More detentions followed for Izzy, all at the hands of her cousin. The only problem that remained was the ongoing tension between the two, something that was being kept bottled up inside and was something that was on the verge of spilling out.

The weekend after Hogsmeade had brought everyone back down to earth with a bump. Teachers had become stricter and had begun to pile on the homework, no longer could students just relax and not pay attention in class unless they wanted a rude awakening by magic. George had found this out the hard way one Transfiguration lesson when McGonagoll magically conjured up a bucket full of icy water that magically froze him but kept him dry. This had resulted in him being sent to the hospital wing for several hours to recover and be warmed up again.

"What do we care about OWLS?!" He complained, "I mean it's not as if we need any of them to manage our own business is it?"

"Probably not." Izzy laughed, "But I think your Mum might actually kill you."

"I can just see it now." Fred grinned, "Why can't you be more like Percy, Charlie and Bill?"

His mimic of his Mum had the four of them in fits of laughter, they knew that's exactly what Mrs Weasley would probably say to her sons. They had never quite lived up to her expectations and given that they had three older brothers, it was something of a feat to live up to two Head Boys and a Quidditch Captain.

"I'm just going to the Owlry, I need to send an owl to Lisa." Lee said, "I'll meet up with you back in the common room.."

He quickly hurried off down the passage towards the Owlry, not waiting for them to reply.

"That boy is so smitten, " Izzy smiled, "It's a shame they have to wait till they're seventeen."

Fred and George grinned, even though they didn't know about Izzy and Cedric they had a pretty good idea something was going on between them.

"You mean just like you are with Cedric?" George asked

"Because looks that way to us." Fred added

"I am not smitten!" Izzy said defensively, "He's just a friend."

"But you like him," Fred continued, "It's flaming obvious that you do. He likes you and that we definitely know."

Izzy looked at them and tried to contain a laugh. She shrugged and walked off ahead of them, hoping that they wouldn't bring it up again that night.

It was just bordering on after hours and Izzy was wandering the corridors alone in search of a way to clear her head. Seeing her cousin Sarah, she saw it as an excellent opportunity to just vent her frustration on someone.

"So who are you sleeping with tonight then?" Izzy sneered, "Perhaps another Slytherin or maybe even a Gryffindor or how about a 6th year because you've surely slept with most of the 7th year by now."

"Jealous Izabelle?" Sarah laughed, "Just because you're some pathetic virgin who can't even get a boyfriend. I can't help it if I'm popular and liked by boys, it's such a curse to be as beautiful as moi."

Izzy scoffed, she knew her cousin was full of herself, she just hadn't realised how much.

"You're nothing but a common slut who hops from bed to bed every night. Boys just love the fact they have someone as easy as you to have a one night stand with. You're the biggest joke of the school; you're basically a prostitute without the money. All I can say is that you're just like Sirius and you probably shouldn't be proud of that fact"

"At least I'm not the product of a half breed." She snarled, "You shouldn't even be born, you're precious father should have been killed as soon as he was bitten, you're mother must have been desperate to marry him or felt just plain sorry for him."

"YOU LEAVE MY DAD OUT OF THIS!" She screeched, "You sound like those pureblood fanatics, like the idiots of the Black family. It's not as if you're a pureblood yourself, you're mother's a muggle so how can you stand here and criticize my family?"

"I am a Black!" Sarah huffed, "Which is more than I can say for you, you may be Black by the slightest blood relation but other than that you're just the spawn of a pathetic half breed."

Izzy chocked out a laugh at this, she was as much a Black as Sarah was, just without the values that came with the name.

"Yet who inherits the Black fortune Sarah? Who gets all those thousands upon thousands of galleons and jewels?" Izzy let out a small smirk, "It certainly ain't you. You're becoming the very thing that Uncle Sirius ran away from, the stupid half blood, muggle born hatred of the wizarding world. You are a bloody goddamn hypocrite, you're HALF BLOOD, not a fucking pureblood snob."

"You're just jealous." Sarah spat, "I'm gorgeous, thin, popular and I don't have loser friends. You on the other hand are just a plain, fat, ugly excuse for a girl."

Izzy had had enough, she swished her wand and shouted a few random spells, the result Izzy found quite humorous. Sarah was no longer the thin blonde girl that she was, instead she was just an ordinary 7th year girl. Izzy had gave her the illusion that Sarah has gained what looked to be at least 3 stone and her brown locks were now ginger, accompanied to this was a few spots and freckles on her previously flawless face. Sarah didn't know what she was seeing was just an illusion and screamed, there was a mixed look of absolute terror and trauma on her face and Izzy couldn't help but to laugh.

"You know what Sarah looks aren't everything, maybe now you'll see what the rest of us normal people go though every day."

"I'm hideous!" She wailed, "You change me back right now!"

"You need to learn a lesson Sarah and this is the only way I know how." She smirked

Izzy walked away almost cackling, it felt good to teach an obnoxious little snob a lesson but she knew eventually there would be consequences for her actions but at that present moment in time she felt on top of the world, and nothing could bring her down. Coming around the corner she saw Cedric and grinned, seeing him always made her feel happy no matter what mood she was in.

"What have you done?" Cedric asked curiously, "I know that look, who've you cursed this time?"

"Just lets say I've taught Sarah a lesson on how to treat people." Izzy said, smiling

Cedric kissed her gently on the lips, taking chances in a deserted corridor was the only way he could kiss her. Izzy lost herself in his mesmerising eyes, she kissed him back with such passion and force almost as if it was the last time she would ever see him again. She felt herself being pushed against the wall behind her; Cedric's kisses consuming her. Part of her felt nervous in case anyone saw them, not wanting to be caught but there was that thrill of being caught that made it all the more exhilarating.

Cedric's hands moved up underneath her top, he slowly undid the clasp of her bra and moved it out of the way and slowly massaged her breasts. Izzy could feel something against her leg, not realising at first what it was until she moved a hand down and Cedric let out a small gasp. Cedric kissed her with fiery passion, desperately wanting her with every ounce of his being. However he knew she wasn't quite ready to go all the way with him just yet, she needed to know that he wasn't going to hurt her or for it to result in the end of their friendship.

"Mr Diggory, I advise you to get your hands off Miss Lupin and get back to your prefect duties."

A cold voice came from behind them, startling the pair. Cedric's hands immediately dropped and both looked up to be faced with the cold and rather annoyed Professor Snape.

"I said get back to your prefect duties or you'll face a months worth of detention."

Cedric seemed paralysed to the spot until Izzy pushed him in a direction away from them. He quickly hurried off without looking up or saying goodbye and Izzy stood there, her face frosty and not looking best pleased at what had just happened.

"I suppose McGonagoll would have been worse." She muttered, "But you're a close second."

"You should be in the common room." He snapped

"I went for a walk, I bumped into Sarah and Cedric and I lost track of time. Is that a crime now?"

"It is when you hex a student without any attack on yourself." He sighed, "Izzy you can't just hex her because you hate her, what would you're aunt and uncle say?"

"She deserved it!" Izzy cried defensively, "She had no right insulting my parents. She called my Dad a pathetic half-breed and that he should have been killed when he was bitten. I snapped okay, it's not as if i did her any harm anyways, it's a bloody illusion spell. I only did it to show to her what it's like not being the centre of attention all the time."

"Well you're the only person that can remove it because Madam Pomfrey doesn't know what spells were used so it can't be reversed. "

"She can stay like that for as long as I feel like." Izzy snapped, "I'm sick of her attitude and she can see what it's like to be on the end of jokes this time. Now if you don't mind I want to go to sleep so I won't be late for your precious Potions lesson tomorrow morning."Izzy ran down the corridor before her Godfather could say anything or chase after her. She ran all the way to the portrait hole, up the stairs and collapsed onto her bed, not bothering to get changed. It didn't matter at the moment because she just wanted sleep.