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Clinging v2.0

Ryo looked at Dee's empty desk for the hundredth time, chewing the bottom of his lip as he pleadingly looked at the door to admit his best friend and partner into the room. He had asked Drake where he was, but the blonde Detective only received a shrug in response. In fact, Ryo had nearly asked the whole precinct but nobody seemed to know where his partner was hiding.

"If you're so worried, why don't you call his apartment? He might have taken a day off or switched shifts with someone. You never really know when it comes to Dee." Ryo smiled at Drake and nodded, wondering why on Earth he hadn't thought of that earlier.

I hope he's okay, Dee's always bragging about how he never gets sick so I wonder what is keeping him. The phone rang four times before a much panicked Dee picked up on the other end. Ryo could hear him breathing harshly, his normally deep, smooth voice now sounded weak and shaky.

"Dee are you okay? Is everything alright over there?" Ryo heard Dee breathe a sigh of relief when he realized who he was talking to, he laughed nervously before speaking.

"Yea, I'm okay now. Just had a nightmare, one of the ones you can't seem to wake up from."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Dee had never been this worked up over a nightmare before, and the contents of the dream left Ryo curious.

"Naw, I'll be alright. I guess I'm late huh?" Dee chuckled as Ryo grunted in mock annoyance.

"That's the understatement of the year. Chief is going to have your head mounted on his wall if you don't get here in the next ten minutes."

"Well I guess I better get off the phone then and put some clothes on." Ryo blushed at Dee's not so subtle innuendo as he tried not to let Dee's words get to him.

"Come to work naked for all I care, it's not my problem." Dee laughed at Ryo's attempt at a nonchalant attitude; he wished he could see the expression on Ryo's face.

"Oh but it would be your problem. I would make it your problem. See you soon, bye."

Dee hung up the phone just as Ryo started to rain shouts of indignation over the phone. Highly flustered and slightly attracted to Dee's antics, Ryo got started on his paperwork, just waiting for a chance to get back at his partner.

Laytner walked into the office to see it mostly empty, everyone had gone out for lunch. He softly closed the door to the office he shared with Ryo behind him; the Japanese-American was too absorbed in his work to notice that his partner had arrived. Dee studied his love interest with different eyes than when he first saw him. At the beginning Ryo had simply been another conquest for him, just another guy to seduce, but he had become so much more. Dee realized for the tenth time that day that he had fallen head over heels in love with his partner, his match in every way.

Ryo moved the pile of reports he had just finished into the "out" box, stretching with a contented sigh before seeing his partner staring at him from the doorway. Dee's vivid green eyes captured his attention, making the Detective feel like his partner was reading his soul with each passing second. No matter how hard Ryo tried, he couldn't pull his eyes away from Dee's. The younger Detective slowly crossed the room and cupped the blonde's face with a slender hand, placing a chaste kiss on soft, pliant lips. Ryo gasped as Dee's lips met his, every kiss shared between them still felt like the first one.

"Ryo will you have dinner with me tonight?" Dee whispered as he pulled back, his hand sliding from Ryo's cheek to rest gently over his beating heart. He nodded and gave Dee a happy smile full of promise and love. Dee smiled back and placed another kiss on Ryo's forehead before settling down to work on his share of the paperwork, anticipating a lovely evening with his lovely partner.

Ryo turned on the water and let it run while he laid out his clothes for the evening. Dee would be by to pick him up at eight and Bikky was spending the night at Carol's. Stepping into the shower Ryo let the hot water hit his body, relaxing him after a hard day at work.

I wonder where Dee is taking me to dinner. He is so sweet when he isn't trying to get me in bed with him, and I must admit he is getting harder and harder to resist each time. There is something about him but I don't know if I can handle a relationship with another man. The criticism, the constant attention, I don't want all that. But I owe it to Dee; he's stayed with me for almost three years without so much as a complaint that he is tired of a pretty much one-sided relationship. I know I love Dee, but will I ever be able to tell him?

Ryo broke out of his thoughts when he heard his cell phone ring and vibrate itself off the bathroom counter and onto the floor. He quickly got out of the shower and dried himself off, worried that it might be Dee. With a frown when he didn't recognize the number displayed, Ryo answered the call anyway.


"Hello, Ryo? This is Commissioner Rose. I'm calling about Detective Laytner." Ryo's heart clenched in fear for his partner's safety as he immediately thought the worst.

"Is he okay? What has happened!" Ryo's reaction made Rose see that he cared more about Dee than he let on, much to his disappointment.

"Calm down Ryo, he's at the police station drinking coffee; we're just in…a situation."

"Thank God, so is that all or is there more?" Ryo wrapped a towel around himself and exited the bathroom, preparing to get dressed and pick up Dee.

"Actually I want you to come down to the station with a change of clothes; we might have to put Detective Laytner in safe house. There has been a threat against Dee's life; I can show you the letter we got in the mail today at the precinct. So far we have no leads and we can't pick up anything on the envelope or letter. This guy, or girl, is no amateur. I have to go, Chief and I have to go over the briefing some more. I will see you soon Detective."

Ryo let out a shuddering breath as he quickly put on his clothes. He grabbed his keys and was out the door within five minutes, eager to make sure that his friend and potential lover was okay.

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