Title: Perfection

Summary: an unplanned set of drabbles, mostly thoughts by Dain.

Disclaimer: If I owned Dain he would be human, as it is you're allowed to hate him if you wish.

Notes: I'll update this when I feel like it, no promises.

Words: 107


That's what I am.

Nothing within the Shadow Lord's creation is as complete as I.

I can change my form to anything, be it living or without life and no one can tell what I am.

I exist now as a dagger but most of my time has been spent as human. As a weak, foolish, imperfect human. And while in his company I strove to be like them.

A stone has no need for company, and a tree no need for affection. But even having changed I find I still do.

Humans are not perfect, perhaps I do not wish to be so, either.

I'll update soon if I get a review, the next two chapters have been written.