Title: Life as he knew it.

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He liked having her close to him, liked feeling her warm body next to his.

He drew her closer to him and pressed a kiss to her forehead, enjoying the feel of her skin against his lips.

She looked up at him and smiled before turning her attention back to the tv.

She made him happy. It was new to him, this feeling of happiness. He was not used to it.

He was not used to loosing himself so completely in a girl. It scared him. A lot. And at the same time, it filled him with peace.

Everytime they kissed it felt like coming home. Everytime they made love it felt like he was in heaven.

When she smiled it made his heart swell and when she cried he felt it brake.

She was the One. The only girl he ever trusted. The one he told all his secrets to. She was the only one who could make him laugh, even when he felt like crying.

She was the only woman he ever loved.

After his parents left he had promised himself not to trust anyone, not to love anyone. If you didn´t trust anyone, didn´t love anyone, it didn´t hurt as much when they left. Because they always left.

His friends never got close to him, never figured him out. He always kept them at a distance, always kept up a wall between them.

He was afraid of what would happen if they got to close, if he let them in. If they saw the real him.

Would they stay?

Or would thay run like everyone else had?

He was afraid to find out. So he stayed behind the wall, hid behind his sunglasses. It was safer that way.

Safer. And lonelier.

It worked fine. Until he met her.

Until he fell in love.

She was worried about something.

He could see it in her eyes, feel it in her body.

The fact that she hadn´t spoken since the tv-show started wasn´t lost on him. She always talked. About everything and nothing. Clothes and shoes. Make-up and cheerleading.

He pretended that it disturbed him, that he was annoyed by her constant chatter.

The truth was that he loved to hear her talk, to see her eyes shine when she told him about some

dress she had seen at the mall or when some of her friends had given her a compliment on her new shoes.

She was never quiet. Never. And her silence unnerved him.

He looked down at her and saw her biting her lip.

- Jackie?

She jumped when she heard his voice and it made him wonder what was on her mind. What would make her this jumpy?

- Yeah?

- What´s wrong?

She looked at him, surprise showing in her eyes.

How can she think that I dosen´t notice that something´s wrong? Does she think that I´m that ignorant?

- Nothing´s wrong she said, her eyes turned away from him and her voice low.

She wasn´t verry good at lying.

- Jackie.

- I´m fine Steven.

Her voice was to high and her smile to forced.

- No, you´re not. Stop lying.

She moved away from him and started playing with the hem of her skirt. She bit her lip and she looked like she was about to cry.

He felt knots forming in the pit of his stomac. What was wrong?

- Babe, talk to me. Please.

He tried to take her hand but she wouldn´t let him. She just shook her head and swallowed, her body trembling. He aced to touch her, to let her know that everything was going to be okey.

But she didn´t want him to touch her and he didn´t know that everything was going to be okey.

He didn´t even know what was wrong.

She was quiet so long that he had given up hope of getting an answer.

Then he heard her whisper and the words that came out of her mouth was the last words he was expecting.

- Am I making you unhappy?

He stared at her, not understanding the words that came out of her mouth. She? Make him unhappy? That was like asking if the sun was green.

Why would she think that? Had he not shown her how happy he was? How happy she made him?

- What? Why would you ask me such a stupid question?

- You are not happy Steven.

He wasn´t?

- I´m not? What ever gave you that idea?

- I´m not blind. You don´t sleep, you bearly eat. It has been days since we made love. And lately, when I´ve catched you looking at me, you´ve had this weird expression on your face, like you wished you saw someone else. Like you wish I was someone else. You are not happy.

- Jackie...

- No, it´s okey. It´s fine, really. I just wanna know what I have done wrong.

He cringed.

She always seemed so strong, so in control that sometimes he forgot how insecure she really was. He wasn´t the only one who had lost his parents. He wasn´t the only one who had trubble trusting people, trusting in himself.

He wasn´t the only one who had feelt unloved.

- Babe, look at me. Come on, look at me.

She refused and he cupped her chin, forcing her to meet his eyes.

She was crying, her beautiful eyes was full of tears.

He sighed, feeling tears shimmering in his own eyes.

He cursed himself for not telling her. He should have known that she would notice that something was wrong. That she would think that she had done something wrong.

- Oh baby... I´m so sorry. I should have told you what it was that was bothering me. It´s not you okey? It´s never been you.

- Then what?

Her voice was low, unbelieving.

- It´s my dad.

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