Summary: A funny piece that my muse poked me over when I first started cracking on the table. Set somewhere around the very end of 'A Wolf in the Fold'

Snow White blushed a bright red, shut her eyes tightly, and slammed shut the door she had just opened, in no particular order. She blushed deeper and moved a hand over her eyes when she realized it would likely have been a wiser course of action to slam the door shut from the outside.

She took a deep breath to calm herself, the sea air and warmth of the room helping somewhat. Moving her hand away, she opened her eyes and focused them on his face. When she spoke, her voice was stern. "Mr. Wolf, were you not instructed to prepare for this morning's lesson on human behavior?"

"I was."

She sighed and gave him a Look. "For future reference, Mr. Wolf. . ." Stepping forward, she took an untouched package from a nearby table.


"Unless otherwise specified," she said, pushing the package into his arms and ensuring she spoke clearly, "Always. Wear. Clothing."

He gave a sly half-smile and lazy salute. "I shall certainly keep that in mind, Miss White."