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A Bunch of Childish Preteens

Chapter 2- Three kawaii chibis!

Kakashi stood there in shock and he couldn't believe his own eyes. He saw…

Tiny little children…There are two boys and one girl. First one, the blonde boy was making a mess on the table and he was throwing papers everywhere. The second boy was raven haired was bouncing around the sofa. Finally, the last is the pink haired girl was sat on the floor, sitting down quietly.

When he looked at them, he saw their clothes were loose which it was too big for them to wear. You can see that their shorts or pant are on the floor and they're only wearing their top shirt.

"Please don't tell me that's my students!" Kakashi was hoping this was a dream.

Shizune placed her hand on his shoulder, "I'm afraid it is."

Kakashi placed his hands on his head, "How did this- When…Why? Argh! Tell me what's going on here? Why my students are turned into little children?"

Tsunade sighed, "It seems that your students drank the potion."

"Potion?" Kakashi looked at the blonde haired woman with two pigtails.

"Hai, I must have forgotten that I left it there since we were at hot spring. I was inventing some potion to make a medicine of senior's health, but it seems that I failed. I guess I made the potion that turned into a little kid." Tsunade explained.

"Okay, so you must have the potion that turn them back to normal, right? That's no problem…I'm sure you got them ready right?"

Tsunade didn't reply back, "Don't you?" Kakashi asked.

Tsunade closed her eyes. Kakashi's eyes widened and stared at Shizune. Shizune closed her eyes and shook her head meaning that she didn't have any potion to recover them.

Kakashi was about to faint, but he tried not to, "It can't be…" He took a deep breath to calm down, "So, what are we going to do then?"

Tsunade faced the silver haired man, "I'm assigning you this mission to take care them until I find a way to cure them."

"W-what? You want me to take care of them?"


"But…I don't know anything of taking care of children."

"Then learn it, Kakashi. This is why I assigned you this mission. From now, you're responsible to take care of them and don't let anything happen to them, understood?" Tsunade gave him a serious looks.

"Hai…" Kakashi didn't say another word.

"Wait Tsunade-sama! What about Sakura's parent?" Shizune asked.

"Don't worry; Sakura's parents are on long mission. They won't be back until month or so. So, we won't have any problem."

"Oh all right, well then everything is settled."

"Shizune, could you bring them here?"

Shizune nodded. She went to get little Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Then she brought them. Naruto and Sasuke held hand on Shizune's hand. Sakura was hiding behind her since she was so shy.

Tsunade bent down, smiling at them, "Hello Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. I'd like you to meet this man, his name is Kakashi." She pointed the silver haired man.

Three chibis were staring at him, curiously. Kakashi stood there, nervously. He wondered what they're thinking and hoping they're not afraid of him because of his mask.

Sakura stepped out from her hiding and smiled, pointing, "Papa?"

"Eh? Papa?" Kakashi shivered at the thought of being called papa, "Ano…I'm not your-" He was interpreted.

"PAPA!" Chibi Sakura ran towards him and hugged his leg, happily.

Naruto and Sasuke let go their hands on Shizune's hand, "Papa?" They repeated after Sakura.

"Oh no…Don't tell me…" Kakashi thought of what they were thinking.

"PAPA!" They also ran in the direction of him and hugged him as well.

Kakashi sighed, "I knew it…"

Kakashi removed their hugs from his leg, and he bent down to look at their face, "Ano, I'm not your papa. I'm your sensei, Kakashi. Remember?"

They looked at him with confused face, "Papa Kaka?" Naruto said.

"No! Not papa. Just Kakashi."

Once again, they looked at each other and then faced him, "Papa Kachi?" Sasuke point a finger at him.

"No, no, no, not Kachi or Kaka. None of them, just Kakashi, do you understand?"

Chibi Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura stared at each other and looked back at him, cheerful.


"Papa Kaka!"

"Papa Kachi!"

Kakashi's head drooped, "They still think that I'm their father…god, I can't believe this."

Shizune giggled and never knew they would be so cute.

"It's best let them call you whatever they want since they're so young to understand what you're saying." Tsunade said.


"Well Kakashi, it's getting late. You should take them home before it gets dark. Good luck on taking care of them. I'll contact you if I had the potion ready, okay? Ja ne!" Tsunade pushed Kakashi and his students out of her office and closed the door.

They stood there. Kakashi looked at his students who were giving him a smile. He sighed, "What did I do to deserve this?"


Kakashi slid his key in and unlocked the door. He slowly opened the door knob and opened the door; he turned the light on. His students walked inside, he closed the door, and then he walked in.

Kakashi looked at his students clothes, "I guess that I should change their clothes since it's too big and also it's getting dirty too…I'll give them one of my baby clothes for tonight and tomorrow I'll buy their new clothes."

"You three stay there; I'll be right back, okay?" Kakashi told them.

They nodded. Kakashi went to his room to find his clothes. He searched the clothes inside his closet where it was full of box. He took the box out and placed them on the floor. He slowly opened the box; he took the shirt out of the box. The shirt was color black and other that he took it out was a white short. But he wasn't sure if the clothes would fit on Sakura size since she was skinnier than Naruto and Sasuke.

Kakashi thought it over, it doesn't matter. She's only wearing these clothes for tonight since he already decide that he's going to buy new clothes for them.

So, Kakashi got the clothes ready when he heard….


"What the heck?" Kakashi speedily ran out from his room with the clothes around in arms.

His eye widened, when he saw his apartment become disaster. He saw the books on the floor, his dirty basket clothes were everywhere. Not only that, the pot of plant was broken into pieces that you can see the glass and there was small handprint on the wall that was cover on mud. They must have gotten the mud out from the plants. There are also lots of toilet papers, trash, you name it. Everything is a mess now!

At that time, he saw the little blonde boy was climbing on the selves who cause his feet kicking over the picture frame as it fallen on the floorboards and it broke the glass.

"Naruto!" Kakashi dropped the clothes on the sofa and quickly grabbed Naruto before he gets hurt.

"Papa Kaka!" Naruto shouted loudly as he started pulling his silver hair.

"Ow, ow! No, no, Naruto don't do that! It hurts me!" Kakashi pushed Naruto away, still holding him which Naruto was trying to reach his hair because he wanted to pull more of his hair.

"Wait…Where's Sasuke and Sakura?" He looked around.

Kakashi spotted the small raven haired boy at the kitchen where he saw the refrigerator was opened. Sasuke was sitting down on the floor, eating food. The foods were mess on the floor even includes the kitchen that was sheltered all around with food.

"Ahh, Sasuke!" Kakashi put Naruto down and went over there.

Kakashi lifted Sasuke up and stared at him. Sasuke had chocolate pudding all over his face. He was still licking the chocolate over his hand.

"Papa Kachi…" He mumbled and looked at him with an innocent looks.

"Sasuke is so different at this age. Looking at him, it doesn't seem to be him. He seems very shy." Kakashi remembered how Sasuke act like.

"Now, where is Sakura?" He looked around, holding Sasuke's waist around his arm.

"Flower, flower, flower! Don't you love them?"

"Flower? That was Sakura's voice." He turned around and stared in shock.

He saw tiny pink haired girl was drawing on the wall with red marker. She drew lots of flower with grass. It had a smiling sun and cloud flowing around.

"Papa! Isn't it pretty?" Sakura asked while smiling as she pointed at the wall.

Kakashi slapped his forehead while holding Sasuke, "Sakura…"

"Taking care of them is even worse than I thought. I never knew they would be like this. What happened to Naruto with loud mouth and being idiot…Sakura being a good girl and never do any trouble. Not even Sasuke would do like this, he would only stay quiet and be cold hearted. Now, they're turning into troublemaker children."

"All right, you two, come here! I'm going to give you guys a bath." Kakashi ordered them to come here.

"Bath?" Naruto exclaimed.

"Hai, Naruto. You need to take a bath because you're dirty."

"Yay, bath, bath, bath, Sakura love bath! I want full of bubbles!" Sakura hopped many times around the coffee table, cheerfully.

"Yes, that's right, Sakura. But first, let's give the boys bath first then after you. Now, come here, Naruto." Kakashi ordered him.

"NOOOO! I HATE BATH!" Naruto ran to the room.

"Naruto, come back here!" Kakashi placed Sasuke down, "Sasuke, you stay here; you've better not go anywhere, understood?"

Sasuke nodded slowly. Kakashi went after Naruto since his apartment wasn't that big and he won't have problem to chase him.

Chibi Sasuke climbed onto the couch and sat down. He takes hold of remote and turned on the television. He changed the channel and he stopped after he found something interesting to watch.

He was watching Power Ranger. The Power Ranger were fighting against the evil monster.

Little Sakura climbed onto the sofa and sat down as well. She pressed the button of remote to change another channel. It showed Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was using her power to save people's life.

"Hey, I was watching that!" Sasuke grabbed the remote and change back to Power Ranger.

"But I wanna watch Sailor moon!" Sakura held the remote, pulling with her tiny hands.

"No, Power Ranger is better!" Sasuke also pulled the remote back.

"No, Sailor moon is better!"

"Power Ranger!"

"Sailor moon!"

"Power Ranger!"

"Sailor moon!"


"Naruto, be a good boy and come out of that bed." Kakashi was on his knee down as he was looking at Naruto who was hiding under the bed where he was against the wall.

"No! I don't want to! You're going to give me a bath! I don't like bath!" Naruto made a grumpy face.

"But it's important for you to take a bath. Don't you want to be clean like me?"

"Papa Kaka clean? But you smelled like a poop!" Naruto covered his nose with his hand.

"Did he call me a poop? That Naruto…No, no, no, I have to calm down. Okay, he's only kid, he didn't mean to say that." Kakashi calmed himself down.

"Come on! Bath is very fun! You know you can be cleaner like a bunny and you won't have to worry about getting dirty."

"No! I'd rather be dirty than taking a bath!"

Kakashi got a vein twitched, feeling getting annoying, "Naruto if you don't come out at this minute, I'm gonna get you out of that bed and force you to take a bath whether you like it or not!"

"Nooooo! Go away evil Papa Kaka!" Naruto held onto the wooden bed's handle.

"Come out right now, Naruto!" Kakashi pulled Naruto's leg.

"No!" He screamed and began to kick him with his tiny feet.

"Ow! Naruto, stop that! Or I'll ow be mad ow! Quit kicking Ow! me!"

"No, don't want to!"

It took 15 minute to get Naruto out of the bed.

"Finally, I got you…" Kakashi breathed ghastly as he held Naruto's shirt up.

"Let me go! I don't want to take a bath!" Naruto was trying to punch Kakashi.



"Ah, what is this time?" Kakashi heard someone crying. He stormed out from the room.

He spotted Sakura's crying, "What's going on here?"

"I don't know! She just cries like that!" Sasuke was panicking.

"Sakura, why are you crying?" Kakashi patted her head, still holding Naruto who was trying to escape his arm.

"He wouldn't let me watch Sailor moon!" Sakura cried as point at him.

"Sasuke, why aren't you letting Sakura watching that show?"

"But, but I was watching Power Ranger first…!"

"Not true! I was watching first!"

"Nah uh!"

"Uh huh!"

"Nah uh!"

"Uh huh!"

Kakashi was getting headache as he placed his hand on his forehead, "They're driving me crazy! How can I survive of taking care of them? This is the worst day of my life…"


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