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Never Supposed to Be

This was never how it was supposed to end.

Kurogane knew this was wrong.

The battle had been just like most others, minor and pointless, no rewards.

A creature so feirce and strong, inhumane. Defeated like many others, giving it's last shot at victory as it died. It had happened so fast that no one could have seen it coming, nore could they have stopped it.


A princess's screams become silent, fading to the back of the ninja's mind and he focussed on the frail body in his arms.

Cureulean eyes, clouded in pain yet so soft as always, never bitter. Crimson stained white cloth. Silence reigned, deafenning pain. The darker man choked. "Fai..." What was he supposed to say? That he was gonna make it? That this didn't change anything? That he... Loved him?

The pale boy managed a smile as if none of this was real. He knew it was, they all knew what was coming. "Kuro... Chan. I'm sorry."

"Don't say that!" A fist clenched and shook.


"Don't, don't you dare apologize to me you stupid mage! I was supposed to protect you, I failed, it's my fault, so quit being so goddamned stupid!"

That fist pounded the mud. When did it begin raining?

Ruby eyes filled with tears against his will, a dam threatenning to break and spill all his secrets. What's the point of secrets without a mage to find them out? He inwardly started at Fai's sudden choked laugh. "Kuro-tan, don't be sad. Don't feel sorry about what cannot be changed."

It could have been

"I... Shit! Please... Fai, please!" His voice cracked as he tasted the salty streams running down his face. "Please don't..." He couldn't say it. Did he even know the words? He never was good with emotions after all.

Smiling blue eyes searched the deep red. Fai knew the right words. He always knew.

The mage continued to smile as the ninja silently wept. Unable to find the words he needed, he did the only thing that felt right. Half numb, he let tanned fingers grasp a gloved hand. Silently he removed the blue material, touching the pale skin for the first and only time.

Long fingers intertwined in understanding silence. The closest they'd ever be.

Mouths moved but no sound came forth. Just them, nothing else existed anymore.

The time was up. He felt the gap widen between them. Gripping that hand, the last shred of his reality, he thought his unspoken feelings. 'Fai... I love you.'

Fai's hand slacked as he whispered, "I know." Eyes closing, he breathed his last breath.

Time froze as the ninja's heart shattered into a million peices.

And this was it.

This was the ending that was never meant to be.

Kurogane lowered the body to the ground and turned, finally aware of his companions. Sakura had passed out in Saoryun's arms, holding her tight, trying to be brave.

He walked passed them, knowing he'd follow. "Kurogane-san, what do we do with Fai's body?" The small voice shook.

"Nothing. Let's go."

"We shouldn't just leave him here!"

But that wasn't Fai. He was gone. The closest thing to Fai was still clenched in his fist, well hidden. He felt the navy blue glove and smiled slightly. 'Some day, mage. Some day I'll find you and protect you again.'

And if he had been listenning to the wind he might have heard the faint words.

"I know."