This is the final part of my fics. Has no link really to Snape's Daughter but kinda follows from Imagine If. Izabelle will be Izzy from probably half way through this chapter. This is set suring when Prizioner of Azkaban was set but there will be no Harry Potter. Just thought I'd make that clear now

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Izabelle Lupin was sitting on the bottom stair, not daring to enter the living room since her parents were arguing. Something that didn't happen very often.

"REMUS HAVE YOU EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT THIS?" Hannah Lupin was screaming now.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He snapped

"Oh you know exactly what that means." She retorted, "And what about the fact that Ryan is going to be there?"

"You mean the fact that I'm a werewolf?"


"I am not even going to say anything about that." He was trying to stay calm, "And I think I can handle Ryan."

"He threatened to kill you!"

Izzy sat there not knowing what to do. Part of her was scared because her parents had never had a major argument like this before. She didn't even know what it was over, she hadn't caught that part because she had only just entered the house. She picked up a Extendable Ear, an invention of two of her best friends, Fred and George Weasley. Twins that only a few people could tell apart. Although she could hear the whole conversation, she didn't want to miss bits in case she missed why they were arguing.

"I'm scared, Remus." She said, "We've never been apart for this long before and what about your Potion?"

"Han, it'll be okay." He said to her, "And it's called Snape."

"Will you ever use his first name?" She asked


"Just promise me that you won't get at each others throats."

"Oh my God." Izabelle fell of the stair,and she saw the door swing open. She looked up and saw her parents faces

"You hear every word?"

"Most." She answered, "I was scared and you never argue so I was curious." She turned to her dad, "Why didn't you tell me you were coming to Hogwarts?"

No-one answered her.

"I'm going to Lee's and Lisa will be there so don't expect me back for a while."

She didn't wait for a reply and ran out of the house and over the fence into Lee Jordan's garden. Lee had given both her and Lisa a key to his house so they could come in anytime, Lisa and Izzy had done the same. She opened the door and went up to Lee's room, where she knew both Lee and Lisa would be. She wiped her face because tears had been falling and put on a smile as she went into the room.

"Hey Izzy."


"Are you okay?" Lee asked, "We heard your Mum and Dad arguing."

"I think the whole bloody street heard them argue, when my Mum shouts, she shouts."

"Why were they arguing?" Lisa asked

"Dad's coming to Hogwarts to teach."


"What's so bad about that?" Lisa asked, "Your Dad's cool, at least you'll have two teacher who'll look out for you, unlike me."

Lisa was Muggle born and went to a Muggle school, she knew all about Hogwarts and everything to do with the Wizarding world from Lee and Izzy. Part of her hated the Wizarding world because if Lee wasn't a wizard then she'd be free to date him. Lee had promised her that as soon as he finished his NEWTS and Lisa had finished her A Levels that they could be together. He didn't want them to have a summer romance.

"Snape and my Dad?" Izzy sighed, "Snape's my Godfather, why I don't know and I don't want anyone looking out for me. I got my boys."

"You mean Fred, George and me?" Lee asked

She nodded

"You're my boys."

"And then there is Cedric Diggory." He laughed

Izzy blushed

"What?" Lisa asked curiously

"Shut up Lee!" Izzy threw a cushion at him

"Is this the guy Izzy has a huge crush on?"

"Yeah." Lee answered laughing, "He also happens to live near Fred and George."

"What's he look like?" Lisa asked Izzy

"Absolutly sexy." Izzy replied, "And anyway why would you wanna knowyou're technically taken."


"And anyway Lee, at least you don't haveto play against him when it comes to Quidditch. Damn that guy looks sexy when he's got his hair all messy and his shirt tight his body."

A glazed look coming over her face, Lisa and Lee started to laugh. Izzy came back to reality and hit Lee over the head with a pillow since he was the nearest.

"You are gonna regret this when we get back to Hogwarts tomorrow, especially since I have the map."

"I can't believe we goig back tomorrow." Lee complained

"Hey, I'm on my own for five days!" Lisa snapped

"Sorry Lise."

"OWL Year." Izzy moaned

"GCSE's!" Lisa added

"This is not going to be a fun year."


I know it's short but this is only the beginning chapter so it will be longer when I post up the next chapter

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