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Author's Notes: As you've gathered, Comeback Tour will feature the return of Etemon. How will he fit in to the Zero 2 world? Find out as we delve into a tale that features not only a monkey Elvis Impersonator, but the Teenage Wolves as well!

But first…a wedding. :3

NOTE TO NEW READERS: Comeback Tour takes place after Battle of the Shinobi, which takes place after Housemates, which takes place after Revision. Unless you want to feel confusion, I suggest you read from the beginning first.

And as a note, I'm finally going to clarify the year in which Zero 2 takes place. Revision's events took place in 2004, as did Housemates and BotS. CT pushes the Zero 2 timeline into the year 2005.



It's been six months since the battle between Shurimon and the trio of Ninjamon, Taijamon, and Genjamon. A battle in which Shurimon had been triumphant.

It is May. We now visit the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, a Shinto shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his consort Empress Shoken; the shrine honored the Emperor of Japan that had been in power during and after the tumultuous period known as the Bakumatsu, in which the Tokugawa Shogunate had surrendered power, thus fully transferring power from the feudalistic shogun warlords to the emperor. Under Emperor Meiji, Japan began undergoing the process of modernization and westernization, after remaining untouched by foreigners for centuries.

The Meiji Shrine was among the most famous – if not THE most – Shinto shrine within Japan. The reverence given to it indicated such. 28 acres of land in the middle of Tokyo, in which over 170,000 trees grew, all of many varieties. Evergreen oak. Chinquapin. Camphor. Fir. Maple. Zelkova. Over 200 varieties grew within the large woodland, a serene spot in the midst of the bustling Shibuya district.

As for traditional Shinto wedding ceremonies…here, they took place near the Main Shrine.

And so it was.

Outside the Main Shrine, with its roof of jade color and its exquisitely crafted architecture, was home to a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony. There were some western elements; for instance, the food gathered on the tables was of a far greater variety than is normal for weddings. Perhaps, because of all that had gathered there.

Humans…and Digimon.

It was quite a large crowd too. It was a Digidestined-only affair…and young and old had gathered.

Of the two newest generations of Digidestined, all of them were there, and they dressed in custom-tailored kimonos. Save for the bride and groom, all kimonos shared one feature depending on the gender; male kimonos showed birds, whilst females showed daisy-shaped flowers. The color of the birds and flowers depended on the trimming of the kimono

Davis Inoue – wearing a blue kimono with gold trimming – and Veemon.

Ken Ichijouji – wearing a dark indigo kimono with light red trimming – and Wormmon.

Cody Hida – wearing an azure kimono with gray trimming – and Armadillomon.

Yolei Inoue – wearing a pink kimono with red trimming and a violet sash – and Hawkmon.

Kari Kamiya – wearing a pure white kimono and a pink sash – and Gatomon.

TK Takaishi – wearing a green kimono with gold trimming – and Patamon.

Joe Kido – wearing a gray kimono with blue trimming – and Gomamon.

Izzy Izumi – wearing an olive-green with magenta trimming – and Tentomon.

Mimi Tachikawa – wearing a purple kimono with pink trimming and a red sash - and Palmon.

Sora Takenouchi – wearing a red kimono with crimson trimming and a yellow sash – and Biyomon.

Tai Kamiya – wearing an orange kimono with blue trimming – and Agumon.

Matt Ishida – wearing a dark blue kimono with azure rimming – and Gabumon.

All of the original Digidestined were there as well.

Joshua Kido – wearing a black kimono with blue trimming – and DemiDevimon.

Miranda Akiyama – wearing a gray kimono with gold trimming and a white sash – and Hagurumon.

Teela Yamaki – wearing a light blue kimono with pink trimming and a light-gray sash – and Lopmon.

And of course, the groom. Hiroaki Ishida and his 'best mon', the GoldElitemon named Futa Ishisamee.

Hiroaki's kimono was more elaborate than the rest of the men's; the long skirt was strapped gray, and his black kimono was laced with white trimming. A white flower was pinned onto his a thin white belt, and he held a small paper fan in his right hand.

Of course, compared to the bride…they all looked rather plain.

The light-green kimono was laced with golden trimming, and two flower designs adorned the garment: red roses and purple irises. The sash that wrapped around her torso was a few layers thick: a red ribbon atop golden velvet atop red silk. The bow that tied the sash together was laced with a number of freshly clipped roses. Her blonde hair was neatly combed and tied together into a small bun by a purple ribbon, allowing her vibrant blue eyes to shine through. The final touch, however, was the single cherry blossom affixed to her hair. In short, it made her look like a goddess of beauty.

Natsuko Takaishi would say she felt even better than that. Her soul…she hadn't felt so elated in years. Well, she couldn't call herself that anymore…

A hand gripped hers. It was the rugged hand of her husband…a man who had once been her husband, and was so once more.

Futa Ishisamee cleared his throat to gather everyone's attention. "Good afternoon everyone. You are all here to see a truly momentous occasion. An occasion of happiness and joy. Of triumph and love. I admit I am not too well accustomed to the affairs of human emotion even after all this time…but the man of the hour asked me to speak to you all, and I shall do so."

Hiroaki smiled as Futa's deep voice rolled through the air of the shrine. That Digimon of his could've been a public speaker in another life.

"I am sure many of you wanted to bring your family and friends here to join in the celebration…but the groom wanted it to remain with his family. His parents passed away long ago, and he is an only child. The same applies to his bride. She only has one family now…and he has a family that has supported him through thick and thin." Futa gestured at the adults. "The Digidestined that he fought with." He gestured at the young ones. "And the Digidestined that have taken their place. You are all Digidestined. All part of one family…and he wanted to keep this moment for you all to share."

Futa momentarily caught a strange look of giddiness within TK's blue eyes. He couldn't blame him; this was a very important moment for the children of the newlyweds as well. "It was once broken…but it has been reforged. And along with their sons Takeru and Matthew, I witnessed their wedding ceremony with the shrine's priest. They were purified by the priest. They drank the ceremonial sake…and in a bit of a Western touch, Natsuko read words of commitment as Hiroaki did." Futa glanced at his partner. "He is actually quite a poet."

Teela and Miranda both stifled a snicker. Joshua merely arched an eyebrow; perhaps he should convince Hiroaki to rent Futa out to politicians in need of a good public speaker….

"Finally, as a symbolic gesture, they gave an offering to the Meiji Shrine." It was part of a traditional Japanese wedding; a symbolic offering would be given to the kami - the sacred spirits of the Shinto religion – of the shrine. In this case, the kami of the shrine was Emperor Meiji himself. Hiroaki and Natsuko had offered a fresh cut iris. The iris was offered because Meiji's consort Shoken had a liking for irises. "And now, they come before us…and I'm beginning to run out of things to say, so I'll be quick. I can see some of you are hungry."

All of the Digimon nodded. The Digidestined sweatdropped.

"So…without further to do, let me introduce you all…" He motioned toward the newlyweds. "…to Hiroaki Ishida and Natsuko Ishida!"

The Digidestined all began clapping. Hiroaki and Natsuko quietly bowed.

Matt could only smile, a warm feeling echoing through his heart, filling a hole that had been dug when his parents had divorced the first time. He glanced to his left; he saw TK clapping as hard as he could, his eyes tearing on their own. Without even thinking, the older brother gave the younger brother a ferocious noogie.

They both laughed, feeling for the first time in a long time as if they were without a care in the world.

Natsuko nearly began to tear up herself. Look at them…we made a terrible mistake, splitting up…we were so selfish. She glanced up at her husband.

His eyes said the same thing.

Natsuko smiled as she clutched Hiroaki's hand tightly. The first time they had gotten married…it had been done in a courtroom. They had been in the midst of working hard, trying to make ends meet…so they didn't have the means for a real wedding. The foundation had never been there this time.

But this time, the foundation was there.

And oh my goodness, was it strong.


Elsewhere…far away…in a place few know exist…

"Is the data tunneling program ready?"

"Yes sir. The realm known as Digital Limbo will be accessed in five minutes."

"Do you have a lock on the data in question?"

"Yes sir. According to our estimates, lock-on capability will end up at 84.5 percent."

"Well within acceptable parameters…good. That'll be enough to get him into the Digital World. Then we'll continue from there."

"Yes sir."

"It's been long enough…it's time we put Phase Two into motion."


Zero 2: The Comeback Tour


Chapter 1: A Happy Day


/Outside Main Shrine, Meiji Shrine, Shibuya, Sunday, May 22nd, 2005, 1:06 PM/

Cody sweatdropped as he watched Armadillomon hounding at a plate of Twinkies on the table. "Are you sure it was a good idea to bring the snack foods to a wedding?"

"Oh come on Cody, they're Digimon! Let them pig out if they want," remarked Yolei as she ran a hand through her lavender hair. It had finally finished growing after a few months, which meant no more bandana. Not that it didn't help cover up the hack job Davis had done to her hair, but it got kind of itchy in cold weather.

Ken, meanwhile, stole a momentary glance at Yolei. A brief flash of Yolei's elegant costume (Mimi: Designed by me!) from last year's costume contest came to mind. Hmm…she looks good in a kimono.

The Child of Kindness impulsively glanced over his shoulder, half-expecting to see a member of his rabid fan club – the Female Rocketeers – spying on him and Yolei to make sure she didn't make a move on him.

There was none.

Ken sighed as he sipped some fruit juice – he wasn't quite old enough to drink sake – from a small white porcelain cup. He was still thinking too much about the Rocketeers' 'interrogation' of Yolei. He had seen to it (with a little help from Davis) that they wouldn't mess with Yolei again. He was being a tad paranoid.

Then again, thought Ken as he remembered what happened a few months ago. I ended up in the same movie theater as Yolei by coincidence…I'm sure there were at LEAST forty more people in the theater after it ended than when it started. And they had all been in trench coats…and they all hightailed it out of there when I saw them…

Oh, and in February, Yolei said she saw two girls trailing her whenever she went out…

And just last month there was the tabloid that featured a photo of Yolei and myself when we ended up meeting in the park and sitting down at a bench. I'm pretty sure I knew who took that picture…one of the members of the Rocketeers is a photographer…

"Thinking hard about something?"

Ken glanced back to see Izzy walking toward him, Tentomon buzzing overhead. "A little, why do you ask?"

Tentomon quickly said, "It's a celebration! A time for relaxation! Izzy thinks hard enough even when he's relaxing, I can't stand to see too many thinkers thinking! It hurts my head!"

Ken chuckled as Wormmon glanced upward at his partner. "So Ken, what were you thinking about?"

"Things," replied the Child of Kindness as he glanced at Izzy. "By the way, how's your mother, Mrs. Izumi? Has she been able to adapt?"

Izzy frowned slightly. During the Odaiba War of last year – where the forces of Demon, UmbraDevimon, and the Gravemon had fought for control of the Odaiba District – a number of humans had been caught in the crossfire. Hundreds, if not thousands, had died. And, unfortunately, the human soul was considerably more difficult to resurrect than buildings, as evidenced by the Guardian Beasts' restoration of the district.

Yoshie Izumi, fortunately, had survived. But she had lost her left arm from the shoulder down.

"She's been okay…my father has been helping out more around the house. She still cooks, but it takes her longer…she tells us not to bother, but what do you think we're going to do?" Izzy sighed as he scratched his head. It bothered him that good people suffered when they didn't deserve it…even though it happened all the time in real life. You didn't need to be the Child of Knowledge to understand that. "Still…she isn't bitter. She lives on as she did, smiling."

Ken frowned. "I'm sorry…I shouldn't have asked."

Izzy smiled slightly. "No need to apologize. You didn't mean any ill intent."


"Um, Ken?" asked Wormmon as he pointed to one of the banquet tables several yards away.

Davis was choking on a celery stick. Joe was administering the Heimlich Maneuver.

Izzy nodded out of understanding. "Ah. The old Inoue tradition. Yolei once told me that an Inoue chokes on something once a month."

Ken sweatdropped. "I'd hardly call that a tradition…"

"She didn't say it was a tradition she was fond of."


"Data tunnel has been established. Tunnel integrity is at 94 percent."


"The digital probe has now entered Digital Limbo. Tunnel integrity: 89 percent."

"Has the data been located?"

"Almost sir."


"The probe's targeting area is still within acceptable parameters. Tunnel integrity: 81 percent."

The figure smirked. The data probe they had developed – with some help from Forbidden City technology – was capable of harvesting data under remote control. Digital Limbo – essentially, the Digiworld's equivalent of a computer's Recycle Bin – was a realm that housed the data of deleted Digimon. In most cases, the 'soul' – a very complex data core that housed a Digimon's personality, memories, and thought processes – was in close proximity to the data of its original body, allowing for the Digimon to be reborn after the deleted data was finished recalibrating itself into its original form (albeit at a decreased level of power and complexity of data encryption. In layman's terms, it was why Angemon had been reborn as Poyomon instead of Angemon). However, in some cases, the soul was either too far away – leading to a longer period of time before rebirth – or the data for the body was too scattered to properly reform, hence why some Digimon were reborn in different bodies.

But fortunately, the data core of the target was close enough to the target's data where the probe could harvest both the data and the data core at once. Then the data probe would reassemble the data and data core into the form it was in upon deletion. After that…

Well, then that was an alternate aspect of the data probe: alteration of the data of the Digital World's barriers.

"Target has been located. Lock on is stable. Tunnel integrity: 77 percent. Probe is moving in."


Teela Yamaki smiled quietly as Hawkmon spoke of his last encounter with Blackwargreymon and Oikawa after his battle against Ninjamon, Taijamon, and Genjamon. "So…Hiroki's old friend's not such a loner anymore, is he?"

Hawkmon nodded. "His demeanor struck me not so much as lonely…but rather, repentant."

Teela blinked at the Rookie's tone, her long raven hair flowing in the wind. "You sound a bit sad."

"It was the scar on his chest," remarked the avian Digimon. "Rather ghastly."

Miranda frowned, her shoulder-length brown hair starting to wither in color at her age of 40 (even though her somewhat shapely body belied her age). "I don't like scars…they're painful reminders of the past."

"And judging from what Hiroaki told me about Oikawa a few months ago, he SHOULD have a reminder," muttered Joshua Kido as he sipped from his cup of sake. Although he was known as a bit of a troglodyte (at least when it came to the Digidestined; after the adventures of the Original Digidestined had ended with the defeat of Demon, Joshua was content to forget the Digidestined, going to great lengths to avoid them. But that's a tale for another time), he had started to associate with his former teammates after the events of the Odaiba War. He had met with Hiroaki in a bar to discuss their experiences during the Odaiba War. That's where he learned about Oikawa's abnormal 'behavior' (and pointing a gun at Natsuko's head had DEFINITELY qualified as abnormal). He had wasted no time in speaking with the others soon after. "Believe me, I'm glad he's trying to repent…but after allowing Demon into this world, he deserves to remember everything he's done."

Teela scowled. "Well that's an awfully condescending attitude. At least he's trying."

Joshua's dark eyes narrowed at Teela. Out of the Original Digidestined, Joshua and Teela had been at odds (probably due to their personal philosophies; they were on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but that also is another story for another time) the most. "And it doesn't erase the fact that what he did was unforgivable. How many deaths do you think resulted from his actions?"

"Stop it you two," muttered Miranda as she stepped between the two. "This is a day of joy…let's not mar it with bickering."

Hawkmon remained silent as he stared at the three older Digidestined, pondering their argument. Hmm. I know Davis and Yolei tend to squabble…but this seems to go deep. I wonder if this will be true when the others grow up…

And so Hawkmon pondered.


"Data core has been fully procured. The harvest of normal data: 89 percent complete."

"Good. We need to extract the data probe now. Begin a relay for the data probe to the designated area."

"Yes sir."

Remember that alternate aspect? The data probe could manipulate the data barriers of the Digital World, allowing the opening of data tunnels: a poor man's Digiport. However, a very interesting trick was being utilized at the moment.

The data tunnel spoken of was the secure tunnel in which the data probe transcended barriers. Without it, it would be stuck and beyond their reach. Normal Digiports could be held open indefinitely, provided that the power that had opened it was still coming. Data tunnels, however, were constructs that lasted for a short period of time, and disintegrated soon after into random bits of data…or to be blunt, 0s and 1s.

However, the trick was, this relay actually bent AROUND the barriers. This way, the data tunnel still went through the Digital World without actually entering the Digital World. This allowed access of Digital Limbo from the Real World.

As for the new relay…it was set to a certain hotel room in the Odaiba District of Tokyo, Japan.

That's why this operation had to be carried out quickly.

"Data has been harvested. Target procurement: 100 percent. Beginning to retreat from Digital Limbo. Tunnel integrity: 51 percent."

The figure was silent. The tunnel was beginning to break down. "Has the relay been completed?"

"Negative. ET until relay completion is at 30 seconds. Tunnel integrity: 49 percent."


"…twenty seconds. Tunnel integrity: 44 percent. Signal from data probe is beginning to weaken."

"Don't lose it. Keep a track on it."

"Ten seconds. Tunnel integrity: 38 percent. Foreign data is beginning to filter in to the data tunnel."

"Don't let that data get on the data probe. We can't risk the target being corrupted."

"Yes sir. The data probe is fully shielded."

It wouldn't do a lot of good if the data tunnel continued to deteriorate. Foreign data had a tendency to be viral…and in Digital Limbo, one couldn't tell whether data was viral or not. To the naked eye, Limbo was nothing but 0s and 1s. And their sensors and equipment weren't enough to filter through all of Digital Limbo as of yet, unfortunately; only target data that met the preset parameters.

"Relay is set. Tunnel integrity is at 21 percent. Loss of data probe imminent."

"Get it out. Now."

"Data probe is en route from Digital Limbo. Data tunnel is beginning to collapse. Data probe defensive measures failing…"


"…data probe has reentered the Real World. Data tunnel shutdown commencing."

"Has any of the target's data been compromised?"

"Unknown. Initial analysis indicates a small amount of foreign data latched onto the probe, but it was miniscule. Total amount of foreign data amounts to 0.0001 percent of the target's data make-up."

"Acceptable." He smiled. "Make sure our man in Odaiba is watching. I want to make sure the probe configures the target's data properly."

"Yes sir."


Futa Ishisamee resisted the urge to frown at the sight of his fellow compatriots' hoarding session…particularly, the binge eating of most of the other Digimon. Right now, his eyes were gazing at Agumon as he devoured a turkey. And I thought manners were the rule of the day with weddings.

The GoldElitemon sighed as he grabbed an apple and bit into it, his two pairs of horizontal jaws leaving four lines in the side of the hardy fruit. He gave a grunt of approval.

Not that he approved of the Digimon next to him.

DemiDevimon, partner of Joshua Kido, was gobbling down a bowl filled with miso soup (after all, he couldn't use a spoon). "Mmm, good stuff!"

"People might have wanted to eat that," grumbled Futa.

DemiDevimon retorted, "Well they can bite me. I'm hungry!"

And Tai just watched on with a half-disgusted/half-annoyed look on his face. And to think this guy was once a villain…but he's actually a Digidestined's partner…and his partner turns out to be Joe's stickler of a dad!

"Contradictory, isn't it?"

Tai looked down at Hagurumon, Miranda Akiyama's partner. His robotic voice matched his appearance: floating gears. "Considering that Joshua is a rather fastidious and strict man, his partner choice seems quite odd, wouldn't you think?"

"No kidding," replied Tai. Then again, thought the Child of Courage as he gazed over at Gomamon, who was swimming in a punch bowl (much to Joe's dismay). Joe's partner is Gomamon.

Lopmon – Teela's long-eared, bunny-esque partner – merely smiled as she chewed on a sushi roll. The older Digidestined's partner definitely had more control over their appetites. "I'm just glad DemiDevimon's back with us! He was gone for a long time!"

Futa merely grimaced. "I had hoped he had learned self-control."

"Eh, self-control is for wussies."

Futa nearly smacked his head due to DemiDevimon's reply. Couple this problematic Rookie with the younger Digimon with ferocious appetites…oh well. At least Palmon wasn't a problem. One step onto the soil of the shrine and she had nearly passed out from sensory overload.

"Has anyone seen Matt?"

Tai turned around to see Mimi walking towards him. "Matt? No, why?"

The Child of Sincerity frowned as she cupped her chin, her bubbly voice adding to the innocence factor. "Well that's odd…he was here just a while ago."

"So was TK," remarked Kari as she stepped forward, her kimono fitting in with her Crest of Light remarkably well (oh, did I forget to mention the Digidestined had their Crests back? Don't know how? Read Revision. Shameless plug over!). "Now he's gone too."

Tai frowned. "That's weird…he didn't skip the ceremony, did he? It wouldn't be like him to miss something as big as this."

"Relax," remarked Futa as he forcefully (and easily) pried DemiDevimon out of the now-empty miso soup bowl. "They merely followed the newlyweds to another part of the shrine."


/Iris Garden, Inner Garden, Meiji Shrine, Shibuya, 1:30 PM/

As has been told, Empress Shoken had a liking for irises. And so, she had constructed an iris garden of her own design.

Hiroaki and Natsuko stood upon the pebble-covered walkway of the Iris Garden, the fragrant purple flowers fluttering in the wind. The blonde woman sighed with content. "This…has been a much better wedding."

"I agree."

Natsuko turned toward her husband, remarking the progress they had made. They had divorced under false pretenses; Natsuko had thought Hiroaki was cheating on her…when in reality, Hiroaki had been going out all those times to meet up with his old friends from his days as a Digidestined. During the ferocity of the Odaiba War, Hiroaki had finally told her why…and after thinking about (coming into multiple brushes with death tends to make you think) what they had had…and what they had done to Matt and TK BY divorcing and splitting them up…they had decided to try again.

And this time, nothing would break them apart.

Not if they had anything to say about it.

"I may have wanted to keep the Digital World a secret…" said Hiroaki quietly, his weathered face making him look quite dignified. "… but if I had known it would lead to divorce, I would've told you."

Natsuko merely smiled. "Knowing what I know now…I can't blame you for wanting to keep it a secret. But nevertheless…we were both young. We were both too consumed with our work."

Hiroaki nodded heartily. That had been one of their most grievous mistakes; although they had had to work a lot to keep paying for the rent and the food, they had spent little of their spare time on the children. And as such, Matt and TK had to find solace in each other…and when the divorce happened…that column of support the two brothers had had crumbled.

Never again.

Fortunately, fate had smiled upon them. Due to the advent of wireless technology, she would be able to work from home at all times. No need to leave for meetings. As a result…she would be there for the boys when they got home. As for Hiroaki…he would cherish the time he had with his family.

Because you never knew when the next evil Digimon would come rampaging through the streets on a killing spree.

The two newlyweds – now older and wiser – turned to each other as the wind calmed and the irises settled. Their eyes met in silence…and then they embraced. The wind immediately picked up again in a gust, blowing iris petals past them. It bore an eerie resemblance to springtime in Japan, when all of the cherry blossom trees would bloom, the pink petals swirling about in the wind.

Hiroaki moved his head back, staring into Natsuko's eyes…and he smiled. "Til' death do us part."

It was a vow prevalent in Western marriages. It was a vow Natsuko was all too happy to reciprocate. "Til' death do us part."

As they kissed, the Children of Hope and Friendship watched from afar.

TK…well, there was no end to the jubilation he was feeling. For so many years…this is what he had wanted. For his family to be whole again. For everyone to be happy again (he never bought his mom's words that the divorce would make them happier. How could splitting up the family make them happier?). And now, that wish had been granted.

In TK's mind…it was about time a turn of good fortune had been dealt. After the horrific loss of lives in the Odaiba War (among the dead included Cody's grandfather and role model Daniel Hida, as well as Davis and Jun's parents Anzu and Hiroto Motomiya)…happiness was beginning to bloom with the coming of summer.

As for Matt…he was too overwhelmed to feel much of anything. It was a kind of shock (after all, he had spent a good portion of his years internalizing his anger over how his parents had split the family apart) that would subside with time (who knows, he might decide to party once they got home).

The older brother merely patted his younger brother on the shoulder. "Well TK Ishida…looks like we got our wish granted."

"Yes we did," remarked TK as he wiped the coming tears from his eyes. Crying was fine, but not in front of his brother! It was just innate sibling nature.

Matt merely chuckled as he gave his brother another noogie. "Well, I'm off. You go ahead and get back to the others."

TK Ishida blinked as his brother walked off, heading back to the main path of the shrine. "Where are you going?"

"I have somewhere to be. Don't worry, I'll be back home by sunset." And with that said, Matt Ishida was gone.

TK merely blinked as he watched his brother disappear beyond the trees. Weird. Where's he off to?


It had been a mere coincidence that two major events had happened on this day.

One was the wedding ceremony of his mother and father.

And the other…well, it was important, but secondary to the wedding.

Matt had missed the initial rush, so he wanted to see how the day had gone.

As he stepped out of the Meiji Shrine in his kimono, he gazed to his right to see three familiar people waiting for him. They wore the uniforms of his high school, except they were wearing them in a casual style (no tie, and the green jacket wasn't buttoned up).

The one on the left had loose black hair and blue eyes that exuded confidence. He was Yutaka Chuu. His role in the rock band: support singer and bass guitarist.

The one in the center had a long nose and spiky, swept-back brown hair (in a way, he kind of reminded Matt of Cyborg 002 from that old anime…). His smirk exuded cockiness. He was Akira Youhei. His role in the rock band: drummer.

The one on the right had fuzzy blue hair, arranged like a miniature afro. His brown eyes exuded childishness. He was Takashi Koudo. His role in the rock band: keyboard player and sound coordinator.

Finally, coupled with Matt Ishida – the lead singer and guitarist – they formed the Teenage Wolves. Odaiba's #1 rock band.

Akira smirked. "You look like a chick."

Matt smiled at Akira's boyish and undeniably cocky tone. "It wasn't that long ago when everyone used to wear these. Besides, I'm comfortable in my masculinity. Are you?"

"Sure. Still makes you look like a chick."

Yutaka chuckled, his calm and level voice making him seem like a voice of reason. "So, I'm sure you're curious as to how everything went."

Matt nodded. "Give me all the juicy details."

Takashi smiled as he held up a CD case that showed a picture of a wolf howling at the moon. "Sold out EVERYWHERE. It's a hit!"

Matt Ishida grinned; not only had his parents gotten remarried, but the band's first album – Teenage Wolves Album #1: Howling at the Moon – was selling out on its first day of release. "Man, this day can't get any better. I say we go to the local McDonald's and get some burgers. My treat!"

Yutaka smiled. "Sounds good to me."

"UNFORTUNATELY," interrupted Matt with a sly grin as he patted his kimono. "In this outfit, I've only got IOUs, and those aren't accepted. So you guys will have to foot the bill."

Akira jokingly snorted. "Cheapskate."


/Hotel Penthouse, Odaiba, 5:56 PM/

The sun was setting.

Inside a largepenthouse on the top floor of a hotel,a small drone was hovering in the air. It look liked a sphere made of reflective chrome metal. A single glass orb protruded from the tiny device – it was now bigger than small cup – offering its only means of sensing its surroundings. Right now, two tiny arms protruded from the side…and a steady stream of configured data was spewing forth, bonding with the figure in front of it.

In the darkness of the hotel room, the humanoid Digimon was standing tall, still not awake…as the process wasn't complete.

Suddenly, the last fragment of data was added. The data probe, its task completed, suddenly self-destructed in a brief flash, its plasma drive detonating soundlessly. Only tiny slivers of ash remained.

And then the Digimon breathed.


"Agh…where the heck am I?"


"Data configuration complete. Data probe has self-detonated."

"Good. Can't leave any traces there." The man smiled; their agent was monitoring the Digimon right now, and that agent would do so until the right opportunity presented itself. Then, the true objective would be gained. "Now we've brought him here. All we have to do now is wait."

"Sir, may I be candid?"

"Go ahead."

"From all we know about this Digimon, he's apparently an idiot. Is he smart enough to do what you want him to do?"

Chuckles. "Oh, don't worry. He may seem deprived of intelligence, but he is also known to have fairly good mechanical skills. In other words, stupid in theory, intelligent in practice…or to put it another way, he's like a mathematician who's brilliant with numbers, but would have no business teaching an English class. Understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Good…I have no doubts he'll give us what we want. And the beauty of it is, he won't even know." And so the man known only as Mr. Bishop smiled.


/Hotel Penthouse, Odaiba, 6:00 PM/

The Digimon stared outside his window, gazing at the city skyline. "Well tarnation, this ain't the Digital World! This is the human world! How the heck was I reborn here?" The Digimon nearly broke his mind trying to think about the impossibility of him being reborn in the Real World…but something suddenly awoke in his mind.


Memories of defeat. Twice at the hands of humans.

"Digidestined…those little punks!" A wicked smile came to his face. "I'm in THEIR world. Oh happy day! I can destroy them here! I'll go right now and-"

He paused.

He didn't know where to go.

"Huh. Well this is bad. I don't know about anything that's happened while I was gone. I don't even know how long it's been." The Digimon gazed around the room, spotting a TV and a personal computer (which, strangely to him, was turned on). "Well, even the world's greatest singer had to test the waters at first…with these two hunks of junk, I'll be up to speed in no time!"

The Ultimate Digimon chuckled as he opened the curtains, revealing his entire body. To be frank, he looked like an orange, humanoid monkey. His body was lined with muscles; his feet were quite large, as were his hands. White claws adorned both his feet and hands. A teddy bear fashioned as Monzaemon was clipped to his right hip. A row of stiches lined his left bicep and tail, the latter of which seemed dipped in white paint. His ears were pierced with one gold ring, and the flimsy top of his head made it seem as if he was wearing an orange jumpsuit. His face was fashioned like a monkey's, he had sharp fangs…and he had large shades.

Then, in a voice that made most Elvis Impersonators sound good, he boasted, "Watch out Digidestined! Etemon, the King, is back in town! Uh huh huh!"


To be continued…

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Chapter 2: Settling In


Author's Notes: Etemon is back…and apparently, Mr. Bishop of the mysterious Echelon team has been the one to bring him back! Why?

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