A/N: Here is my first try at a one-shot. It's something I have had on my mind for awhile, mostly just the thoughts of Violet one lonely night. It's set during Carnivorous Carnival but it's not full of spoilers or anything. Although it may be hard to follow if you haven't read it yet. Hope you like it!

Violet seemed to be the only one awake in the little caravan. She could hear the soft breathing of sleep coming from both her siblings, and the loud snores of Hugo across the room. She looked down at her precious baby sister Sunny, sleeping in the hammock below her and Klaus.

Sighing, the girl thought back to the day that Sunny was born. She remembered staring down in her new little sister as she chewed on the ear of a teddy bear and made baby noises. Violet had been surprised at the early teething of the child, but rather proud none the less.

The infant looked up at her big sister and grinned, showing her toothless gums. Violet's heart fluttered in her chest, she was so happy to finally have a baby sister to share things with.

Violet reached her hand down into the crib and held out her finger for Sunny to hold in her tiny fist. She didn't though. Instead she had opened her mouth wide and then closed it around the finger. It didn't hurt of course because she had no teeth, and it was more of a loving nibble than a bite anyways. Such an adorable baby….

"She's not a baby anymore though" thought the girl as she came out of her memory. "Now she's a young girl. And before I know it she will be a woman."

Violet frowned and looked at Sunny again. "She couldn't possibly be comfortable in that scruffy beard." She was suddenly reaware of their dire situation.

The girl considered once more the vow she had made to her parents. She had promised to keep her little brother and sister safe no matter what and so far she had done her best, it just wasn't good enough. From their awful time at Olaf's house to the burning of Heimlich Hospital, the good moments in their life had seemed to come less and less.

Her faith in people went with the good times. "Were they all evil or destined to be of no help?" she wondered. "Were all good hearted people also very weak?"

Violet tried to get comfortable in the shirt she and Klaus shared but she couldn't with her aching heart. She had failed as an older sister and the protector of her siblings. Her shoulders shook and tears flowed down her face as she cried silently. "I'm sorry mom and dad." She whispered to the night air. "I'm so sorry."

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