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The Honeymoon!

Later that night in town.

NARRATOR: "Later that night in town at Cooter's Garage (Command Post Central) - Operation Shivaree is coming together."

"BJ, I truly love your idea about the signs! Where on Earth did you get the idea?" Asks a slightly tipsy Daisy.

Callie in the background rolls her eyes and says in a low voice, "You'd think none of these people ever traveled a highway."

Bo asks, "Is everyone ready?" Everyone nods. "OK, Jeb, you, Coy, Vance, and the girls go ahead of us. We'll pick you up and remember to be quiet!" the six leave the garage.

Jesse looks to BJ, "Just how quiet can that rig of yours be?"

BJ replies, "Trust me, they will never know I'm there."

Cooter says, "OK, Let's do it." BJ jumps into the driver seat as Cooter and Bo get into place sitting on the cab of BJ's rig in front on the top windows. Daisy gets into her Jeep "Dixie". Jesse into his pick up. Callie gets into her rig. Kathy jumps into the wrecker with Diane in the passenger seat. BJ starts his rig which has been uncoupled from the trailer. He eases it to the center of the road in front of the Hazzard Motel letting the rig quietly ideal while Bo and Cooter hang a banner from the TV line crossing the road. Bear slips out the window of the tractor and shimmy's up to the balcony where he hangs a banner "Just Married" on the rail. Bo, Cooter, and Bear slip into the big rig and the show begins. BJ lets out on the clutch as he hits the air horns, followed by Daisy's Jeep, Cooter's wrecker, Jesse's pick up and Callie's rig.

In room 2 of the Hazzard Motel Luke sits straight up as the air horn sounds, startling Dixie more than the air horn had. "See, I told you! I knew they'd pull something like this!" Luke says as he reaches for his pants kept handy from habit being a Smoke Jumper. Dixie laughs and reaches for her heavy robe. They head for the balcony.

On the first slow circle Coy, Vance, Jeb, and the 3 waitresses are picked up by the various vehicles. Bo also gets off and picks up the General Lee. With horns blaring, and engines roaring they circle repeatedly yelling their Best Wishes for the new couple. No one notices when Jesse parks beside the Motel and slips up the stairs to the door of room 2 where he places a jug of his finest shine and a card from all who were involved in the Shivaree, then slips back out and into the circling vehicles. After several times around Hazzard Square and seeing that they had indeed got the newlyweds attention, Bo replaces the General Lee, and the Shivaree party all heads for Jesse's to continue their party there.

Luke and Dixie go back inside as the gang heads out of town. Dixie asks, "Do you think they will be back?"

Luke replies, "No, but I told you I wasn't overreacting!" They both laugh.

"OK, so you were right this time!" she says still laughing at the antics of their friends and families. They kiss passionately. Luke picks up his bride and places her back on the bed.


Several hours later as Hazzard begins to wake up, Luke and Dixie are awaken by someone tooting a car horn as it passes the window. Minutes later, another car horn is tooted from the other direction. Then, it seems as if every car passing their rooms blows the horn. It was early morning after a long night, Luke was not amused but couldn't figure why the cars were blowing their horns. He tosses back the covers as Dixie asks, "Where do you think your going?"

"Come on." Luke says, extending his hand. "I figured that we may as well grab a quick shower, then maybe get some breakfast at the dinner, and I hope to figure out what's up with the horns out there."

Dixie smiles mischievously, "OK, but just remember, one shower isn't as quick as two!"

Still holding her hand Luke heads for the shower, "I'll just have to take the chance."


Opening the door Luke sees the jug of Jesse's finest and a card from all those who participated in the Shivaree wishing them the best. He sets it inside as he and Dixie leave the room. Leaving the Motel Luke spots the banner hanging about the street which read "Congratulations Dixie and Luke" and under it in big red letters "HONK NOW!" He points it out to Dixie.

"How on Earth?" she exclaims.

"You forget that bunch is pretty resourceful!" Luke laughs. As the walk the short distance to the dinner they notice a sign on the telephone pole which read "NOW". The next pole read "HONK". Further up the street a sign read, "PLEASE". Luke says, "Come on Dear, I think I see what's up." They continue up the street and so do the signs, reading, "LUKE", then "AND", then "Dixie", followed by, "WISHES", and finally "BEST".

"Luke, do you believe that they would go to all this trouble?" Dixie asks amazingly.

Shaking his head, "Yes, I do. 'Best wishes Dixie and Luke. Please Honk Now'. Care to bet that there are the same signs coming from the other direction too? Just think what they could have come up with if we'd let them have days rather than hours to plan."

Laughing, "No bet. I'd hate to think!" states Dixie as they walk into the dinner.

The waitress come over with two cups and a pot of coffee. "Congratulations to you both! Are you ready to order."

Dixie and Luke both thank the young girl. Dixie looks to Luke, "Coffee is fine for me right now." Luke agrees.


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