Chapter Five

"What happened to your jewel?" Zach asked, looking at Adriane's wrist. They were getting dressed to head deep into the forest.

"What do you mean? It's right here." Adriane replied, holding up her arm. What she saw shocked her. The silver and gold paw that was once around her wrist was gone. It it's place dangled a brown and gold drop. Like a tear or a rain drop. "What the..." She began.

"Are you two still sleeping?" Kara called from the stairs.

"You need to get up here." Adriane called.

"What?" Zach asked. He was still naked. He quickly slid on his boxers and some shorts.

"What's going on?" Kara asked, opening the door. Emily and Ozzie were close behind her. Adriane held up her hand once more. Kara gasped.

"Quick, Emily. You can see magic. Please tell me if this is still my stone." Adriane pleaded.

Emily narrowed her eyes and concentrated only on Adriane's stone. A slight aura was slowly appearing. It got brighter and brighter. When she finally got it into focus, she could clearly tell that this was the same stone that Adriane had been wearing the past five years. It was like it carried Adriane's signature all over it. Emily blinked her eyes and the aura was gone. "That definitely is the wolf stone. It must have evolved."

"But it only evolves when we move up a level." Adriane pointed out.

"Maybe you moved from level two to level three." Kara suggested.

"In my sleep?" Adriane pushed.

"Ozzie, what do you think?" Adriane almost forgot that Zach was still in the room.

"I think we need to get a hold of Tasha and ask her to run some tests. Then we need to get a hold of the Fairimentals." Ozzie suggested.

Tasha ran her device all over the wolf stone. "Emily is correct, this is still the wolf stone. It harnesses a lot of power." She informed them.

"But why?" Adriane asked.

"Because you are needed. You all are." A voice rang out. Everyone turned to Tasha's mirror. The earth fairimental, Gwigg was standing there.

"What?" Zach asked, getting closer. "You did this to Adriane's jewel?"

"We did what we had to do." Marina said.

"But you could have at least told me." Adriane said.

"We are sorry. But before you get mad at us, let us explain a few things." Ambia requested. The mages sat back and listened. We fear that the Spider Witch and the Dark Sorceress have something big planned. Separately, of course."

"Adriane, you are not a level three mage, at least not yet. Your jewel has evolved, because we willed it so. This is going to be the hardest and probably the most diffcult battle you have ever fought so far." Marina warned.

"Sadly, we fear that loss will be a part of this battle. It will take your wits, your courage..." Gwigg started. He glanced and Adriane and Zach. "...and your love to defeat and beat the Spider Witch and the Dark Sorceress."

"We wish this wasn't so, but unfortunately the time is upon us. We wish we could tell you just how to defeat them, but we have no idea what they are planning." Firemental said, his flame flickering.

Zach put a protective arm around Adriane. "We offer you this warning, be careful, be safe and rely on your instincts." One by one, each of the Fairimentals faded from view.

Kara looked Emily, shocked. "What?" She asked.

"You know what this means, right?" Adriane asked, turning to her friends. "We need to practice more. We need to learn to work together, help our magic work together." She eyed Kara. We need to call upon our Paladins and work with them. We need to be ready and waiting for when they make their move. We need to have the upper hand."

"Spoken like a true warrior." Zach said, smiling.

There was an silent agreement between the friends.

Adriane threw her hand to the sky, her stone flashing. "I call Stormbringer."

Kara threw her arm up, the unicorn jewel flashing red and pick. "I call upon Starfire."

Emily's jewel flashed all the colors of the rainbow. "Indi, I need you."

Zach threw his hand to the sky, his dragon stone flashing red. "I call to you, Fire Heart."

Soon, their Paladins arrived. A mist swirled around Adriane and Stormbringer appeared.

Fire streaked around Kara. Soon the majestic stallion, Starfire appeared.

Purple and pink galloped from no where. Soon, the unicorn, Indi, appeared by Emily's side.

There was a loud shriek. Everyone turned their eyes to the sky. Fire streaked in a straight line. Soon, Fire Heart, the phoenix landed beside his bonded, Zach.

"Level twos, are we ready?" Adriane asked, getting into fight mode.

The other three nodded. Soon, there were jets of red, brown, pink, and rainbow flying everywhere.

Soon, Emily had Kara pinned, her magic pressing against Kara's.

"Lyra, I need you." Soon, the winged cat was by her side, ready to defend her bonded.

That was exactly what Kara needed. With Lyra's magic, it gave her the extra boost she needed. She fired a string of magic toward Emily, who threw up a magical shield. Kara's magic bounced off.

Adriane had Zach cornered. She had Dreamer and Stormbringer on her side. Zach had Fire Heart, but Drake downright refused to fight. He would be fighting against his mama, if he fought on Zach's side. If he chose to fight with Adriane, he would be fighting against his daddy.

"Drake, I could really use your help now." Zach gritted his teeth. His wife was a worthy adversary. She fought better then all of the warriors he ever encountered. She fought with pure instinct and passion. She was fighting for the things the cared about most.

Just then, there was a shot of orange magic. Ozzie scrambled in between the fray. "Parents." He shouted.

"What are you kids doing back here?" Mrs. Davies asked.

The four young adults looked behind them. Fire Heart, Stormbringer, Indi, and Starfire were gone. There was a slight patch of mist, right where Drake should have been.

"We're not kids anymore." Kara said, giving her mom a kiss.

"She's right, you know." Adriane folded her arms, her stone dangling.

Mrs. Fletcher's eyes caught the movement. "Oh my. What a pretty jewel. Where did you get it? What is it?"

"I bought it for her." Zach said, quickly. "It's..."

"Tiger's eye." Adriane said quickly.

"I have to get myself one of those." Carolyn stated.

"What are you guys doing here?" Emily asked.

"We came by to see if you guys wanted to go and get Christmas trees." Mrs. Davies replied.

What's Christmas? Zach asked, telepathically.

I'll explain later. Adriane replied.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea." Adriane said, trying to push the older adults away from the spot.