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Chapter 6 Recruiting and Partnerships

Led by a large wolf, two fairies strode down the sidewalk, hand in hand. Taller and with bishonen features, the male fae had his right arm on the female's waist and held her right hand. He wore a dark blue-black suit with forest green accents and a sable tie with an emerald studded silver tie clasp, silver rose in his lapel, and matching cufflinks.

On his arm, the busty redheaded fae glided along on slung-back spiked golden heels. Despite her polished, shiny shoes' impressive height, the tiny woman's coiffed head still barely reached her companion's shoulder, and that included the fluffy little bun summiting the rich ruby tresses. Minus the accoutrements, she had to be at least eighteen inches shorter than her companion.

A near translucent golden dress cascaded down her shoulders, chest and hips. Glossy gold taffeta accents provided bits of opaque silk to contrast with the dress' sparkly translucent main-body, giving a semblance of modesty that did little to hide the girl's silver stockings, garters, thong, and corset.

Pastel painted pink lips curled in a smile as dainty hands with glossy French-tipped nails held her fiance's arm. Long, nimble fingers played with his emerald cufflinks, while the gold and white nails of her left hand snuck under the dark suitcoat and played with his lower back.

As her hand drifted down, the male fairy slowed his pace until he eventually stopped.

"You are naughty, incorrigible," Kuno said looking down at his fiancee with a grin.

"And you are mine," Ranma haughtily said as she canted her hips, stepped closer, and squeezed both her hands.

Kuno's eyes widened as his free hand scooped up her backside and he obligingly lifted her up for a kiss.

Happily murmuring, Ranma let herself be lowered back towards the payment.

To her side Wolf coughed.

The redhead frowned. "What?" she asked slightly irritated.

"You have a visitor," Wolf glanced back to the willowy figure in a plain dark blue kimono with purple trim waiting by the gates to the Estate.

"Oh," the queen's nutmeg cheeks flushed. "I thought you were getting annoyed at um..."

"I'd be in the wrong line of work if I couldn't handle sugar-addled love-struck fae." The wolf rolled his eyes.

"Hey!" The fairy queen indignantly stamped a tiny foot shod in a five inch stiletto heel.

"Perhaps we should greet our dear visitor," Kuno reassuringly said as he gently pulled his fiancee along. His hand lowered to cup her upper thigh.

Putting on a big grin, Ranma took his arm anew. "I think that's Konatsu."

"Why so it is,"
Kuno smiled as they approached.

Taking in the couple, Konatsu gave a weak smile and bowed.

"Please come inside," Kuno welcomed as the gates opened. "The Estate is always open for friends of my love."

"You're too kind," Ranma rubbed Kuno's shoulder and gave a happy noise as he pulled her up again for another kiss.

Konatsu's blush grew as he watched the amorous display. In his opinion , being turned into a fairy had made Kuno into a bit of a "pretty boy". Not that Konatsu's interest lay in that direction, but spending most of his time passing as a woman did give some... insight.

On the other hand, the change had made Kino less... erratic. So, it seemed to balance out. And Ranma was happy enough with him.

Hopping down, the redhead took Konatsu's hand and tugged the embarrassed kunoichi across the threshold. As they went across the bright green grass of the grounds, the fairy queen appraised Konatsu.

"I love that kimono, blue and purple are great colors on you," Ranma gushed as they took a path between a riotous garden of emerald vines, sparkling purple bushes, and bright tulips the size of inverted champagne bottles.

After glancing at Kuno and Wolf, Konatsu shyly looked down.

"Uh, can you guys give us some privacy? Girl talk," the fairy queen added with a playful smile as they neared a set of side doors to the estate's mansion.

"Girl talk," Wolf murmured.

"Well..." the fairy grinned as they crossed the mansion's expansive lobby. "It's girl talk, if my guess is right."

Konatsu's blush grew.

"Come on, then," Ranma cheered as she skipped up the sweeping polished hardwood stairs that arced up the back of the lobby.

Glancing at the finery adorning the walls of the corridor, the kunoichi followed the fairy queen to her private apartments.

Her sheer golden dress bouncing, Ranma flittered through the ornate sitting room and drifted to a plush, high backed chair. Bearing twisting vines along the armrests and the frame, it sat behind a rosewood desk with delicate scrollwork. Several leather books were spilled on the leather desk as were a few stones, gems and a little locked lacquer chest bound in silver bands. In front of the chest was a crystal box with golden locks that contained a few green crystal-veined white stone cubes.

The diminutive fairy clasped her hands before her and leaned forward.

Konatsu flushed at the... breathtaking view the redhead had just provided and took an equally plush leather seat in front of the desk. Ranma scooted back to straddle the fitted double cushions to get comfortable. A dish of carved ruby sat in a silver stand and was filled with sugar dusted chocolate truffles and crystalline rock candy cut to resemble sparkling jewels.

Konatsu swallowed and examined the room. The walls and ceiling were done in gilt-edged panels of lacquered wood, and crystal statuary sprouted from alcoves that dotted walls lined with shelves. He also noted that despite the expense of the room's furniture, the various stuffed chairs and couches were all new, having been bound in freshly cured and shaped leather. The pair of giant fur-trimmed cashmere wool pet beds were also new; each had only just started to mold to their occupant's bodies. Shiny glossy leather leashes and a gilt gem-studded collar hung from polished brass hooks on the wall above the beds.

Surrounding a high ebony circular table were a trio of spindly white chairs with shimmering green cushions and emerald tracery through their legs and frames.

He could also see beyond the sitting room into the bright bedroom with its large windows, sparkling canopy bed with four huge carved oak posts at each corner and a gigantic fluffy mattress. The kunoichi also caught a glimpse of a vanity lacquered and polished to an amber shine and adorned with several silvery mirrors and rows of tiny crystal lights. Another doorway was visible, this one leading to a bathroom tiled in white marble shot with green and gold veins. A covered and steaming smoothed-stone furo was just visible in one corner.

"You really are a fairy princess," Konatsu said with quiet awe.

Glancing down at the rings adorning her elegantly long fingers and the lace-edged cleavage of her dress and way her bangs framed the top and sides of her vision, Ranma found herself smiling, slightly.

"Queen, actually," she gently corrected as she shifted her hips and wished Kuno were here. Though, she took solace in the fact that Konatsu had enough pressure without dealing with Kuno, too. Besides, the chair she sat on was specially made and thus a fair approximation in its contours.

Konatsu bowed his head.

The queen licked a sparkling lip. "You want to be a fairy?" excitement and nervousness fluttered in her chest.

Konatsu nodded and shifted his seat in the rounded chair cushion. With the rounded back merging to its sweeping arms, the chair felt oddly constricting.

"You've only had a week to think about it," Ranma noted as she pulled her hand back to play with a couple of the ruby studs at the front of the left armrest.

"What would more time do for me? Why? Would I suddenly come to regret the opportunities offered? Would I come to realize that I wanted to stay... this way?" Konatsu quietly insisted.

Leaning further forward, Ranma discreetly tapped both of the ruby studs with her fingers. A gold tiara heavy with emeralds flashed atop her brow as her hair began to pull itself up and the bun in back puffed larger and larger as the hair down her back began to tie into thick gravid braids.

The seat cushion began to swell slightly as the two sides pulled out and her knees separated. Slithering vines cupped the sides of her hips and the base of her spine as her bottom was wriggled up against the new topology.

More vines crept along to her torso as the shoulders of her dress swelled into gauzy puffs and glittering tiers descended down her shoulders and layers of golden taffeta sprouted out transforming her translucent golden dress into a sparkling gown. Platinum flowers sprouted across the ruffled surface as the corset tightened. Vines connecting the flowers also engorged, causing glitter to puff out of the queen's bobbing, up-thrust cleavage.

Vines pulled the braids up to the spiraled tips at the top of the chair's back. Flowers bloomed among the ruby and sapphire tresses. Tiny vines spiraled up the rounded ovoid hair-bun and bloomed with gold and silver petals.

Her metallic nails elongated, growing further out into feminine talons as her glamour dropped completely revealing her bobbing antennae, pointed ears and grand jeweled wings.

An extended finger hovering over the ruby stud, the queen gave a contented sigh and pulled it away to clasp with her other hand atop the desk. She beamed at her two inch long nails. "You see Kon-chan. I'm asking you now, because once you change you will love it," her dreamy smiled returned as she luxuriated in the little throne.

Konatsu nodded.

She gave a naughty grin and pressed a sapphire stud on her throne.

The kunoichi shifted as glitter sparkled around him. His chair started to tingle and his kimono started to shimmer and the purple accents started to turn into lavender lace.

"That does look very lovely," Ranma smiled as she picked up a dark chocolate truffle from the ruby dish, deftly using her talonesque finger nails as improvised chopsticks. Popping the almost musky morsel into her mouth, she thoughtfully inspected her glossy nails. On an impulse her hand went back down and brushed the amber stud.

She gave a gasp as vines threaded the silver petticoats of her gown and squeezed her legs, nearly bringing her knees together, encasing them in a silvery sleeve that ran to her arching heels. It began to grow beneath her gown fluffing out the wide skirts that cascaded down the front of the chair.

The queen's face sobered. "I cannot overstate the temptation. If you agree... you will enjoy it and going back..." The queen's antenna drooped for a moment.

Konatsu blinked as the seat became soft and his thighs and back fell down into the marshmallow softness, which suddenly firmed up and started a soft kneading massage. The tingling continued as the air around his chair almost started to... shimmer.

Glancing over, he saw the coiffed queens curved lips form into a dreamy smirk as she languidly leaned back into her seat. However, the vines pulled her up and kept her posture prim and straight-backed.

That was not the only fight being waged in the redhead's throne. The sides and bottom of the chair thickened, especially the middle section between the two seat cushions; causing the whole thing to press against the queen's body. The pressure increased as the vines cupping her backside and threaded through her petticoats pulsed and her rear started to swell out.

Her smile broadened as she looked over Konatsu's shoulder at the jade-framed mirror on the opposite wall. A queen endowed in her finery grinned back. She reached out and using the three inch-long nails on her thumb and pointer finger like a set of gilt-edged, ivory tipped, sparkling crystal chopsticks picked up a sugar crystal colored and shaped to resemble like a sapphire gem out of the dish.

"Now you look like a queen," Konatsu gasped trying to keep his voice smooth and soft. It was more than the finery, the long nails, pointed ears, tiny nose, and wide eyes that gave that her form an ethereal, almost inhuman, cast.

Beaming, the redhead paused in flicking some glitter off her cleavage. Mostly it caused her ultra-long manicure to become even sparklier though tiny motes of the three inches of gilt edging did flake off.

Clasping her hands, she leaned forward, or at least as far as her blooming hair accents and the vines could allow. Konatsu found his gaze transfixed at the fae before him. Her beauty was stunning, overwhelming, raw female attraction packaged in ostentatious finery. Such extravagance wasn't Konatsu's style, but he found her allure breathtaking.

"Yes, I am a queen. And if I am to be one," her smile grew as her seat adjusted itself, and herself a bit more causing the pressure to spike before it ebbed slightly. "I might as well earn it," she promised as the vines pulled her shoulders back up straight. Blossoms began to peek out of the puffs topping her sleeves, and more platinum flowers bloomed along the top hem of her gown as the vines and corset gave Konatsu more cleavage to politely avoid staring at.

Her nails deftly went out and actually speared a truffle. Giggling she captured another, then finally a third all on the same nail. Before she moved onto the next finger and captured another brace, all of which she gently licked and nibbled off the crystalline talons.

"Would you care for a taste?" Ranma asked as her tongue ran over a rounded ivory tip.

"If I were a fairy, I wouldn't say no?" Konatsu asked glancing to the side where he could see his hair beginning to gain some lift and curl. In the shimmering, sparkling air caused by his magic chair, little blue flowers started to appear above his right temple.

"If you were a fairy, you'd already be flittering over here and helping yourself," Ranma sighed as she leaned back, or as much as the throne would allow.

Deftly using her nails chopstick-style, she snagged a pair of green apple emerald gems and popped one into her mouth. The other was gently lobbed over the desk and into Konatsu's cupped hands.

"I'm sorry, but without my Familiars I'm a bit short on servants right now," Ranma apologized.

"It's okay," Konatsu held the gem. "I'm surprised you don't have more. Or at least someone for your hair and makeup. Or does your chair dress for you?"

"Oh no, the chair does other things." Ranma giggled. "But having someone to help with that..." she looked thoughtful.

"With hair like that you'll need someone just to take care of that," he said then put the candy gem into his mouth. "Oh my," his eyes widened as the bright, almost sharp flavors filled his mouth and prickled down his body.

"I did promise just a taste," the queen smiled. "But are you sure you want this?"

Shifting a bit to get the chair massaging more comfortable, Konatsu nodded.

The queen ran her nails across her bun, stopping to run an ivory tip over one of the metallic blooms. She then idly licked the nail as she pondered. "I'm not kidding about the servant part. You do realize what you'll do if I turn you."

"I'll still be a kunoichi?"

The queen giggled; it was like crystal bells. "Oh precious Konatsu of course, but you'll be my kunoichi."

"Then I am content," Konatsu exhaled. "You've done so much to rescue me from my stepmother and stepsisters. I want to repay you... to help you."

"And Ukyou?"

"She has helped me, she has provided for me, she has also had me work as a waitress and only as a waitress," the increasingly cosmetically-accented kunoichi stated as glitter fell around his lips, eyes, and delicate brows.

"Oh? I'm sure we can find some handmaiden tasks you'll enjoy."

Konatsu allowed a little smile and nodded. "Perhaps a dedicated servant for those tasks?

"I'm kidding," the queen beamed as her hips were rolled forward slightly. "First and foremost you would be my kunoichi. Though if you don't mind..."

"I didn't even mind the waitressing, it was good work and good pay."

The fairy forced a smile; Ukyou was notorious for underpaying her "waitress".

Ranma did find the facade easier to maintain after she speared another batch of truffles. Eyeing the candy she sighed. "Konatsu... I hate to break it to you, but you could have been paid much better from someone else. Anyone else would have paid a waitress more than you got."

The kunoichi glanced down. "I... am aware what other waitresses make."

"So why?"

Konatsu gave a sigh. "Because she was nice, because I didn't need any more."

"It's not just that. You are one of the most skilled ninja I've seen, probably the best in our generation. You deserve more."

"You're too kind," Konatsu said flittering long sparkling eyelashes. The kunoichi's glossy lavender lips pulled into a shy smile.

"I remember what Ukyou thought would happen we got married: I'd be working right alongside her."

"Exactly!" Nodding eagerly, Konatsu leaned forward. "It'd be like you being turned into a waitress. Sure it's fun at the start, maybe now and then, but it's like wasting the skills we treasure most in our life."

Ranma looked into the mirror and saw a busty little fairy with dusky skin luxuriating in a half-size throne that was endeavoring to pamper and accessorize her. Her cheeks were flushed and it felt like pixies were in her stomach.

"Yeah... she thought I'd become a chef at the restaurant... or maybe another waitress," the queen admitted as an ivory nail-tip gently brushed her amber stud again, and then the sapphire stud for Konatsu.

"It's a shame, she's so nice and gave me a job." Konatsu's posture shifted as the chair's massaging kicked up slightly and the kunoichi found it a bit hard to keep his legs touching at the knee.

Meanwhile Ranma's center cushion had shifted forward as the vines raised it up. "It could be better. She could have realized your talents weren't being used."

"To be fair, there isn't much for a kunoichi to do," Konatsu defended.

Glitter sparkled away as Ranma's thighs relaxed as she let the chair support more of her weight. "But the fact is she doesn't seem to care. Poor 'Natsu-chan," she sympathetically, if a bit languidly, said.

Konatsu blushed at the pet name, and then found himself straightening his back both with pride and with how that made the seat more comfortable.

The door to the apartment opened and a young woman in a severe black leotard with Stygian blue roses in her hair strode in. Raven hair fell down her back in tumbling waves and her bangs had smoothed down and gained tight curls framing her brow, such that it took Konatsu a moment to recognize her.

Dark sequins of jet flashed along the leotard and matched the tiny dark sparks flickering from her deep green eye shadow and lipstick.

At her heel was a girl in a tight little white skirt with sapphire sequins flashing at the trim and up one side. An open blue-trimmed translucent white coat was pushed out by a shapely bosom contained within a clingy cobalt blue top that seemed almost painted on.

Shiny blue pens and pink mechanical pencils and silver tools bounced in a front coat pocket. A pair of crystal-tipped wands helped keep her dark blue hair up off of her neck. Another ruby-shafted wand with sapphire tip rested above ears adorned with silver snowflake earrings.

A rounded powder blue leather case adorned with silver snowflakes and hanging by an entwined silver and gold braid strap bounced off of a pert hip. The clear blue three inch heeled crystal slippers and glossy little bun her shining blue tresses were tied up in resulted in a girl a few inches taller than the haughty gymnast.

"Dear sister!" Ranma gasped the tips of her ears flushed. "Pardon me if I don't get up, but please... take a seat," she beatifically offered gesturing with her overly manicured nails. "Oh, and Ami! Wonderful to see you too!"

Kodachi glided to the white-framed spindly chair. Her attention went from its soft green cushion to the plush seating, and garments, the fairy, and her guest, possessed. Giving a haughty sniff, the gymnast circled around the offered chair and the rosewood desk.

Quietly striding in after the gymnast, Ami caught the redhead's eye and blew her a kiss. Grinning and giving a big wink, she flipped open her case, pulled out something that resembled a translucent blue tablet and pulled the ruby wand off of her ear and one of the blue pens out of her coat pocket. The tablet obligingly floated before her as she took notes using the pen and scanned using the wand.

Stopping beside the redhead's little throne, Kodachi eyed the platinum bodice blossoms and the blooming bouquets that had been woven through the queen's hair. "Dress up?" she asked her attention turning to the slender and lovely kunoichi in the other chair. At the very least the kimono was modestly filled and there was less glitter makeup than her sister's blue-haired "friend" had.

Noticing Kodachi's attention, Ami gave a bright smile and waved before returning to her work.

Ami examined the kunoichi's delicate frame specifically with how the shiny and ruffled kimono showed off budding curves. "It looks like the chairs are a great success," she said leaning over to get a closer... reading of Konatsu.

"Of course," Ranma's contented sigh had a prideful undertone as she watched Ami's backside roll back and forth as the magical girl worked. "We designed them."

"No wonder my brother loves such a... connoisseur of senses and pleasures," Kodachi delicacy said, putting a hand on the queen's puffed up shoulders. Frowning, she plucked out a wilted bloom and shifted a couple of vines. She could also feel a rhythmic vibration somewhere within the throne.

"You're too kind." Ranma lifted her hand up and clasped Kodachi's.

The gymnast silently stared at the three inches of manicured extravagance. A wicked smile blossomed as she leaned in. "Wonderful nails, Dear Sister. They're so you. Why I've got just the style... if you're interested," she purred into the fairy's pointed ear. "I just know Tatchi will love them even more," she whispered running the fingers of her other hand over the ivory tips.

Seeing the hedonistic fairy's smug blush, Kodachi slipped out of the girl's grip and straightened up.

"Is this a new recruit or a new servant?"

"A bit of both," Ranma returned her hands to the desktop where she folded them... after snatching a polished rock-candy.

"She will make a lovely fae," Ami declared looking at her tablet. She made a thoughtful noise as her pen marked some notes. The girl then started rummaging in her bag.

"She?" Konatsu asked as plum purple lips twisted into a cute pout.

"You are to be my kunoichi," Ranma delicately said.

"It's just..." Konatsu blushed. His attention went downward and frowned at the way the kimono's ruffles out and how it was stretched tight over the spread of his tights. "I mean, I heard Tatewaki could be... both," he said, shifting his butt in the tight seat.

Ranma's eyes lit up. "Oh! Now that would be adorable. Perhaps you can talk to Tachi-kun? Get to know what it'd be like."

For some reason Konatsu flushed as he nodded. The massage from the glittering chair didn't help either.

Circling back to one of the spindly white chairs, Kodachi made a skeptical noise.

"Yes, Dear Sister?" Ranma asked.

"Oh nothing, I'm just surprised you're willing to take such an unconventional servant. It's still better than my brother's failure of a ninja."

Ranma giggled.

Kodachi winced at the noise.

As that happened, Ami opened the small blue box she had fished out of her case. Holding it in one hand, she leaned over the kunoichi. "Are you sure? I think your mind's already made up." Ami lifted Konatsu's glossy locks and pulled them up into a rough bun. She also arranged the blue flowers over one ear.

"I have lived as a girl and I do like..." Konatsu blushed and fidgeted with his hands, hardly noticing the sparkling shine adorning his nails.

"You don't have to rush into the choice," Ami assured as she used one of the wands from her hair bun to release a cloud of glitter onto the kunoichi's hair, lacquering the shiny updo into place. She then opened the case and waved another wand over the sapphire earrings and they began to sparkle.

"I don't? I can stay a human and... serve?"

"Of course! That's what I'm doing silly," Ami leaned in closer and gave the kunoichi a kiss on the cheek. At the same moment her hands darted out and stuck a stud to each of Konatsu's earlobes. "But if you're curious..."

There was an instant of sharpness followed by a warm sensation as the stones shifted from blue to a cotton-candy pink.

"Enjoying yourself?" Kodachi asked as she circled around the seat. Opening a desk drawer she pulled out a silver-handled brush.

Ranma frowned at the invasion of her privacy and the Kuno girl's presumption, but it dissipated when Kodachi started working on her hair.

"It is nice to relax," the redhead admitted idly, putting a hand to her bosom.

"Spending time with my brother is a trial," Kodachi dryly said as she poked at the redhead's shoulders with the brush.

"He's not that bad!"

"Of course." The gymnast gave a patronizing smile.

"Speaking of Kuno, do you still want to meet him?" Ami asked the, increasingly shapely, kunoichi.

Konatsu blushed and gently nodded . There was a fluttering in his stomach, a sense of... anticipation. One leg slipped over the other as hips shifted to take in the seat's gentle massage.

"Have you considered something less flounced?" Kodachi asked eyeing the puffed skirting. "Or were you going to use the ballroom this afternoon?"

"Oh, that'd be lovely!" Ami's eyes flashed. "But you forgot to send out invitations. How silly. How can people show up now?"

"I'm not planning a ball," Ranma stated.

Konatsu found himself oddly disappointed as images of fancy dresses and sleek suits filled his mind.

Seeing the kunoichi's shimmering purple pout, the fairy's tone softened. "Well... I'm sure we'll eventually have one. I am a queen."

"Perhaps that would provide time to for you to accumulate enough... associates. That is unless you'd be satisfied with an embarrassingly low attendance. I'll do everything I can, Dear Sister, but you can't depend on my status drawing in all your guests," Kodachi smoothly said.

"Your status?" Ranma cocked an eyebrow and let herself lean back as the seat massaged her. Kodachi might be able to get part of her gymnastics team to join. And Kasumi did keep telling her that there would be plenty of people who would be happy at the new opportunities, the fresh start becoming a fae could offer.

She nodded. "Not a bad idea. Still, I'd be inviting magical girls," Ranma loftily added.

"And a moon princess!" Ami helpfully added.

"And a moon princess," Ranma smugly repeated. "But... you'd want to attend?"

"It would be the Kuno Estate ballroom," Kodachi emphasized.

"But of course," the fairy smiled. "And I appreciate all your help in this."

"Perhaps you'll indulge in a bit of fashion advice?" Kodachi offered.

A thin red eyebrow lifted.

"You work for that handsome Okonomiyaki chef?" Ami asked as she further fluffed out the ruffles on the front of the kunoichi's chest.

Konatsu blushed. "Yes," the kunoichi said after a moment's consideration. Slick tight lavender leggings peeked out from the ruffled bottom hem of the kimono. "Well, that might change if I work for Lady Ra-" Konatsu looked at Kodachi and corrected himself. "Lady Titania."

"Then you'll have a gentleman escort to the ball?" Ami whispered into the kunoichi's ear.

Cheeks pinking, Konatsu let his gaze drift down. A shy smile formed.

"I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time," Ami purred.

"Now Dear, the ball gown is lovely, but maybe something more... mobile," Kodachi suggested tapping one of the chair's silver vines.

Ranma pouted. "That's your fashion advice?"

Kodachi laughed. Ami and Konatsu winced. "Don't worry, I have just the right idea: sleek and stylish, very fae," the gymnast said, ignoring the humans' pained expressions.

"This... construct does alter clothes via magic, does it not?" Kodachi asked.

Feeling her knees pressed together, Ranma gave a nervous giggle as the cushions became a bit more... insistent in their pressure.

"Yes, that is its primary purpose," Ami diffidently said, rising to give Kodachi a bow.

"Wonderful. Then we've both got our projects." Kodachi eyed the kunoichi in shimmering purple before returning to the redhead. "Oh, if you can spare a wand that would be lovely."

Ami looked to the redheaded queen, who gave a nod.

"Where did you learn about fairy fashions?" Ranma asked as Kodachi ran a sapphire-tipped silver wand over the golden dress.

"Oh, a book. Frankly it's an indulgent little volume, but it seems suitable enough," the gymnast assured as she slimmed down the fairy's clothes. She kept the same level of ornamentation, but had the material restrict and pull in.

"Just don't give it to mother. Titania's Guide to Raising Proper Ladies has given her plenty of bad ideas."

"Such as decelerating your escalating amorous escapades with my brother?" Kodachi asked as she pulled on the fairy's shoulder puffs.

"Well. Perhaps that was one of the better ideas." The fairy's blush was not entirely due to the ministrations of the chair and her "sister".

Kodachi continued to work. And every time glitter puffed out she lengthened and tightened the slip under the fairy's skirts and smoothed down the rest of the garment.
Ami worked in parallel fluffing out the kunoichi's lashes, making cheeks, eyelids, and nails shinier, and adding layers and ruffles to the front and back of the abbreviated purple kimono-like robes.

The glittery queen leaned back and sighed happily in the chair's silver vines. "Oh 'Dachi, I was wrong to doubt your fashion sense." Looking at her sleek-golden reflection she gave another happy sigh.

"I'll bear the minor slight," Kodachi assured then leaned in towards the fairy's pointed ear. "Now there is another matter, perhaps one we can discuss in private?" Kodachi wanted to be sure of her decision.

Bright green eyes went to Konatsu and Ami. She took a moment to watch the magical girl pull and tighten the wide sparkly pink ribbon that went around the kunoichi's waist. Smiling at the ersatz corset she nodded to Kodachi. An ivory nail-tip tapped an ebony button on the armrest and the silver vines retracted and the cushion's massage stopped.

With a bit of a hollow-tingle to her backside, the fairy swished out of the chair. A pair of white fur-lined and trimmed high heeled gold velvet slippers touched down. Their four inch crystal heels clicking onto the wooden floor.

A tight, semi-translucent silver slip ran down to mid-calf. Over that was a conical golden skirt that ended at the knees with a leaf-patterned lower hem. Thick and embedded with shifting sparkling golden patterns, the skirt stiffly flared over her hips and backside. A large green bow with silver trim was puffed out in back and had a pair of dangling ribbons.

A gold and silver bodice pressed over her corset with green bows in front and trailing ribbons. Those puffy shoulders had been smoothed down into a gold mantle similar in shape and style to her skirt. Clasped in front with a long chain, it did little to conceal the cleavage up thrust by the corset and bodice. Another pair of bows and trailing ribbons hung from either side of the mantle.

Several pairs of long dangling chandelier type earrings hung from her ears. Her bun had been smoothed a bit with silver flowers and a handful of black roses dotting the sculpted tresses. A duet of braids that ran from the nape of her neck, rose again in a loop, and tying neatly into the bun in the back of her head.

"Are you sure about the manicure?" Ranma asked as she ran one of the four inch ivory-tipped nails over the silver chain Kodachi had added. The manicured talons had made her hands most decorative.

"They were your idea." the gymnast said with an almost mocking smile. "But I assure you, my brother will enjoy them."

"And this?" Ranma asked giving a gentle tug on the delicate silver chain that connected golden butterfly nose stud to one of the earrings on her right ear.

"That was in the book," Kodachi blinked. "You don't like? It is a bit much."

Rich cocoa cheeks flushed. "Well... so... He didn't tell you he'd like this too?"


"Oh good!" Ranma leaned over to look at the mirror on the other side of the room. The chain was not the same as those she wore with the New Year's Gown. It was a similar style, but not identical.

Kodachi shook her head. "Let me assure you, as boastful and unthinking as my brother is, he is remarkably discrete in not divulging the contents of your dates with me."

"You look great!" Ami added getting up after giving the glittering kunoichi a pair of two-inch amethyst kitten-heels.

Ranma's mood brightened. "Oh, Tachi-kun will really love this," the fairy queen cheered as she tried to flounce over to the floor-length mirror. The skirt and slip gave the fairy a bit of trouble until she reduced her gait a bit. Once she reached her reflection the giggled and she struck a few poses.

The young queen soon found that like the skirt, the mantle restricted the movements of her arms a bit. She frowned at that, but did like how the golden dress gave her a sleek "dart-like" look.

"It did seem fitting," Kodachi agreed, taking a moment to ponder the delusions of the people who insisted her beloved masculine Ranma-samma and her indulgent glittery sister-to-be were the same person.

Still, her "dear sister" did have power, and seemed... amiable to taking advice. Kodachi gave a sell assured nod, perhaps there was a future here.

The coifed kunoichi stepped over, heels clicking, resembling a sparkly, if pale, handmaiden.

Flitting back using short but energetic steps, the fairy stopped by Ami. The blue haired girl was sending a message with a sparkly sapphire phone.

"Oh, how wonderful!" Ranma gushed taking in the plum and sandalwood perfume draped about Konatsu. "We simply must set up a double date." She leaned in and kissed the bound kunoichi and then licked her sparkly lips.

The kunoichi gave a shy but proud grin. The fluttering within continued, and Konatsu found himself missing chair's presence. The queen was lovely, and her beauty did tug at Konatsu's heart but...

Ranma rose back up as Konatsu's pink cheeks flushed. "Don't worry, if Ukyou isn't interested I'll make sure you have a nice, strong date. You can tell Ami what you'd like."

Konatsu's blush increased.

"Speaking of that, Kuno will be up shortly."

The kunoichi made a little noise while Ranma smiled and returned to primping before the mirror.

"And Ami," the redhead cocked her hips, causing her skirt to flare and sway in interesting ways. "I'm sorry, but my Dear Sister has asked for a bit of privacy, so no eavesdropping when I put up the glamour."

"I'd never!"

Ranma cupped Ami's chin and cheek. There was a moment of light, teasing pain as long nails softly raked the soft skin. "I know you, Honey. I know you're looking out for me." Then there was a puff of glitter and the manicured talons slid back and the fairy's fingertips gently caressed the cheek. "I also know you're curious."

Stretching her legs, Ranma then drew down Ami's chin and kissed the taller magical girl. The two lingered and the fairy broke the kiss only to pause, taste the girl's lips, and then give another quick kiss

There was a knock on the door and emerald eyes sparked with intent, and with a flash of glitter and Ranma's nails restored themselves.

"Be a dear and get the door, Natsu-chan," Ranma smiled, mincing towards the entryway.

Konatsu bowed and opened the door. On the other side was a tall man. The kunoichi had seen Tatewaki earlier today, but now the bishonen fae form was... interesting.

Giving another bow, Konatsu found a pleasing heat and a strange tingling. Glancing over, the kunoichi could see that Ami had that blue tablet out and was intently making notes.

Kuno glanced around the room. "Such lovely young women in exquisite finery, and my sister," he added as he confidently strode towards his fiancee.

Konatsu swallowed.

Kodachi gave a strained smile. "You know, I came up with her dress."

Taking in the redhead's finery and tight dress he pulled the little queen into his arms. "Are you planning something special?" Kuno asked before kissing her.

Watching this, a bit of jealousy bloomed in the kunoichi's heart. The redhead's extravagant femininity was lovely, in an abstract way, but not something Konatsu found... attractive. Konatsu blinked, momentarily confused.

"Just talking business." The redhead made a happy sigh. "Oh, that reminds me, could you entertain Konatsu?" Ranma asked as Ami stepped up to both of them.

"We have a potential new recruit, but there are questions about being a fairy." Ami explained as she adjusted Kuno's tie and the silver rose he kept in a lapel. "And since you know what it's like to be both a male and female fairy," Ami said as her wand touched the rose.

Feeling the tall man's sudden attention, Konatsu dropped into a curtsey, pulling up the lacy, skirt-like sides of the flounced kimono.

"It would be my pleasure," Kuno assured as he took the back of the kunoichi's hand and kissed it.

The kunoichi exhaled and met his eye before demurely shying away. "Thank you, my... Lord," Lavender lips were licked. Foreign sensations bubbled within Konatsu but...

Kuno smiled as the kunoichi stepped closer. "Think nothing of it," he grandly assured as he took a dainty hand and pulled the slender figure close

Smiling, Konatsu allowed Kuno to lead the both of them out of the room.

Nodding, Ami grinned. "I'd say that's a success."

"My brother is clueless," Kodachi remarked with a chuckle as they watched Konatsu's gliding steps just manage to keep up with Kuno's longer stride.

A girlish shriek of surprise shifted to a coy giggle as Kuno's other hand reached out and cupped Konatsu's rounded butt. The flounced and glossy kunoichi's hips wriggled and with a stretch extended up to plant a kiss on Kuno's cheek.

Gently falling back down to heels, Konatsu turned back and gave a wave to the girls before nestling back up against Kuno's grip and closing the door behind them.

Ranma smiled serenely. She then blinked. "Yes, there was something you wanted in private, Dear Sister?" she asked Kodachi.

"Not going to ask about what happened with your fiance and new retainer?" Kodachi arced an eyebrow.

"Yes... 'Natsu-chan did seem a bit more eager. Though he did train at a tea house..." Ranma exhaled. "Still... Ami, what did you do? I saw you pull... something out"

Ami looked up from her clear tablet. "Your friend was sitting in one of your special chairs, you got the ball rolling."

The queen simply stared at the blue-haired girl.

"Fine. I tested out a pair of earrings I made." Ami grinned and used a wand to tap her clear tablet. "And they seem to be working great."

"Do they turn people into giggly fae fangirls?" Kodachi asked.

Ami tilted her head.

Ranma lifted a hand and flexed her fingers. The long gilt talons shimmered.

Ami coughed. "Konatsu's unsure yes? About what it would be like? What if I could let Konatsu understand?"

"Ah," Kodachi nodded.

Smiling at Ranma's apparent confusion, Ami flipped her tablet over. On it was a series of diagrams, a simplified human figure with annotations, and what looked like a small video feed. "My ideas was: what if someone could experience, like, what'll happen to them when you give the full change."

"So, Konatsu can make an informed choice?" Ranma asked. "Huh... and I thought you were just playing makeover magic."

"No, that's what you were doing," Kodachi dryly stated.

"You too, Dear Sister," Ranma said as she showed off her tight gold gown. She turned back to Ami. "Still..."

"And don't worry, those earrings are also monitoring devices, if something goes wrong we'll hear it."

"You don't trust Kuno?"

Kodachi gave an unladylike snort.

"I may have made sure his lapel pin was also monitoring him," Ami allowed.

The little queen's expression chilled. "Tatewaki is a gentleman."

Kodachi cleared her throat. "Far be it for me to question your judgment, Dear Sister. Or your prior stance to my brother's affections..."

The gold-gowned redhead sighed. "Ami make sure Konatsu has a good time. We don't want to scare him off."

Ami bowed her head. "Of course, my Queen."

Ranma turned to Kodachi. "Shall we?"

"Of course" Kodachi said as the fairy led her to the stuffed leather couches on the far side of the room.

Dwarfed by the heavy furniture, Ranma sat down and found she could only cross her legs up to the knee. She waved her hand and more glitter flared from the ivory tips.

In the chair next to the couch, Kodachi shook her head as the polished tiger-maple table before her seemed somehow-sharper, more in focus. The carvings on the legs and the brindle-like pattern on the surface were more detailed and important. She lifted her gaze and found the room beyond the cluster of couches and chairs fuzzier, almost hazy. The sound from beyond was also muffled.

The fairy placed her dainty hands on her knees and squared her shoulders. "Now, Dear Sister," she said her high-pitched voice cutting into Kodachi's mind with crystal clarity. "When would be a convenient time to turn you into a fairy?"

"Really?" Kodachi scoffed. She found herself giving a little shake of the head. There was something else about the fairy's voice. More than side effects from the glamour she had put up.

"Dear, dear Sister." Glistening lips curled into a predatory smile. "You spend a considerable amount of time giving me this exquisite dress. Your garden has become, and now I must quote my elder familiar, 'A wonder of late Avalonian fae horticulture not seen in aeons.' You've simply been devouring my books, and not just the ones on gardening. And now you ask for a private meeting?"

Nodding, Kodachi still tried to figure out what was wrong with the fairy's voice. It was as irritatingly high as normal, but it seemed to vibrate with a strange power.

"Why, whatever could you want?" Ranma innocently asked, tapping one set of long nails against her lips while, leaning forward, her other hand reached out to the crystal bowl on the edge of the table and plucked out a candied mango slice.

"I could be talking about the disposition of family funds," Kodachi offered. She then worked her jaw and let her tongue roll in her mouth. Now her voice sounded off. "Specifically with regard to a pending lease."

"You've always been willing to discuss that in the presence of my friends before," Ranma said as she shifted her hips. The couch was not as... comfortable as her high-backed vine-entwined chair and part of her wanted to go back. However, a bigger part of her wanted to go... out with Tatewaki. He did like her new dress. But he was... busy at the moment.

"Maybe it's something new I want to talk about."

"Oh!" The fairy brightened. "You mean like your fluency in Eelinu?" Ranma popped the mango in her mouth and her wings fluttered as she relished the sweetness.

"We're speaking the fairy tongue?"

The queen giggled. "It sneaks up on you doesn't it!"

Kodachi allowed a thin smile. "Yes, it does." She took a moment to marvel as the lyrical language. For something that sounded so elegant it was remarkably easy to learn. "And I must commend you on your perception. That does lessen my worries"

Ranma clapped her hands. "You do want to become a fairy! When shall we do it?"

A tiny blush tinged Kodachi's cheeks.

"Oh? Now? Is that why you wanted it to be private." Idly playing with her gold-butterfly stud, the queen gave a secret little giggle.

Kodachi raised an eyebrow and with a bit of effort switched to Japanese. "I wanted the privacy to ensure if I changed my mind no one would know," she said, surprised at how rough her words sounded. It was more like she was speaking English than a proper language.

"And that's how I knew." The fairy's face turned serious. "You're the third person who's approached me about becoming a fairy, but on the condition of secrecy if they changed their mind."

Kodachi swallowed but nodded.

"Good, it does suit you," the queen noted. "The magic I mean, you're already using it and dressing a bit like one of us..."

"Then maybe I'll go without a pair of your assistant's 'training aides'," Kodachi stated. "I made my decision, myself."

"You exaggerate, I'm sure they're having a lovely time." The redhead giggled. "Made?" the queen then asked, rolling the Eelinu word round. "Are you certain of the tense, Dear Sister?"

Kodachi nodded. "I have questions, questions about your future plans, but if I like your answers..."

The queen leaned forward and put her tiny, adorned, and be-taloned, hand on Kodachi's. "Please, ask away."


On the Kuno Estate stood a particular grove of willows. Their wide canopies shaded a garden bedded with emerald green moss, filled by fronds of swaying ferns, tangled by creeping vines with bobbing balloon-like flowers, and spotted with spindly little red maples. Grey stone benches, mottled by lichen, surrounded a rippling pond full of orange and white spotted koi.

One of the benches was occupied. Though, the two people did not use much of the bench. In fact, the silver tray loaded with sweets and tea accoutrements took up almost as much room.

"I do apologize for the lack of cushions on our seating," Kuno said as he took a sip from a tiny cup.

"You found a wonderful accommodation, my Lord," Konatsu promised in a smooth and soft voice. "More tea?" the kunoichi asked, hips gracefully shifting while elegantly leaning over to the tea service.

Grinning, Kuno held the cup and waited for it to be filled, then waited for the pot to be returned to the tray. Then and only then did he pull the coiffed kunoichi further up his lap.

Gasping, Konatsu looked over a shoulder. Lavender lips parted and the fluttering increased. The kunoichi's body felt warm and tingly, but there were years of training to fall back on and composure was maintained.

Training had allowed for the discreet removal of... certain, now superfluous, upper torso padding. And that same training had to be leaned on, given the clouding feelings that came as the padding was compressed and squeezed, both from within and without.

All that training almost fell apart when Kuno ran a hand down one shapely leg. As they talked Konatsu's kimono had shifted bit by bit. The hem grew shorter and fluffier, until it was less of a kimono and more of a short, shoulder-less dress.

As Kuno took his hand back up the other leg, Konatsu's back arched and pressed against his torso. A satisfied sigh escaped lavender lips as Kuno's hand came to rest on the swell of a hip. Then the fingers moved to grab a bit further back up the frilly, little black dress.

"Now where were we?" Kuno asked as he took a sip with on hand and idly tapped with the other before giving a squeeze.

"You were talking about what it's like to spar, my Lord," Konatsu said, moving to pick up a little plate of frosted plum tarts. The kunoichi could feel the dress material becoming slicker and cooler. It was a bit challenging as Konatsu was loath to disturb their... seating arrangement. The glossy black leaves that made up the petals of her skirting shifted.

Kuno put down the cup and accepted the treat with thanks. "Ah yes, one thing you'd have to remember is you can control your size. Big, small, and in between. It's an amazing way to exchange reach and strength for speed and agility."

Konatsu's crossed legs rocked.

Finishing the tart, Kuno watched the shiny sleek limbs. He then placed his now free hand so one was on Konatsu's thigh, while the other remained on the opposite hip.

The kunoichi gave a triumphant smile but quickly hid it behind a demure mask. Pride swelled, the kunoichi knew those were wonderful legs, unlike up top which was still mostly illusion and ruffles.

Having given refreshments, Konatsu's hands were now free.

"And then there's the glitter," Kuno chuckled and gave a little squeeze to reciprocate Konatsu's... explorations. "Especially if you switch genders."

"Really? You alternate between genders when you spar with her? How does someone so manly as you manage?" Konatsu allowed a shocked, innocently impressed expression to form. The shimmering wide eyes with their complementary eyeshadow helped.

Pale cheeks flushed as Konatsu met Kuno's gaze then slowly averted. As hands explored the fae's torso and dared to move below the belt, the kunoichi lowered onto his chest, taking care to bend the neck just so to avoid brushing the slicked updo against that manly jaw-line.

Kuno coughed, "I manage just fine," he assured as his grip on the flared hips tightened. He took a moment to enjoy the sounds from the streams that fed into and fed from the adjacent pond. It really was a peaceful place here.

"Yes you do, my Lord," The kunoichi purred then inhaled. Nostrils flaring slightly as Konatsu luxuriated in His presence. Newly delicate fingers moved Kuno's large hand to take the narrowing midsection. It had been diminished into concave smoothness whilst the hips had grown

Shoulders shifted and Konatsu gazed up. "My Lord, is there anything you wish? How may I serve, thee?" Lips parted with the question and one set of lacquered nails languidly gestured to the silver tray. Meanwhile, the other hand slipped under Kuno's belt.

"Oh, allow me," Kuno lifted a hand off a sleek thigh. His fingers brushed the skin before he took one of the shining dark chocolate eclairs.

"Thou art too kind," the kunoichi's lips parted as Konatsu shifted in Kuno's embrace. Taking the dessert and playfully meeting his eyes while Konatsu swallowed.

Strong hands resumed their grip of Konatsu's curved rear. At the same time far more delicate fingers were also busy as a tongue came out and licked most of the frosting off glossy lavender lips. A little bit more remained, and a tiny bit had spilled.

A rumbling noise emanated in Kuno's chest. And Konatsu shivered to be so close to Him. A rough hand pulled back slender shoulders. A contented, surrendering, murmur escaped the kunoichi as Kuno bent down and forced a kiss.

Not that there was more than an instant of resistance on Konatsu's part. After the surprise, the kunoichi swooned in his arms.

Kuno continued the kiss though found the ministrations of his companion to be a bit... distracting, if quite fulfilling in the end. Satisfied, he pulled the kunoichi away and lifted his head.

"The queen is such a lucky woman," Konatsu gasped after the kiss broke apart. Long fingers withdrew and, after taking a linen napkin, cleaned up where a bit of the frosting had spilled, cleaning up a bit of mess before it could stain either of their clothes.

"Modesty prevents me from singing my praises, but I can talk up those of our queen."

"Am I allowed to sing such praises, my Lord?" Konatsu buzzed with energy but concentrated refreshing the tea cups and presenting Kuno a fresh chocolate.

"But of course," Kuno took the dusted slice of fudge. He noted that the bun on the kunoichi's hair had gained a few folds and curls. Features that allowed the blue flower accents to have places to be nestled in.

Konatsu's head bowed but not before glancing at the silver tray.

Sampling the chocolate, Kuno chuckled. "By all means, have the cheesecake. You deserve to be rewarded."

"Thank you, my Lord!" Joyous cheer managed to escape Konatsu's polished voice. Glitter sparkled about. The kunoichi took a tiny plate, lifting with a thin, almost fragile-looking arm, and sampled the cheery cheesecake slice.

"Couldst thou tell me more about thy sparring matches?" Konatsu wriggled as exquisitely delectable, long legs curled over Kuno's lap.

"I suppose," Kuno allowed with a chuckle, taking in his companions perfume.

"They sound so fascinating, my Lord," the kunoichi said as the shifting continued. The earrings had run out of fat to redistribute and were now trimming muscle, and softening calluses. A diamond-shaped opening formed in the breezy dress, reveling a pink gem nestled in a dainty navel.

"Of course my lovely companion, what do you want to know?"

"There's just so much to know. I've heard stories but...," Konatsu's dulcet voice was eager, but quickly reigned in. "Pardon my exuberance, my Lord."


The ruffled top of the dress pressed against his chest. "Forgive me?" the kunoichi begged. The slender body trembled a bit as his powerful hands grasped, pinning Konatsu to his lap.

"But of course. Perhaps I can take you to the sparring hall for a little... demonstration?"

"But however couldst I thank thee for such a gracious offer, my Lord," Long, dainty fingers picked up the other eclair and lavender lips parted as Konatsu blew on the confection.

"How could I refuse a Lady's request?" Lifting from his companion's bared narrow waist, Kuno slowly drew his hands down Konatsu's creamy, tender thighs.

Blushing, the kunoichi once again felt the heart pounding rush of being with Him, of having His approval. "A Lady," Konatsu felt faint, and vision blurred.

Before the kunoichi could fall, strong arms lifted and caught Konatsu. Without much effort Kuno stood and lifted.

Konatsu's violet stilettos landed on the stones that surrounded the fountain. Blinking away some more eyeshadow and licking glossier lips, the kunoichi looked down to see a ruffled and lacy top that did not go past the ribs and a matching fluted little miniskirt.

A pout grew. Konatsu had thought it was a dress but... earrings tingled, and the kunoichi shrugged and bent over to begin policing the tea cups and plates.

Watching the display, Kuno stepped closer and pressed up against his companion. "Need any help?" he asked, one hand on a rounded hip, another on a delicate upper arm

Konatsu gasped and looked over a ruffled shoulder. An electric thrill went through the kunoichi's body. "My Lord, I thought thou were going to show me in the training hall?"

"I meant with the platter," Kuno laughed, but playfully spanked Konatsu's rump.

The kunoichi squealed then covered a mouth with a dainty hand.

"Allow me, I live to serve, my Lord," Konatsu assured ,continuing to lean over to retrieve the silver platter. It took a bit of effort to raise it, but once the weight was lofted, the kunoichi was able to gracefully hold it up, pastries and tea service and all.

"Shall we go? I have much to show you," Kuno said as they left the grove and began walking down the stone path.

"My Lord, traditionally the help walks behind," Konatsu concentrated on holding the platter poised and level, though Kuno's hands provided a not unwelcome distraction.

Kuno stepped close and cupped a swaying buttock.

Konatsu smiled, took a step. Then another. Then a four inch heel had to avoid a crack in the paving stones. There was a shudder. The tray almost clattered.

Focusing, Konatsu concentrated and managed to stabilize the tray, but each step had a little wobble.

Wordlessly Kuno offered an arm for the kunoichi to grab onto.

Rapt relief crossed Konatsu's face, and Kuno bend over for a kiss.

Tingling from ear-tip to toe-tip, the kunoichi continued the journey happy to have her Lord Kuno's support.

The kunoichi discreetly used a linen napkin to dab beading sweat. The training room must have been a longer walk than from the queen's apartments.

On Kuno's arm, Konatsu entered the cavernous training hall and gawked like a tourist. The rich wood-filled room had high windows, woven mats, and tall pillars. There was a double row of chairs by one wall. Apparently, this was a spectator activity.

After a moment training kicked in and the kunoichi's decorum returned and with utter grace placed the platter on a table to the side of the room by the chairs.

Only then did Konatsu's self control slip and the kunoichi's knees began to shake. With the burden relieved, arms twitched and burned.

"You push yourself too hard." Sitting down on a chair, Kuno swept Konatsu into his lap. His hands worked over the thin overly delicate limbs, massaging and kneading the yielding flesh.

Konatsu took delight in the embrace, but quivered at the ministrations. "Such kindness, my Lord."

"Has no one showed you kindness?" Kuno asked, continuing to relieve the kunoichi's strained muscles.

Turning to face him, Konatsu smiled. "The queen. She saved me from my wicked stepmother and stepsisters"

Kuno's arms went around his companion. "She is wonderful. For all my faults, she accepted me."

Gasping, Konatsu's eyes widened. "Faults, my Lord?"

With a grin, Kuno manhandled the kunoichi's torso and made for those lavender lips.

Happily murmuring at the somewhat-rough handling, Konatsu felt the numbing muscle aches wane. Relishing as the kiss continued, delicate hands went down to Kuno's belt.

The kiss broke. Kuno shook his head. "I can't say I don't mind someone that looks up to me with stars in her eyes."

Konatsu blushed.

Kuno gaze lowered, an eyebrow raised at where the kunoichi's hands were. "Ah... yes," he nodded. "I suppose I should change if I were to show you some moves."

Standing whilst pulling Konatsu up, Kuno nodded. "Maybe you can help me change?"

"Oh my," the kunoichi gasped then swallowed. Heart pounded at the thought of seeing Him nude.

Kuno beckoned and Konatsu followed, but the violet ballet boots were too high, their spike heels simply slipped thought the matting instead of finding purchase.

After trying to hold Konatsu by the arm failed to provide stability, Kuno simply put his hands around that slender bare midriff. Strong fingers brushed against a new twinkling gem, a twin to the earrings, that pierced the navel. Gasping, the kunoichi trembled.

Kuno's hands on Konatsu's creamy skin, especially there, was exciting, thrilling. Then Kuno lifted the kunoichi up. The shiny tresses atop the glossy bun had been folded and lacquered to resemble the delicate petals of a blooming lily. Complimenting the main central flower were half a dozen blue flowers arranged almost bouquet style.

Carrying Konatsu across his arms bridal style, Kuno made his way to the changing room. Thin arms wrapped around Kuno's neck and Konatsu pulled up for a quick kiss.

"My Lord, thou and thine lady are both too kind. I don't deserve such," Konatsu dreamily said, rocking in Kuno's arms.

"Don't be silly my little kunoichi, my delicate flower," Kuno beamed as he brushed the little blue flowers in Konatsu's sculpted updo. "We'd be honored to have you."


A dark haired fairy stood before a bank of mirrors. She wore a sable leotard embroidered with silver vines and dark clear petals forming a sheer skirt. Her face was beautiful but stark, somehow giving her dainty little nose a harsh cast and rendering a delicate jaw line sharp.

Like her brother, the fairy had red accents in the smooth tumble of ebony hair that fell down her back. Her curled bangs were still teased and a bit wild, accented by the crimson tracery and Stygian blue roses

She had dusky nutmeg colored skin that was a hair darker than her brother's but much lighter than her queen's milk chocolate hue. Said queen stood next to her, smiling at the reflection.

"Is it what you wished for?" Titania II asked.

Kodachi put a hand on a hip and gave her reflection haughty sniff. "You do have some restraint."

The redhead took a little step forward, as much as her constricting dress could allow. "Oh, it wasn't me, it was the cocooning that did it."

"Ah, I'm glad I avoided your assistant's offer to help though."

Sitting on a spindly white chair, Ami looked up from her floating display with a pout. "I could have helped."

"Now, now, Ami, you did get to record the full cocooning process," Ranma said.

"Not to mention whatever you're doing with my brother and his... guest," Kodachi added. She concentrated and a pair of dark red butterfly wings with black whorls appeared. "Ostentatious."

The redhead giggled and popped out her blue and red bejeweled wings.

"Ah," Kodachi shook her head. "Still... I cannot wait to get to the garden."

Ranma giggled. "You and your plants."

Kodachi looked slightly embarrassed.

"Mother and Kasumi will be ecstatic when they and Nabiki come back."

"I'm not sure why you had one of your pets go with them while a leasing agent showed them properties."

"Because, Wolf's roaming around the Estate today," Ranma said.

Kodachi rolled her eyes. "Still, recall your future, Dear Sister. Should you be so hands off with regard to Kasumi's retail plans?"

Ranma watched as some of her glitter drifted towards Kodachi. "Did you point out there are other concerns of our... family. Such as recruiting?"

"Yes, I did suggest delegating, but if the elder Tendo girl is too ambitious-"

The door opened and Kuno strode into the room. Wearing a dark red hakama over a loose silvery thread keiko-gi, he looked freshly bathed, complete with long wet dark hair pulled back in a loose ponytail.

Cradled in Kuno's arms on his left side was a delicate, waif of a figure. A thin arm was wrapped around Tatewaki's neck while another slipped between the lapels the keiko-gi . A silver rose was pinned to the chest of the male fae's gi

Dark purple underwear peeked from the gauzy ruffles of a polished little black leather skirt with violet leaf accents. There were hints of a matching bra, which was partially visible though the increased layers of ruffles on the lacy and translucent top.

A creamy midriff was exposed, complete with silver navel piercing with a pink gem. Thin legs encased in long violet ballet boots dangled above the floor. Full luscious lavender lips were complimented by wide eyes accented with pastel periwinkle eyeshadow.

Pink earrings sparkled and twinkled and above that glossy dark hair was sculpted into a literal bouquet of a bun with the help of accenting blue flowers and petal-like folded tresses.

"We have returned," Kuno stated as his companion gazed up at him. He looked around the room and stopped at Kodachi. "Sister you've changed."

Kodachi's antenna bobbed. "So has your... guest," she stated, eyeing the little kunoichi.

Ami let a triumphant smile cross her lips as she tapped onto her tablet.

"Nonsense, my delicate flower is still human," Kuno leaned down and kissed Konatsu.

After mincing as quickly as her tight dress could allow, Ranma had given up, and with a flutter of her wings, she floated towards the entryway.

The kiss broke and Konatsu looked between Him and the queen. Apprehension gnawed at the kunoichi.

"Natsu-chan! You look wonderful." Ranma grinned and took a hand that was daintier than hers. Wings flapped and Konatsu was pulled out of Tatewaki's arms.

With a scared little noise, Konatsu's heels touched the floor. Rounded hips bobbled, and the kunoichi threatened to topple down after two steps.

But Konatsu was soon stabilized by Ranma clasping a silken soft forearm and Tatewaki stepping in to support from behind

"Don't worry, you'll be far more stable after you change," Ranma assured.

The kunoichi swallowed, nervous and thrilled to have His hands in such a sensitive and... secretive area.

Ranma led her guest to the stuffed leather couch and sat down, pulling Konatsu to her right. "Did you have a good time?" the queen asked while motioning for Tatewaki to sit between them.

"Oh yes my Lady, my Lor-" Konatsu blushed, voice catching.

Nodding, the redhead twirled her hand, and in reaction to the signal, Kuno pulled the redhead up into his lap. The redhead then let her hands drop to the top of her fiance's hakama.

The kunoichi paused, watching the queen wriggle into place. Cheeks flushed. Then Kuno reached out and pulled the slender guest against his side.

Konatsu took a moment, but mostly enjoyed the contact. "Your fiance was most informative, and his demonstrations in the sparring hall were satisfyingly thorough," Konatsu's eyes darted to where Ranma's hand was.

The queen raised an eyebrow. "Oh, did you show Natsu-chan your moves?"

"I may have shown a bit of my prowess," Kuno said in a poor attempt at feigning modesty.

Flush, Konatsu eyed Kuno with wanton interest.

'I hope he didn't over whelm you." Ranma winked as she cuddled.

Blushing, full lips parted. "It left me stuffed to bursting," Konatsu said tongue slipping out to lick a lavender lip in memory.

The blush then shifted to nervous as Konatsu shifted.

"Something wrong?" Ranma asked.

"Other than you two fawning over my brother?" Kodachi snorted.

"That's wrong?" Ami asked.

"You seem to have learned a lot about being a fairy?" Ranma asked.

Konatsu shifted. "It's not that... " Hands went down to the clear ruffled skit and smoothed the edge.

"Fae clothes are rather immodest," Kodachi nodded.

"Oh, it's not worries about being naked..." Konatsu leaned against Kuno.

Tatewaki chuckled.

"Ami, I thought you were checking in on them?" Ranma asked.

The blue-haired girl smiled and gestured to the kunoichi's skirt "Well, yes I made sure to avoid any... embarrassment between those two." With the right changes it had been easy to... smooth things over.

Though the clear ruffles of the little skirt, Ranma could see shiny brief -cut panties. The dark shade of purple made it rather easy to see their fit tight, so snug that the bottom hem almost cut into the thighs. The material was a heavy satin that seemed quilted in its thickness. "Lovely skirt. It suits you, you must find it very... freeing," the redhead noted.

The kunoichi flushed and withdrew, nibbling a lip. Embarrassment and a bit of shame radiated, as legs were crossed and Konatsu leaned forward, hands folded over tights.

Ranma put out a hand held the kunoichi arm. "It's okay, we'd never reject you 'Natsu-chan," she said marveling at Konatsu's delicate form. The redhead then offered a small puff pastry

"I thank thee, my Lady." Lavender lips smiled at the queen and accepted the offering. The joy grew when He put out his arm and also embraced Konatsu. Lips closed around the morsel and frosting was released.

Legs shifted as a familiar warmth spread out, nervously the kunoichi swallowed. There were no linen napkins here to wipe up spilled sweets. But Konatsu had adapted from past... mistakes.

Ranma lifted her hands and then folded them in her lap. "Do you have any other questions?"

"My Lady? Thou hast already given me so-"

The redhead cut her off. "Yes, but I'm trying to help. And it's not just me," she gestured to Kodachi. "We have a new fairy, perhaps you can ask my, Dear Sister what it's like.

Sitting primly on a stuffed chair that face the couch Kodachi gave a thin smile. "Yes, I'd be happy to help my brother's mistress and your servant learn more about her place."

"Don't make it sound so sinister," Ranma chided.

"Is it?" Ami lightly asked. "You did say you wanted Konatsu working for you."

The kunoichi simply flushed and fantasized at being Kuno's Mistress.

"Is there something you want?" Ranma asked the kunoichi.

Konatsu's heart pounded with need. Lips were licked again. Want? Yes much was wanted. Much was desired and needed but...

The kunoichi knew He found this sleek willowy body pleasing but there was still the feelings of embarrassment and disturbed awkwardness. Thighs squeezed tighter, instead of preparing Konatsu for Him, this body only wanted to drive Him away.

"Thank you for the help." Konatsu bowed to the blue-haired woman. Some... changes did seem fortuitous in how they ensured He stayed... satisfied.

" 'Natsu-chan?"

Trembling Konatsu cursed a timid heart. Was making a request so hard? Was it that improper? The Queen was kind. The Lord was kind. And the kunoichi just wanted to better serve them. To have a body that could serve Him. To have magic that could serve Her.

Konatsu's earrings sparkled again.

The queen noted the jewelry. "Ami would you say that our guest has experienced what it's like to be a fairy?"

Stomach fluttering, Konatsu leaned against Kuno and demurely put a hand on Ranma's arm.

Ami looked up from her tablet. "Well..."

Ranma lifted a hand and absently waved it towards Ami. "Be a dear and remove the earrings then."

Eyeing the sparkly feminine talons, Ami swallowed. Pushing the floating tablet aside she gripped her wand and stepped towards the couch. The wand tapped each earring and the glowing pink gems turned blue and their light faded.

"And the navel ring," Ranma added lounging on Kuno's lap.

Crestfallen, Ami tapped the wand against the gem and then withdrew back to her seat.

Konatsu blinked, feeling the weight of cosmetics on eyelids and noted how the view was reduced by heavy lashes. "My Lady?" the kunoichi asked, turning to face the queen.

Hips shifted and moved. The brief clothing felt... odd. Tight, intimately tight in places, but breezy in others. Konatsu looked down, thin fragile thighs went over dainty knees to the tight laces of calf-high ballet boots over diminutives feet. Not that those legs had much in the way of calf muscles.

Things felt... strange. Konatsu's body felt too girlish, but the hip shifting confirmed that it also felt embarrassingly too masculine. Feelings also flittered and filled the kunoichi's slender torso; attractions, revulsions, the eager desire to please. The need for someone to serve, images of Ukyou, Kuno, and Ranma...

Konatsu looked to the queen.

The redhead was all indulgent curves and overwrought femininity. Something stirred inside Konatsu and a strange feeling of attraction burbled. Licking a soft lip, the kunoichi's gaze raised.

"My Lord?" The question was hesitant but... the familiar feelings were still there.

"Yes, my delicate flower?" Kuno tightened the one arm embrace.

Smiling, Konatsu's tension lessened. The feelings...Wanting to be sure, the kunoichi's head tilted back and lips parted.

Kuno took the invitation and bent down to kiss.

The sensations were less dreamy, but Konatsu was content to return the kiss and welcomed the attention of Kuno's strong hands. The kunoichi happily reciprocated with a far more delicate touch.

Then softness and curves butted in. A heaving chest pressed up, and while Kuno's lips continued to meet Konatsu's, kisses began along the kunoichi's neck. Then another set of wanton hands started to explore.

Sometimes they were tipped with long lacquered nails that ran delightfully down Konatsu's thighs and midriffs. Other times the nails pulled back and dainty hands found the kunoichi's curving hips.

Konatsu drifted and rode the sensations as the two fae had their way. Kuno's kiss broke apart and the kunoichi had a moment to gasp before Ranma's lips replaced them and Tatewaki's lips shifted their attention to slender arms and delicate shoulders.

Ranma and Kuno pulled away. Trembling, Konatsu's eyes slowly opened. This time the kunoichi's budding form was dusted with sparkling glitter. The conflicted feelings were still present. Konatsu's body seemed even more femininely curved, but there were... other attributes.

Shoulders squared, the kunoichi a smiled. At least one of the feelings burbling up was assertiveness. Looking across the coffee table Konatsu saw Ami discretely fanning herself while Kodachi looked conflicted herself. Being vaguely unsettled warred with an embarrassed interest.

"You are a treasure," Ranma purred. "Ukyou didn't know what she had."

Konatsu blushed.

"Now... what do you want?" the redhead asked.

With deliberate slowness, Konatsu crossed one leg over the other. Lavender lips gave a demure smile. "My Lady, I certainly want to be a fairy. If you and my Lord will have me," the kunoichi added, bashfully.

"Oh, of course," Kuno said.

Ranma grinned. "But?"

Konatsu brushed the ruffled blouse; sparkles rained down. Swallowing, the kunoichi then exhaled. The conflicted sensations continued to bubble. "I'll want the earrings back, on one condition," she raised a dainty finger.

The redhead raised an eyebrow.

Ami leaned forward. "What?"

"I'll have the earrings, and the navel gem, but... " Glancing to Ranma, Konatsu licked a lip. "I want to be able to find my Queen attractive, in that way."

Pulling up the floating tablet, Ami made a thoughtful noise. "Just Ranma?" she asked tapping with her wand.

Hesitantly, Konatsu reached out and took Kuno's hand. The action was deliciously forward, but that caused the conflicting feelings to churn further. Kuno accepted the action and wrapped his other arm around Konatsu's narrow shoulders.

"Yes, I... " the kunoichi's gaze lowered.

"There's nothing wrong with preferring men," Ami assured.

"I doubt my brother counts," Kodachi murmured.

Both Ranma and Konatsu looked crossly at her.

"Anything else?" Ami asked

The kunoichi's head shook no.

"Ah," the blue-haired girl seeming almost... disappointed. "There's more we can try out. I could add settings..."

"Add in Tatewaki's female form," Ranma interjected with a smug little smile. "Less than what you added for myself of course."

Konatsu blushed, but didn't disagree.

"And done," Ami tapped the floating display.

The earrings and navel gem began to glow and then flicked over from blue to pink. Giving a girlish embarrassed noise of surprise, Konatsu's hands recoiled from Kuno's. "My Lord, I didn't mean to be so aggressively familiar..." the kunoichi demurely gasped.

Despite the blushing worry, Konatsu's mind cleared. The churning waves of conflict had died down to be replaced by the serene sense of knowing one's place in the universe.

Chuckling, Kuno simply pulled the dainty kunoichi up onto his lap. It was a tight squeeze with Ranma already there.

Ranma leaned in on the flustered kunoichi. Lips obligingly parted. "My Lady, how may I serve thee and thy Lord?" Konatsu pledged in a soft whisper.

"This will do for the moment," Ranma purred as she shifted to straddle Kuno's legs then pushing forward with her chest such that kunoichi was sandwiched between her and Kuno. "Right Tachi?"

"A splendid idea," Kuno said as his hands went to work.

Reveling in their ministrations Konatsu quivered. The earrings tingled and more glitter sparkled on the kunoichi's form. Any feelings of... conflict had sublimated away.

"Unless there's something you want?" Ranma asked.

Wilting a bit, Konatsu tried to shy away. "My Lady..." the kunoichi said, trembling nervously.

"It's okay, I won't make you ask to be made a fae again," Ranma promised as she nuzzled up.

"But we want to make sure you're happy," Kuno assured.

"My Lord, thou art..." Blinking, Konatsu worried what tears would do to magic eyeshadow.

"Hush," Kuno put a finger to the kunoichi's lips. "Would you prefer a bit more of my manly assertiveness right now?"

Pressing her knees together, Konatsu meekly nodded.

"I would too," Ranma draped herself over Konatsu's shoulders. "Well, until I get your magic flowing, you'll switch your form to female, Tachi-kun."

Konatsu blushed. The fantasies did seem... intriguing, almost naughty for how they ran contrary to the kunoichi's more comfortable preferences.

Ranma gave a satisfied sigh and started to play with Kuno's keiko-gi, revealing the male fairy's chest. "Still, we can have some fun, then we can see just what the best ninja of her generation does with a fae body. Flight, better balance, we'll even do something about those legs of yours."

Blushing, Konatsu nodded.

Kodachi suddenly stood up. "Well, as edifying as this experience has been," she looked at the other fairies and shook her head. "My garden calls me."

"Literally?" Ami asked, her attention torn between the display and the amorousness upon the couch.

Kodachi paused and titled her head. She then gave a dismissive sniff. "Perhaps the wolf will be a better conversationalist."


Ranma silently moved through the cavernous Kuno estate training hall. Light streamed through the high windows and motes of glitter danced and swirled in the sunbeams. Pale green, three-inch wedge-heeled slippers gingerly pressed on the mats.

The queen's nails were pulled back to a mere inch and a half long. She flexed her hands, the short manicure felt almost as odd as her ankles in those low shoes.

Blue and silvery makeup accented her delicate, dusky-hued features. Earrings dangled and jangled, but they were the tear-drops instead of her customary chandelier style. Similarly, while she kept the tiny golden butterfly piercing on the right side of her nose, she had temporally removed the fine silver chain that would have connected it to one of her right earrings.

Much of her hair was tightly bound up in a plaited, lace-braided bun, and, instead of her customary cascading waves, the remaining hair hung down her back in a wide, swirling fishtail braid. Ornaments, crystal bells, and jewels were still set in the blue-accented crimson tresses and a gold tiara was on her brow.

The queen might be in training garb, but she was still a queen.

Said garb consisted of a gossamer blouse that seemed to owe its minimal transparency to the glitter caught upon it. Beneath that was her gleaming silver corset that supported her copious, cocoa-colored cleavage.

A little green skirt made of overlaid transparent petals fell to mid thigh, and barley concealed the tops of her sparkly hosiery. The queen sighed and debated the wisdom of not going with stockings and garters.

Pointed ears picked up a tiny creak in the distance. Antennae bobbing, Ranma eyed the silent room. She looked up and inspected the rafters and pillars that held up the roof. The silvery gauntlets she wore glowed.

A something reflected the light as it skittered across one of the upper beams and she launched blue bolt of energy. She leapt up and her butterfly wings fluttered pushing her further into the air.

Landing on one of the cross-beams, Ranma caught sight of the object. A clear crystal knife was quivering point-first in a pillar. The redhead immediately pirouetted, but there was no one behind her.

She exhaled and looked around. Her heart beat had elevated slightly. She eyed up in the clerestory-rafters above her and on the other pillars and beams, but her quarry was elusive.

Then there was a burst of glitter. Purple and pale blue wings buzzed, a now-human-sized fairy suddenly burst out from her hiding place on the underside of the beam. The willowy fae flipped up as a pair of slender legs sheathed in knee-high periwinkle ballet boots struck above behind the queen's calves.

The redhead's knees buckled and, with the chiming of bells, she tumbled from her perch. Bejeweled wings fluttered arresting her fall. She twisted to look up at the other fae standing atop the beam, perfectly poised in an en point stance. "Clever girl."

The kunoichi's head bowed. "My Lady." A tight silver chain necklace encircled a delicate neck. A golden pendant hung in front, inscribed with the wing and scepter royal seal.

Dainty hands then went to the tops of the ballet boots and withdrew a pair of leaf-bladed crystal knives. The handles were wrapped with white silk thread.

"You're not supposed to be using live steel!" the redhead cried as she dodged flying to the side.

"These aren't steel." Momentary confusion crossed the coiffed kunoichi's lavender lips. The fae then slipped to the side in a graceful dodge as Konatsu danced from beam to beam to beam avoiding shots from Ranma's gauntlets.

The redhead flew in trying to close with the kunoichi. "Live crystal then!" She declared landing next to the retreating fae.

Ranma gave a sweeping kick, which the kunoichi nimbly stepped over, then, with a flap of her wings, effortlessly replied with a side kick that went above both faes' waists.

Blocking with a gauntleted forearm, Ranma twisted and tried to grapple her opponent, but the kunoichi kept backing way.

Thin arms crossed at the chest and reached under the bottom hem of the kunoichi's ruffled top, withdrawing another pair of knives that had been concealed below a pertly-filled bra.

"Not-live, My Lady," Konatsu meekly assured, stabbing forward.

Dodging, Ranma got an intimate look, and realized that both knives had a thin blue streak running down the length of the blade. She caught one wrist and, with a move that she almost feared would break it, knocked the knife out of Konatsu's left hand.

Glinting in the light, the knife tumbled to the floor almost two dozen feet below.

"So, those are training blades?" She glanced over and saw that the knife embedded in the pillar had the same blue streak.

"Even a dull knife can embed in wood if thrown correctly, my Lady." Konatsu said before giving another high kick that almost caught Ranma's face with the silvery spike heel of a ballet-boot.

Ranma pulled back and Konatsu used the opportunity to pull a pair of thin needle-like blades that had been concealed among the blossoms and ornaments adorning the kunoichi's lily-blossom shaped hair bun. Without the "pins" the bun began to spread as the light pink "petals' started to separate.

The kunoichi stabbed forward then followed up with a high kick that almost clipped Ranma's forehead. The redhead's torso bent back and she kicked up, knocking a blade out of Konatsu's left hand. The kunoichi went to her pearl necklace. A thumb pressed on the gold pendant and it detached as a crystal blade popped out.

Evading the rapid strikes, the redhead grinned as both maneuvered on the narrow wooden beams. "Wonderful footwork, dear 'Natsu-chan," the redhead sincerely stated as she gave a push kick.

Which Konatsu evaded with a fluttering little twirl and responded with a high spin kick that would have pushed Ranma off the beam if not for the redhead grabbing a pillar for support. "Thou art too kind, my Lady," Konatsu blushed, pointed ears pinking.

Flapping her wings, Ranma regained her balance. While she could fight, even in heels, the kunoichi's delicate balance and use of wings almost rendered her legs superfluous. However that merely freed them up for the high kicks the kunoichi seemed to favor.

Gauntlets flashing, and her bells chiming, Ranma pressed in. It was a bit disquieting to spar with someone who was both faster and lighter on her feet than she was. Konatsu had lost the little needle-like knives, but not before scratching the redhead's wrists.

Ranma gasped in surprise, and the kunoichi exploited the moment to pull yet another pair of knives from her boots. Wings buzzing, and balanced on the toes of one foot, Konatsu struck, in a flashing pirouette.

The kunoichi's right foot hit Ranma's midsection just at the corset while the two blades slipped from either side.

Giggling, Ranma flew into the attack. She grabbed the back of one blade with one arm while blocking the other with the same arm's gauntlet. This freed her left arm to snake around Konatsu's bare midriff and pull the fairy off the beam with her.

The two fell in a tumbled mass. Gauntlets fired, blades flashed, and legs entwined as they grappled and fought. The redhead's ornamental bells heralded their fall.

Then, bare feet above the mats, Ranma lunged forward and kissed Konatsu and the pair vanished in a cloud of glitter. A pair of tiny fairies appeared and the two separated long enough for their wings to arrest their fall.

Then just as the two touched down there was another burst of glitter and the girls returned to human size.

"Mmm, lovely match," Ranma purred as she slipped up to the kunoichi and pressed up against the taller fae. A manicured hand cupped Konatsu's curvy hips and rounded rear.

"My Lady," Konatsu gasped as the redhead's hand slipped up her skirt. There was the barest flash of nervousness, at the feeling of those queenly nails, but was then extinguished.

The kunoichi even gave a disappointed murmured when Ranma's hand withdrew; another crystal knife lay between her fingers. "My, a thigh sheath? You are prepared," the redhead giggled as she circled around to face the kunoichi.

"My Lady, I like to be prepared," Konatsu demurely said as she pulled her bun back into shape. A another set of little spikes were pulled from behind the heels of her ballet boots and used to fix the coiffure.

Ranma's eyes swept the training hall's floors. Over a dozen blue-striped training blades littered the woven mats. "That you are," Ranma said approvingly.

"My Lady," Konatsu blushed.

"Now go cleanup your training toys," Ranma playfully said, giving the kunoichi's rear a light spank.

Meekly bowing her head, Konatsu turned and walked off to the nearest knife, a leaf-shaped blade half hidden in a drift of glitter.

Watching her kunoichi's floating, swaying gait, Ranma followed a couple steps behind. The queen smiled, realizing that her servant did not really "walk". Instead she used her wings for stability and lift pushed with the points of her toes.

It gave her stride a more dream-like quality. And, judging by how wide her hips looked, did allow for even more flexibility to give those extra-high kicks.

Purple wings fluttering, the pink-haired kunoichi went to pick up the knife, bending deeply at the waist. Konatsu murmured as her hips swayed.

The blade was retrieved and sheathed, and Konatsu went to the next knife.

When bent all the way over to pick up the fourth blade, Konatsu, her head nearly inverted, looked back to the queen. "My lady, is something wrong?" she swallowed nervously. "Am I not pleasing?"

"No, perfectly," Ranma smiled.

"Ah, pardon my presumption," Konatsu stood up and meekly bowed her head. "I forget thy desire to watch, sometimes. Though normally when My Lord is..." the kunoichi blushed.

"Oh it's not that... well I do like that." Ranma giggled. "But no, I don't want to distract you and have you cut yourself."

Konatsu bowed her head. "Of course..."

Ranma caught the lingering unstated question. "Yes, those are dull knives, but the real ones are razor sharp. I don't want to develop a bad habit. And... distract you."

"Thank you for your concern My Lady," Konatsu bowed deeply.

"My pleasure," Ranma giggled again. "Especially since Kodachi has offered to provide some botanical... potions to apply to your blades."

"Truly, my Lady?"

"Yes, she sees potential in you. You must have impressed her in the week since you've become one of us." Ranma circled around Konatsu and leaned against the taller fae's back. "But I'll have to make sure she doesn't do anything too rash with you."

"Too kind," Konatsu blushed.

"But you deserve such kindness," the queen assured, her voice taking on a musical quality. Her hands went to the kunoichi's hips and nibbled an earlobe.

Konatsu trembled.

"You are loyal, skilled, kind, and beautiful," Ranma whispered before kissing Konatsu's neck. Eyeing the little silver chains she noted the little flanges on the thin clasp in back.

The clasp itself was weak, which meant that if someone tried to choke the kunoichi the necklace would simply break off. However the links on the chain were strong-looking and combined with those flanges meant that in Konatsu's hands the necklace could make a passable garrote.

Ranma took a break from kissing the dainty girl. "And you make a wonderful fairy."

Blushing Konatsu nodded. "My Lady, I thank thee. Thou art-"

A manicured nail pressed against the kunoichi's lavender lips. "Not even a week and you're a natural."

Konatsu blinked.

"Your Eelinu is proceeding nicely," Ranma added with a giggle.

The kunoichi blushed. beside herself. "My Lady."

"And how are your other lessons going?" the redhead asked leaning on Konatsu.

"Fine, Sir Wolf is very knowledgeable. He's a master tracker for one."

"Yes, he's got quite the nose on him," Ranma laughed. "And even Kodachi finds you impressive."

"Your sister is a... forceful instructor," Konatsu delicately said.

"Yes, she is a bit intimidating," Ranma agreed as she played with the kunoichi's purple navel gem.

"Who?" a rich male voice said.

Ranma and Konatsu turned to see Kuno stride into the training hall. He wore a dark hakama, with a sword tied to his hip.

"Oh, Tachi," Ranma cooed as she glided toward him, pulling a flushing Konatsu behind her.

Kuno's arms went out and swept them both fae women close, cupping the backside of each. He gave the smirking redhead a quick kiss then a longer kiss to the demure kunoichi, and returned back to his fiancee.

Konatsu quivered as Tatewaki's hands cupped and massaged. Amazed at being accepted, being included, being wanted by the likes of her Lord and Lady, the kunoichi found her hands exploring.

After swapping to give Konatsu another kiss, Kuno pulled back. "Whom were you discussing before I interrupted?" he languidly asked.

"Oh, just your sister's teaching abilities."

Kuno exhaled. "One does hope that that becoming a fae has relieved her of some of her... burdens."

"You mean the change will have her be less crazy?" Ranma teased

"One can hope," Kuno drawled.

"You're a prime example," Ranma teased, running a hand over his chest.

"That I am," Kuno confidently said with wise nod.

Ranma giggled and Konatsu smiled behind a delicate hand.

"Are you ready for your training, my Ladies?" Kuno asked.

The redhead's cocky smile returned. " 'Natsu-chan did give me quite the workout."


Leaning her head on his chest, Konatsu blushed. "Just a warm-up, I'm nowhere near as skilled as you, my Lord."

"Now that's too humble," the redhead laughed.

Konatsu's blush grew.

"I promise I'll be gentle," Kuno assured.

"Oh, I'm not sure that's what she wants," Ranma ran a hand down Konatsu's cheek.

Kuno coughed.

"I'm just saying you might not need to worry about a bit of... rough... sparring," Ranma coquettishly said.

"My Lady," Konatsu quietly said.

"You know I'm right," Ranma assured.

The kunoichi gave a tiny cough. "Ah, but I meant you have visitors, including your mother."

Turned in Kuno's embrace, Ranma looked to the door.

Two fae had entered the training hall with a catgirl at their heel.

The elder fae wore a transparent blue kimono. Her wavy auburn hair was pinned back with a pair of lacquered ornaments with jade accents and an ivory wand. The younger fae wore a breezy light red dress.

Dressed in a grey blouse and purple-trimmed white skirt the catgirl carried a black leather folder. Spotting the queen, she gave a sardonic smile, curtsied to the redhead, and bowed her head.

"There you are daughter," Nodoka said, eyeing the tableau. "I may have to cut your training short."

The little redhead frowned. "Why?" she asked, a pout edging her voice.

"I'm sure your mother has a good reason," Kuno gave Ranma an assuring pat. He then nodded to the older woman.

"You should listen to your fiance," Nodoka said as she gave Konatsu a somewhat guarded look.

Still held by Kuno, the kunoichi kept her head lowered and her eyes downcast.

"Oh alright," Ranma sighed and, with a wriggle of her hip, leaned her head back and parted her lips. Kuno obligingly bent down and kissed her. They quickly embraced. Afterwards, Ranma gave Konatsu a kiss.

Nodoka cleared her throat as the redheaded queen bounded over.

"What's so important?" Ranma asked as they left the training hall.

Despite it being an overcast day, the gardens around the estate were still bright and almost sparkled in the sunlight. The amount of literal sparkles and glitter was probably a factor.

"You need to talk with the leasing agent," Nodoka stated as the fae went down a polished stone path.

"That's Kasumi's bag," Ranma shrugged as she climbed up a bridge going over a shining creek. It fed into a deep pool and she could just make out the outline of Kodachi's pet.

"You still need to sign any paperwork."

The redhead sighed and pointed to the catgirl. "Isn't that what I have her for?"

Clasping the folder to her chest, Nabiki bowed at the waist. "And it is a pleasure to serve, my queen," she said, with just a hint of sarcasm.

Nodoka looked out at the water. "Your familiar isn't empowered to sign off on such things."

"You'd need to give her authorization to act as your agent in this case," Kasumi said.

Ranma leaned on the ornate bridge railing. "Fine. Nabiki," she snapped her fingers.

Taking out a pen, the catgirl opened the folder and flipped to a blank page.

"I dunno... copy that banking authorization I got you," Ranma tapped a heel on the polished wood planks. "Something about how you can sign on my behalf. Leave space for my signature and seal."

The catgirl began to fill out the page in a neat, almost calligraphic, hand.

"Daughter!" Nodoka chided. "You really should see this property with your own eyes."

"Fine." Sighing, Ranma gave Nabiki a dismissive gesture.

The catgirl gave a curt nod but put away the paperwork.

Going past her mother, Ranma went down the bridge and along the path on the other side.

"Daughter, I know you like... training, but you have other responsibilities."

Ranma turned. "Wait, you? You're telling me I'm spending too much time with Kuno?"

Before Nodoka could respond, the little redhead began to giggle.

"She did warn you, that you might be taking the relationship too fast," Kasumi delicately said as they approached the little forest at the far side of the Estate.

"That you both have taken mistresses is indicative of that," Nodoka remarked

As they passed the broad leafy trees, Ranma turned. "This is about Ami and 'Natsu-chan? You know that's something the last queen did. A lot."

The forest gloom thrived around them as riotous fae flora grew in the shade. "Having mistresses is, technically, proper," Nodoka admitted, with some reluctance.

"At least Ranma picked hers first," Kasumi offered.

Nodoka nodded, taking some small satisfaction from that.

The queen gave a little snort. "I thought you'd be swooning about how manly he is."

"There was a time when she swooned about how manly you were," Nabiki said under her breath.

Ranma gave a snort of laughter, while Kasumi and Nodoka pointedly ignored the comment. As they walked the trees began to thin and the path started to brighten. After a few more steps they rounded a corner and exited into the little grove of trees in the backyard of the Saotome residence.

Nodoka sighed. "Daughter, just make sure he sires with you first."

"Mom!" Ranma stamped a little foot.

Kasumi politely looked to one side. Nabiki lowered her head, mostly to hide her grin.

"Mooom," Ranma whined. "You don't have to worry about that kind of stuff."

The elder fae simply gave her daughter a look.

"If you insist, we can arrange for a wedding," Nodoka said, her tone misleadingly reasonable.

Ranma sighed. "What do you want me to do?"

Nodoka adjusted her kimono's sash a bit. "I want you to check out the property that we've found. Kasumi wants more space, but she always did. Honestly, I'd say she should have started it out of the Tendo Dojo."

"It's a bad location," Kasumi said. "In terms of foot-traffic."

"You'd also have to get permission from father, and he's still out 'training' with Mr. Saotome," Nabiki reminded as she handed a glossy brochure to Ranma.

The elder Tendo girl blinked. "Yes, that is... true," she absently, admitted.

The redhead unfolded the brochure and looked at the photos and blueprints. "It seems fine. Look, I've got a lunch with Akane and..."

"Oh, you have plenty of time to eat with your little friend," Nodoka assured.

Frowning, Nabiki looked over and was relieved to see as similar look of concern on Ranma's face.

"Kasumi can take you there," Nodoka said.

"The address is on the brochure," Ranma noted. There was even a little map on the back. It was in Azabu-Juban , not quite on the main street, but on a side road that had cobbled paving stones and a few bakeries and fashion shops that Ranma recognized.

There could be a lot of foot traffic. Ranma wondered how much such a shop front would cost. Her eyes found the pricing section of the brochure and the fairy gave it a long stare. She blinked...

At least the place was closer to the Saotome residence than the Kuno Estate. Probably why Nodoka had them take the Way that linked those two locations. It made for a much shorter walk. Though Ranma would have to talk with wolf about if it was possible to open a Way on a leased property, she wasn't so sure on the exact minutia of fairy teleporting.

"Yes, but she can give introductions," Nodoka assured. "And your pet has more information."

Tail swishing, Nabiki stepped closer to Ranma.

"Yes, Purse," Kasumi coughed.

"She has a name," Ranma said sternly. But she eyed the catgirl's collar.

"Yes, yes." Nodoka waved her hand dismissively. "Now, daughter, are you going to wear such clothes to a meeting?"

The redhead looked down. "It's a skirt and top, ...and my hair's up. What's wrong?"

"They're training clothes," Nodoka sniffed. "Really daughter, you need to wear something proper. Maybe if you can't remember such things we should get you some servants to dress you for you."

"Mom!" Ranma whined, glitter falling from her as she stamped her foot once more.

"Don't make me put you over my knee," Nodoka sweetly said. "I just want to make sure you make a good impression."

"Maybe something a bit more... subdued," Nabiki suggested.

"See, even your Purse, agrees," Nodoka said.

Giving a little huff, Ranma picked up the lacquered locket that hung around her neck. "I do have spare clothes..." she also glanced back at the house. There was more to choose from up in her room.

Part of her absently noted that she had accumulated enough fashion frippery to fill multiple bedroom closets. A lot of it had not started out that way; in fact most of her frilly, translucent, transparent, sheer, or clear gowns had started off as rather normal sets of clothing, at least before her glitter got to them. But another part was wondering where she had stored that spare leash for her Purse... for umm... Nabiki.

End chapter 6

I'd like to thank my prereaders for their help in this story: J St C Patrick, Ellf, DCG, and Kevin Hammel. They definitely make for a more enjoyable read.