Far From Home

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Summary: 307 miles from home. 307 fukin' miles from home. I don't even know how I made it that far. All I do know is that to survive I have to rely on my instincts.

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Pain like nothing I had ever felt coursed through my body with each step. My right arm hung uselessly at my side and my ankle dragged behind be, to swollen to be of any use. I didn't stop though. I knew that if I did I would probably never get up again. Gritting my teeth i pushed forward. In the next instant I was falling. Hitting the ground I stayed there. The grass felt good and all I wanted to do was fall asleep but I knew, just knew, that if I did I would never see home again.

Warmth surrounded Spot as he awoke. That and the feel of cotton over his acing body. And amid all this warmth he felt something cool being pressed on his forehead. Sighing he felt himself relax from tension he didn't even know he had.

"Well it looks like someone's finally awake."

He heard a voice to his left and the sound of feet walking away. Finally opening his eyes he found that he was in a white room with a few other beds in it. Footsteps from the left and then a voice.

"So who are you and what are you doing outside in the rain like that?"

Spot turned his head to regard the person standing at his left. A boy was standing there. He looked around Spot's age and Jack's height. His hair was long and brown.

"Spot Conlon…."

"Land Sakes Carter you ain't making him answer questions yet are you? He just got up." The first voice was back.

Spot looked behind the boy to see a girl of about 15 standing in the doorway balancing a basket of clothes on one hip and a 3-year-old on the other. Coming over she handed the clothes to the other boy and looked at Spot.

"I'm Christy. You can call me Flame. That there is my idiot brother Carter, also known as Red, and this little girl is Angel. She's the quiet one of our disaster masters."

As if on cue another little girl around the same age came bursting into the room at full speed. Not paying attention to were she was going she ran right into Red's legs.

"Careful there Devil. You might hurt yourself." He said bending down to pick her up.

"And that one that just came in is Devil, Angel's sister. So can I get you anything?" Flame asked Spot.

"A pain reliever, something to drink and then some peace and quite." He said, not realizing he had slipped into a commanding tone.

"Ok then. Come on Devil. You herd him he wants peace and quiet."

Red set devil down and Flame took her hand. Leaving the room they went to go get the things Spot had asked for.

"So what were you doing out there?" Red asked again.

"I would rather not discuss that."

Nodding Red turned and left, leaving Spot with his thoughts. But it wasn't long before Flame came back with a glass of water and an aspirin.

"Here you go Spot. Anything else?"

"Nope. Thanks."

Nodding Flame left the room and Spot was alone once again. After taking the medicine he drank some of the water. It wasn't long before he was fast asleep.

A little while later Spot awoke to the same room he had been in earlier. Only this time he saw a little blonde head at the foot of his bed. Struggling to sit up he saw it was one of the twins.

'Angel I think her name was'

Seeming to sense that someone was looking at her she turned. For a second they stared at each other before Angel got up and ran out the door, almost plowing into Flame on her way out.

"Be more careful sweetie." She called down the hall to the retreating figure.

Shaking her head the teen made her way to the side of the bed.

"Did I do something wrong?" Spot asked confused.

"No, she just doesn't like people, especially strangers. Her and Devil have been here for about three or four moths and she still doesn't trust anyone but me and Red."


"I'm not sure. We, as in me and Red, found her and Devil down near the train station. Devil fit right in but Angel just can't get over whatever happened to them."

Spot thought this over.

"I see. So were exactly am I?"

"Pittsburgh Lodging house."

"Pittsburgh, as in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?"

"Is there any other Pittsburgh you know of?"

Spot shook his head, still wondering how he had managed to come so far without getting killed.

"So what exactly happened to you?"

"What…Oh I was attacked by a group of guys."

"I see. Why?"

"Don't know."

There was a moment's silence.

"So how long have I been here?"

"About three maybe four days."


"Why do you have to be somewhere?"

Spot shook his head.

"Ok then. Well you better get some rest 'cause you have to go to work tomorrow."

"What?" he asked but she was already out the door.

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