"Behind you, Sora!"

"Eh?" I quickly turn at Kairi's call a split second before a strange object hits me in the face. "Ack!" I fall backwards, the soft sand of the beach breaking my fall as I land on my back.

"What was that for?" I cry as I sat up to glare at Riku.

He smirks. "A paopu fruit."

Riku walks over to me, and picks up the said fruit that had hit me in the face. He pushes my chest so I'm lying down again, and then straddles my waist. "Wanna share it?"

"What? No," I reply, trying to squirm out from under Riku.

He puts a hand to my chest to keep me from getting up. He sticks out his bottom lip in a silly looking pout. "Why not?"

"Why would I want my destiny to be intertwined with yours?" I say, jokingly, before finding the strength to throw Riku off. I quickly get up to avoid him getting back on me.

Riku pouts slightly. I find it amusing, because it doesn't suit him very well. He breaks the paopu fruit in half, and invitingly waves one half of it in my direction.

I smile, but cross my arms over my chest, not wanting to give in so easily for some reason. He gives me these totally un-Riku, puppy-dog eyes, and I can't help it.

Besides, I'm hungry.

I plop down next to Riku and take the offered half of the paopu. We eat it in a contentedly quiet silence, during which I lean against Riku, and rest my head on his shoulder.

Riku popped the rest of his half of the paopu fruit into his mouth before leaning his head on mine. "Now it's official – nothing can tear us apart."