Title: A blue Christmas.

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Paring: Jackie and Hyde.

Today it was Christmas. A holiday when you was supposed to be happy. You where supposed to be spending time with your family, exchanging gifts and stuffing your self with food.

Are here she was, crying her eyes out in a empty house with no food.

Her mother was of to Mexico, or Hawaii or some other place where you could wear a bikini, drink a lot of drinks and have men chase after you. A place where you could forget that you had a daughter.

And her father… Her father was in jail and only God knew how long he would stay there.

No, she was alone. As usual.

God, she hated Christmas.

She had told her friends that her mother had come home. That they would spend Christmas Eve togheter in the house and then fly off to Mexico the next day.

What a joke.

Like her mother would want to spend Christmas with her. As if. She had not heard from her in more than two weeks.

She had lied to friends. Could not stand the pity she knew would be in their eyes if she told them the truth.

Or the gossip she knew would spred around town.

" Have you heard? Jackie's mother has left her and her father is in jail. Her money is running out and she will be all alone for Christmas. Jackie Burkhart, what a joke."

Jackie did not like beeing pitied .She did not like beeing talked about behind her back. And she rather spend Christmas alone then with some friend that had felt forced to invite her to their house.

Yeah. Right. If she kept telling herself that then maybe she would believe it. Someday.

Who invented this stupid holiday anyway?

The phone rang as she sat at the table eating cereals. She had not had a proper, hot meal in weeks. The maid had quit three weeks ago. Jackie had run out of money to pay her salary with.

She should learn how to cook. She should drop out of school and get a job.

Yeah, right. Like she could get a job. Doing what? Shopping? That was all she knew how to do.

She reached for the phone that sat on the wall, hoping that it wasn´t Britney or Callie or anyother of her cheerleader "friends" that called to brag about all the gifts that they had got.


- Hi Jackie...

It was the last person she had expected to call her. It was the last person she wanted to call her.

- What the…? And just what do you think you´re doing calling me?

-I... I need to talk to you.

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