Title: A moment in time.

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Fastlane story but… Yeah.

She had been drinking, trying to forget what date is was. Trying to forget that it

was an anniversary. Trying to forget the blood, the look on her mothers face.

The drinks did not help and the more she tried to forget ,the more she had


The blue bike her father had given her when she turned five. The pride in his

eyes when she learned to ride it.

The feeling of safety when he tossed her high in the air and she knew that he would

catch her.

And she remembered the pain on her mothers face when she had gotten the phone call

that had shattered their life.

She had been ten when her father was killed. And when she had stood at his grave

she had promised herself that someday she would find and kill the man that had

shot him.

She had moved out when she was fifteen, leaving her alcoholic mother behind.

When she was sixteen she was living on the street, addicted to heroin.

Now she was thirty.

Today it was twenty years since her father had been murded. Shoot in a dark alley

by an unknown man.

She had seen Van, standing alone in a corner, abeer in his hand.

And she had cursed herself for going to that place, to that bar.

She should have known. And maybe she had. Maybe that was why she had chosen

this bar instead of her regular one, hoping to run in to him.

This was his bar, the place he went to when he wanted to forget the life he lived,

forget the people he had to cheat in order to get the job done.

He had told her that.

And still she had goneto this bar, knowing that the case he had worked had been a bad

one, knowing that he would be here, drinking himself into oblivion.

He had looked at her with such intensity that she had turned her head away, the

feelings she´d read in his eyes unnerving her.

She had turned back to her drink, hoping that he would go away. That he wouldn´t

approach her. She hadn´t had the strength to deal with him. Not on a day like this.

The next time she looked up he stood beside her, his eyes boring a hole in her.

- Go away.

He had ignored her like he usually did, sliding down in the chair next to her.

- What are you doing here?

- Drinking Van. That´s usually what you do in a bar she said, her tone sarcastic.

He had just looked at her, raising an eyebrow.

She had sighed, knowing that her tone had not scared him off, that he waited for an answer.

- I like to get a drink sometimes Van. Is there something wrong with that?

- No. It is not like you, that´s all.

She had shrugged her shoulders, returning to her drink, hoping that he would leave

it alone. That he would leave her alone. That hope did not last long however, as she

heard him ask another question.

- What are you trying to forget?

Why did he see so much? Why couldn´t he be the shallow, cocky dumb ass he had

been the first day she saw him?

- Who says I´m trying to forget something?

She was dodging the question, not wanting to answer him.

- You are here, alone, drinking. And you look…

He stopped himself with a shake off his head and took a sip off his beer.

- I look what?

He had sighed like he knew he had said to much.

- You look.. sad.

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