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Then They Left

"STOP! Stop this nonsense!" Rain yelled out. Everyone's heads turned over to her. Then we noticed a little filly at her side that was a beautiful strawberry roan. "Her name is Solitario. It means "The Lone One". Her own family abandoned her. We should all be happy to have someone." Then I started to notice a hint of anger running through her voice. "I loved you Spirit and you turned your back on me. I thought you loved me. Then you left me for Lady Fire." I became very uncomfortable at this moment. All of the mares shot me very nasty looks, but my mom and my sister. Spirit then looked back at me. I gave him a kind of "I really never meant for any of this to happen" look. He nuzzled my nose then we turned to listen to the rest of what Rain was saying.

"Now at least, I have someone. Solitario and I at least have each other now." Rain looked down at Solitario and she nuzzled her lightly. Then, they left.

Red, my mom, Spirit, Me, everyone stood not realizing what really just happened. We all just tried to take it all it. Then, we parted. My mom, Spirit, Fire Lily, and I just left and Red Illusion and his herd let us leave. We walked and walked for what seemed an endless day. No one spoke, no one laughed, and no one cried. We walked. Finally, for it seemed it never would come, nightfall covered us in darkness all over again. The whole valley seemed motionless. The wind vanished, the animals still, the stars stopped twinkling. We found our little cave and we all lied down.

Then Spirit broke through the darkness only revealing a slight silhouette, "Rain is right. We should be thankful to have someone," When this was said we all nodded our heads, "We need to move on."

Then my mom came in, "Fire Lily and I need to find Fire Light and rebuild our herd."

Then I, "Spirit and I need to start our lives together and build a herd of our own."

Then Spirit again, "And I…need to let Rain go."

The next morning we woke up and Spirit and I said our goodbyes to my mother and sister before they set off to find my dad. And now our lives were to begin.

Time has passed. Over the time, Spirit had brought in 2 abandoned mares to his herd. One a deep golden palomino with a star, stripe, snip on her face and one sock on her hind left that goes only up to her fetlock. Her name is Freedom Ring. The other is a plain dusty brown color with one spot on the top of her rump. Her name is Simple Complication, known as Cat. Lady Fire's belly has swelled up, due to her unborn foal, soon ready to be brought into the world. Also, Spirit and Lady Fire have spotted a mysterious stallion a few times in the distance watching them. The story is still being told at Lady Fire's point of view.

I started to canter over to Freedom, but it was so uncomfortable with my huge belly so I slowed to a walk. The day was crystal clear. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it just seemed all to perfect. Freedom was also carrying a foal, but wasn't near as far as I. We found her all alone crying and we took her in. It was a frightful night. We still never found out what happened, but we never brought it up afraid it would just push her further away from finding the truth. We also haven't seen Red Illusion or his herd, and we haven't seen Rain either. As Freedom and me were chatting a sharp jolt of pain hit my abdomen.


"What's wrong Lady?"

"I think I'm going to have the foal!" I smiled and so did Freedom.

I ran off to a quiet place. It was a little grove of trees that was surrounded with brush. It was quiet there and it was perfect. How could this day get any better I thought? The pains become worse and worse and more frequent. I whinnied in pain and then it was over, but something was wrong, terribly wrong. I became panicked. I looked over at my foal and it was still. I yelled and I started to lick the foal, but it still wouldn't move. I nuzzled it with my nose and it wasn't breathing. She was dead, but I couldn't, no I wouldn't believe it.

"NO!" echoed through the valley. My scream ending how perfect his day had been. Spirit galloped over and saw me lying on the ground and the dead filly beside me. I cried so hard the tears stung my eyes. All I saw was a blurred vision of Spirit beside me. He hugged me and nuzzled me and I continued to sob profusely. Then it began to rain. Out of nowhere black clouds rolled in and shut out the warm rays of the sun. They valley was silent again, a sound I wished never to hear. It mimicked the pain Spirit and horses alike felt on that dreadful day and now it was back again. I just couldn't understand it all.

"Spirit, how could this happen? Why did this happened to me! We would have had a beautiful filly! It was my fault wasn't it?"

"Lady, you couldn't have helped this. It's not your fault," He said in a gentle tone and I still continued to cry, "It's alright Lady, there will be more foals."

I nodded and then got up on my feet. I was still shaking, all my muscles were trembling under my ebony coat and tears still rolled down my face. I came out and I saw the two mares smiling then there faces dropped when they saw it was just Spirit and me. I buried my face in Spirit's shoulder and he hugged me back. Freedom and Cat came over and hugged me too. I felt a little better when I realized that I wasn't alone.

The storm raged on becoming more violent than ever, but I didn't do much. I dozed off most of the day, because for some reason sleeping was my way of dealing with stress. Freedom and Cat stayed next to me most of the day and Spirit checked on me often. I thought about what life would have been like if my filly would have survived, but it just made me more depressed. Many things went through my mind, I thought about my mom and dad, my sister, and even Rain. Then I suddenly realized I wasn't the only one to ever lose anything in my life. Rain lost Spirit, Spirit lost Rain, his mother, and his herd. Both Freedom and Cat lost their family and maybe even more. Lightning cracked sending a jolt of electricity streaking through the sky and thunder rolled on. From then on, I decided to pick myself up and move on because I know things would get better. It took a long time for me to finally get back to my old self and always in the back of my mind I thought about it, but I couldn't let that stop me from living and so I moved on…

One dewy spring evening, months later from when my foal died it was finally time for Freedom to have her foal. I remember because Freedom, Cat, and I were laughing at her enlarged belly. Freedom was always a very handsome mare. Her coat was always gleaming, especially in the morning sunrise and the evening sunset. She also had a very pretty head that was slightly dished, her star, stripe, and snip accenting her face. What really set her apart were her warm, almost golden eyes. With her golden coat and her creamy white mane and tail she was stunning and very well put together. So, we were laughing with her about her belly and unexpectedly her face changed, as she must have felt pain due to her foal. We smiled and she smiled back as she went to a secluded part of the valley, but still close enough to the herd. Birds chirped merrily and rabbits scuttled across the fields as we waited, anxiety growing with each passing moment. We waited anxiously for her arrival, but it seemed to take a while, then at last she came back with her newborn foal! She was a stunning buckskin color, much like Spirit with the cutest star you'd ever seen. Her name was Harmony's Rebel. She fit in right away with our herd and we were so busy welcoming Harmony that we didn't notice the dark stallion off in the distance. I glanced over at him, but paid no attention to him.

"Isn't she beautiful!" Freedom exclaimed.

"She is gorgeous! She sure got your looks Freedom!" I replied and she laughed a bit nervously.

"She reminds me of a littler me!" Spirit responded as Harmony had risen up on her to hind legs to come up to Spirit's level.

But without our awareness a dark stallion grew closer…

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