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Tsunade's office

"You do know what today is right?" questioned Tsunade. Silence was all she received; it was an eerie one too. The blinds were closed and no guards were around, only two figures were there. One shadowed by the darkness.

"Hai, I understand…Hokage-sama." replied the other figure. "Hokage-sama eh, has today really brought you down enough to be respectful and polite?" It was indeed very unusual for the younger blonde to be like this. Again the silence was back. "How much time left do I have?" it came out like a snarled like whisper. 'Do you really wish to know; you could forget all about this and continue living like you are now. The villagers are starting to accept you, gradually but still-"she was cut off

"Please, just tell me how much time I have left…before they come for me?" the voice seemed somewhat desperate and was breaking up. Tsunade's eyes softened up a little more. "You have a choice; you don't have to do this." "Please, how much longer?" tears seemed to be held back as the shadowed figure spoke. Tsunade sighed ,at least she tried. "You have exactly 30 days before they arrive, use your time left wisely. I believe it is time to tell the villagers about your "other" secrets." "I haven't exactly made my choice yet, I still so confused of what I should do." the line frown of the younger one's lips was now visible, and the sad expression ,on her the seen part of her face, was obvious.

Stepping into the light was a young girl, clad in a baggy orange and black jumpsuit(replace the blue part with black)jacket unzipped with a black shirt that hung off her. With light tanned skin, three whisker marks on each cheek, deep yet light blue eyes with slanted pupils, and short messy blonde hair hanging down to her ears(ha, I took off the pigtails, by the way she looks sort of different then her 'sexy form' less girly so she's a tomboy")"I better be leaving now before anyone sees me like this, the team is also waiting for me." With a few hand sighs the young girl was transformed into the infamous knuckleheaded ninja everyone knew as Naruto Uzumaki.

"Well Tsunade-baa-Chan got to get going." with that the fox-boy(or should I say girl)took off. "Wait Naruto!" yelled out Tsunade. "Yeah granny, what is it" Naruto was now back to pretending to be his 'usual self'(boy isn't he a good actor?) Tsunade gave off a small smile "Happy 13th birthday Naruto". Naruto just stared at her with wide innocent eyes, with that he too gave off a small smile "thank you". Not a minute later and he was gone, sprinting to the bridge to meet up with his old teammates.

knows about the Kyuubi now and got the full story, they also learned not all demons were bad. They treated Naruto nicer after time went on.

is back, and his fan club is even crazier.

reason for changing Naruto into a girl is that the idea wouldn't leave me alone. I know it's been done before but I assure you that the storyline is original. If someone already did something like this story, please contact me and I shall take it off the site.(I didn't copy it I'll tell you that).

is still named Naruto.

you don't understand the story so far, the more chapters the more it will make sense.

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