This is my most random update yet.

It has been almost 10 years since I have updated this story.

I have been continuing life and writing new current fanfiction, when I started reading back on my old ones.

Then decided...

If I'm never going to finish these, why not at least have these come resolute to an ending?

So...I'm going through this story...and summarizing how it was really going to end.

And all the CRAZYYY ideas that was left in store for this story.

So enjoy! The summary of the rest of the story will be posted in 3 separate updates!

Warning: the future deaths below are probably MUCH crazier and more violent than the previous ones in the yeah. Well, to be honest, probably just as crazy, haha. This story was pretty crazy in the first place.


(The last official words of the story are the 10-15 lines below. Then, the story will go directly into the summaries. ENJOY!)


The hotel was in chaos. One by one, individuals had met their fate. And yet the list was not even halfway done. The alphabet continued mercilessly.

"G…H…I…" Klaus was busily writing on a piece of paper, wiping off sweat as he didn't bother to take a break from each description of notes that he wrote next to each letter. "It's…it's…"

"It's a list…just a useless list," Violet sighed, as he grabbed Klaus' pencil slowly. Klaus stared at her, slightly irate.

"What do you mean?" he exclaimed, more angry than confused.

"There's no use taking notes like this when we can't do anything," Violet explained, closing her eyes. "People are just dying…and we're stuck here and can't do anything…" As Sunny covered her ears at Violet's line, Klaus shook his head, eyes cross at her.

"You're just going to give up and let this everyone in this hotel die?" Klaus said with a heated voice. "Then fine! Let that be."

"Stop!" It was Sunny's voice, interrupting the two of them. As they looked down to see their baby sister, they saw fear in her eyes, as if she wanted not only the events in the hotel to stop but the arguing between her two siblings to end as well. Violet and Klaus looked at each other.

"I'm…sorry for yelling," Klaus said slowly, looking at Violet. His sister reached a hand to Klaus, then to Sunny.

"And I'm sorry for giving up," Violet said softly. "But we have to…be realistic…" They stared at the paper in front of Klaus together in silence. The next letter shined out to all of them.


J is for jump, jingle, jam…

Aunt Josephine would be hiding on her bed when all of a sudden, a sudden static from the television would make her jump.

On the screen laid the message, "Find the compact compartment…or else". Panicked, Aunt Josephine would look around the room, trying to find a hidden compartment. Every ten seconds, she would hear a jingle from the television, and she assumed that it was a timer that would bring her closer to her possible doom. She desperately tried searching for the hidden compartment, but under the false impression that this would be the only way to survive.

Right before the tenth jingle, she would find her closet, which strangely was all metal in the inside. Thinking the metal surroundings would protect her, she climbed inside, just before the tenth jingle rang. She had found the compartment.

All of a sudden, the trap would activate. The metal walls to her side slammed closed, crushing her bones and body. Then, the two metal plates above and below her slammed, closing again and breaking her neck. Aunt Josephine would be dead.

The machine would still continuously repeat this jamming machine, sides metal plates closing and then upper and bottom metal plates crushing her. Even though she was already dead, the plates would continue to jam for many minutes, metal plates closing one after another until there was just almost nothing left of the human inside.

All of a sudden, a coated figure entered the door…it is the killer. With a knife in hand, the killer makes her way to the closet…and then opens the closet trap. Looking inside, the killer grins

…and begins using their knife to scoop what is left inside the closet. The killer takes out a small jar as well, and begin filling the jar with the contents from the closet.

Knock knock knock….Jerome hears a knock on his door, and he goes to open it.

"Huh…what's this?" he exclaimed, a bit surprised but overall curious at what was left at the foot at his door. As he bends over to pick it up, he first sees a note attached to its side.

It says, "A reward to you, for not being the one picked for this time around. Just stay safe, Jerome.

-The killer

Jerome looks at the other side of the jar. On its label, it reads, "Josephine Jam".

K is for kick, knee, killer…

The Baudelaire's decide that staying in the room will do them no good. After a long contemplation, Klaus decides to exit the room.

Deciding to venture into the halls of the hotel, Klaus would stumble upon the killer in a large dark coat.

Both the killer and Klaus would get into a scuffle. But with a swift KICK, the killer kicked Klaus…with a shoe on his/her foot that had a blade attached to its end,

The blade-shoe kicked the sharp blade right into Klaus' KNEE. He would fall over and hold his knee in agony.

As he laid in agony, injured, the killer then raised their foot backwards, and kicked right into Klaus' forehead…with their blade right at the end again. Klaus is KILLED.

L is for Lock, Liquid, and Limbs...

Quigley bursts into the door of Violet and Sunny, scaring them. He looks exhausted, as if he was in a confrontation. Violet and Sunny explain that Klaus never arrived back, and the three of them decide to brave on into the halls of the hotel as well. They wonder where Klaus is.

Meanwhile, in another room, Kit Snicket is holding a piece of paper with a shocked look on her face. It is a letter her from brother, Lemony, had put under her door. In the letter, Lemony says that he theorized that the murders must be alphabetical, and that he and Jerome had found Josephine dead. Lemony states in his letter, "Kit…I believe you are next".

However, little to Lemony's awareness, the K was already passed with Klaus and Kit is spared. As Lemony and Jacques plan to leave Josephine's room, all of a sudden, the door locks. It is a heavily-locked door with advanced technology, and there is no way to escape.

Liquid nitrogen starts to fill the room from the ceiling. Lemony starts banging on the door, but to no avail. Jacques is able to cover himself with a chair, and he shields it above him for protection. He hides under the table and cowards under it. The only escape, it seems, is the window.

Lemony reaches for it, but all of a sudden as he goes to attempt to open the window, the REAL trap is activated: a strong jet of liquid nitrogen right above the window sill. Lemony's hands get immediately stuck on the window as he tries to escape, frozen onto the glass. He tries to pull his hands off from the window...and his hands, glued and frosted right into the glass window...end up ripping off at the wrists.

Hands dismembered, he falls back in shock, as his entire body gets stuck against floor, and he slowly freezes over from the liquid nitrogen. Jerome watches in horror at the limbless Lemony.

All of a sudden, the door opens. Jacques stumbles out, safe, and turned to his right. The killer has a gun, and before he can utter anything, he is shot in the head.

The killer smiled. "Well…I guess I should play correctly to my little game…and truly follow the alphabet."

The killer now decides to go back and murder everyone who fell within the earlier letters that she missed. This means ALL people in the hotel, from letters A-L…were to get killed as well.

The lights turn off.

M is for metal, magnets, and melting...

Violet and Sunny jump when they hear a gunshot in the dark. Then, another gunshot. As they run around and experience hearing shot after shot, the lights turn on. They realize Quigley is gone, and they fear the worst as they begin running down the hall.

Mrs. Morrow is trying on of her crow hats. She mutters something under her breath of blaming the Baudelaires for bringing everyone together and causing them to be stuck in the hotel.

She opens up a mailbox that she discovers on the other side of her bed. In it, there are a set of crow-shaped boots that she finds to her liking. She puts them on, which immediately seems to activate the rigged room.

All of a sudden, a strong force of energy surges through the room. As Mrs. Morrow tries to run out in panic, she realized that the energy is from below her. Her entire floor, made of out metal, is secretly a large-powered metalized row of strong magnet. Suddenly, her feet are stuck to the floor. She is unable to remove the rigged metal-laced crow boots from her feet.

Then, another force of energy surges through the room: heat. As the floor begins to become heated, Mrs. Morrow's entire body starts to get heated as well. Mrs. Marrow starts screaming in agony as her body is slowly roasted alive.

Her screams are heard through the entire hotel, as Violet and Sunny turn towards the direction of the screams in terror.

It is hinted that by the time the killer was revealed at the end of the night and all the commotion and violence was over, Mrs. Morrow had melted.

Violet and Sunny had discovered a hotel note slipped under their door. As they read it in horror, the note says to them, I'm doing this because you, Baudelaire's, took away everything that mattered to me.

I will continue the next part of the story in the next update!

With nearly half of the alphabet done, how will the story end?

Who is the alphabetized killer?