Title: First

Summary: A drabble. In every relationship there is a first kiss, Warning, character death.

Disclaimer: not mine

Notes: this is titled first for more than one reason, the first (sorry) is that it fits the story, the second is that this is the very first fanfiction I ever wrote. - asked for an LJ, and since this was already written I just tided it up and there you have it!

Words: 94

As lief lay on his deathbed, sick from the Shadow Lords poison, he looked into Jasmine's eyes.

"Please don't leave me," whispered Jasmine as tears rolled down her face.

"I'm telling you this as a friend. Thank you." Lief barely managed to say, for his neck was swollen and made it very difficult for him to speak

As Jasmine bent over lief for his first and last kiss Lief's eyes closed, before their lips touched Lief stopped breathing.

In the Shadow Lands the Shadow Lord laughed as Jasmine's cry of grief echoed around her.