Zoë Plummer stared intently in the mirror trying to decide if there was anything exceptional about her, she looked down at her pink toe nails then up to take in her p.j's that were an old pair of her dads and a white singlet top. She shook her head "Nup, nothing exceptional" she muttered. Letting out a huge sigh she threw herself on the bed and muffled a scream, 'No wonder I've been dumped' Zoë thought. Staring at the ceiling deciding what to do today.

Zoë could hear a thump, thump, thump coming from the hall and suddenly Shane, Mr. U.S Navy seal himself pitched himself into the room on full alert. He surveyed the scene taking in Zoë's appearance and noticing nothing amiss except she was still in her p.j's. "Zoë, what was the scream for if there's no-one attacking you?" Shane demanded.

Zoë stared moodily at Shane "Do you not know what privacy is?" "This is my room and you entered without invitation." She declared. Zoë knew she was being childish but 'c'mon she'd been dumped and well she'd been dumped'. Shane arched his eyebrows and just looked at Zoë.

"Listen little one, your in my care until your mum comes home, and if that means that entering your room without invitation then its gonna happen. Got it?" Zoë jumped off her bed and headed for the bathroom she was through with talking to Shane he always made her feel small and immature, but she was having very mature thoughts about him lately. Shane watched her hightail it to the bathroom and realized his gaze was fixed on a small round perfectly portioned part of her anatomy, 'Snap out of it you're a U.S Navy seal, and she's a girl' those thoughts didn't make him feel any better.

After a long shower Zoë was feeling a little bit better, she was still bothered by her thoughts about Shane. But she was determined to put him out of her mind and grabbing a towel to go sun bake was part of the plan.

Shane was also trying to forget about Zoë and certain parts of her anatomy and he thought he was doing well until he glanced out the window and noticed Zoë settling herself on a banana lounge in the smallest bikini ever. His breathing altered and his blood pressure kicked up a notch, he couldn't tear his gaze away. She was gorgeous and way too young for him he mentally kicked himself for staring, but that didn't mean he stopped.