Chapter title: As You Slept

Summary: an unplanned set of drabbles, mostly thoughts by Dain.

Disclaimer: I do not own.

Dedication: This chapter is for kiariitsuaramsukikiaerty, I'm glad you liked the first chapter and I hope you like the rest just us much.


Did you ever wonder why I didn't kill you as you slept?

It wasn't because my master would have been displeased, at least I tell myself I don't fear him.

It wasn't because I was incapable, I'm an ol, one hand around your throat and you are gone. Even as a human I'm not without options, seeing as you would be hard pressed to survive an arrow though the heart.

You're more than a friend to me Lief. We have travelled so far together, and every night I would watch you sleep. I couldn't kill you Lief, my heart wouldn't let me.