Selene wasn't feeling well since she got up. She drank a glass of blood, so she knew that she wasn't famished.

"I think you should see a doctor." Michael had said.

"And tell them what? Hi, I'm a vampire hybrid and I'm not feeling well." Selene said.

Michael got a crooked grin on his face. "I'm a doctor. Let me examine you."

Selene playfully slapped him. "You already have. Several times."

"But seriously." Michael said. "Take it slow until we know what's going on."

"I will." She gave him a quick kiss before she made her way into the office.

About an hour later, her first client showed up. "Can you file these for us, Mrs. Corvin?" the client had asked.

"Sure." Selene stood up to take the documents and got dizzy. She had to sit back down again.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Head rush is all." she replied. "Just leave the documents on the table and I'll file them as soon as I feel a bit better." The client set the documents down, gathered their stuff and left.

"Hope you feel better." They said.

"Thanks." Regardless of what she told Michael that morning, she grabbed her coat, her keys and made her way to the doctors.

Later that night, Michael was telling her about his day. "I just did some fixing up around here. I worked on the truck. That's running now. How about you?" He took a bite of his dinner and washed it down with some blood.

"Well, a few clients came by with more documents, went out for lunch, I went to see a doctor, I did some shopping..."

"Wait. Did you just say you went to see a doctor?" Michael asked.

"Yeah. I got hit with a really bad dizzy spell and I wanted to find out what's going on." She said.

"While i was there, I puked. All that came out was blood. You should've seen his look. It was pure horror. He couldn't imagine where so much blood was coming from." She paused. "Michael, I'm pregnant."

"You're what?" He asked.

"I'm pregnant." She repeated.

"Honey, that's wonderful." He said. He got up and gave her a hug.

"We're going to have a little one." She said, tears filling up her eyes.

"That settles it. Tomorrow we're going shopping. I'll fix up on of the rooms as a nursery." Michael said. He led her into the living room.

Nine months later, Josephine Elizabeth Corvin and Alexander Michael Corvin were born. Twins.

"Say hello to your daddy." Selene said, holding both of them in her arms.

Michael looked over Selene's shoulders at the two miracles that he and Selene have created.


Time to Let Selene and Michael raise their family. With twins they're going to need all the strength they can get.