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Do you remember that scene where Spirit had freed all of those Calvary horses? This stories based on the life of a Calvary Horse.

Chapter One

My Lost Freedom

I remember the first time I had seen Spirit. I remember when that flashy buckskin had first come into the Calvary fighting with all his heart to break away. I always hated to see another wild horse taken in and then broke. He was as frightened as I when I first came into this place,but there was somethingdifferent about this stallion.I hated to get my hopes up for every horse that came to this place because whenever I did it never happened.I dostill remember my previous freedom and my last moments of freedom and when I lost it…

My mom had been a beautiful light gray horse named, Ojos Verde, which was spanish for Green eyes. We called her Verde for short My dad was a striking black named Fire Light. We called him Fire for short. My mom gave birth to me on a sunny green spring day. She had trotted off to find a quiet place. Then I was born.

The sunlight hit my eyes with vengeance. I blinked and the first thing I saw were my mothers beautiful face. She looked back and said 'Welcome to this world, Lady Fire'. My name. My very own name. I whinnied in approval, but instead of a whinny a high-pitched squeal type sound came out. My mother chuckled and had lie there licking me until my coat was dry.

My coat was black and I had four white socks, all half way up my legs. I still remember when my mom forced me up on my feet. She stood up and started to walk off a ways. Then she stood there looking at me encouraging me to stand up. I was so confused! It only took about a half an hour.

My mom was so proud! I loved that feeling. Then she led me back to my herd. Everyone greeted me with such kindness. I was proud to be part of this herd. Then my dad walked up to me. My mom expected me to be scared, but I stood right up to him and whinnied loud. Fire Light broke out in laughter and so did the rest of the herd.

My dad then said, 'She'll do just fine! I can see it now that spunky attitude getting her into so much trouble!' Then I remember my dads soft gentle eyes looking upon me and he lowered his head and licked my gently on the face. I had such a wonderful life, my mom was so kind and gentle, but strict. My dad was fair and just. I loved to race the colts and a lot of the times I would beat them! My mom and dad were proud of me and never took shame.

My first winter was another story. At first the light snowflakes blanketing the ground look like much fun to me. I rolled in it and kicked it up with my feet as did the other colts and fillies, but then after a few minutes the cold snowflakes melted on my coat and I was freezing. My mom had to teach me to paw the ground for the few blades of grass that didn't even taste that good. I was also taught to break the ice on the pond to sip the icy cold waters below. Winter was horrible. Every day seemed to get colder and colder and harder to get food and water. I had been taught of the many dangers of the west. Cougars stalking, wolves crouching in, and even the bachelor stallions watching the mares closely. All of this had frightened me deeply, but I knew my parents would fight for me because they cared for me. So I kept that knowledge and knew that it was important to my survival. Then one day it started to get warmer and warmer until all the snow had melted. I was so glad spring was finally here again, but not for long.

I became stronger and stronger learning the ways of the world from my dad, Fire Light. I had a tough time with the otherfillies and coltsbecause I was the leaders kid. I coped and still kept on thriving. I spent more and more time with my dad, learning to become a futureLead mare and he always treated me like a colt, which I didn't mind. I was alwaystreated like fragile little flower and I was tired of it!But futre lead mare was taken out of the picture. It was bright summer day and I was grazing on the grass when my dad yelled for us to gallop the other way.

I became frozen with terror. My mom came up behind me and bit me hard on my hindquarters and yelled, 'Move Lady, we must run!' I kicked it into gear and ran my hardest. I looked back and there were horses chasing us, but there were these strange 2-leggeds on top of them kicking them.

My mom stayed close by me and kept encouraging me to run. My legs were starting to wear out and I started to slow. My mom yelled 'You must keep going, Lady, it's the only way!' I pushed myself into gear again and thought the only way to what? Then a rope was lassoed around my neck.

The sudden jerk on my neck pushed me backward and I lost my balance. 'NO!' my mom screamed. She stopped and veered around to try and help me. My dad came back and told my mom to keep going. She struggled, but ran the other way. My dad yelled 'Remember your Lady Fire, Daughter of Fire Light and Ojos Verde! I'll save you one...day..."

His voice then faded. I tried and tried with all my might to get away from this thing around my neck. I noticed that three other horses were tied to those 2-leggeds. They watched as I wildly tried to get away. They made us walk day and night for 3 days. I became friends with these other horses. There were two stallions and one mare.

One stallion was a bay with a white stripe; his name was Ace Amigo. The other stallion was a reddish chestnut with 2 white socks in the front and a snip in between his nostrils; his name was Red Illusion. The mare I became particularly close to was a dun with black socks on all four legs and a star you could barely see on her forehead. She had a dark mane and tail. Her name was Silver Tide.

When I arrived at the fort, I resisted in fear. There were all these horses, completely obeying these 2-leggeds! How could they! I whinnied in terror, much like Spirit did when he arrived. They forced me into a hard wooden box and tied me tight. I fought the rope, but it would not budge. Then they took me out. I followed gingerly. They shoved me into this slot with poles on either side. They tied my face to these poles. They did all these weird things. They tried to pick up my feet! They took these shiny metal objects and started to take off a lot of my beautiful mane. I bit his 2-legged's hand hard. It said something under its breath. He continued having to put my muzzle in this skin-type thing. I fought and finally it was done doing whatever it was going to do. Then the worst part came, breaking in.

A cluster of 2-leggeds forced me into another slot thing, but this was metal. They pulled something under my barrel and squeezed it tight. I tried to buck and rear, but I didn't get far. They forced my mouth open and shoved a metal bar in. I fought it all the way, but had no strength over them in this confined area. Then one of them got on my back.

I felt its weight pushing on my back. Instinct told me to get it off. Then the metal door swung open. I bucked and reared harder then ever before. Before I knew it, the 2-legged was flying off my back and landed on the groundwith a loud thud. I felt very happy and bucked again. They then forced me into the box again.

Another one landed on my back and again the door shot open. I did the same and the same happened. This went on for about another five riders. Then a 2-legged they called colonel came up to me. He stared strait into my eyes with such a cold look. I felt a chill go down my spine, but I stared back with all the hatred in the world.

They then shoved me back into the metal box, and the colonel got on me. I bucked, kicked, and reared. He pulled on my face forcing my neck around and made me back up fast. I gave up. He had won. I never felt so bad in my life. This colonel kicked me to walk. My sides were heaving sucking in valuable air and sweat was dripping off me.

White lather covered me. He won and I couldn't believe it. After this I got put into a big box with straw bedding, this dried up grass, and water. I was just thankful to have food again. For months I watched them do the same to other wild mustangs. I kept close friends to Silver Tide. Then training became more intense. They made us walk, trot, and canter so controllably it was hard to keep so collected.

Before I knew it I was the part of the horses I first saw when I came to this place.

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