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Chapter One

One afternoon in the Tanner (A/N: Believe me, I've tried making that name sound medieval) Kingdom, Queen Pamela's gaze followed her husband, the king, as he paced around the throne room. Which was gold colored and extremely clean by the king's orders.

"Dear Danny, will you please stop pacing? I'm having a headache." said Queen Pamela, putting a hand to her head.

King Daniel stopped, "Sorry. I'm just worried! The way our daughters act sometimes make them seem so-"

But Pamela finished "Uncivilized?"

"And tracking mud into the palace." he pointed out.

The queen sighed. Despite the king's weirdness, they really loved each other. Danny-only called that by close friends-is worrying because even their youngest child, Princess Michelle is of age for a husband. But yet, what worried them the most was their middle child. Princess Stephanie.

Twenty-six years of age and still unmarried. Eavesdrops so much it gets on everyone's nerves (except the queen). At least she'll have no problem knowing people, since she is somewhat of a chatterbox. But seriously, Princess Donna Jo is now married and known as Queen of Churchill. Churchill Kingdom giving support to the Tanner Kingdom. What a relief to know even though it was an arranged marriage, King Steve and Queen Donna Jo loved each other. Now back to the Princess.

"Perhaps," started Queen Pamela "You can find someone not exactly of royal blood."

"Pardon?" the king asked raising an eyebrow.

"A knight, duke, baron-"


Pamela crossed her arms, "I was only suggesting."

Daniel sighed, running a hand through his hair and started picking lint from his clothing.

"By the way, my brother, the Emperor of Katsopolis is coming to visit."

Daniel stopped and looked up, "Only him right?"

"No, his wife, the Empress and the princes are also coming." The Queen of Tanner stood to exit the room.

"That's great! Now, we're going to need preparations! Make them change shoes when they enter the palace please! The servants just finished cleaning the floor!"

"Wouldn't it be an insult to the Emperor if you actually made him change his shoes just to set foot into our palace?" questioned Pamela.

"I'm not trying to be rude. But you know diseases these days. I can't have anyone catching the plague! Especially not my daughters!" countered King Daniel.

"Over-protective as usual." mumbled Pamela, "I'll be in the gardens if you need me." With that she turned and left.

'Have to find a husband for Stephanie!' thought Daniel.

"Ouch! Lady Denise! Don't tie my hair so tight. Sometimes I wonder if it'll get ripped off." ordered Princess Michelle.

The lady undid Michelle's hair again...for the tenth time this morning!

"I apologize, your highness, but it is the Queen's orders that you look presentation and sophisticated."

The princess let our a frustrated sigh. Running over to her bed where two dresses were laid out for her choosing.

"Which one would look better? The green silk with the pearls or the red satin?" asked Michelle.

"I think whatever you wear would look lovely on you, your highness." answered Lady Denise with a small curtsey.

The Princess could not help but roll her eyes. Even if she was told never to do so.

"Be honest, please. Pretend I am just another lady in the court and don't be afraid of telling me the truth."

"That would be insulting to call you anything less than beautiful in those dresses."

"Don't be like that. My mother told me beauty isn't everything." Michelle said thoughtfully.

"If you insist." said the lady, uncertainly.

Princess Michelle's smile brightened, "Well excellent! Don't be afraid of getting beheaded or anything! Just choose!"

"Well," Lady Denise picked each one up, "I would say the red satin. Pearls make you look rather old, my princess. Be happy you are still young."

The princess shrugged, "You sound like you know so much but the truth is you're almost the same age as me."

Denise flashed her teeth in a grin, "Without princess lessons I've got more time in my hands of course."

"Yes, yes don'r remind me of lessons please!" whined Michelle.

A curtsey. "As you wish, your highness."

"Stop calling me 'your highness' all the time. That's also what they address my sisters as and it's like I've got no personal name."

"Shall I call you Princess Michelle then?" Lady Denise asked hesitantly.

"At least it's got my name!" Michelle twirled around until she got to the mirror again. "Can you help me with my hair again?"

"That's what I've been doing since I've started serving the court."

Michelle embraced her.

"Thank you, you truly are a good friend."

Denise returned the embrace.

"Of course, I'll always be supportive of you."

They pulled back and smiled at each other.

"I'm not one for formalities. So don't act like you're really a servant. Act like you're an equal."

"But you are of royal blood afterall." then she added sadly, "If it weren't for my father's rank I probably wouldn't have had the chance to be in the palace."

"My mother and father are understanding people. Despite cleaniness you'd know they aren't crazy for power. Only for my sisters and I to have the best and get countries to work together to not start wars."

Knock Knock Knock!

"Enter." stated Michelle as commanding as possible. Being used to her governess scolding her about being too soft. Princess Michelle's governess has said that if she was to allow her ladies to only knock on the door, at least be commanding when asked permission to enter.

The door opened up. A slender looking woman wearing a violet dress stepped in and curtsied.

"Your highness." she greeted.

"Lady Lisa! Finally you've arrived! You were supposed to help me dress a while ago." complained Michelle.

The woman known as Lady Lisa bowed her head, "I apologize, my princess, but Lady Mikki apparently, needed my help."

Michelle set her hands on her hips, "Does my sister not have enough of her own maids? Father has sent two maids hand-picked himself to be Ladies-in-waiting to each of my sisters and I. Other maids also but only two seem to be trusted enough."

Lady Lisa spoke, head still bowed, "Lady Mikki says that her royal highness Princess Stephanie was having a bit of a problem and needed another trusted lady to help out."

"Why not Lady Gia?" asked Lady Denise who became bored of listening.

It was then that Lisa raised her head.

"Lady Gia was sent on an errand at that time. And we all know the Ladies Kimberly and Cathy are both in Churchill Kingdom with the Queen Donna Jo."

"What is wrong with my sister though?" questioned Michelle.

Lisa's head went down again.

"She has somehow managed to climb up a tree in her gown in an attempt to put a robin's egg back to it's nest but is stuck.

Lady Denise gasped. Princess Michelle's eyes widened.

"Is my father informed?"

Lady Lisa shook her head, "Not yet, your highness. His excellency refuses to hear from anyone at this moment."

"How come?" Michelle grabbed Lisa by the shoulders and lifted her up to face her.

Again, her head drops, "Marriage for Princess Stephanie of course."

"If my sister dies there will be no marriage!" shrieked Michelle.

"What now?" asked Lady Denise.

Michelle headed to the door, "I will go to my father in person." Princess Michelle took Lady Lisa with her out to the corridors.

"But your highness! You haven't even dressed yet! A princess shouldn't walk around in her night gown!" Denise yelled after Michelle.

Immediatly, she stopped. Blushing as the guards turned away. Also embarrassed.

"Uh, I forgot..."