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A is for anchor, amber, and alarm

Dong! Rang the bell of the VFD Headquarters as Mr. Poe entered the door of his home. He had just come back from an important meeting discussing the matters of a new bank society, and was to arrive at the bank early the next morning.

"Polly?" he called out, not knowing where his wife was. He went over to his pantry and pulled out a can of olives. "Polly, are you here?"

"I guess not," said Mr. Poe to himself. Planning to go to bed early, he ate his dinner in a flash and proceeded to go up the stairs.

Suddenly there was an alarm coming from the living room. "Huh?" said Mr. Poe and he went downstairs to the place where the ringing was. There was an amber clock that was ringing so much that it looked as if it would fall, so Mr. Poe simply stopped the ringing.

What he didn't see was the string attached to the button that triggered a hole in the ceiling to open up. An anchor hit his head and cracked his skull, causing him to fall to the ground.

The next morning, Hector was sent to Mr. Poe's house to make sure he was coming to the bank. Surprisingly the door was open.

"Mr. Poe, you're late," said Hector, but then noticed Mr. Poe on the ground next to an anchor. His head was smeared with blood and his face in a twist of blow. "Mr. Poe!" exclaimed Hector in shock.

There were police and people an hour later at his house. "I can't believe it!" said Violet. "Someone killed Mr. Poe!"

Isadora nodded. "It seemed like an intended trap." Klaus also nodded.

"What happened to my husband?" asked Polly who arrived, but the police just pulled her away from the house. People were confused and talking all over the place. "Who's dead?" asked Jerome.

"All VFD members!" called out Kit. "Tonight we will have a meeting at our house discussing this matter."

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