don't call me that. It's really gross." Rory said and then scrunched her face up in disgust.

"But its true."

Rory just continued to evil eye her mother.

"Fine the reference is down the drain, out the door."

Luke smiled at their bantering and placed their regular plates of blueberry pancakes, eggs, and a side of bacon in front of them.

Saturday, it turned out, was not a day to kick back. After eating a horrid breakfast the large group of boys were sent out into he field to train, it was basically a boot camp.

Sunday, fifteen hours from now, was their day of solace and glorious sleeping time.

As the day went on Tristan thought back to that wonderful kiss off stage. As the captains by the name of 'sir' yelled and spat in his face about his being a pretty boy his mind took sanity from the beautiful picture of Rory in his photographic memory. If only she knew how much he really loved her.

That letter he had sent her would explain it all and more. It was up to her in how far they took their relationship. He wondered when she would receive his letter, and when she did, if she would even bother to read it, or simply rip it to shreds. He didn't think he could handle that.

(One week later)

Neither one of them had received a letter from the other. Tristans' letter had never reached Rory; it had been lost in the mail.

Rory had anxiously awaited any news from Tristan, after a week of waiting she finally realized that what he had said couldn't have been anything but a lie. He would have written her upon arrival. He had said so himself. She didn't know why, but somewhere in her heart there was a pain. She didn't want to put a name to it but she couldn't help it. The thing she felt was disappointment. There was no other way to put it.

She would miss him, but eventually she would get over the fact that they could have loved each other in a way that would have made them inseparable. She would eventually move on. In fact, she shouldn't have gotten her hopes up at all, it was Tristan after all, and Tristan only went for the blonde bimbos with the long legs and perfect hair.

But she couldn't help but point out that there could have been something.

Rory would have written him back by now. She definitely wouldn't have just left him hanging. There was something between them and they both new it. Every time he was near her, there was something a long the lines of electricity between them. And it was a strong current. He knew it, she knew it. Therefore she would have written him back. Perhaps the letter hadn't reached him in California yet. He would wait for it, for her. He had nothing else to look forward to.

"Hey, shouldn't you be up by now?" his roommate spoke from his own desk.

"No, not for another hour yet."

"But you're wide awake."
"Things to think about."

"Like what?"

"A girl."

"Oh, good looking?"

He nodded, "Yea, but that's not the only thing I like about her."

"Girl friend?"

"I don't know. Yet."


He told him about what had happened after the Romeo and Juliet play, about his father and his stupid ideas.

Anthony just sat there looking at him.

"I sent her a letter the day I arrived here. I'm waiting for her to send me one."

"Dude, you are definitely in love."

Tristan shrugged. "I know."

"You better keep her close."

"I don't know how to. This is the first time I've ever truly loved somebody. Anthony, she is just so…perfect. If anything I don't deserve her." He crossed his arms under his head and looked up at the ceiling.

"What if she doesn't write back?"

"I guess life moves on then."

"You are never going to get over her man. Face it."

Tristan closed his eyes and conquered up a picture of her face and smiled inwardly.

"I'm going to go get some food. Want to tag along?"

"Sure." He grabbed some clothes and quickly changed before following his friend out the door.

"The food this morning is actually decent."

"It usually is on Sundays. The cooks tend to be in a better mood because they get to sleep in as well."

"Yea, but they could still make something that didn't taste like tar on any other day."

"This place isn't a hotel, it's a school, and they aren't going to be making gourmet breakfasts at six in the morning."

Tristan took some of he waffles and eggs from the buffet table and a cup of coffee from the vender. Anthony did the same. "I know that. But they could at least serve waffles more often, what's so hard about making these things; you throw them in the toaster and then eat them."

"Once again, this isn't a hotel. I found out the hard way by complaining to the cooking staff. You really don't want to have to scrub the oatmeal covered pots and bowls. Its disgusting."

Tristan nodded. "I wouldn't want to do that."

They took a seat beside some of their other friends and ate amid lazy conversations.

(1 month later.)

Rory no longer expected to receive a letter from Tristan and he didn't expect one from her anymore. They each went on with their lives although each couldn't stop thinking about the other.

Rory want through her last few days of Chilton before summer would start and school vacation began with a very low tolerance for Paris and everybody else there that knew Tristan. She was known to be angered easily and she snapped even quicker. The hurt in her eyes and her actions was evident. And everybody knew what the cause of it was. The news had spread quickly about Tristans good-bye kiss. They didn't know what he had said though. They often tried to confront her but the only thing they received in return was a cold look from her steely blue eyes, they more often than not backed away with an apologetic look. They new better than to bother her now. And she was thankful.

It hurt too much to think about how Rory hadn't sent him a letter. He still thought about her often in order to keep his mind away from the strict school he was now attending. Summer vacation was no longer a means of escape and he was getting closer and closer to losing his sanity. His father was looking more and more like a target for his anger. It was a shame his father knew to stay away while he was attending the school. He knew that if he were to ever show his face, it would be the last time he would ever be able use the bathroom on his own. Tristan knew how to beat the crap out of anything now, thanks to the wonderful training he was being put through.

Anthony had tried to help him relax but found out that it was totally pointless. Their friendship was strong but because Tristan was so pissed all the time they wouldn't talk, they were growing further and further apart as the days came and went. Anthony knew that Tristan had taken to running off the stress. He was usually gone for hours on end in the afternoon, running many more miles than required for their daily run. Anthony had asked him about how many miles he had run upon one of his returns and he had guessed at about 15. He had been stunned; Anthony knew that he himself would never be in that kind of shape. He also knew that it wasn't only because of his being in shape that caused him to run so much. It was that girl he had fallen for. And she was going to be his ruining.

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