This is a Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fiction, despite the name of the story. It was originally written as a BJ and the Bear / Dukes cross over. For those of you who read Luke's First Love this is the sequel. If you haven't read Luke's First Love, this should stand alone, OK but it may make more since if you read the other first.



Hazzard County, USA which for our purposes is surrounded by Orly County (Lobo's territory), Bishop County (Cain's territory), and Chickasaw County (Sheriff Little of Dukes). There are 3 main roads out of Hazzard one through each county. Therefore, BJ would have to deal with one of the 3 to get in or out of Hazzard and Rosco will have backup if he chases them to the county line in any direction.

After the reunions and before the deaths of Uncle Jesse and Boss Hogg- summer time.


Sheriff Lobo
Sheriff Cain
Bo Duke
Sheriff Little
Luke Duke
Sheriff Rosco
Daisy Duke
Dep. Enos Straight
Uncle Jesse Duke
Dep. Cletus Hogg
Jeb Stewart Duke
Boss Hogg
Coy Duke
Officer Perkins
Vance Duke
Officer Higgins
Cooter Davenport
Dixie Davenport (new Cooter's sister)
Stacy (Bear Enterprises "fort holder")
3 waitress from the Boars Nest
LD (Daisy's ex-husband)
3 of LD friends
Luther Davenport (new Cooter's Dad)
Jill (from 'One Armed Bandits' first Dukes-Bo's girlfriend)
Kathy (name is made up. Cooter's old girlfriend from the show where Cooter finds out he has a daughter)

Characters with are made up characters never appearing in either Dukes of BJ


Chapter 1

Ghosts From the Past

Cab of BJ's old KW (evening)

BJ is up shifting through the gears as he pulls back on to the highway. He turns to Bear and says, "Well, Boy, we just dropped our load and were only about 100 miles from Hazzard. Think we should take a chance on a trip down memory lane?" Bear happily jumps up and down in his seat. "You're more sure about it than I am. Well, here goes nothing. This is our exit." He takes the Chickasaw County exit and manages to get through without any problems. (night road scenes and music) Show the rig crossing the Hazzard County line.

Boars' Nest outside

BJ's rig pulls around to the back of the building out of the way and parks. "Here we are. I want you to behave yourself and stay out of the Beer". Bear smiles and sticks out his tongue! BJ opens the door and gets out. Bear close behind. They walk across the parking lot. (You can hear country music and laughter as they approach the door.) BJ nervously takes a deep breath and lets it out before entering.

(Inside a band is playing. In the band are the younger Duke cousins, Coy, Vance and Jeb)

He steps through the door and stops, letting his eyes adjust. Scanning the room he sees a familiar face (Luke Duke). The rugged handsome man is a little older, with a dark tan, his brown hair now has a little gray in it, but his blue eyes still hold a sparkle of mischief. He approaches the table and asked, "Can I buy an old Marine a Beer?"

Luke turns to see BJ smugly grinning at him. BJ is also a little older, with his brown hair shorter than the last time Luke saw BJ.
"BJ McKay!" Luke stands extends his hand. As the two shake hands there is a quick buddy-buddy, back slapping kind of embrace between them. "It must have been 10 years!"

BJ says, "You mean more like 15."

"Set down and let me buy you a Beer. After all, I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you!" Luke states.

"Look, we evened up a long time ago." BJ says as he is still scanning the room as if looking for someone else.

"BJ, I don't know if you know everyone here." Luke pauses and looks to his left.

"You remember my cousin Bo." A gorgeous blond haired man slightly younger than BJ and Luke extends his hand. They shake.

"It's been awhile." BJ agrees.

Setting by Bo is a cleaned up slightly aged Cooter. "Do you remember Cooter Davenport?" Luke asked.

"Of course. Are you still the best mechanic east of the Mississippi?" asked BJ.

Cooter laughs, "Well, I don't know about all that but I try."

They all laugh.

Luke says, "I've got some other cousins around here somewhere. I'll have to introduce you later."

BJ is still noticeably scanning the room.

"Well, BJ are you gonna just set there or are you gonna ask?" Luke asked.

A little startled, "Uh, that obvious?" pause, sigh. "Ok, is she here?"

"Yeah, in the back. Do you want me to get her?" offers Luke.

"No...Is she married or seeing anyone? The last thing I want to do is cause problems." says BJ.

"No, but I gotta tell you. Awhile back, she got married to a truck driver. Imagine that!" Luke starts. "Shortly after, his runs got longer and longer, he had promised to run short runs. Any way one thing lead to another and she found out he was cheating. She was devastated; the marriage was over but not the hurt. So go a little easy. OK?"

"Ok, but I don't even know if she'll talk to me."

Through the door to the back of the bar enters a tall slender woman slightly younger than Luke and BJ with long brown curly hair. She is busy talking to a waitress friend of hers. They walk to the bar and Daisy has her back to the table where BJ is setting.

"Bear stay here a minute. Luke keep him outta the beer." BJ says as he gets up from the table and heads for the bar. He approaches Daisy and says over her shoulder, "Can't a guy get any service around here?"

Daisy turns. There is a look of surprise. She smiles, and squeals, "BJ" as she hugs the stuffings out of him.

He hugs her back lifting her off the floor. They share a long, hungry, passionate kiss. When they come up for air, BJ asked her to dance. They head to the dance floor as Conway Twitty's "I'd love to lay you down" comes on.

As they dance Daisy asks, "So what brings you back to town after all these years? Are you just passing through?"

BJ whispers "Depends. I've missed you."

"I've missed you too. But, ..."

"No, buts. I'm here... If you want me to, I'll haul some short runs, and be around for a while and we'll see. If you don't want me too I can..."

She places a finger over BJ's mouth to stop his sentence. "I'd like you to be around. It's just that..." Daisy whispers with tears in her eyes.

"that you've been hurt." BJ finishes her sentence.

"Yes, and I'm afraid..."

The song ends. They stay on the floor and Conway Twitty's "Slow Hand" begins

"Daisy, Luke told me about your marriage. I understand that you've been hurt. And I understand that he was a trucker. But, I'm not him."

Daisy smiles, "I know."

"Give me a chance?"

"OK, but you haul where and when you want. I don't want you to change because of me. If you do, it won't work."

"Ok, you win. But, I may want to haul close by."

Daisy replies with a kiss.

Back at the table:

Daisy's waitress friend says, "Looks like there's some history out there."

Bo replies, "Yeah, they go way back. But BJ hasn't been around in years."

Waitress, "Why?"

"I think that's what Daisy is trying to find out." Says Luke.

Daisy and BJ approach the table as three other guys also approach. One younger than Daisy with very dark hair and beautiful blue eyes, the other two have sandy blond hair, one is a little older than the other, all three look like walking trouble.

As BJ and Daisy set down, Luke tells BJ, "These three trouble makers are our other cousins. This is Vance, and that's Coy, then there's Jeb. Guys this is and old friend of mine, BJ McKay."

Jeb says, "Looks like you're an old friend of Daisy's too?" and smiles.

BJ says, "These guys don't miss a thing do they?"

Everyone laughs, as Daisy seems a little embarrassed. BJ spots Uncle Jesse and a few friends at another table. He excuses himself and goes to Jesse's table.


"Mr. Duke may I set down." asked BJ.

"Of course, BJ, how have you been?"

"I've been fine. How have you been?"

"Ok, just trying to keep that bunch out of trouble." They both laugh. "So what's on your mind?"

"I wanted to ask your permission to see Daisy." BJ stated.

"What does Daisy think about it?"

"Well, she said she was willing to give me a chance."

"That's a start. She hasn't seen anyone in awhile..."

"Luke told me. "

"So, what are your intentions?"

"Well, I have been thinking a lot about Daisy and I hoped to come back and see if she was interested in having me around for awhile. It's been years since we've seen each other and I know we've both changed, but changes could be good. I know when I was here before I was just back from Vietnam and the last thing I wanted was any ties to anything or anybody. I wasn't sure what I wanted or who I was and she was so much younger than me. I didn't want to start anything that would hurt her. Then, there was the heat. I couldn't move my rig without getting stopped."

"So do you think anything has changed now?" Jesse asked.

"I hope so. I'm older and so is Daisy. As for the law, well, I've been out West and out of here for quite awhile. I hoping they have forgot all about me." BJ explained.

"Sorta wishful thinking, don't you think? After all the trouble you caused them?" Jesse grinned at the memories.

BJ grins, "Not to mention the trouble they caused me."

"Well, you got a point there. Are you still driving?" Jesse questioned.


"Same truck?"

"Yes," BJ replied.

"They're gonna take one look at that truck. And it's gonna be on!" Jesse informed.

"Well, let's hope not. Besides, I hope not to give them a reason to stop me."

"Since when do they need a reason."

"True." BJ sighs. " So, do you trust me with your niece?"

"I trusted you enough years ago to let her go to Milwaukee and back with you didn't I?"

BJ laughs, "So I take that as a yes."

"Yes, and good luck. Take it slow." Jesse advised.

"Thanks, I need it. And I will." They shake hands and BJ returns to the other table.


BJ returns to the table. He and Daisy head for the dance floor. Through the front enters a brunette. She is tall, medium built, with shoulder length hair. The only person at the table who notices is Cooter. She sees him notice her and shakes her head no. (For him to be quiet). She notices Luke is now standing at the bar talking to the waitress, "BJ and I were in Vietnam together and..."

She walks up behind him and whispers as her voice threatens to crack, "Luke."

He stops in mid sentence and turns to her. A look of surprise, joy, and disbelief crosses Luke's face.

She says as tears fill her eyes, "A ghost from the past."

Visibly shaken, tears comes to Luke's eyes also, "Dixie... I thought..." he tries to start, as he reaches out for her and they begin to kiss a long hungry kiss. After which Luke says, "We've got to talk." And pulls her toward the door.


Outside on the tailgate of Jesse's pick up.
"Were you surprised?" Dixie asked.

"Surprised is NOT the word for it! You swore when you left you'd never come back here. I always hoped you change mind. But, I was beginning to believe I'd never see you again."

"After all the hurt my father put both of us through..." she chokes up and looks away.

"Hey, that's in the past. You're here now." he says kissing her. " Does he know you're in?"

"No. No one knew until I walked in just now."

Luke nods, "Are you ready to go in?"

"I don't know..." she sighs, "It took a lot to get me in that door the first time."

"I know... I'm here. Head up, shoulders back, let's go have a good time. Believe me, no one is going to start anything." Luke assured her.

She smiled, " That's kinda what I'm afraid of!" They both laugh and head back inside.


Inside Luke see Dixie's father at Jesse's table. "Dixie, I'm going over there a minute. Going or staying?"

She sighs, "Going I guess."

"Good, girl."

They walk up to the table and Luke says, "Mr. Davenport, It took Dixie years to come back to Hazzard. She's not 15 any more. We plan on seeing each other. Your permission would be nice, but is no longer needed."

"So you think your going to see my daughter if I disapprove." Luther Davenport huffed.

"No, he knows he is." States Dixie.

"Look, Mr. Davenport, there has been way to many hard feelings and way too much heartache over this. Besides, we may just choose on our own that we are no longer compatible."

"Well, since you've both made it clear my opinion doesn't matter. Why are you asking my permission?" asked Luther.

Luke says, "I'm sure it would make things easier, especially for your daughter, but it's not needed."

"I see. Since there is not a lot I can do about it anyway. I suppose you can have my permission." Luther said grudgingly.


They return to the table. Luke tells Dixie, "Dixie I'd like you to meet an old buddy of mine. This is BJ McKay and his friend Bear. You remember Daisy, Bo, Coy, and Vance, right?"

"Nice to meet you BJ, and how could I forget these guys?" she hugs them.

"BJ this is Dixie Davenport, Cooter's little sister." Luke states.

BJ nods as he and Daisy get up and head off to dance again.

"Cooter, we've been the best of friends for years, but at one time you were fighting mad because we were seeing each other. Are we going to have a problem?" Luke asked.

"No, as long as that's what she wants. Just don't hurt her." Cooter warns.

"Hurting her was not my intention last time." Luke states matter of factly. "Care to dance?" they head on to the dance floor. Luke looks up to see a tall slender blonde enter the door. "Holy Hanna!" he exclaims.

"What, is it Luke." asked Dixie.

"Do you remember Jill? That use to have the crush on Bo?" Luke asked.
"Yeah." Dixie replied.

"Well, she just walked in the door. She's been back a few years ago and turned him upside down." Luke states.

"Then, this should be good." she laughs.


They watch as she spots Bo by the band.

She walks up as Bo turns around. "Care to dance she asks?"

"Jill what are you doing here?" Bo exclaims.

"The orphanage needed a hand, so I took vacation."

"Great!" they head onto the dance floor.


They dance and talk. Vance talks Luke and Dixie into singing Kathy Matea's "Where have you been?" and Collin Ray's "Love Me" They end up closing the bar down.


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